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Sunday column: Upgrade talent, get Mike Wallace!

The Dolphins added talent to their list of players practicing today by signing first-round pick Ryan Tannehill.

But as I write in my Sunday column, they need more talent.

And I suggest they chase a trade for Pittsburgh Steelers unsigned receiver Mike Wallace. Now, understand, ESPN's Ed Werder was told by Steelers GM Kevin Colbert that Wallace is "not available in trade."

Sorry, I've covered this league too long to know that often a "no" means "not now" and sometimes it transitions to "yes, absolutely." Flatly, the Steelers know they are going to lose Wallace after this season and get practically nothing (probably a compensatory pick) in return. They may well decide to cut their losses and actually get something for Wallace instead.

I understand making a move such as this would be expensive on multiple levels. The Dolphins would have to pay the Steelers draft choice compensation  and then pay Wallace a hefty contract that averages between $11-$12 million per season.

But that's the cost of doing business, folks, when the receivers you drafted (Cylde Gates, for one) did nothing as rookies and aren't exactly doing great things the first few days of this training camp when there's been no hitting and receivers should be dominating the action.

So I say the Dolphins should be in the queue (British term in honor of the Olympics) for some major upgrade at receiver and a major talent addition to the roster.

Will they be? I believe they will at least make the call.

By the way, since my writing of the column, rumors are swirling that the draft compensation for Wallace has dropped -- with talk of a third or fourth-round pick for him being the commonly used price. Are you kidding? That's a bargain.

Think about it ... a 26-year-old ready-made game breaker for a third round pick?

If Wallace was in next year's draft, knowing what we know about him, he'd be a top 10 pick.

Anyway, read the column, please.

[BLOG UPDATE: As is the routine, I'll update this space after practice and interviews with the day's highlights. For real-time updates, kindly follow me on twitte.]


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oh lord

Go for it! I sent you a tweet about this after reading it on PFT. A 4th for Mike Wallace? Or one of our 2 3rd's??? C'mon!!! Pull the trigger! Adding Mike Wallace immediately, and immensely, upgrades our WR unit. But alas it's the Dolphins and the Dolphins don't make moves like this. Which is why I'm sure we won't get him and will remain idly marinating in our tepid toilet.

Armando, you're an Idiot...Wallace is not available.

the Steeler's are not that stupid.

Hey FZB....in case you missed it, Pitt just offered Wallace's contract to Antonio Brown. They're moving on. He is available. And honestly...If I had Big Ben and Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown...I would consider moving Wallace too.

Oh god. Why would you get me excited about something like this... it never works out...

Mando - you deleted my post - que pasa ?


You should erase this blog post ASAP before people see it. Dumb as *****

They dont have 12 million to spend, they would have to start cutting guys left and right to squeeze him in. Or They would have to restructure about half of the 26 million the 3 starting LB's are making(hint). Ireland dosent have the marbles top pull a trade like this.

Looks like FZB only reads Dolphin news...

Antonio Brown signed the contact that was extended to Wallace. You cant pay that much money to 2 WR on the same team....So it looks like the Steelers might be As dumb as Frank Rizzp..

Armando, where do you come up with this stuff!!! Wallace for a 3rd?? The Steelers GM has said he is not going anywhere and is not up for trade. If I were you I would keep posting photos or videos so not to embarrass yourself with writing far fetched ideas..... Or maybe just get suspended again and let Barry have this space where we can actually get some facts not one sided opinions that have no merit other than to degrade and put down. I guarantee that the first pass that Ryan throws for an interception people like you will be calling him a bust!!!

We should go to Davie and protest to get Wallace!!!

Mike, a couple of points:

1. General managers say things for public consumption and do other things behind closed doors all the time.
2. You are not me.
3. I've never been suspended, which by the way is strike three for you in your little paragraph.
4. Your guarantee, like most everything in your comment, is ridiculous.

Home, cap space is all relative.

They are carrying a lot of one-year deals with no guaranteed money.

They can easily make it work.

