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Quickie training camp update

Some quickie reaction to what has transpired so far this morning at Dolphins camp:

Ryan Tannehill is not signed. General manager Jeff Ireland said in a rare training camp media availability that "progess is being made" but obviously both sides have dug in of late.

Tannehill is missing serious knowledge. According to Matt Moore, who took the majority of the first-team snaps, the QBs got 96 slides to work on this morning. That's 96 plays that Tannehill did not see or practice. "He'll definitely be a step behind missing a day," Moore said. "That's a huge piece."

Moore was not overly impressive. He threw an interception to Koa Misi and fumbled a handoff. The fumble had offensive coordinator Mike Sherman to kick the air in disgust.

Moore said that tomorrow's plan is for David Garrard to get most of the first-team snaps. That was decided before practice even began so it has nothing to do with performance.

The Dolphins seem to be in good shape. Philbin said no one failed yesterday's conditioning tests.

Paul Soliai said he was at 340 pounds although his assigned weight is 345. Karlos Dansby, overweight at the start of camp last season, is in shape now. He looks trim and he said he's at the weight he was at when last season ended.

Garrard was the best QB on the field today. The highlight play was a 25-yard completion that he threaded between two defenders to a diving Davone Bess. Although Bess had a good day, the best receiver on the field today seemed to be Chad Johnson. Johnson is not a deep threat but he can work the sideline and the intermediate routes very well.

Johnson did have one drop while wide open along the sideline.

The starting offensive line today was LT Jake Long, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG Artis Hicks and RT Jonathan Martin.

Eric Steinbach, signed yesterday, worked at left guard with the second unit. Coach Joe Philbin said the club promised Steinbach nothing but a chance to compete for a spot.

"He's hungry," Philbin said. "He's a good locker room guy."

Philbin, by the way, is a funny guy when he wants. He said he signed autographs after practice and one of the fans called him a savior. "I kept him and introduced him to my wife," the coach quipped.

The impressive players today?

Rookie Jeff Fuller looks like he belongs. He caught at least three passes, including a nine route for a touchdown.

CFL addition Marcus Thigpen looks very quick. He's getting work as a kick returner, which was a specialty for him. He looks legitimate.

By the way, Misi's interception was good to see considering he rarely made plays of consequence last season.

 Today's starting WR group included Johnson, Bess and ... wait for it ... Legedu Naanee. Brian Hartline, a starter each of the past two seasons, worked mostly in four-receiver sets and with the second unit.

More in a bit ...

[Update: Owner Stephen Ross just spoke to the media. He said he spoke to the team Thursday evening and explained why he bought the team, what he believes in, and how much he wants to win and have the franchise be the best in the NFL.

"Joe encouraged it," Ross said. "It hasn't been encouraged in the past."


I asked Ross if he plans to change the logo and he said not this year. But he left the possibility open for coming years, including next year. If you ask me to predict, I believe a change is coming next year.]

[Update 2: Tight end Will Yeatman is now offensive tackle Will Yeatman. He obviously doesn't have the kind of footspeed or quickness the Dolphins are looking for in a pass-catcher but is quite agile for a tackle ... Chad Johnson dropped one pass during practice. He caught five. He had a solid day from that standpoint, but obviously I've no idea if he blew any routes ... Garrard will get the first-team reps in practice Saturday.]


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I still believe it may have more to due with injury protection compensation opt out cluases then more with guranteed money up front but thats just from what Ive read from unconfirmed sources throughout most football sites...which would make more sense of a potential holdup in talks....

Are they still impersonating People here or is that really you, odin?

UGH, Darryl, had a long response, agreeing with you on most points, it did not take. I agree with SuperPhin on the hold up.


..superPhin. I believe that Kahlil, and Poe have both been signed. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't the new rookie wage scale slot each pick? So in essance the team can only pay pick 8 a certain amount? I understand that Tannehill being a quarterback is a bigger risk as far as bust potential to a teams fate then a lineman(offensive, or defensive) It soesn't set your team back so much should one of those players fail to live up to expectation.(unless the lineman can't block and gets your franchise quarterback lit up) At the risk of being redundant. We picked a quarterback. We knew the risk..Even if he was the top prospect there is a risk..But to me, knowing this. You have to trust your decision, and the player. And you pay him. I'm sure we will. it is just a bit frustrating at the moment.

Tannehill really sucked in practice. I wouldnt sign him either.

It was his first practice in a pro-format, some of you are tough!

Miamidolphins.com. There is media interviews and videos of the practice and players!! You all probably know that by now!

Scotty, beam me up!!!

Like Darryl says the teams are slotted(Teams get a Ma to hand out). My theory is the fins will sit him out a couple days so the media and the fans can kill the we want T-hill stuff. He will sign around Monday, then they will put him with the 2nd team taking snaps

If this is the first installation of the Offense, Why Split 1st team snaps between 3 qb's instead of the 2? We all know who are going to be competing for the starting Job.

Clue So is T-Hill the only one with off-set language or other Picks have them too? I would think everyone has incentives on a Contract.

Darryl, this is bizarre beyond belief. Looks as if they are asking the kid to take a provision nobody else had to. In addition, they are costing his development - something everyone is in agreement that he needs every bit of development he can get.

Sure he knows the playbook but he needs as much time on the field with pro defenses as he can get. They are arguing over a million or two dollars over a couple of years in a league where even the crapiest of franchsies profit.

