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Why Tannehill doesn't have to be a holdout

Ryan Tannehill is in Bradenton, at the IMG training academy according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, while the Dolphins today go through their second training camp practice.

Matt Moore, with whom Tannehill was supposed to be competing for a starting job, made the point yesterday that missing practices and study sessions puts Tannehill "definitely a step behind." So after today, he'll be two steps behind.

And tomorrow, another step, and then another.

By the middle of next week, if this contract impasse continues, Tannehill will seem effectively out of the running in Miami's quarterback competition.

And as I explain in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins are putting Tannehill's agent in a very difficult spot in these negotiations that he'll find very difficult to compromise on. Simply, if agent Pat Dye accepts Miami's request to insert offset language in the Tannehill contract, he'd be commiting career suicide because other agents will lord that over his head next year when they're all recruiting potential first-round picks.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, see like the logical party to back down from the offset language issues because the team behind them and the team in front did so in getting their first rounders signed.

So it doesn't have to be this way. This disagreement is dumb.

Of course, the Dolphins apparently don't see it that way currently. But if I had to pick a side that's going to cave on the offset language issue, I believe it will be the club.

[BLOG NOTE: Same as yesterday, I'll have a quickie update as soon as practice and interviews are complete this morning so come back for that. If you want real-time updates, follow me on twitter and you'll get it practically as it happens.]


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You mean it's really NOT about the money??

If an African American WR was doing the holding out the angry So Fla tea bagger gun nut mob would have their pitch forks out already. the white QB gets a pass from the media and the fans when he doesn't show up for work. total hypocrites.

Isn't it obvious, tannehill is going to ride the pine this year, doesn't matter if he signs today, they aren't going to throw him to the wolves,yet

another racial post, I am white and will be the first one to say let the bum sit at home with no pay, don't need him anyway!!

You darkies should be happy you have a black QB, now if you can put the coach in black face you'll be set. And only Obama is a tea bagger. Now get back on the plantation.

There is ONE person to blame for this, and that's the dirtbag Jeff Ireland. And for all you homers who defend Ireland and whine that he doesn't get treated fairly by the public, that he's gotten threats and personal attacks, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY!

This DIDN'T have to be an issue. There's no reason to FORCE the offset language. Other teams tried, realized it would go nowhere, and then backed off. But this LOSER Ireland, the effing arrogant arse that he is, can't accept losing. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU MR A-HOLE! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE TEAM.

Mr. Ross, get your pitbull on a leash and get your 1st-rd draft pick IN CAMP!

The racism from both sides is disgusting. I was not happy with Ryan T as a pick so I could care less if he holds out.

Michael, you do understand he IS our 1st-rd pick right? And he's supposed to be the answer to our decades long drought at the position, which has led to the organization becomes one of the worst in the NFL. And if he doesn't start strong, and get developed correctly, the chances of him becoming an elite QB greatly diminish, and that would lead to more mediocrity.

So, you don't have to agree with the Tannehill pick, but if you're a Dolphins fan, you should want nothing else but the kid to succeed, because if he doesn't, not much will change in the win/loss department. Anyone who thinks Matt Moore can (or will ever be) an elite QB in this league is smoking something and/or knows nothing about the NFL. Anyone who thinks David Garrard isn't simply a temporary fix doesn't understand how age is an athlete's worst enemy(and Garrard is getting up there).

So, sounds like you're biting your nose to spite your face.

Dawn Aponte

Senior Vice President of Football Operations

NFL: 21st Season

Team: 2nd Season

Dawn Aponte joined the Miami Dolphins on February 1, 2010, bringing with her a wealth of football experience at the team and league level. She is responsible for the management and strategic planning of the Dolphins salary cap, player contracts and budgets.

...And she reports to...JEFF IRELAND, who has final say over everything on the football side.

let's blame ireland for high unemployment and acid rain too.

ireland has gotten two very smart multimillionaires to employ him at a handsome salary, so who is dumber, you or him?

