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Quickie training camp update

Some quickie reaction to what has transpired so far this morning at Dolphins camp:

Ryan Tannehill is not signed. General manager Jeff Ireland said in a rare training camp media availability that "progess is being made" but obviously both sides have dug in of late.

Tannehill is missing serious knowledge. According to Matt Moore, who took the majority of the first-team snaps, the QBs got 96 slides to work on this morning. That's 96 plays that Tannehill did not see or practice. "He'll definitely be a step behind missing a day," Moore said. "That's a huge piece."

Moore was not overly impressive. He threw an interception to Koa Misi and fumbled a handoff. The fumble had offensive coordinator Mike Sherman to kick the air in disgust.

Moore said that tomorrow's plan is for David Garrard to get most of the first-team snaps. That was decided before practice even began so it has nothing to do with performance.

The Dolphins seem to be in good shape. Philbin said no one failed yesterday's conditioning tests.

Paul Soliai said he was at 340 pounds although his assigned weight is 345. Karlos Dansby, overweight at the start of camp last season, is in shape now. He looks trim and he said he's at the weight he was at when last season ended.

Garrard was the best QB on the field today. The highlight play was a 25-yard completion that he threaded between two defenders to a diving Davone Bess. Although Bess had a good day, the best receiver on the field today seemed to be Chad Johnson. Johnson is not a deep threat but he can work the sideline and the intermediate routes very well.

Johnson did have one drop while wide open along the sideline.

The starting offensive line today was LT Jake Long, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG Artis Hicks and RT Jonathan Martin.

Eric Steinbach, signed yesterday, worked at left guard with the second unit. Coach Joe Philbin said the club promised Steinbach nothing but a chance to compete for a spot.

"He's hungry," Philbin said. "He's a good locker room guy."

Philbin, by the way, is a funny guy when he wants. He said he signed autographs after practice and one of the fans called him a savior. "I kept him and introduced him to my wife," the coach quipped.

The impressive players today?

Rookie Jeff Fuller looks like he belongs. He caught at least three passes, including a nine route for a touchdown.

CFL addition Marcus Thigpen looks very quick. He's getting work as a kick returner, which was a specialty for him. He looks legitimate.

By the way, Misi's interception was good to see considering he rarely made plays of consequence last season.

 Today's starting WR group included Johnson, Bess and ... wait for it ... Legedu Naanee. Brian Hartline, a starter each of the past two seasons, worked mostly in four-receiver sets and with the second unit.

More in a bit ...

[Update: Owner Stephen Ross just spoke to the media. He said he spoke to the team Thursday evening and explained why he bought the team, what he believes in, and how much he wants to win and have the franchise be the best in the NFL.

"Joe encouraged it," Ross said. "It hasn't been encouraged in the past."


I asked Ross if he plans to change the logo and he said not this year. But he left the possibility open for coming years, including next year. If you ask me to predict, I believe a change is coming next year.]

[Update 2: Tight end Will Yeatman is now offensive tackle Will Yeatman. He obviously doesn't have the kind of footspeed or quickness the Dolphins are looking for in a pass-catcher but is quite agile for a tackle ... Chad Johnson dropped one pass during practice. He caught five. He had a solid day from that standpoint, but obviously I've no idea if he blew any routes ... Garrard will get the first-team reps in practice Saturday.]


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Mando, No updates on how Clyde Gates sucks and will likely be cut?

Come on Ireland, get the Qb signed. That's fukkin bush. Every other draft pick is signed just about - this should be easy. Why are they arguing over nickels and dimes. Shouldn't have drafted the QB if you weren't going to give him every chance to succeed even if you have to concede a bit on the contract.

For those of you wondering about Thigpen, he's a legit returner. better than Gates. And since Gates can't play receiver either, he's done.

Fitzpatrick Sucks. Undersized, Below Avg Arm. The League figured him out in the 2nd half.

Good to see everyone came in shape. Does that Include the Main FatBoy John Jerry?

Hartline's career as a dolphin is just about over. Naanee is a bigger target. Does Hartline Return Kicks?

Tick Tock Hartline.

I guess with missing a day or 2 of camp forces T-hill out of the Qb Competition.

...From the last thread. The thought that you have to average 30 points a game to have a chance to get to the playoffs is about as false a statement that has ever been made. Think about that. 30 points per game? 3 teams averaged 30 points per game last year. In fact only 1 other team averaged over 26 points per game(Detroit)...25 points per game would be an average that this team would take in a heartbeat if it was a given

please do not change the logo.

It only hurts tanny-hill to be a holdout during training camp, no legs to stand on finiancially as a rookie and his hope of seeing any play time this year diminish day by day when hes not there....he needs to suck it up as far as the offset language of his contract goes and get out there to show if hes capable or not....

superPHIN, Why should Tannehill agree to the offset language in his contract when no other first rounders have that clause in their contract?

Makes NO sense Ryan Tannehill is not signed!! Get with it!!

Agreed ,The Fins just need to score 24 or better. The fins are a balanced team. If the defense develops and we have a ok to good Secondary 24 pts is more than enough to win 10 games.

