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Olivier Vernon signs leaving two unsigned rookies

The Dolphins have signed defensive end Olivier Vernon.

The signing, first reported by Jason Cole of Yahoosports, means the Dolphins have two rookies unsigned at this hour. Rookies are to report to camp Thursday and the first practice for the entire team is Friday.

I have reported earlier today that Vernon's deal was close and that first-round pick Ryan Tannehill would be done by the end of the weekend, if not earlier. The Dolphins obviously hope to wrap up both Tannehill and tight end Michael Egnew by tomorrow or Friday so they can report on time and not miss a practice.

The Vernon deal is believed to be for four years and worth between $3-2.75 million.

Vernon will compete for playing time at defensive end. The Dolphins have high hopes he can even compete for a starting job opposite Cameron Wake.

[Update: The actual deal is indeed four years worth $2,848,080 with a $638,080 signing bonus.]


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Armando, I don't appreciate you blocking me from your twitter account.

Vernon might turn out to be good, but who do the Dolphins have behind the other starters? I don't see much depth here.

Tom, the staters aree all back-ups on another team and our back-ups shpuld be in the CFL.

Your friend Jerry

Been a while Bro's, time to get back to talking some Football !! Happen to agree with Mark's comments during Mando's last post about the mediocre score Mando gave the OL bur felt the others were pretty fair. I saw a few of J.Martin's games while following A.Luck and came away thinking Luck had one of the better OL's in College Football, real underrated when considering the time Luck enjoyed on his 5 to 7 step drops. I actually felt a little underwhelmed by Luck's ability to throw into the flat Vs. USC when he nearly gave the game away and more than likely lost the Heisman Trophy to RG111. Luck will be a great Pro in all likelihood but his OL was blowing massive holes in the run game and giving him boat loads of time against a very good USC front 7 that Saturday night.

When I analyze the coming Season I get the impression that the Dolphins as an Org. have a plan in place to dump big salaries off the books and open up some room for the future. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that our CAP has been grossly mismanaged for close to a decade now while the Patriots always seem to have ample room to deal keeping a solid core of vets to go with they're younger players. It just happens to be our luck that Belichik has blown his bounty of picks in his 3 year long hold on multiple picks in the 1st two rounds of the draft.

I usually am as upbeat as any diehard Fin Fan this time of the year but feel that the Dolphins are in more than just talent rebuilding mode but in an overall structural re-organization of the mess some of the bad contracts handed out have put us in. I guess perplexing and vexing to no end is that G.M. Ireland is still overseeing this overhaul but given our slim pickings I guess Ross has decided to see if ginger snaps finally gets it. All you have to do to realize the depth of the problem is to analyze that Vicente Shancoe is a better T.E. than any on our roster with the ability to stretch the deep middle and we passed while he signed with the Pats for 2.1 Mil next season and Bush not resigning or looking for a new deal reeks of someone looking for the exit door unless an over the top offer is made, IMHO!!

Vernon was the worst pick in the entire AFC EAST at pass rusher


Why is Ireland now so adamant about a clause in TannyREACH's contract that now says if TannyREACH is not playing in the NFL in 2 yrs then he does not have to be paid

Hmmm, ..... seems HOME might be right after all that TannyREACH is not an NFL QB and def not a NFL franchise QB

not negative , just the facts from NostraHomeUs :)

More like Nostradummy!

Mark from the CFL fan base

If LBs are not important like u amusingly suggest, ...
how come Dansby is getting paid 12 million this year?

Luke just signed for 12 mil over 4 yrs and he is 9 yrs younger and better in pass coverage than Dansby


If you want to have an unintelligble conversation about the Dolphins with your friends, just read what Home has to say.

There isn't a a dumber blogger here.

Welcome back, Armando. Hope you are well rested and had a good break.

Looks like you've got the same negative Nellies on here from before. Some things never change. Looks like they didn't take a break. Good luck with them this year!

Posted by: Craig M | July 25, 2012 at 12:12 PM


One can only hope those old time regulars that have made the pilgrimage over to the Amish Ohio site will keep their word & stay there!

Since odinstank proclaimed this blog was dead & was forever lost, there is no need to return. Unless of course, they get bored of the 7 member circle jerk.

Their absence has been a welcome relief to other bloggers here. Let them stay away!

We pray to the Lord...