Hey we did it with Marshall and all he did was for the most part DROP EASY CATCHES IN THE END ZONE. But it was worth a shot.
If the team is that good then an upgrade at wide receiver with a 4 year contract would be great. the way the Phins pick players it is always better to get a proven guy. A couple of seconds or a second and a third would be great. And the cap room is there. Why not? And if he doesn't work out this year suck someone else in for a couple of 3rds.
This guy can catch and this guy has been playing with a winning team. Do it.

Getting Wallace would make sense if and only he could be definitively looked upon as a final piece. Besides Brandon Marshall's character flaws, Im sure capology also played a major role in shipping him off.

Now, Wallace at $10-$12 mi9llion a season? Jake Long's due a new contract before season's end. Then there's resigning our own 2013 fa's with Vontae Davis heading the list.

Armando, it would be much cheaper capwise to just spend 2013's 1st rd pick at wr. At least then we would get a young up and cominggreat wr for around $4 million max for the first 4yrs. Doesnt this make better sense and keep us from the crux of cap pergutory?

If Wallace was definitively a final piece to the sb puzzle then hell yes, go get him. However, in our present state he only gives us a slightly better chance to become a "wildcard" playoff team.

Or as we've come to define in Dolphinland: "Yet another one and done". $10-$12 a yr to a player only to become better positioned for yet another one and done playoff appearance is financial suicide.


Also remember we were able to do many of those "one year deals" because we were able to ship away Brandon Marshall's contract.

Yep, the Steelers are Mega Stupid - so much so that they have won 2 Super Bowls in this decade, where as the Dolphins have won (?) how many playoff games? Idiot!

Strange, Pittsburgh is a sb calibre team, and are balking at resigning Wallace for the U.S. mint. Could it be they believe actually having a proven franchise qb is even more important?

Without a doubt Wallace is a top 5 nfl deepthreat. However, he may only be average to slightly average at best operating over the middle and underneath. This is why Pittsburgh's balking at paying him the U.S. mint. Otherwise he would already be resigned by now.


Give Armando a break. The guy's been on vacation for 2 months. Some of his brain cells are still trying to make it back to shore. Didnt you see the video he posted of his fishing trip out to sea?

He still has a frew brain cells out there trying to reel in the big one.

Look it that. RT completes his first pass in practice.

I believe YG is right, Armando.

Are the Hard Knocks cameras being obnoxious? If they are, get them outta there.

We thought you took a vacation to clear up your head. Please Armando football season is almost here and training camp in full swing so let's get real.

Finally some hitting!

This live reporting from training camp is crap. Do a play-by-play.

Ross and stupid JI don't won't make a trade because they too cheap and they think the picks they gotten in the draft will develop!!
So it will be a cold day in hell if that ever happens!! JI is too stupid to make a deal for Wallace!!

Trading for Wallace would go against philbins philosophy of valuing out draft picks. I personally would like to see it happen but it's against what philbin believes.

Can't imagine Lombardi with a camera following him. But, well, it's another Time and another Place.

Get Wallace, Start Tanny, Get Miller enough carries this will be the core for the future. Lets get the future started today.

The Steelers will get a first round selection for Mike or let him sit out. The power is in their hands. The beauty is that if Mr. Wallace sits out next year, the Steelers still own his services for another, until he has lived up to his contract. Pony up a first, or step aside. Willing to part with a first rounder, get him while you can. If Al Davis was still alive he's already be donning silver and black.

I'm not a fan of Big Ben's off field stuff but his abilities make average WR's look good. Clyde Gates would be All Pro with Ben. I'm exaggerating obviously but we all know how a premier QB can elevate a WR. I don't know if he's worth $12M per year but he's obviously worth a 3rd. I'd just hate to see us over pay for a WR again. I'm more inclined to see Wallace or Pruitt develop this season and take the best WR next draft if that doesn't materialize.

I say no, build through the draft, no rush; make it right. We traded for Marshall and see how it ended.

I'm more excited to see Lamar in action. Not sure if he can get all the plays down this year, but, you get that guy in space, and it's the House.

