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Vacation over ... time to get to work

Vacation time has come and gone. The Dolphins begin training camp practices Friday and so it's worky worky time again for me until next May or so.

I'll get right into it later today by posting a breakdown of the Dolphins strengths and weaknesses. I've been reading that Miami's wide receivers expect big things this season. Chad Johnson (he's back to using his real name) is saying he's getting to the Pro Bowl this season while others such as Brian Hartline are saying the Miami WR corps is the best in years.

Ooookaaay. Maybe that turns out to be true.

But I don't think I'll believe until I see it.

Truth is Johnson, 34, has been on the decline the last two seasons and would need to reverse course to return to Pro Bowl status. Most players don't get better at age 34.

And Hartline needs to finally find some consistency and the trust of his quarterbacks as last year he had fewer catches in 16 games than he did while playing only 12 games in 2010. I'm not saying he needs to be the go-to guy because he couldn't be that with Brandon Marshall on the team, but this is Year Four for him and he's 25 years old now. Time to show for real. (It would be nice if he's healthy, which he was not for part of the offseason, missing some time with an unspecified leg issue and now recovering from an appendectomy.)

The Dolphins do have definite strengths. And I'll share those with you later today in a new post. (Yeah, we're back to posting multiple times per day.)

One thing: Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Miami's first-round pick, continues to be unsigned. There was reportedly a snag relating to "offset language," which would protect the team should Tannehill be released during his initial four-year rookie deal. Progress in negotiations has been slow so far because of that stumbling block but should pick up in the coming hours. I expect, barring an unexpected road block, he'll be signed by the weekend.

[Update: A source just texted me the contract "should get done soon."]

[Update 2: Third-round selection Olivier Vernon is also close to agreeing to his rookie deal, according to a source. This one should be done by the time the club practices Friday.] 

In the meantime, let me share with you about my vacation: I did a lot of chores around the house. And I spent quite a bit of time doing this:


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ohhh yeah!!!!

Welcome back :) No rush to sign Tannehill, he shouldnt play this year anyway.

Oh Goodie!

The hotties will have to be on standby!


Welcome ba Armando. You have been missed.

Roll on the 'Phins this season :-)

Im back guys, Im sure the blog will return the regulars as we get closer to training camp.

Nice Boat Armando!!! Welcome back!!

Welcome back...look forward to reading your posts again!

Welcome back Armando!!! Let's get this ball rolling!!

Finally!!! You were missed. By the way, 640 is no longer on my presets. Haven't listened one second since you left. They sucked before you and they suck again.

Nice ti see you are back Mando!!

Welcome Back Armando

Hope ur well rested and ready for Home ;)

welcome back mando, miss you on the radio !

cant wait for this season to get started

Welcome back Armando! A three month vacation!! Who has it better than you??


Tannehill was just a total reach and complte waste of the 8th pick of the 2012 Draft

For the love of God, man

At least pick impact players that can WIN football games

Miami should have signed Tebow back to Florida in Free Agency
A proven NFL winner against AFC teams at his very first try on taking over a dismal losing Denver team w below avg WRs and RBs

Matt Moore to start and now 255 lb superior athlete,
#1 Red Zone scoring QB in the 2011 NFL, Tebow as back up
not Krohns disease and herniated disk 35 by the SB David Garrard who was 6th choice for only one Pro Bowl

Instead of the reach for a bench warmer non contributing QB the Dolphins could have stacked the deck and got a huge impact player that hits harder
(according to NFL network) than DE Dwight Freeney

the pick the Dolphins could have had is a decade long future Pro Bowler
that went to Carolina after the Dolphins picked a bust player that is known for throwing 3 INTs every big game

All-American linebacker and Butkus and Bronko Nagurski Award winner, Luke Kuechly, was the ninth overall selection.
LB Luke led the nation in tackles 2 yrs in a row as a sophomore &junior at Boston college

Luke had 191 tackles last year and 101 solo tackles!

Stack the deck w
Burnett & Dansby & Kuechly


Instead Jeff drafted a lightweight that prob does not even deserve to make the 53, a "Kaddu"


Dolphins would have had the best LB Trio in the NFL

instead we have a noncontributing TannyPUKE


Vacation? You were paid the whole time you were gone? I'd call it a leave of abscence.......but welcome back nonetheless.


