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What's happening at Dolphins camp: Monday edition

Let's start with the newsy stuff first:

INJURIES: Receiver Brian Hartline (calf) sat out the third day of practice while receiver Clyde Gates stopped practicing midway through today's drills because of  unknown reasons a hamstring injury. Rookie safety Kelcie McCray also left practice early with an unknown injury. He was limping. [Update: McCray was not present for today's afternoon walk-thru.] Defensive end Olivier Vernon skipped a couple of drills after tweaking his ankle but jumped right back in after about five minutes and didn't seem worse for wear.

Safety Chris Clemons (knee) returned to practice today but not to the starting safety job he held before his injury. Jimmy Wilson and Reshad Jones worked as the starting safeties today.

Clemons getting back is obviously good. The fact the Dolphins were down two receivers in practice today was not good.

QUARTERBACKS: You read here on on my twitter feed yesterday that rookie Ryan Tannehill was impressive in his first day with the team since signing a contract. Coach Joe Philbin quantified how impressive, estimated that Tannehill took 53 competive passing snaps and completed approximately 40 passes on those.

Today seemed a little different. Tannehill was trying to hit longer passes while working with the second and third unit and so I'd estimate his completion percentage fell a bit. That doesn't mean he was off. He connected on a perfect nine-route to Marlon Moore that was right in the receiver's hands 40 yards downfield along the sideline. He also had a TD pass to Roberto Wallace late in practice during red zone drills.

David Garrard took most of the first-team snaps today and was also sharp early. He connected with Legadu Naanee for a TD in the back corner of the end zone. he also connected with Davone Bess for a big third-down completion for a first down in red zone work.

Matt Moore was also good. He connected on a deep pass to Chad Johnson in one-on-one work. Moore did have an awkward moment when he was blitzed and had the ball stripped from his grasp for a fumble.

None of the top three quarterbacks threw an interception today.

LINE UPDATE: The offensive line is a work in progress. I saw too many unblocked blitzers today -- at least three of them. Although at least one of those came when the team was in an empty backfield and you can't account for everyone, I saw this happen with blockers in the backfield as well. Coach Joe Philbin said the line is still trying to find some chemistry, understandable considering the entire right side is new. 

By the way, watched RT Jonathan Martin today. He wins some, loses some versus defensive end Cameron Wake but he is definitely not overmatched. He's learning a new position after playing mostly at left tackle in college, but he's handling the move to the right side quite well. Is he great? No, not right now. Will he be better than a certain swinging gate RT from last season? I think so.

PLAY BY PLAY: The Dolphins did a lot of redzone (20-yard line in) work today. Some of the action:

First team with David Garrard ...

1st and 10: Daniel Thomas with a 2-yard loss, tackle by Paul Soliai.

Second and 10: David Garrard incomplete.

Third-and-10: Garrard completes a 10-yard pass to Davone Bess.

First-and-10 from the 10: Garrard keeper for a TD.

First team with Matt Moore ...

First and 10: Moore incomplete.

Second and 10: Moore incomplete.

Third and 10: Reggie Bush gains 2.

First and 10: Jared Odrick with a strip sack of Moore.

Second and 10: Legadu Naanee offsides.

Third and 10: Moore completes a 5-yard pass to Naanee.

Fourth down: Moore completes a slant pass to Naanee for seven yards.

SPECIAL TEAMS NOTES: Lamar Miller, Clyde Gates, Steve Slaton, Rishard Matthews, and Quinten Lawrence are getting reps as the kickoff returners. Miller is taking the first-team reps ... On that kick return team, Julius Pruitt is working as an up-back with the first team. That's good news for Pruitt because it suggests he's currently in the team's plans for the 53-man squad. Obviously that is not set in stone.

MISSTEPS: Reggie Bush had a fumble today ... Naanee had an offsides ... Lydon Murtha had a false start.  

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said he likes the competition for jobs at defensive line. Obviously Jared Odrick, Olivier Vernon and Jamaal Westerman are competing for playing time in passing situations as a rusher ...

Coyle said the player that has to make the biggest adjustment of any defender from last year's 3-4 to this year's 4-3 is Koa Misi. Coach Joe Philbin said the reason for that is Misi won't be on the line of scrimmage nearly as much this year.

