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Tannehill agrees, expected at practice Sunday

Ryan Tannehill has made the trek over from the Bradenton, where he was working out at the IMG Academy, after agreeing to terms on a contract with the Dolphins.

ESPN Profootballtalk.com was the first to report the agreement through a source believed to be the player's agent. Agent Pat Dye has refused to answer emails or phone calls from The Herald.

[Update: A source close to Tannehill has confirmed the deal to The Herald.]

Tannehill, Miami's first-round pick, mised the first two days of practice and two walk-thru sessions as well. He is behind both David Garrard and Matt Moore in the chase for the Dolphins starting job. It is unclear if the Dolphins, who initially hoped he would compete for the job, will let him even join the competition by taking first-string snaps in the near future.

The holdup in the negotiations had been believed to be offset language which protected the Dolphins from paying all of Tannehill's guaranteed money in case he was released before his four-year contract expired.

It is believed Dye blinked on the issue even though the No. 7 pick and No. 9 pick had no offset language in their contracts. Tannehill was selected eighth overall.

The Dolphins, however, are believed to have also made some concessions to make a deal work for both parties.

Full terms of the contract are not yet available but should be by next week.


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Bout Time...

Nice work, Dawn Aponte!


It about time he got deal done.

start tannehall from day 1, why waste time?

Start Tannehill, are you kidding?

The guy sucks right now. He was No. 3 of the three QBs in camps. He's played only 19 games. He'll pee down his leg if he gets thrown out there.

Only a moron like Cote would suggest starting him right away.

start him yes. see what he's got. he will learn more playing than sitting on the bench. i guess you are another turd brain that wants to wait another 4 years to see if he is any good. we wasted 4 years with henne, lets not waste 4 more.

start tanne no matter what. this season is lost anyway. might as well let him play.

Yeah let's start Tanny. The sooner we start him the closer JI is out of here!!! Lmao!!
But in all seriousness I wish Tannelhill
Good luck kid welcome to the NFL!!

Tannehill will handicap the offense. He can't read the defenses fast enough and the offense moves to fast. Which is why Garrard will start.
Now, us losing to the Texans is so played out. We need to beat Houston, even if it takes a last minute field goal, who cares?
Then, Beat Oakland at home week 2. 2 & 0 is possible.
Our schedule is so easy. We are in good shape for a wild card!
Remember, Sporano was Dumb. Philbin is 10 X's smarter. He will get the best out of his players.
I wanna kick some As_ in 2012!

Start Tannehill rightaway! First he has to prove he can surpass Matt Moore as backup. Seems everyday the gap between Moore and Garrard grows wider.

If Tannehill cant surpass Moore as the backup behind Garrard. We can could be looking at 3yrs before he's ready to compete for the starting role. Even Moore has outplayed him up to now.

Forget Tannehill as opening day starter right now. Its a stretch he'll surpass Matt Moore as the backup to Garrard at this point.

It's possible Matt Moore could end up onm the trading block if Tannehill can surpass him as backup to David Garrard. Still I think Tannehill surpassing Moore by camp end is highly unlikely.

But, dam, drafting a qb 8th overall it isnt unreasonable to expect him to be better than your backup qb rightaway. If not, those originally against drafting Tannehill at #8 will be making lots of noises.

Believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, No!

There goes the Dolphins, stick a fork in them

Their 3rd string QB just signed and another Bust A drafting a QB by FIRELAND!

Tannyreach sucks!

chargers need a back up. boller retired today. moore goes to sd for a 4th round pick.

12.8 Million for Tanny. We did good! Lol

Garrard is cosmetic. If he starts, the season is a total write-off. If there is any leeway in the contract for the guaranteed money, a precedent has been set. Look for a lot more of this next year with the high first round picks. This is a victory for the man against the men.

Good deal. Lets get going

Sad thing is Moore is going to have such a good year you will want him back next year. Tanny learns like Rodgers did.

The Dolphins made a HUGE mistake drafting Tannehill at #8!!!...They should have drafted the best player available and that was not Tannehill...Tannehill will be exposed.

I can see that, racemn2. I think this situation in Miami suits him.

Garrard, like Chad Pennington, should be odds on favorite to win 2012 Comeback Player Of The Year". Probably also like Pennington(shoulder) past injuries comeback to haunt Garrard(back) in year 2 as a Dolphin qb.

Stay tuned, could shape up to be Henne-Penne the sequel. With Ross making Ireland the scapegoat even though everyone and thier mothers know Ross forced the Tannehill pick on this organization.

Tom wadle is a idiot. He thinks moore is going to be the starter and hennehill will be in there by week 6. Garrard is going to be the starter and shine!

Let's hope he's better than Henne, Beck, Pat White, Cleo Lemon, Daunte Culpepper, etc, etc, etc....

Badger, I think Tanny was a good pick and could be the future. I also think Matt Moore proved he can lead the team. He is coming off a great end of season with confidence and might be ready to take it to a new level. You in WI like me? I have not missed a game since DTV from 1993. It was $750 to get installed back then. Worth every penny to watch the Dolphins! I live here in Packer land and until the Giants last year we were the last team to win in Lambeau.