/from last post

Coach only said he thinks the team can make the playoff's. He knows we are not superbowl contenders. He just wants a successful Season and is being realistic.

Yup. Hartline is a long strider and not really a fit in a WCO. Shame, he's a gamer.

Ross is nickel and diming Tannehill.

The only logo change should be reverting back to the original.

Shame also that Gates cannot catch that ball, with his speed he should be open all the time.

Darryl I wasnt exactly saying every game but most. You have to get out of the teens on a regular basis. The point is we must score more TDs. our offense has been anemic for sooo long. Im ready to see a scoring machine again

everyone had that(Off-Set lang.) in their contracts. At least all the 1st rd pick.

Damn we need T-hill in camp!!!

there must be agent bs going on,
not sure who t-hills agent is but, if you rep a top 10 pick, and you cant get his $ guart.
good luck signing another top 10 !!!

i'm sure this will be done soon, cant get to far behind

becuase tanny is such a PROJECT clue...and given irelands track record when it comes to draft day *GEMS*.....offset language or not, this only effects one person and it aint ireland or this organization....THATS WHY it makes more sense for him to report now and show what he's got!!!

Nobody is in a rush about Tannehill, including himself.

Dash your wrong, most first rounders didnt have off-set language in there contract do your research.

contracts can always be reworked during the year....missing trianing camp as a rookie is INEXCUSABLE especially when your not experienced enough having played one game in the nfl...

superPHIN, its easy for you to say this because its not your guranteed money bet if it was yours you would want whats fair for you so STFU

Disagree Clue. Tannehill doesn't work out, and you can probably say goodbye to Ireland, Philbin and the rest of the coaching staff. Also, you DON'T draft a "project" at 8. You draft a kid who you think will be a playmaker in the future.

And if Tannehill doesn't work out, well, I give you the last 20 years to foretell how that would play out with the team. Past is prologue. No QB, No shot at doing ANYTHING in the NFL.

I'm happy though to hear everyone came to camp in shape. That's the first step to playing well. Now if they can learn the new systems, and develop with each other, maybe they can win some games.

clue...unless your personally there at these contract signings as far as "OFF SET" language goes and what it means between gms, owners and players, how the heck can you know what exactly the cluases are and arent for rookies????....its not like they post all their incentives and specific details to media outlets all over the world

DC, what exactly are you disagreeing about?

superPHIN, its easy for you to say this because its not your guranteed money bet if it was yours you would want whats fair for you so STFU

Posted by: Clue | July 27, 2012 at 12:54 PM

Right becuase tannihill is making so much money right now holding out of practices, thats some strong logic u got there clue---LESS moron!!!

Stay far away from this mess tannehill until you get yours.


Tannehill will not start the season, he prob wont play until the second half of the season when were out of contention for a playoff spot. Missing 1 day of camp is no big deal but signing a deal where you can lose some of your guranteed money is dumb. No other first rounder is being subjected to this foolishness, its just Irescum low balling players again..


I always talk crap about things I know nothing about

Thats why I love myself everyday :)

Changes in the logo will begin a new era, the winning dolphins behind quarterback Ryan Tanehill!

When does the Miami Heat season start?

We dont know the details of what exactly is the holdup....from what ive heard its not all about the guranteed $$$ for tanny, its also about injury cluase protections for each side...

So you draft a guy in the first round to be the future of your team and you can't get him reps at the first practice. Ok I get that if you dont want to overpay. But that means that your not really trying to get him in games this year. I get that too. BUT the message from the team is that they are not re-building. Here we go agian. Saying one thing and doing another. Make the team look really stupid.
One practice report in and I all I need to know is why is Jeff Ireland still allowed at the Dolphins facility. Give him a bankers box and tell him to clean out his office today.

What a garbage franchise.

Tanny is a Sherman/Philbin pick, not an Ireland pick.

2 things:

This could all be smoke and mirrors him not being signed yet because he has A LOT of work to do. And the dolphins do not want the fans screaming to put this kid in before he is ready. So if he is behind the curve right form the beginning, the fans have nothing to scream about.

Or more likly, As much as it sucks Tanny was a reach pick, and somewhat of a project. However if it works the upside is amazing due to his leadership, and his "IT" factor. However even Tanny should know that he has a lot of work to do, and IF, a big unlikly IF, he loses the "IT" factor or confidence, and decides to coast, The Phins do not want to keep paying him. I get that.

Hartline is trade bait.

..ericatl. Ok. I agree with you there..Yes we must score more TD's..I think we can all agree on that. One of the things I want to see is an improved Redzone offense.. Especially after a turnover. Fg's on short fields don't cut it. Also, there is a time and place for field goals(only at the end of games, and overtime...) But against top competition. We will not be able to compete playing conservative, take the 3 points football..See game 1 v.Ne last year. See the Pitt game in 2010.. See any of the games the second half of 2010.

It was encouraging to see a little more redzone efficiency the last 1/4 of 2011. Hopefully this carries over.

Dont cave in now T-Man get yours!