Offset language is the part of a players contract that protects the team in the event that the player is cut. Tannehill’s camp contends that the offset language is not needed, as none of the other top 10 draft picks that have signed, had offset language in their contracts. According to the report, the Dolphins Vice President of Administration, Dawn Aponte, is insisting that the language is included.


there it be....dabbadabbadooo.

what he the world is the point with the racist remarks. Both rg3 and phin4life are keeping racism alive. Both of you need to grow up or one of you move to mars and the other to jupiter. I'll pay for transportation!

some of you dorks with low end job pushing paper or loading trucks still think women are only secretaries with no influence on anything. you are wrong.

So, the Dolphins finally pick a first round QB after nearly 30 years and they then immediately put him in a bad position because of an unreasonable contract demand. Yes, this is the Ireland who has produced such powerhouse teams the past few years.

The pick before and after Tannehill do not have offset langauge. It's simply stupid and petty to force this issue to the point of causing a potential star QB to miss ANY camp time. This could hurt the team far more than if Tannehill is a bust or not. In fact, it could even lead to Tannehill becoming a bust by putting him behind at the start of his career. A rookie QB needs a full camp.

If this goes on past the weekend, then it is going to breed bad feelings from the agent and from Tannehill. It was fine to pursue the offset language, but NOT to the point of causing missed camp time. With the new rookie wage scale, it should be easy to sign draft picks - it was for nearly every other team. But the Dolphins are far too poorly managed to do the best and wise thing.

If the offset language is included, then the Dolphins are going to be hurting themselves in many ways, including fiscally. Besides, does Ireland have offset language in his contract so the club can 'clawback' money if the team does not perform at an elite level?

The more the Dolphins promise change, the more things stay the same. They were an awful team last year (and the two years before that as well) and they will be an awful team this year. It will stay that way until Ireland and most of his staff is fired.

Why would anyone want him to succeed? It was an awful pick in the first place. Tannehill is the second coming of henne. It's good they can't get a deal done. The dolphins are not even sire this guy is a supposed franchise qb.

I hate negros and whites

The only way offset language should be this big of an issue is if BOTH the club and player don't have the confidence that he will perform well enough to last on the team for four years.

Not a good sign for tannehill.

Armando probably won't be mentioning this but it's being reported today that the Herald will become a PAY site by the end of the year.

Meaning it will cost you money to continue to access this page and post here.

I'm not going to do that, and I doubt many others will, either.

This blog has a few more months to live, folks. Then it's all over.

If the dolphins can't get the offset language into the contract then it never be able to be added to any 1st round pick in the future and then possible 2ND round. Why should an athlete expect double pay? I don't think it's about not having confidence in the qb but rather trying to set a tone that will help protect the club in future contract negotiations.

Are you kidding me. Miami and Tannehill have 4 months to sign and we're at an impass. I am _issed off.

Ok JI and the front office are trying to protect their investment but. It isn't like is 60 50 40 mil. Guarantee. Do they have the offset language on JEFF FIRELAND CONTRACT!!

Ross is a cheap SOB!


I'm still not sure what you're getting so worked up about. You do realize you'll be heading for a stroke by week 4, right?

But seriously, what's the issue? Are you really sayin Tannehill's career will be messed up because he's missed a few days? REALLY? Don't know about you about I'm expecting NOTHING this year....as in NOTHING.

All that being said, I don't quite get the reason for not getitg this done. I mentioned it yesterday but the only thing I can say is I think it's strategic to get Moore and Garrard more work. Like it or not, they are our QBs this year. There's a TON of guys on here who haven't actually dealt with that fact yet. I don't agree with how Ireland is handling this but I'm sure he's got his reasons.

This hatred for Ireland is ridiculous. Ireland's contract will not prevent us from signing future picks, since his money comes out of Ross's pocket and not the team's salary cap. This is not Ireland's decision either. He is letting someone else do their job, although I'm sure he will step in if Monday comes around and he still hadn't been signed.

All the offset language says is if he is let go and signs with another team then what ever the other team signs him for is subtracted from what his original team owes him in guaranteed money. He would not be paid any less then if he stayed with the team. This is not just about or new qb, but rather sets a precedent for all future signings.

It's not the athletes but rather the agents since they stand the most to lose. Money and reputation if they are the one to cave on the offset language. It's a crazy business model.

Maybe it's all just juicy drama for hard knocks. Can't wait.