Boat trip video was lame. No fish, No babes in thong bikinis

Home did like the radar though, very good graphics of Florida, Bahamas and the isles :)

Armando welcome back! How was your training on becoming a better beat writer went?? HAHAHAHA just kidding! So on tanney, on my opinion and I don't know crap about QB talent but I've been watching football for 40 years. And I seen great QB as rookies And you can tell if the player has talent or the it factor! Now on the contract for tanney, JI is covering his a s s sets. Because of the talent potential of tanney or minicamp didn't show enough to warrant a better contract? I just hope and pray JI finally picked a QB that can play in this league and not a Pat White all over again!
We will see, I don't like JI but I will give him a pass on this year team, let's hope for the best guys let's hope!!

LB Luke at 21 is 9 yrs younger than 30 yr old
Karlos Dansby and just signed a contract, ...
a lil more than 12 million over 4 years

Karlos Dansby makes 12 million this year for one yr of play

LB Luke leading the entire country in tackles the last two years would have been an excellent addition to the Miami Dolphins

Luke is also good in pass coverage :)

On another note JI picks a QB that only played what less than 16 games in college? I might have my numbers wrong but he played in a division that is ok not a Grest division as far as competition is concern! I hope he is the real deal for our dolphins future.... If not. Well thats going to set as back a few more years and we have to deal with mediocrity!!

Looks like you had a great vacation.

We are going to be great this year. I can feel it in my bones. That is this blog of course. We will see about the team. I am hoping for big things from the Phins.

NostaHomeUs predicts:

5-11 and last in the AFC EAST

Go Phins!

Guess Tebow throwing and running over the Miami Dolphins in their own stadium and setting an NFL record
Scoring an NFL record amount of points and a WIN w less than 3 minutes left in the game went unnoticed or forgotten by too many jaded Dolfans

A lot of the dummies are still crowing Tebow is no good


Home it makes no sense to dwell on the past. We didnt get Luke so move on dude jeez. Tanny will prob be a miss just like 90% of Ireland picks.

8-8 at best because new offense new terminology new defense, so guys it's mediocrity this year.

Welcome back Armando. It's nice to know you enjoyed your vacation. With a boat like that, it will be hard to believe you the next time you tell us your being placed on furlough. Anyhow, can't wait to talk DOLPHINS!

Tim Tebow has beefed up to 255 lbs and is playing w Sparano, Bell and Pat Turner who easily scored a 10 YD TD over our best CB Davis

not sure why Dolfans think they are better than any AFC east team?

Would much rather have had Tebow in FA than Tannypuke the bust QB

Do u really think Tannypuke will match Tebow's numbers as a starter or be the best red zone QB in the NFL?

We could have had Tebow and then got a real 1st round pick like LB Luke Kuechly (Carolina)or DE/DT Fletcher Cox (Eagles)


Home of the herald...let's give it this year to see if JI draft picks even contribute this year! Anyways how that WR Gates panning out! How about RB Thomas! If JI had so much confidence in those two great picks why does he has so many WR and RB in camp! Hmmm, just wondering!

Less speculating and more reporting this season please!

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in training camp battles soon.

I wish I had a Vacation that long...Welcome back Mando..

Oh yea, Mando is back. Which means trolls should be out soon too.

So far Thomas IHO
worked out well despite some fumbling issues and hamstring injury issues
had a lot of hope for lil Clyde Gates but so far nothing and now he will have to shine to even make the team

last season Gates came close to breaking free for a score or two on ST

Problem is
This yr Ireland will NOT have even one of his draft picks make the Pro Bowl after his entire tenure of picking players for the Dolphins

Jake Long is not the same due to 3 dif injuries
and even an, "Ireland" can pick the very first player in the draft and have him get to past Pro Bowls

Ireland drafted 2 WRs this year

Neither one will make the 53


Great to have you back Mando !!

Fasano, Clay and an "Egnew"

Those are the only TEs would should keep despite the WCO which stacks as many as 5 TEs on the 53

TE Massengil & TE Yeastman are douches

remember the football bouncing off their face masks instead of catching it last season or
sliding and going low (to avoid being hit) and watching the ball be intercepted

Think we should only keep 3 TEs and MORE WRs!

Exactly... How can you evaluate all those RB and WR I would think more reps makes you improve right!!! Can't wait to the first preseason game! Go PHINS

Glad Armando is back, but the comment sections of his blogs are the butthole of the Dolphins fanbase. Cue the trolls.

The WR's are the worst in the league.

3 picks for D Thomas was insane.

Have to agree w

3 picks for D Thomas was insane.

