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Sunday column: Upgrade talent, get Mike Wallace!

The Dolphins added talent to their list of players practicing today by signing first-round pick Ryan Tannehill.

But as I write in my Sunday column, they need more talent.

And I suggest they chase a trade for Pittsburgh Steelers unsigned receiver Mike Wallace. Now, understand, ESPN's Ed Werder was told by Steelers GM Kevin Colbert that Wallace is "not available in trade."

Sorry, I've covered this league too long to know that often a "no" means "not now" and sometimes it transitions to "yes, absolutely." Flatly, the Steelers know they are going to lose Wallace after this season and get practically nothing (probably a compensatory pick) in return. They may well decide to cut their losses and actually get something for Wallace instead.

I understand making a move such as this would be expensive on multiple levels. The Dolphins would have to pay the Steelers draft choice compensation  and then pay Wallace a hefty contract that averages between $11-$12 million per season.

But that's the cost of doing business, folks, when the receivers you drafted (Cylde Gates, for one) did nothing as rookies and aren't exactly doing great things the first few days of this training camp when there's been no hitting and receivers should be dominating the action.

So I say the Dolphins should be in the queue (British term in honor of the Olympics) for some major upgrade at receiver and a major talent addition to the roster.

Will they be? I believe they will at least make the call.

By the way, since my writing of the column, rumors are swirling that the draft compensation for Wallace has dropped -- with talk of a third or fourth-round pick for him being the commonly used price. Are you kidding? That's a bargain.

Think about it ... a 26-year-old ready-made game breaker for a third round pick?

If Wallace was in next year's draft, knowing what we know about him, he'd be a top 10 pick.

Anyway, read the column, please.

[BLOG UPDATE: As is the routine, I'll update this space after practice and interviews with the day's highlights. For real-time updates, kindly follow me on twitte.]


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We should never have traded Brandon Marshall.

With the WR's we have I doubt if there's a Dolphin fan on the planet that wouldn't want us to make a trade for Wallace. Even if Hartline is healthy (which he's not) we're talking about a 3rd WR at best. Bess is a nice possession receiver but he's clearly incapable of gaining more than 10-12 yards a play & IMO Chad Johnson is a joke at this point in his career. So of course trading for Wallace make sense!!! The problem threefold is;

A) The money. Due to cap space it's not even a possibility. Still wondering how Ross or Ireland thought they had room for Peyton Manning...
B) Ireland's incompetence. Jerry is another miss & Gates is right behind him. He talks about building through the draft but where are the hits??? After the Marshall effect I would be shocked if Ross let him pull the trigger.
C) We don't have a QB &/ or team good enough to compete right now so what's the difference??? Garrard can't stay healthy, Moore is a very good back-up, & Tannehill is not ready.

Tannehill is clearly the key to this franchise. If he develops to become a solid, reliable QB (he doesn't need to be the next Aaron Rodgers just the next Joe Flacco) over the next 2-3 years then this team can get turned around but if not it's more of the same. I'm actually starting to think that Brandon Weeden might turn out to be the better pick. Sure he's 29 but I'd rather take a guy who can be your starter for the next 7-8 years than a guy that you're not sure will ever be a starter.

"In an interview with Sirius XM radio, HBO Hard Knocks supervising producer Ken Rodgers revealed that free agent WR Braylon Edwards recently worked out for the Dolphins.
Edwards had a workout with Seattle on Thursday, but they went with Antonio Bryant. Arguably the league's neediest team at wide receiver, Miami could give Edwards his best shot at landing a starting job. The 29-year-old will need to show that he's recovered from the knee injury that limited him to just 15 catches last season. The Dolphins did not immediately sign Edwards."

Of course we did!!! We're a joke. Please make this end already.

Yeah, trading Da Beast was as dumb as trading Welker. Maybe dumber!

Oh my God, some guys just go on and on about the same shyte day after day after day....Does your life really suck that bad that the first thing you do every day is get up and harp on Ireland. Newsflash guys, he's here for at LEAST another year and probably a lot longer than that. Life going to suck a lot more for you, I can tell.

Interesting dilemna, Armando. I'd thought about this move before. I'm not typically a big fan of this type of move but WR is one of the weakest areas on the team and I do like Mike Wallace. Don't know much about him as a person or his off the field stuff but I don't believe he's gotten into any trouble and he is a talent. We don't have a number one receiver, that much is clear. The question, I think, is this team good enough that a Mike Wallace would make a difference and is the team better off signing him for $10-12 mil a year or drafting a top WR next season and saving the extra money for guys like Long and Davis. I don't have the answer to that. I like Wallace a lot but you also have to look at this team with Marshall on it and despite him being productive we still went 7-9 and 6-10. So does Mike Wallace make this team a playoff team or a better team in the won-loss column? I honestly don't know.

Seeing the Dolphins so excited about signing a Patriot CASTOFF(Ochocinco)shows how low this team has fallen.

When was the last time the dolphins drafted a very good WR. Ross said cost is no object, but I think it is an object with the dolphins. It seems like we are going to once again try to make gold out of crap, and it never works. Always an excuse for years now. Always an excuse.

I am not at the least worried about the talent on this team, we the fans and the media do not understand half of whats going on.We see all the time players leaveing this team and we think very little of them, but then they go on to other teams and make the pro bowl, case in point Wes Welker whom we had here as a wide receiver and think very little of him. What we fail to understand we has a system in place here that did not allow players to realise their worth. I say give coach Phibin a chance at the lease this year to see how he changes this mentality.