“Well primarily he was an on-the-line of scrimmage player, so now certainly there’s packages where he will be an on the line of scrimmage player, but we were playing off the line of scrimmage and that’s a little bit of a different animal, so that’s probably the biggest adjustment number one," Philbin said. "Sometimes the pass coverage is a little different when you’re on the line the scrimmage rather than off as well. When you’re on the line of scrimmage more, I’m not going to say 90%, but you’re usually going against the tackle or tight end. Now, off the line, you certainly could be going against those players but you might be going against running backs etc…now you might be taught to leverage the ball or spill the ball and those types of different things, so those might be some of the things that he (Kevin Coyle) is referring to.”

... As mentioned above, Roberto Wallace caught a TD pass from Ryan Tannehill late in practice.

Heeeere's Roberto Wallace:


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This is a really bad team lol

Good stuff

thanks mando. Keep the play by play coming. I wish we could get more of that.

Is it basketball season yet?


Hope Martin's better than Colombo. If not we're in for a long, long Season.

And Dink why would you say that. Btw you are what your name says you are, very appropriate.

good stuff, thanks Mando.

DC, pee wee herman would be better than Columbo, no fear there...

When was the last time we read a report that said very good things about all three QBs in practice? Probably not since 2008 when one Chad was starting and the other looked like a promising rookie.

michael, This IS a bad team. Have you been living under a rock 8 of the last 10 years? What have you seen in recent years to tell you they aren't bad? Stop being a blind fanboy! Truth is needed here, not optimism & blind faith.

Why are some of you fickle fanboys afraid to speak, read or accept the truth about your team? This team has been BAD for 3 years running. And more so, 8 of the last 10.

Unless of course, you've liked or been impressed by what you've seen the last few years. Then I'd recommend you go for an eye wellness & mental health check.

This is a 6-10 team minus their best player(Marshall) and probably their best coach(Nolan). Pretty much every news source has the Dolphins rated as the least talented team in the league. Ireland cant find any talent and Ross is too cheap to pay for talent. Add another rookie coach and the outlook for the foreseeable future is very bleak. These scrubs cant compete with the Pats or the Jets. Take off your rose colored glasses and put down the kool aid.

Lighten up Michael. Being negative and saying people need mental health checks (simply because they see things differently than you) reflects more on you than on them. I agree that there is a lot of room for improvement for the Dolphins. But I do see many bright spots, and I think they should be improved over last year.

Lets hope that Tannehill looks good when the preseason games start. Of the three he is the only one that has the ability to be a franchise QB. Garrard and Moore are competant but will not carry a team, Tannehill could be that guy. That being said it still is only day 2 of the Tannehill era and in his first traning camp Henne was impressive as well, so we all need to take a deep breath here. I have my fingers and toes crossed that he will be a stud but until he does it against a real defense during the regular season he is not there yet.

Why do people keep saying Ross is too cheap? Just trying to see what that is based on. If its because there arent any high name players on the team then thats credited to the personel department. From what I have seen he has paid players when asked. Not taking up for him just saying that Im tired of hearing people say that when theres nothing to back it up.

Have been watching the Inside Traning camp on NFLN and they have shown the Jests a few times and their Qb's are horrible. They (both Teblow and Sanchise) overthrow receivers when they are throwing against air. The commentator asked Sanchez to describe the difference between Sparano's offense and Shottenheimers and he basically would not say anything good or bad about either. He gave the standard canned answers about everyone trying hard, blah, blah, blah. Then again unless he is the field goal kicker he will not like Sparano.

The guy that misses Sparano most on the Dolphins is Dan Carpenter.

Also, Brandon Marshall was a big time name and a good player but did you watch any games last year? He had multiple drops around 14%. He dropped numerous TD catches that his him in the hands uncontested. Yes he was a talent but not enough to put up with his off the field quirps.


Team really taking on a different from previous seasons.


Garrard seems to be eons better operating in the redzone than any fin qb since Chad Pennington. Just read the script. Moore still inconsistent in redzone, kind of reminiscent of Henne.

Also appears after cohesion we'll have our best oline since 2008. Too bad injury proness ruined that. Martin seems to be progressing nicely.


2nd day in row the defense seems to be getting really good pressure on the offense. Yes the d is supposed to be ahead of the o at this point in camp. It would be a huge concern if they werent.

Also appears instead of being used as a pass rusher, Kevin Coyle's experimenting with dropping Misi in coverage. I dont suspect he'll be used in man coverage, but with his high motor, he may become a valuable assett in zone drop lb coverage. Hope that works out for the kid.

if you look really really hard at the roster we have a crap load of talent, we just did not have the correct coaching staff in place in mean last year we had coaches that never coached that position before come on a wr coach coaching the qbs a dline coach coaching wr or something wierd like that, we had no off season etc. now we can get a football guy with knowlage and a coaching staff that accually coached there positions before, a full off season,and a reggie bush that had a 1000 yard year and no more BUM (brandon underachieving marshell) and his loud mouth bring the team down, i feel that this team will prove all you non believers wrong and when they do PLEASE GOTO THE jets or buffalo or ne PAGES AND CRY THERE BECUASE YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT TRUE DIE HARD DOLPHANS.

