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The Dolphins weigh progress-stopper vs. production

The Dolphins have a term that they refer to when deciding whether to add a veteran player or not -- "progress stopper."

I heard that term Sunday when talking to team decision-makers about their wide receiver corps. As I write in my column about Miami's receivers the team is weighing whether to add Braylon Edwards to the unit.

Part of the decision-making is outlined in the column. But part of the decision making process has to do whether Edwards, 29, might be a progress stopper for younger players such as Roberto Wallace, Julius Pruitt, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore, B.J. Cunningham and Jeff Fuller.

The fact is the Dolphins know Edwards is probably better than all those players today. He's more ready to contribute now. And that is not to be sneered at because the Dolphins do want to win this season. The question is will those young players improve fast enough to cause the Dolphins to stand fast with them and let their progress continue rather than going with a more established player.


I brought up the name Legedu Naanee. He's 28 years old and will be 29 in September. To me, the question of adding Edwards doesn't mean stopping the progress of a young receiver, it means ending the Miami career of Naanee because Edwards would be replacing him on the roster.

A Miami personnel man nodded in agreement when I presented that scenario.

And it is a scenario not presented lightly. Right now Naanee is getting starting receiver reps. He's doing well, really. But he is at his best a 30-catch player. If the Dolphins replaced him with Edwards and get the best there, they've got a 50-to-60 catch player. They have a deep threat. They have a TD threat.

So if you see Miami sign Edwards in the next couple of weeks as is being considered, watch to see how it affects Naanee.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back around noon for the post-practice and post interview update. I was pulling double-duty during the weekend -- writined posts and my column -- so the posts here were not as detailed as I would like. Today I don't have to write a column, so you'll get more play-by-play from practice. Look for it]

[TWITTER NOTE: If you want real-time updates, including an occasional picture or video, follow me on twitter -- that's @armandosalguero -- for instant reaction to what is happening at camp and around other sports.]

{EARLY UPDATE: Brian Hartline (calf) is missing practice again today ... Chris Clemons (knee) has returned to practice today ... Eric Steinbach, who has played all of the 124 games he's started in the NFL at LG, is working at RG today with the second unit.]


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FYI to management, we don't need Braylon!!!! Give these younger guys a chance!! The Jets would pay him and the 49ers dumped his ass. Enough said.

Armando, Wallace, Pruitt and Marlon Moore have been around for a while and if they have not broken into the rotaion it's for a good reason. Creating seperation is part of the Westcoast offense skill set for a receiver. Please Cunningham is a stretch just like Patrick Turner as an NFL receiver. Gates I can understand because he did not get enough playing time and has tremendous speed. In my opinion the only hesitation to signing Edwards is finding out if Mike Wallace from the Steelers is available. The Dolphins should go after him with a first round pick. They will be going WR in the first round next draft anyway. Armando Naanee has a body of work that is marginal at best. You can not weigh the cost of average receivers possibly developing!

Omar retweeted:

“RT @ServantOnIce: She ain’t nothing special, give me someone with some pigmentation and curves any day» 2nded.”
Let me translate that for you: “Slim white girls are ugly.” I was wondering how long it would take before that comment showed up, after Tannenhill was signed and they dared to mention his attractive wife. Took about 1 hour, was all.
Can you imagine what would happen if a reporter said a member of the Miami Heat’s wife was unattractive because she’s too black and has too big of a rear end? He’d be fired.

There is a reason why Edwards is not still with the Browns, Jets...

And there's a reason why Marshall is not a Dolphin today.

AND there's a reason why the receiving corps has been untested for the past few years.

And there's a reason Sparano is doing the Wild Cat in New York and Parcells is at ESPN.