I so pumped up for this season, i think we can be a surprise team. what do you guys think. I found this cool new Dolphins blog at http://phinsnews.com and they are saying 10-6, sounds crazy but it is possible. check it out

No, no, Clueless, the standard symbol now is :-). Right?

Look tannelhill IMO is being a idiot also! JI is the bigger idiot we all know that by now, but Tannelhill knows it's a long shot being successful in this league, and than he wants to miss camp!! Look by the way things are going with negotiation, just shows that JI is a the worst GM in the league for real!! I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but this guy is a real jewel! What a piece of work!! Freaking loser!! BUT I LOVE OF PHINS !!
I just can't stand. JEFF FIRELAND!!!

it sucks but honestly enough of ireland lets focus on what type of team we can be this season

hey darrly, well hopefully philbin doesnt sit on leads like the fist pumping jersey shore Tony sparano.

Sorry Clue, it wasn't your post I was responding to, it was superPHIN. So I disagree with him @ 12:47pm. My bad.

If miami was completely sold on tannahill as a franchise QB, then he would have been signed to a griffin and luck type of deal already. Yet he is the only QB left unsigned from draft, looks like doubt is lingering unofficially in T-hills skills as a pro QB.

...I agree with Mark in Toronto. I do not understand the thinking behind hardballing our first round pick. Get him signed. Now the deal could get done anytime. I'm sure it will be sooner then later(whatever that means).. But this is pathetic. On both sides really. but I blame the Phins here more then Tannehill.

What exactly was the plan when drafting Tannehill as far as his salary? I understand there are complexities none of understand. But. If the team thought enough of him to take him @ 8. why the holdup now to pay the kid? To protect themselves just in case? It is a huge suprise to find ourselves in this position. I can't believe we could bungle this..right.

I get it that Tannehill is no Griffen, or Luck. Those guys at least would have had the benifit of the doubt should they have held out..and they are both going to start right away. Those teams made it easy..They got their guys signed without missing any time. If the deal gets done here in the next few days. i don't think this is a big deal. If it lingers..This is another huge black eye for boy wonder..Hopefully, both sides come to an understanding.

Oh I disagree with that DC....irelands made quite a habit of picking up projects unintentionally the past few years....Even if that might not be their intent on R-Hill( AND YET STILL A HUGE GAMBLE IN FIRST ROUND 10TH OVERALL)(Cuz they've been all so right) but doesnt change fact it wont turn out to be true...first things first...he needs to play!!!

..Also. What exactly is the team trying to protect? Isn't there a scale for rookies now? Is this a guaranteed cash issue? As far as the team goes, they had enough belief in Tannehill to take him at 8. You made the bed now lay in it.

Change the logo back to retro. Since 1996's change the team hasnt been the same.

Darryl, I do not think there is anyone that can disagree with the fact that your SIDE of the argument is valid. the problem is there is a second SIDE of the argument that you do not agree with, and that side is the team trying to protect themselves from a failed project. I SEE that side of it also.

Neither of us know what is going on or what is happening behind the scenes.

I can not lie, I am concerned about the changes, I hope they are not drastic... to the logo that is and the colors.

Im still not convinced Tannahill is a first round talent, miami gambled way too high but I agree with you Darryl, they made their choice, now pay him and be done with it. you have no refund picks coming from nfl draft if he indeed turns out to be Bust boy.

..Last point. If I'm Tannehill. I'm thinking WTF? It doesn't matter what happens in the future(bust, or huge success) When you take a quarterback in the top 10, it cost some cash. That is the way it goes. Again. I don't know any of the details of this contract dispute. The deal could get done in the next hour for all I know. Right now, there is no deal. The longer this goes on. The more the whole team suffers. The team drafted this kid to be the future here. And for all I know the team will compansate him fairly. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this really about the team wanting to protect itself from Tannehill being a future bust?

Tannehill = Henne

Odin, I would take that if they can coach him up properly!

Exactly Poizen,

Everybody thinks that ownership is whats holding R-hill up but without all the facts and specifics on the contract talks, one can also say that its hills agent trying to flex too much incentive on his behalf....Owners are greedy but agents are just as devious as they are...no one side is completley to blame in terms of contract talks of holding out wheather your a rookie or a 10 year vet...it just doesnt happen to fall in R-hills favor as a rookie....

Ross is a cheap SOB!!

Their better be public lynchings if that becomes truth odin, with both ireland and ross in the front of the crowd.

Poizen..I totaly admit. I have no idea what the negotians involve. To many complexities for me to wrap my head around. I can only sit and speak from the sidelines. Which is probably unfair, as you said..We don't know. I can only share my opinion. It is probably a little premature on my part to say that the team is wrong, although it is my stance. Like I said. A deal could be in the works, and all will be fine. I am a little concerned that this may drag out longer then I would like..This doesn't mean either side is in the wrong. I just think that the team knew what they were getting when we drafted him. I do not understand the holdup. If someone can explain the teams side as to why they have an issue please do. The protection from a possible failed pick is the only reason I have read, or heard...Anyone else have anything, or is this the big elephant in the room?

And Irelands a poor judge of a person and talent scotty, so whats your point?

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