Home's accuracy and being blatantly honest is more than the jaded Miami Dolphin blogger can handle

Home was the only one saying the Dolphins would be
AFC EAST Champions in 2008 after their worst season ever

Now Home sees Ireland's Dolphins in last place in the 2012 AFC EAST

Time will Tell

Game 7 ? the heat won in 5 games, not much of a prognosticator are u homey

NostraHomeUs is quite accurate in his predictions
More so than anyone else

Posted by: Home on the Herald | July 25, 2012 at 04:47 PM

Nobody cares you moron! Maybe when you stop referring to yourself in the 3rd person, people might give a rats as* about what you have to say.

Until then, please, continue to liter the blog with the ignorance you always do.

Enjoy the crickets, MORON!


Instead of Kuechly or Hightower

Ireland picked a, "Kaddu" for LB


Home's accuracy and being blatantly honest is more than the jaded Miami Dolphin blogger can handle

Posted by: Home on the Herald | July 25, 2012 at 04:50 PM


an, "Egnew"


B-Marsh back to form and back to winning w Da Bears

Ireland could have got a lot more than an "Egnew" for this player

what an idiot

So much hostility w the fans after three losing years and the worst year yet to come for the Miami Dolphins

Actually w o Pennington falling in our lap
Would have been 5 losing years in a row

Good Grief!

One can only hope those old time regulars that have made the pilgrimage over to the Amish Ohio site will keep their word & stay there!
Since odinstank proclaimed this blog was dead & was forever lost, there is no need to return. Unless of course, they get bored of the 7 member circle jerk.
Their absence has been a welcome relief to other bloggers here. Let them stay away!
We pray to the Lord...
Posted by: Let Us Pray | July 25, 2012 at 04:48 PM

We can only hope Pray, Though it is 5pm Odin should be waking up in his own vomit and should be here any minute.

I'm getting excited about Miami with new management from a winning organization like Green Bay! Go Miami!

Some idiot woke me up at 1:30 today.

Jerk brought coffee instead of liquor.

So you man up the courage to come out that closet yuet BOY?

There He is, Odin, Hows your Liver?

Closet Boy,

Seriously, we can see you're just begging and praying we'll return. Or why else would you be talking to YOURSELF about it?

YOU keep bringing us up. If you really didn't want us here, you would just STFU bout it. But NOPE, we can ALL see your real intent-lol.

Talk about transparent. We can see you're still in the closet and we can see how desperately you WANT US back.

Oliver another hopeful starter that JI picked
Well he is from The U I believe he can start. Miller. Oliver probably the best two picks from JI... I think! But you know JI will screw up a wet dream!

wonder how long it will be before a middle aged hippy with ailing liver and bad back makes his return?, I'll say around 5:30 today when he wakes up with yet another massive hang-over.
Ohh yeah, Welcome back Armando.
Posted by: Coalition to ban Ireland.And Odin. | July 25, 2012 at 01:07 PM

Hey Home, I Perdicted Odin would return At 5:30 and I almost hit it on the head., Iam I in the same league as you in seeing the future?
BTW, I see Miami going 5 and 11 this year.(Football talk)

Oh yeah, Coalition, THANKS for reminding me. I almost forgot:

dolphintalk -dot- wordpress -dot- com.

Tahnks AGAIN pal ;)

"Since odinstank proclaimed this blog was dead & was forever lost, there is no need to return. Unless of course, they get bored of the 7 member circle jerk."

Hey dummy, you realize there are more than two Dolphins blogs on the internet right? You seem to think because some of the regulars don't post here anymore that their only other place to go is Ohio's blog. Exactly how stupid are you?

Odin, Please Leave.

The Flying Pig says:
July 25, 2012 at 5:00 pm

On that list I never go to the Dolphins because I broke out in laughter when he named the Eagles as #2

The Dolphins had 20 more sacks than the Eagles last season – 20!

Yes Piggy, but
The Eagles Dolphins destroyed the Dolphins last season
taking out two Dolphn QBs and sending 3 Dolphin players out on golf cart "ambulances" as well as dinging up a dozen players.
The next day the beat down was so humiliating and intense by the Eagles defense that Tony Sparano was immediately fired

How short a memory the the disgruntled Piggy Jet fan has on the Eagles and Florida's Tim Tebow kicking the living crap out of the Dolphins defense and setting an NFL record for scoring the MOST points w only 2:44 left in the 4th

Go Vick!

Go Eagles!

odinseye Says:

July 25, 2012 at 5:39 pm
Armando’s back and his Blog Hit Troll is working overtime trying to make it look like the place is flooding with comments.

Where’s everybody from this Blog?

I hope your all not Armando Homers and return blindly to that cess pool.

