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Sunday column: Upgrade talent, get Mike Wallace!

The Dolphins added talent to their list of players practicing today by signing first-round pick Ryan Tannehill.

But as I write in my Sunday column, they need more talent.

And I suggest they chase a trade for Pittsburgh Steelers unsigned receiver Mike Wallace. Now, understand, ESPN's Ed Werder was told by Steelers GM Kevin Colbert that Wallace is "not available in trade."

Sorry, I've covered this league too long to know that often a "no" means "not now" and sometimes it transitions to "yes, absolutely." Flatly, the Steelers know they are going to lose Wallace after this season and get practically nothing (probably a compensatory pick) in return. They may well decide to cut their losses and actually get something for Wallace instead.

I understand making a move such as this would be expensive on multiple levels. The Dolphins would have to pay the Steelers draft choice compensation  and then pay Wallace a hefty contract that averages between $11-$12 million per season.

But that's the cost of doing business, folks, when the receivers you drafted (Cylde Gates, for one) did nothing as rookies and aren't exactly doing great things the first few days of this training camp when there's been no hitting and receivers should be dominating the action.

So I say the Dolphins should be in the queue (British term in honor of the Olympics) for some major upgrade at receiver and a major talent addition to the roster.

Will they be? I believe they will at least make the call.

By the way, since my writing of the column, rumors are swirling that the draft compensation for Wallace has dropped -- with talk of a third or fourth-round pick for him being the commonly used price. Are you kidding? That's a bargain.

Think about it ... a 26-year-old ready-made game breaker for a third round pick?

If Wallace was in next year's draft, knowing what we know about him, he'd be a top 10 pick.

Anyway, read the column, please.

[BLOG UPDATE: As is the routine, I'll update this space after practice and interviews with the day's highlights. For real-time updates, kindly follow me on twitte.]