A progress stopper? Those young WRs, Wallace, Pruitt, Moore have had three yrs to progress and havent got it done yet. Why not Braylon, cant be any worse then any of the WRs on the roster now. And "good post" to ajdczar,,,

edwards has been available this whole time. Why did they even sign naanee if they wanted to sign edwards. Edwards is not a 50-60 catch player. He'll be in IR after the first game

Well tannehil. Is in a great situation coming from college! The system is here that he is familiar with I mean if this Kidd Tannehill fails I would think that it will be JI last days
In Miami!!! At least 70%. Of the all pro analyst sports writers sports talk show host
Say that at #8 spot is a reach! So for the PHINS sake and JI GM career. Let's hope Tannehill starts and show that he has what it takes to be a NFL caliber QB!! Let's sign
Edwards already!!

Tannehill had better receivers on his college team!

Garrard and Ochocinco are progress stoppers. They are no part of the rebuild. And clearly, Ireland is the biggest progress stopper.

We need to sign whoever it takes.... You have to have progress for it to be stopped!!

Ireland has this team going backwards for 4 years now. Ross does nothing about it.

The Dolphins threw in the towel on this season when they traded Brandon Marshall.

Look guys I'm a JI basher!! But I giving him at least this year to see if the PHINS improve and Tannehill has the it factor! So let's give it one more year, I know one more year too many!!

Braylon Edwards? Didnt the Jets cut him 5 years ago? WTF?

Ok no backup plan on sign a receiver with the same talents as Marshall!!! It just don't make sense trading a all pro receiver and not sign someone just as good or up and coming receiver!!

My bad JI not having a backup plan, when he traded Marshall! And then not signing a receiver as good or up and coming player!!

That makes sense mando. Naanee and Hartline are on the bubble. rather watch the unproven give it a try. Wallace, Moore, Pruitt, and Gates

Hartline has matt Roth written all over him. Remember how that ended.

If Mando is right, the fins are done with the Jerry experiment. Why get another veteran to stop Jerry's progress? Unless, coach knows he ain't going to cut it

I'm not a doctor but I play one on tv. Armando we will not sign Edwards and their is a reason he is on the open market...he stinks! Edwards might be the only guy who dropped more td passes than B.Marshal in the last few seasons. Who's got Naane...Legedu!


It's just another bust and JI fail draft pick! Oh no I forgot. Sparano picked Jerry!

That's right and Harline! JI just stating drafting players!! That's what most of the guys here say!! Or JI apologist say!! JI hasn't don't anything wrong!!

I think it's only progress stopping if it's limiting the reps of a high end talent for the sake of one or two year stop gap. However, those guys mentioned are all undrafted free agents, 6th or 7th round picks. If Edwards shows that he can be productive and healthy enough to be in your top 5 then he should be signed.

I've seen Naane play in Carolina, and trust me the Dolphins need to sign Braylon Edwards. Especially with Hartline being side lined. Johnson,Edwards,Bess,Wallace,Pruitt,and Clyde Gates if he can learn to hold onto the ball. This combination is a versatile combination of size,speed, and experience. All the young guys are strong special teamers. I beleive this could be a very respectable group of receivers. Stash Fuller on the practice squad to develope and when Johnson or Edwards departs he can step right up.

Progress stopper?! Even with Braylon Edwards problems he'll automatically be the best WR on the team if he's signed. Hartline is a scrub who gets injured on the first day of practice, Bess is a slot WR at best, I wont even mention the other scrubs who had 3 years to make an impact and have done nothing, Wallace, Moore, Pruitt. Sign the trouble maker already, just cut him if he get in some sort of off field problem. Whats the big deal?

Hartline is another Ireland bust. His being sidelined probably HELPS.

Clue, got to agree with you there. The team does have some strong units but WR is one spot they have to take some chances on. Especially if it's low risk, high upside chances. Chad Johnson was a good risk, Braylon would be another if his health checks out.

Edwards, Johnson, Bess, Hartline look pretty good to me. You figure Edwards and Johnson could just stretch the field and create seperation for Bess and Hartline. All you really need Edwards for is to put speed on the other side.

I would sign him and work it all out through cuts. Hartline better pick it up because it looks like he is on the bubble. Go Bucks!!

Someone said we are going to be picking a receiver with our first next year. Bet it will be a RB, safety, or QB.