Damn. I wanted to spend all day Sunday bitching and moaning about the Dolphins being cheap and coming up with ludicrous and clinically insane conspiracy theories and they go ahead and ruin everything by signing the guy to a perfectly sensible contract. ((sigh))

Tannehill aint doing nothing here



ALoco has now surpassed Tannehill on Dolphins qb depth chart.

No on a Garard!!!!!!! Why even start that. Your just mad Moore is going to lead us to playoffs!

start tann. sink or swim. lets not waste 4 years figuring it out like we did with henne. those who say we will damage him if we start him to soon are tampons. this is the nfl. you can play or your can't, and you get paid to play. aikmon started slow, so did the mannings....let the guy play and take his knocks early and see how he progresses.

start tanne.

Yesterdays gone is a great "Slaughter" song btw

lew @ 10:38,

You may have a point. Starting Tannehill, sink or swim, pretty much guarantees a 2013 top 10 draft spot. Even if Tannehill does work out it allows us to seriously upgrade other team positions.

Garrard starting probably pretty much guarrantees not making the playoffs and drafting middle of the pack(13th-20th) in 2013. Which becomes more critical in rd 2 thru 5 at least.

Aaron Rodgers sat behindthe Bret Favre for 3 years and look what that did!!

The jury is out on Tannehill. He has all the physicality required, and more. This is a trial on the the mentality of the unquestioned. The way he is handled will be instrumental.

Tannehill is the 2nd coming of Chad Henne. After 4 years he still wont get the speed of the pro game.

I would say "Bret Favre from breaking Marinos records". Then it happened to and I was watching as it happened. Painful!!

So T-Sizzle signed. I guess the Hysteria will quiet down for a bit. He missed 2 days, That's like 180+ Plays he missed installed. Takes him out of the Running for Starter. Shucks

I like the trade Moore for a 4th or lower. What the Reports from camp are saying Delvin shows some potential. We can't keep 4 qb's. Unless they can keep PD on the Practice Squad.

I'm guessing no one seen how Blaine Gabbert failed from being started too early with no help on receiver end. About the same situation Ryan is in now. Let him learn!

Unless handled well, throwing chickens to the foxes usually results in less chickens.

Richie Sambora. What a guitar okayed


This just in: Nobody here is qualified in the slightest--not even by the most microscopic atom imaginable--to know when Tannehill should start or how best to handle his rookie season. But by all means continue the delusional parade of 'expertise.' It's highly entertaining.

and to think there were idiots in here wanting him to start when we drafted him. kid needs to sit this year for sure, maybe year 2 also

Painter sat behind Manning and see how that turned out.

Under the homers theory, Painter should have turned out just like Aaron turned out.

Who is sitting behind Brady right now? According to the homer theory, whoever is sitting behind Brady should turn out to be just like Aaron.


Who is sitting behind Drew Brees? According to the homers, that person should turn out to be just like Aaron.

Moore did a pretty good job at the end of last season, so he deserves to be the starter QB. I think it's better for Tann to wait for his chance, like Marino and many more did in their time. This means that he should be competing for the second string with Garrard. Having said that if Unexpectedly, Tann does a remarkable job in training camp and preseason, he may have a chance sooner than forecasted.
I'm glad for him that he's finally signed his contract and can focus 100% on football. Hope that the Imbecil of JI has no more surprises hiden under the hat.


you catch my drift, it's a win win. this ain't the babysitter league. given the most optimistic circumstances, no way this team is winning the sb this year, so why not take full advantage of giving your new top pick as much experience as you can.

according to the homers, I can just put any QB behind an elite QB. Then that QB will magically become an elite QB.

LOL!!! You guys are wishful thinking this thing to death. LaurenHenne sucks. Sucked in college and he still sucks now.

Y'all need to ride or die with your boy Jeff. But quit trying to wishful think a pile of crap into a pile of gold bricks.

garrard will start, be injured by week 4. moore will play 10 weeks. tanny will finish up last 3

we should make a play for blaine gabbert.

gabbert is beyond awful

Can't imagine what some of the guys will talk about on here now.

Cue the Tannehill is a 'bust' comments when he's not the starter three days into camp, in THREE, TWO, ONE....

You're all homers because you root for the team you like! Morons. Idiots!!!! LMAO

sit him for least a year, do it right for once

Given the choice, I'd slurp Tanne's load over the negro.

Trade Tannehill for a decent receiver.

If backup qb battle between Tannehill/Moore is even close, Moore's most likely on the trading block. If Moore is decisively better we're "forced" to carry 3 qb's on the 53 man roster.

Moore must beat out Garrard as starter or decisively win the backup qb battle against Tannehill to remain a Dolphin. Sad thing is, Matt Moore could probably be the starting qb for at least one of the bottom 10 teams in the league.

I believe the area of competition Garrard is really distancing himself from Matt Moore is "deep touch". Moore strruggled with the deepball touch in 2011 and thus far in the offseason camps now.

Moore also struggles a bit with consistency. Same as in 2011 regular season. Negro haters, suck a dick, David Garrard's starting black dick. LOL

Confucius has always been a very wise man.

Moore is starting. GET A CLUE!

Hey, YG/DB et al, how you doing?


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