Lighten up Michael. Being negative and saying people need mental health checks (simply because they see things differently than you) reflects more on you than on them.

Posted by: Serge | July 30, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Really now! You don't say? LMAO

Cause I could have sworn Michael was making fun of dink(saying his name fits him) because dink sees things differently than Michael.

So, what do you have to say now? Why didn't you call Michael out for doing that?

Micahel gets all pissy when someone speaks the truth & starts the name calling & then you rush to judgement, ignore the chain of events to side with him for what? AGREEING WITH HIM.

Go figure, Huh?

B Marsh is an overratted punk WR who thinks he's better than what he truly is, which is a catch a ball here and there then drops 5 would be TD's for the season. Gates couldnt catch a cold if an AIDs patient sneeze in his face, let alone a ball.


Off the field antics from Marshall may have played a smaller part.

Marshall was a 100 catch a year wr. The problem with that $10 million a year for a wr who's high water mark for td's in season as a Dolphin was 6(2011). Thats an aweful lots of targeting one guy, not to mention paying $10 million a year, to only produce 6 or less td's a year.

Yes, in terms of catches per year thats great. But the guy isnt putting points on the scoreboard for you. A guy like that should be unstoppable in the redzone. But that's where his effectiveness virtually disappeared.

I know and that was my point. People are complaining that the Fins got rid of Brandon Marshall when he wasnt that great. A ton of drops in the endzone. My post was saying the same thing as yours. Maybe I didnt word it correctly


According to Marshall his effetiveness disapperaed because he didnt have a QB who could get him the ball in the red zone when in fact the truth is he had butterfingers or let me guess his BPA(mental retardation) cause him to drop TD's?

Wallace said the right things & seems to be ready to contribute. Because of his size & skill set I hope he is able to have a very productive season,

Damn! those injuries to WR's

That's it, man, that's it, keep them coming.

At this moment, nobody really knows if this a bad, mediocre or good Team.

Do not trust anything that Armando writes from Training Camp, specially play by plays. He can't see.

At this moment, nobody really knows if this a bad, mediocre or good Team.
Posted by: oscar canosa

You may not know. People that know football know the team stinks.

Da Beast got double teamed on almost every play and opened up the rest of the offense. We all saw what Marshall can do with real QB's which he never had in Miami. These receivers will never get open without him.

You might be right, KT, but there are rumors that LV will change the over/under to 8-8.

To 8+/-, sorry.

Moore's fumbling seems to go with the territory. The one last year against the Pats was a crusher.
He just seems to lose focus when pressured, and the ball gets away, sometimes with no contact from the defense.
Can't remember who, but there's another NFL QB who perennially leads the league in fumbles. Was it Cutler or Orton?

Never ask Omar or Armando if this Team is good or bad. They wouldn't know what to say. Ben Volin, less.

Las vegas cares about making money, not football.

It's amazing the fan base can be this ignorant.

No wonder why it's the laughing stock of the NFL.

Holy Christ, I bet they have made lot$ from you.

Oscar, your lame attempts at humor don't make up for your utterly supid comments.

But, feel free to continue to try. Just a hint though, you're not doing yourself any favors by continuing to post idiotic comments.

Do what you wish with the information just provided to you.

Oscar is almost as bad as odinstank, home, craig etc.

They miss you on ohio's blog. Please, go back.

At least a couple of Moore's fumbles were admittedly bad snaps by Pouncey. The QB gets the fumble stat on bad snaps.

double teamed or not, I watched 6 balls that hit Brandon in the hands, that would have been TD's, hit the turf. We saw what he could do with a real QB? as in the probowl? which they are trying to get rid of because the players are so lax and arent really trying? It doesnt matter if Tom Brady or I am QBing if he cant catch what hits him in the hands it doesnt matter who the QB is.

oscar, its a good thing you're not a betting man. You'd be stone broke!! lol

I see us winning 4 supper bowls.. One season

Its not fair to judge Marshall on his time with Henne. We didnt realize how good Wes Welker was either till he played with a real QB.

This is a really bad team lol

Posted by: Dink%

Miami is not a bad team. They have not been a bad team since 2007. Miami is a Middle of the road team and they're record proves that out.