Go Dolphins!!

Edwards, Johnson, Bess, Hartline look pretty good to me. You figure Edwards and Johnson could just stretch the field and create seperation for Bess and Hartline. All you really need Edwards for is to put speed on the other side.

I would sign him and work it all out through cuts. Hartline better pick it up because it looks like he is on the bubble. Go Bucks!!

Someone said we are going to be picking a receiver with our first next year. Bet it will be a RB, safety, or QB.

Go Dolphins!!

They should let lebron decide? Like in Cleveland

Jerry was a TS pick.

I'm not A Ireland supporter. Dashi just calls it like he sees it. Jeff has been responsible the last 2 years. First year he was still using some of the parcells blueprint(Bigger & Stronger). Last year he said he was going to add speed into the equation, he did.

U have to remember the GM works with the coach trying to find the best players for the "Coaches" System. Not the other way around.

Now Jeff is OK not great, But he's not as bad as some of the haters might have u believe.

I understand the Hate for Parcells and Tony, but JI should be judged from now on. He hired the Coach and the QB.


Not too sure why the team wouldn't do this. If Edwards turns out to be a good player at the expense of Naanee, then so be it. The idea should be to put the best talent on the field. Myself, I wonder about the long term future of guys like Gates and Hartline. I just don't see it working out here for Gates. Speed is great but there's more to playing WR than just that. I don't think this guy has what it takes to make it in the pro game, even as a returner.

Agreed Craig, our CFL boy Thigpen would be a way better return man than Gates because of his elusiveness and vision. Gates is just straight ahead speed. Sometimes guys like him develop into NFL receivers (i.e. Mike Wallace), but sometimes they don't. That's part of the game. I don't blame Ireland for using a 4th round pick on the guy. It was worth the gamble (to take a guy with blinding speed) but the GM can only do so much. The player has to take responsibility for his own development at some point. A season with one catch for 10 yards and not pushing the guys ahead of him when they aren't the best corps of receivers is on the player.

Mark, A 4th round pick is not a pick to be wasted on a small school fast guy who couldnt catch a cold

Hey did phins fans hear about the unique way the Coach Philbin has been running practices. Check it out on phinsnews.com, and comment on what you think about it!

That's a very tough call. If it was any other position, I'd say, wait until final Team cuts and grab somebody; but not WR, specially with a newly installed offensive scheme that not even the QB's know it fully well up to now and that requires precise timing between WR and QB."progress stoppers" are besides the point, if Braylon fits this O scheme better than the recievers we have, grab him, now.

I'm not gonna follow you on Twitter, man, or anywhere else for that matter. Nevernore.

Does D Thomas count as 3 Ireland busts?

The thinking might be the guys here already know the plays and the tempo, It might be hard bringing Edwards up to speed. Wallace has the size and potential of a Edwards/Marsha types. So it could be either him or Naanee? Hartline might not Know it but he's battling Chad for a Spot. I still believe Gates is borderline because he was pick. It might hurt the little cap we have releasing gates, Instead of every other Wr under contract.

5 most likely to make the team

Wallace (The One on The Team)
Moore or Pruitt- Special Teams might decide

I don't see the Phins carrying more than 5. Some Te/Rb's can play Wr. Bush, Miller, Thomas, Clay, Egnew.


Great to have you back blogging your info again. I find this whole Hartline deal funny from the start... leg injury yet he posts wakeboarding pics on his twitter account. Which I may add stopped once posters other than myself kept bringing it up, and finally a reporter asked about it.

Keep bringing it!

Oh and I am not alone in my following statement "I do hate Sid!"

a fourth round pick is far from a franchise crippling gamble. Come on people ... a fourth round pick ... really???

Here is some stats on 4th rounders.