Come on, it's the fans that are suffering the most. We need Tannehill to get every opportunity possible and we don't give a crap about a couple potential million in bonuses to a rookie. You picked him 8th, the market for his contract is already set, now get the contract done. Honestly, a monkey with one arm could've got this done by now. The Seahawks got all their picks signed a week after the draft. Ireland and Ross look horrible here.

Ill say it before and Ill say it again....this doesnt hurt anybody more than tannehill in this whole situation...so what if some of the media and fans think ross and ireland look bad, what else is new??

Does this stop ross from making billions of dollars in business..NO

Does this stop jeff ireland from getting paid becuz he cant get Tannehill in camp...NO

Does this stop every player that has been paid to stop and wait for tanny to be ready to go..NO

How does this help tannehills case in the long run by sitting out camp and earning nothing but a film session with little to no knowledge of the NFL....IT Doesnt

And also no-one knows what the holdup is so can we not project as to whose crossing who in terms of reaching an agreement

Ross will change the Logo? This from the guy who hired T-Pain to re do the Dolphins song. It was AWFUL!!
This from the guy that gave us the orange carpet, and the Jimmy Buffet song after scores. My God. Maybe he will replace the Dolphin on the helmet with a picture of Jim Harbough, Jeff Fisher or Payton Manning.

the tannehill contract has nothing to do with money. it's about when he can be cut loose. you put these things in every contract. i guess they can't decide when and how. it's not money, it's the language on certain things. at lead that's what i've heard. the money is the money. not much wiggle room for a rookie with the rookie "cap"

Tannehill = Henne

Posted by: odinseye | July 27, 2012 at 02:13 PM

Poizen and Oscar,

They're still impersonating(sigh...........).

That wasn't me.

I think the bottom line in this whole ordeal of tannahill holding out is he will never get everything he wants in a rookie deal, ownership will never cave in especially with the new rookie pay scale about what they should and will recieve in compensation. People are kidding themselves if they think that Owners and Gms dont have complete control and say as to what negotiations are being agreed upon 100%.

Like it or not, if tannahill wants to play this year, he'll have to sacrifice something of his cut loose clause they seem to be arguing about otherwise the front office wont budge and he may miss more than one day of camp.

I forgot the harold was the home of the fire Ireland fan club not the fin fans what a bunch of sad little men and I use men Losely.

This little report, if true, validates most of the things I've been saying.
-Naanee will be our 3rd WR, not Hartline.
-We still need a deep threat on the outside besides Naanee (Johnson should be our 3rd, but we don't have anyone to beat him).
-Fuller has a good chance to make roster.
-Garrard will start (leap, but heading that direction)
-Thigpen should be a returner not RB. And make roster if so.

Appreciate the report Mando.

Hartline might not be a hundred percent healed yet? He'll be fine!

Read this article on PFT website. Maybe Dawn Aponte is part of the reason Tannehill is not signed yet.....

For the eighth overall pick, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the battle lines continue to be drawn at the offset language. It’s reasonable for Tannehill to want it; if he’s a bust and if there’s another new coach within the next four years, Tannehill could get the boot. The Dolphins, we’ve been told, are taking a hard line in part because the employee negotiating the contract, Dawn Aponte, once worked for the league’s management council, which is believed to be pushing teams not to budge on the offset issues. (For most of the top 10 picks, that strategy has yet to work.)

There is a red flag when it comes to Tanny, the Dolhins want to limit the guaranteed money on the kid, this tell me that they made a bad pick

Tannehill must be wondering why he came to this team, and also confirming all what has been said about Ireland: a two digit IQ burocrat of third class.
Tannehill looks a hard working kid, he's smart and looks to have work ethics. Everything what Ireland lacks. So Tannehill might not be a future hall of famer on the paper, but he deserves to be treated with some respect given the fact that he was selected in 1st rnd for good or for worst. It was Ireland's and Ross' decision. So, they have to pay now, for God's sake !!

If Tannehill is so hardworking, he'd be at camp! Garrard wins the QB battle!

Hartline will lead the team in he's this year. I see the Jordy Nelson in him.

Just to let Mark in Toronto know, I was at practice today and the only reason that any passes to Gates were incomplete, was because they were severely under-thrown.

He caught at least one TD in traffic on a slant where he just outran the entire secondary after the catch. He was open on every deep route he ran today and was usually open on the short ones too. He made the best of what he had thrown to him today. He had at least 3 short route completions as well as a bomb for a TD to go along with the slant for the score too.

The 2 incompletes were not drops, once Garrard gets in sync with Gates speed we are going to be scoring from all areas of the field.

Tds. Damn auto correct for Hartline.

I hope you all realize we're being bullied by the media. I don't necessarily believe we needed to reach for tannehill when we have moore improving every day and signed a healthy garrard. Therefore, don't look for r-hill to start this year. The best case scenario for him is he progresses nicely this season, and we trade garrard or moore for a draft pick. I think everyone forgets garrard is a former pro bowler who hasn't had any receivers, and he has won some playoff games. This is a case where some quality veteran quarterbacks are doing better than the the coaching staff expected. Jake locker was taken 8th overall in tennessee, and hasselbeck started without the media scrutinizing their every move. Bottom line...do what's best for the team today and in the near and distant future. Without all of the facts, we can't call it. In my personal opinion, r-hill needs to learn from the vets for a year or two. He's the future (hopefully)...not the present, and that's why we didn't need to rush to sign him.

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