Posted by: Zeek | July 25, 2012 at 11:49 AM

The Dolphins are on the hamster wheel forever going nowhere.

In all fairness

Ireland earns a "D" in the 2012 Draft

Prob the worst in the NFL


everyone is always confident this time of year. but i do believe ireland screwed up yet again by not signing matt flynn when he had the chance. why bother bringing him in if later you say you didnt want him? i know flynn wanted to be here and philbin wanted him. we got cheap,lost out then proceded to waste a round 1 pick on a rookie qb who will sit. we really lost out on getting more first round help if we just sign flynn. that way we get 2 players instead of 1!

Matt Flynn fuckin sucks, he wasnt a 7th round draft pick for no reason, please I dont want to hear about not signing Flynn, unless you want another Fiedler or worst.

Hope you caught some good marlin!

Welcome back, Armando. Hope you are well rested and had a good break.

Looks like you've got the same negative Nellies on here from before. Some things never change. Looks like they didn't take a break. Good luck with them this year!

So good to have you back.

Welcome :)

philbin wanted flynn. he was suprised enough when we passed that he told reporters to "ask Ireland" why we didnt sign him. flynn was low balled and fled to seattle. flynn knows the system and he worked with philbin for 3 years in gbay. tannehill is that much better u say? and we lose our 1st round pick?

Im not sold on Tannehill either, word around mini camp is he didnt look good and he supposley knows Mike Sherman offense from A&M. He'll start sometime this year whn were 4 and 8 or whatever lousy record we'll end up with so I guess we'll se what we have in him then. But Flynn wanted a lot of money, Why the F would you pay an unknown comadity that much with a total of 3 starts or whatever low number it was.

Mando Ridin' around jus' gettin' it, haha. Welcome Back!

clue, flynn didnt get alot of money. he got the going rate. philbin worked with him for 3 years and invited him to miami. we low balled him and he had a deal done in seattle within 12 hours. seattle was shocked we didnt sign them;it was reported up there that they had little chance of getting him because of his relationship with philbin. my point was that if we had signed the FA,we would still have our 1st round pick! do you realize what that is worth?

Ross was too cheap to pay Flynn fairly.

Welcome back Armando! Leave it to Fireland to undermine the confidence of the Dolphins first round pick by wrangling over the contract language regarding whether or not he'll still be in the league after two years. Especially since they've done everything possible to suggest Tannehill won't play in his first year. Putting all the pressure in the world on him to be really good his first year of starting (his second in the league). Unbelievable.
1. Why doesn't Fireland have similar language in his contract?
2. If Tannehill isn't here in 2014 what makes Fireland think he'll be around to deal with the QB situation anyway?

If Philbin really wanted him, I just cant see why Philbin wouldnt vouch for him to Ireland. I have a hard time believing Philbin thought he was a sure fire cant miss FA. Yes did you forget Ireland is drafting the players, not exactly a great thing

Mondo it sure did not take long for your negetive vibes and your didbelief to show it rotten head. while you were gone a positive vibe hung around this team please dont spoil it for all of us. And who takes three months vacation anyway?

AAHHH... good to have you back Mando, though it was a good oppurtunity to check out Jackson's buzz blog, especially during the Heat's championship run.


I wonder how long it will be before a middle aged hippy with ailing liver and bad back makes his return?, I'll say around 5:30 today when he wakes up with yet another massive hang-over.
Ohh yeah, Welcome back Armando.

Why all this nagativity over the Tannehill pick? I have no conviction one way or the other that he will pan out. However, I still think it was the right one. In the next couple of years, while we put Tannehill on the job trianing, the Dolphins will stink and we will get the chance to draft the WR or LB du jour that Home will be wetting his jeans over. And if he doesn't turn out - then you draft another in a few years.

Luke Kuechly or any LB or WR will not turn this team around - but the QB might. Taking Keuchly would've been the same as taking Long over Ryan all over again and we all know how that turned out ...

Here we go again with this BS of sitting HenneHill for a couple of seasons then "slowly" grooming him to be a starter, Tats BS rarely works, didnt Marino start right away , what about Cam Newton, so did Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers is a rare case of a player sitting a couple of years, plus he wasnt taking Farve spot anyways. As Parcells said if the dog doesnt bite as a pup the dog will never bite, Make Tannehill the starter, throw him in the fire and see what happens

Roethliesberger wasn't a day one starter either. Guess he should've got the boot. And Eli stunk his first few years ... yep, he's worthless.

Phillip Rivers sat too. Junk!

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