In 08 Miami was 11-5... don't wanna hear about schedules because Miami plays whomever is in front of them, just like every team in the league. Since then Miami has been right up the middle.

St. Louis is a "bad Team" last year Buffalo was a "Bad Team"... The Cardinals last year were a "Bad Team"... Fact is, Miami is getting better, they have added quality draft picks in positions of need. They have addressed the long term QB situation and have the makings of a dominant D-Line and an O-line that has 2 first round pick, a second round pick and Dark Richie, they have also brought in enough talent for o=line competition to be solid. We'll have to see what the team does with the receivers they have or if they go to FA for one. The secondary has the talent and now experience along with a VERY good coach.

My bet is Miami goes 9-7... they were 11 points from being 10-6 last year... 11 lousy azzzz points... and with the exception of the opening game and the games against Philly, they were not blown out by anyone and where in nearly every game.

But hey.... if it makes you happy to say they're a bad team... Have at it.... They are nowhere NEAR as bad a team as you are a fan......

6-10 is NOT middle of the road. Get a clue.

See if Mashall had caught those 6 TD's (36 pts) then 10-6 the Fins were. SO you're saying Coalition Henne or Moore throwing to Marshall and hitting him in the hands, not him stretching or making a ridiculous catch, but hitting him in the hands, was because it wasn't Tom Brady or Drew Brees throwing him the ball? I wonder what Larry Fitzgeralds excuse or lack there of is....

And today's dumbest fan moment, brought to you by Old Spice,

"Truth is needed here (in the blog), not optimism".

Yes, people who are optimistic should be shot, there is no place for optimism in a fan blog, only negativity.

Derek, lemme get this str8.

Arizona 8-8 & they are a bad team.
Buffalo 6-10 & they're a bad team.

Miami is 6-10 & are middle of the road?


Try to make SOME sense. The gibberish you just posted is as inchorent & illogical as it sounds. No offense.

Being optimistic now is like being negative after a SB win. Its insane.

Nope, when people put their optimism over the overwhelming truth & proof then yes, turth is needed.

Fan boys need to wake up. This team has been bad for a decade, yet, some people think they're not.

That's delusional & it stems from the fact that they let their optimism trump reality. Find that rock you've been living under. You're probably comfortable living in the land of make believe.

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins | July 30, 2012 at 04:09 PM

This post is a fine example of wishful thinking. Had he used his mind, his post would look much different.

411 how great is it being smarter than everyone else? I can tell you are a lot like me and I know it feels great to be smarter than everybody. I used to think I was the smartest in here and would do the same thing. Condescend to people with whom I disagreed with, belittle them, call them names, you know, just being smart. But then you came along and now I can tell you are way smarter than me, you must be because only someone so smart can be such a complete tool. It takes one to know one and I used to be the biggest tool so I know you are now. Hopefully I can learn from you and become the biggest jerk I can possibly be and make you very proud.

411 I'm trying to learn from you but you're being to vague! Help me oh holy toolness. What optimism is being put before the "truth" you speak of? Are we chastising someone because they have hope the team will do better than last year? If so that's awesome. They should know there's no possible way the team might have improved right? They definitely got worse in our minds and because some people in an office say they will be bad it must be true because they are never wrong about these things. Like you said, bad for a decade so that's never going to change. What are these stupid posters thinking right? You're so cool and I'm learning so much, please continue.

Jack A., I think you're still the biggest tool. Don't sell yourself short. Just my 2 cents.

BTW, would your name happen to be Craig M? I mean when you thought you were the biggest tool?

And yes, you're right. I am smarter than you.

Are you done now? I sense 1 post is enough for your fragile mind.

Good day :)

If this team doesnt win 7-8 games something's truly wrong. Personally I think this team is good enough to win 10 games. But that will require both the players and the new hc(Philbin) being on absolute top of thier games.

No underachieving from the players and no Sparano-like gameday decision making by Philbin.

The 411.. You are prime example of mindless, faithless morons who CLAIM to be Dolphins fans. Is that the best your pathetic little mind can do.. Is turn into a CHILD and belittle people cause their opinion differs from yours? And you think just cause you say it..it's TRUE? I can't stand arrogant blowhards like you who spit absolute S**T from their mouths cause they have nothing better to do. And have absolutely no basis to back up what they say because all you wanna do is bully people into sharing your OPINION. You are not infallible. No one is. So shut your mouth unless you have something productive to say instead of your mindless drivel, slamming people for their different point of view.

And another thing.. five simple words

Quit living in the past..

just shows how ignorant you truly are

Oh, but I AM a betting Man, and I've always won. You wanna bet?

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