There have been 7 All-Pros and 14 guys named to the Pro-Bowl

Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 44 of them have started for 3 seasons or more. (9%)
Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 20 of them have started for 5 seasons or more. (4%)
Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 2 of them have started for 7 seasons or more. (<1%)

source - http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=64&f=1867&t=8928151

Can we stop acting like using a 4th round pick on a guy with a very unique skill set (speed) was a bad decision. At best 1 out of every 10 4th round picks make any kind of significant contribution.

off topic. like a lot of dolphins fans i read 3 papers. herald, pbpost, and sentinel online because i don't live in florida. what's the deal with the sentinel now charging for online access?? it's not an outrageous amount $3.99 for 5 weeks but still!! don't they get money from advertisers based on hits?? well, they just lost a bunch of hits from me and i doubt i'll be alone in that. sucks because of the 3 papers they were the busiest as far as posting dolphins stuff. sure, plenty of fluff stuff but when the alternative is zero to read i'll take some fluff. but i will be removing my bookmark. i don't wanna give them an inadvertent hit when i can't actually read the story!!! just pain dumb!!!!!!

jaison, I agree

Boycott, boycott, boycott, ireland has to go thats all you ever hear what is wrong with you people this franchise has been a mess for pretty much the last two decades and hasn't won a super bowl in forever but Ireland has destroyed the franchise in the last four years, yeah ok hahaha you people are too funny

They will never be able to get the putrid stink of the Jets and Rex Ryans penis off of him.
Progress stopper is right. The smell alone will stop any kind of progress. NJ, Parcell, Jet type stink!

ya'll don't think that edwards getting his axx kicked in by 3 other teams would finally straighten his punk axx out.??.
oh, it didn't work for moss and owens so scratch that.
and cj is on the roster now at wr so lets see.lol


13.yes,the o qb must snap the ball at :24 ,unlike what hennehill used to do at :45.if u can't get the play off at:24. u aint playn' qb.

last seasons roster has zero chit 2 do with this years coaching staff. ain't nobody is safe.

"Does D Thomas count as 3 Ireland busts?"

That depends, has D. Thomas officially busted out after only playing in one season with no ota's and 2 weeks of training camp?

And do players usually get rated as busts after only one season in the league? If so there are going to be A LOT of disappointed GMS in the league.

lol @boycott the fins. I don't think anyone is listening. You've been doing this here for months yet people are still coming in and talking about the phins. And ticket sales haven't stopped yet. You need a different and bigger audience to get the word out. You're preaching to like 12 hardcore fans that wouldn't boycott the phins if you paid us. Wrong crowd bud.

yeah,hennehill is tearing it up,
as long as the jets,putz's,bills,etc. play the second teamers. hennehill will tear it up.

78,there was hardly any1 out at tc this am.
unlike all the other tc's of yore.
time change?

Jaison are you actually getting locked out of stories at the sentinel? I keep reading this from different people but I have never once been locked out of a Dolphins story there. Not once have they asked me for money. Does anyone know what's going on?

Those D-backs of ours seem to be very active.

Hate to tell you guys but the Ireland boycott is working. Ticket sales are at a 44 year low.

That's why i don't see them releasing Gates. He was drafted last year, he deserves at least this year to prove himself. Now Hartline is a 4th rd pick that has run it's course. It's going to be more expensive to keep BH. Maybe Jeff got the offset language right? That probably would've helped right now.

Hartline is still on the team cause he has no offset language on his contract.

I don't know 2 watt. Definitely a little something to do with the early practice and the fact that it's Monday.

But every time there's a coaching change ticket sales and training camp attendance slow until people find out what is going on. Unless it's a big name like Saban or Johnson.

If practice goes well, training camp attendance will pick up. If they do well or do something, anything of significance in preseason tickets will sky rocket.

Fans aren't going to stop going to games because Ireland drafted some players they don't agree with. They stop going because the team is losing, and the season hasn't started yet. All imo.

78 the ss has a pay wall now. something about the computer cookies. i too don't have an issue with them. i can post proxys up so u can by pass it.

omar wants u to give him $$$ for his stellar bs.lol
mando is the bomb.lol

omar hates skinny white chics and is in luv w/ garrard. wonder why?.



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