Has Irescum ever drafted a good playmaker? EVER??

Yesterdays Gone great points at 8:09 and 8:18. Right on the money.

I would LOVE to add Wallace but the money doesn't make a lot of sense. It looks like they are gearing up for 2013s draft and targeting a couple of wrs with our earlier round picks. I also thought I read that we are going to be in great shape cap wise to sign some very good free agents next season as opposed to the Jets who have a mess on their hands coming up in 2013.

We sign Wallace and that's it. We might not have the room to make any big moves in free agency next season.

"We don't have a QB &/ or team good enough to compete right now so what's the difference?"

I disagree with this statement to a degree. The team was 11 points away from being 10-6 last season. They're not a top team but they definitely have the players to at least be competitive imo.

Cheapskate Ross would rather pocket Brandon Marshall's money then upgrade the team. And then he wonders why the team stinks,

David great post at 11:19.

Hogwash, our WR group is very good. Bess is one of the best slot WR's in the game, Chad is not done, not by a long shot, Hartline is much better than his prior year's numbers reveal due to Marshall's ball hogging - and Roberto Wallace will finally get his chance and break out after a couple years of grooming.

Same for Pruitt.

Throw in the fact that Philbin is going to use Bush more at WR than RB to get him in space, and same for Lamar Miller and you've got 7, count em, 7 pretty darn good WR's on this roster.

I think we all know that throwing to the TE is a big trend today and key to the WCO - so throw in Clay and Fasano as pass cathers if not WR's, yeah Fasano knows how to get open and has good hands. How many drops have You seen from Fasano? I can't recall any.

Who's gonna run the ball if Bush and Miller are lined up as WR's? Well, both those guys will get their carries 5 - 8 per game each, but rest will go to DT and Steve Slaton - who, BTW is just 26 and rushed for 1282 yards as a rook in 2008, 4.8 YPC and caught 50 passes that year to boot for another 377 yards!

Slaton is now injury free is a high quality RB. Who can also catch the ball.

I think we should give a 2 for Wallace. No way the steelers keep him now with Brown signing no way they can afford to spend that kind ofmoney on two WRs. Come On this is no brainer.

You cant give 2 WR's 12 million each Dragonfly. They were gonna lose Wallace this year or Brown next year.

What most of you fart heads can't comprehend is that great QB's make receivers look great. Look at what Hartline has had to deal with, constant qb changes, all mediorce, oc changes, broken down oline.

Have any of you thought about what some of our receivers would look like on GB, NE, Pitt, NO? I'll bet Hartline would look twice as good on those teams.

It seems unlikely that Pittsburgh would do this for a 3rd round pick. Armando, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't PIT get a 3rd round compensatory pick AFTER the 2012 season anyway?

So if the price is a 2nd round pick, Ireland needs to make this move yesterday! Miami should also SERIOUSLY consider giving up a #1 for Wallace. He's 26 and much better than anyone Miami would get with their 1st pick next year.

My only question is, how would Wallace fit into the West-Coast Offense that Miami is implementing?

Firstly, as a Dolphins fan from London, I appreciate the "British term" in the article. Secondly, Armando, you are your right, Miami need some speed at wide out and more specifically, a wide out who knows how to use his speed (which Clyde Gates clearly doesn't know how to do. No one wants to return to the days of 2009 when we couldn't throw the deep ball, we need a credible deep threat and Mike Wallace is definitely our best available option (and importantly, he still has a lot of football left in him after the upcoming season).

Dolphins need to do it. Wallace is better than all twelve wrs they have now.

Do not trade for Wallace. It's to costly for the Phins at this point. Get off your butt and sign two of these three... Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress, and/or Braylon Edwards. All three of these guys sitting at home are better than any Dolphin receiver outside of Chad Johnson. With Owens and Burress you would instantly become a passing threat added with Johnson. It would open the running game for Bush and the other Dolphin runningbacks and set up the play action pass situation. These three receivers in the no hundle could be dangerous. Both Owens and Burress are near the end of their careers and have limited opporunities to be successful again. The cost to the Phins would be minimal to trading for Wallace and having to sign for 12 million per year. Sign a guy like wallace if and when Tannehill is ready for that shot at winning it all.


So we traded WR Marshall for two 3rd round picks and now we can get Wallace for a 3rd round pick, am I missing something? Steelers will get a 3rd round compensatory pick by default if they lose Wallace to free agency next year.

Hey guys,
Steeler fan here, Colbert won't trade him for one reason...precedent. Trading him will give Wallace what he wants, a big contract...all because he held out. This could encourage other players to engage in this behavior in the future. Its not gonna happen, the Steelers will make it as unpleasant as possible on Wallace since he's decided to take this route. He will play out the rest of his contract, and enter UFA.

well sure for a 3rd that wold be a no brainer. we got two 3rd rounders when we traded marshall. who wouldn't trade marshall for mike wallace and an extra 3rd round pick?

Johnson Wallace bess and naanee!!! I love it

Why you wanna talk Pitt and no Dolphins. Big Amondo make you do it?

What a bunch of malarkey! There is no way Pittsburgh unloads him for a 4th, let alone a 3rd. They can keep him for a season, jettison him in free agency and still retain a 3rd round compensatory pick.

And how exactly does Wallace fit into Philbin's west coast offense? The dude is at his best when he's running go-routes and bubble screens. While he is an elite talent, I can't see him really being a fit in this offense.

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