I'll through my last comments in for the day and then you guys can continue having fun ripping Ireland. I believe like most things Ireland has a plan and knows what he's doing. I don't believe this has anything to do with money. I believe he's putting Tannehill in a position where he has NO chance to be the starter this year and really based on everything we know and have seen so far that's exactly what should happen. I know that rubs a lot of you the wrong way because you're so anxious to get the next saviour in place but he's not ready. This takes any doubt and false expectations out of the equation and the kid can learn in a no-pressure situation, similar to what Mallett's going through right now. A lot of you won't like that but it's the best thing for Tannehill long term.

Meanwhile Matt Flynn is ripping passes all over the place. And the Dolphins are thin just about everywhere else that the #1 pick could have gone.

All these JI apologist, we will find out at the end of this season if all you JI fans. Will be here saying what a great job he has done! We will see!

And Ross wonders why the team stinks lol

I have never seen a worse GM then Ireland. How does he still have a job?

I agree. This team has no chance to be decent until 3 years AFTER Irescum is fired. Ross and Irescum buried this team 10 ft under,we are not even in the same race as the Pats or Jets. I wont spend a penny on these jokers until they prove they are supplying a much better product on the field.

If tannehill's a bust, Ireland should be unemployed very shortly thereafter, so why would he care about offset money and protecting his, by then, former franchise? Wouldn't it be more likely that Ross is behind this?

What no one is telling us is the offset language may be for the 5th yr (team option yr), if that's the case then for a qb taken in the top 10 this is huge, as it pays The top 10 picks a salary equal to the average of the top 10 salaries at their respective positions.

What this means is Tannehill would be paid the same as Luck and RG3 for the 5th yr, if all 3 clubs picked up the option.

I am on the side of the team. We know nothing about this kid except he's being greedy.
Let him hold out the whole season if he wants to. Let his agent look like a wussy. Who cares? He's not going to play anyway.
It looks like Devlin is ahead of him. "Two beautiful touchdown throws".
That cannot be said for Tannehill.

So anyone bashing Ireland/Tannehill camp may be a little ignorant, because you may really not understand the situation.

There is no excuse for taking this long to sign Tannehill. Other then Ross being a cheapskate.

If Tanny thinks he is so good he shouldn't worry about the offset language, I wouldn't buy a car before I drove it first, why should the dullfins. Let him sit his bum ass at home and watch bugs bunny.

Ireland is a bladder cancer for the Dolphins and Ross is one or the most stupid owners in NFL. They always manage to screw up things. Nothing can be smooth with this team. Even Philbin should put some pressure in Tanns favor, they are messing up with the training plans and schedule. This team is a complete disgrace. They got 3 months to negociate, but no, one more time, the Dolphins are notorious again for their incompetence and lack of management. Gizz, Ireland, scumbag leave the team damm it !

I agree fin 77
Tannehill should have been signed, ross is a cheapskate

This happens all over the league every year and you guys criticizing Ireland, Ross and/or Tannehill ...get a job. This a yearly occurrence in many teams in the NFL.

Agreed with crag M @10:34

This is all for show. They said it after the draft they weren't going to throw him into the Fire. Yet, U have clowns reporting T-Sizzle should start right away even if he's not the best qb on the team right now. Be Easy

Flynn? Really

Flynn isn't even the Starter right now at Seatle. 8+ mil for a guy who is competing with T.Jackson and Doug Flutie Jr. for the Qb position. Yeah, Ireland's the JackAss. Calm Down

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Of course the club will back down. What are they going to do...release him if he doesn't back down?

This team had a good 30 days of not being the idiots of the league. Now they are right back to being idiots of the league.

Seems odd it surrouned mando's vacation. Not saying mando is an idiot. Just saying they stopped being idiots when mando went on vacation. Now they are right back to being idiots.

So if Ryan is not at training camp does that mean no Lauren during hard knocks?

Lord I hope Jeff can at least get ONE thing right before the season starts.

David is the obvious starter for this team. I believe Jeff doesn't like QB's like David for whatever reason (he's black).

To start Matt over David would just be the wrong move on so many levels of football and psychology.

Off set Laug, Hello Pat White,
we may still be paying him off now for all I know

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