(Geez, if Jon would let me write an article or two, I would go all over the net dropping our links on other Dolphin Sites )

HELLO – O – O – O – 0 – 0 – 0 – o – o – o………………..

Armando, Can you PLEASE Ban OdinStank
Fins 5 And 11 this year(Football Talk)

In the words of BANE!!!


Welcome back Armando. You are truly the best of Dolphins writers.

Vernon in... Now lets get Tannehill sign

AHHH A Oldie but a goodie, Carlito, Welcome back.
I Hope this is not just a guest apperance but a regular apperance.

Im not sure whats up with all these coalitions but Im happy Armando is back so I dont have to read basura anymore and ready for some dolphins football.

Carlito, There's only one coalition and that's me, BTW, I visited Costa Rica 2 Months ago, Beutiful Country and the Women Are the best in the world.
GO PHINS(Football talk)



Welcome back.

Hope you're rested and ready for a great time keeping us up to date about our beloved Dolphins.

Your vacations served well to prove you're the best guy covering the phins.

Great to see you back.

Amazing That OdinStank Wakes up At 5 Pm, And is drunk by 5:30.
Tennyhill should be named TennyHenne IMHO(Football talk)

Great Blog Guys.... Pffffft......

Armando doesn't deserve a bunch of idiots like you...

Home is a Great perdictor of all things in the future.

Vernon was the worst pick in the entire AFC EAST at pass rusher


Home on the Herald | July 25, 2012 at 04:29 PM


Your obviously not much of a Canes fan or only watch when their in the hunt for a title. O.Vernon may not pan out as a DE in a 4/3 scheme but has explosive speed and can see him as a solid SLB opposite Wake on the weak side in a 3/4. "MARK IT" if he misses in Miami it will be due to scheme and "ALA" the Vrabel's of the world end up Outside for another team. At 240 Pds running the 40 in the 4.75 range he seems tailor made for the SLB spot in the 3/4 and depending on technique may even have it as the featured pass rusher in the WLB spot. I will however agree 100% that putting him in a 3 point stance at 240 Pds is a waste of what he is physically and can't believe that is the projection because if it is then your assesment will be dead on but who in there right mind puts a 240 Pd player on the line in today's game????

Mando, Please Ban OdinStank.


oscar canosa Says:

July 25, 2012 at 7:11 pm
Armando must realize that if he wants his Blog back he has to be very funny, very funny, to the point of overshadowing all those – prikks there. Yes?

And this from the 143 year old Oscar, Dude stay over there at )Ohios Circle jerk.

When will our fans learn that Rome wasn't built in a day.


Long time Bro!

The last I heard Vernon is 6-3 and has bulked up to 265. I would like to see him put on a little more. I think 270 - 275 would be his ideal weight.

As long as it doesn't affect his speed any. Adding weight/bulking up seems to get the DE/OLB types more than most. I think he should be able to carry 270 no probs though. He has the long, lanky frame, he can handle it.

Gee, I wish there was a place we could discuss it more........(ahem).......in depth.

dolphintalk -dot- wordpress -dot- com.....(hint, hint)......

Seems odd they want to low ball Ryan after owner Ross claimed they would be retiring his jersey in 15 years.

Why does this management enjoy making themselves look foolish during negotiations?

Hey Home
Thanks for quoting me
I remember the Eagles game
But if yu are talking about Dline depth I don;t know that you look at 1 game
The Eagles were pretty bad too

And Yes I am disgruntled
that was a loack of respecpect by the homer eagles fans to say that abou tour DL
but next tie you conforn, do it on the website I posted on out of respect
I don;t mind the differing opinion
But I do mind if its behind my back

Coalition is still having difficulties in finding the courage to do what needs to be done.

We all should be patient and understanding. He had a traumatic time with it as a young "He-She".

When his Mom finally coaxed him out of the closet for the first time.........she coaxed his embarrassing lazy non-working aassss right on out the front door too..........and LOCKED IT behind him.

It was a traumatic time for the "confused(snicker, snort)" little Coalition. But you can't blame the poor woman. She kept smelling the smell of Meth and strange Men wafting up from the basement. All her valuables constantly turned up missing too.

The final straw came on Mother's Day. She was hoping for some Jewelry and a box of Candy shaped like a Heart.

Instead, all her jewelry came up missing. Coalition bought himself some "Candy". And his poor Mother......all she got was a broken Heart!

What a Guy!

Coalition! BeyTay TuMadre's Casa!!!!

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