If the Steelers lose Wallace to free agency, the get a 3rd round compensatory pick, plus they get the benefit of Wallace playing at least six games this year, plus the post season too.

So you really think they'll trade him for a third rounder?

Bro, Philbin is not the one that drafts Players, it's Ireland.

Is Rapistburger coming with him.....


Thats what I'm saying.....

Oh, you mean she's a skinny white girl? hehehe

But the Pusssy always Primes.

Talk some D, please.

How's my man Jarred doing?

JM came from Stanford, family of Lawyers, you know, Big Bright Bulb.

how good is mike wallace without ben throwing and the rest of the steelers offensive threats on the field?

Knowing our luck, he'll end up in new England for a 7th round pick, become a pro bowler, torch the phins, and new England will flip him for another 2 nd rounder:)

Man, you gotta get rid of the ball. I told you last year.

Anybody else concerned about our safety positions???

Wallace is mostly straight deep ball speed. too one dimensional. not worth the price. better fit for a like pitt than us.

Quite concerned, Mg, so much so that I don't want to talk about it.

Apparently Oscar the local media share your sentiments.

if it makes sense,ireland wont do it. wasted 3 picks on daniel thomas when pro scouts warned his upright running style would leave him injured. then we waste a 1st round pick this year when we coulda signed flynn,who philbin groomed for 3 years.

Almando i think you just write stuff just for the heck of writing stuff, do u know what you are looking at when you go out to practice? you are always looking for the most negetive things to write. This is only day three of camp and you know that the team do not have talent. you are not even a good writer let alone a talent evalueator why dont you leave that for the coaches to decide and you write about the actual practices. Leave the football stuff to the coaches because you have not a clue.

greg we needed a back. the two backs selected ahead of thomas didn't play a down last year because of injury and now leshoure is hurt again. grass is always greener. thomas was the best rookie back last year.

if ross seriously wants to win, it would be in his best interest to sign wallace. second only to megatron, wallace makes brandon marshall look like a reserve player. why do you have to tease us? i know ross has a great deal of faith in philbin, and would like to see philbin develop guys such as roberto, marlin and pruitt into packer caliber recievers, and philbin can certainly do this and the fans would love to see this as well, but with the pressure on, and the HBO cameras rolling, and the hype that has been generated from some confident statements from ross out of his desire to sell tickets, he would proove wise to bring wallace in. the spotlight is shinning brighter then it ever was on this franchise now(thanks to HBO), if there was ever a time to cease the moment by taking such a significant step, it would be NOW. if not now, when? ross enjoys the spotlight, and the spotlight will bring money with it. i totally agree. NOW is the time. if not now, when? after the HBO cameras have left the building? after philbin is shown the door after another loosing season or two? your right, this IS the time.

Agreed Armando. Our WR"s are the worst in football. Tannehill had better WR's in college then the ones on this team.

If anything we should trade for DBowe.
It'll cost less money and he wants to be here.

He is a Norland alum by the way lol.

None of you--NONE of you---has the slightest idea if the Steelers would even entertain the idea of a trade yet in typical, frantic, whiny fashion you're ready to rake Miami over the coals over a "trade" that MAY NOT EVEN BE POSSIBLE.

What a gaggle of maroons. Seriously.

if wallace is so great how come Pittsburg isnt signing him to what u call a resonable sum of 12 mil a year? I think wallace is a flash in the pan, or go ask Jeffery he knows a flash when he sees one.

just read ure article about new talent and yes, the dolphins need, need talent at most positions but WR is glaring. And these questions all point back to Jeffery, the GM? Why did he draft a RT in the second rd when the Dolphins had NO WRs to speak of? Could have drafted a RT in later rds to sit the bench like ole whats his name is doing. Jeffery couldnt judge talent if you held a banana at his head. Everything wrong with this country can be laid at the feet of congress, senate, white house. Everything wrong with the dolphins can be laid at the feet of the front office. period. And Jeffery is his name,,,,,,,,,,,

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