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Why Tannehill doesn't have to be a holdout

Ryan Tannehill is in Bradenton, at the IMG training academy according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, while the Dolphins today go through their second training camp practice.

Matt Moore, with whom Tannehill was supposed to be competing for a starting job, made the point yesterday that missing practices and study sessions puts Tannehill "definitely a step behind." So after today, he'll be two steps behind.

And tomorrow, another step, and then another.

By the middle of next week, if this contract impasse continues, Tannehill will seem effectively out of the running in Miami's quarterback competition.

And as I explain in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins are putting Tannehill's agent in a very difficult spot in these negotiations that he'll find very difficult to compromise on. Simply, if agent Pat Dye accepts Miami's request to insert offset language in the Tannehill contract, he'd be commiting career suicide because other agents will lord that over his head next year when they're all recruiting potential first-round picks.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, see like the logical party to back down from the offset language issues because the team behind them and the team in front did so in getting their first rounders signed.

So it doesn't have to be this way. This disagreement is dumb.

Of course, the Dolphins apparently don't see it that way currently. But if I had to pick a side that's going to cave on the offset language issue, I believe it will be the club.

[BLOG NOTE: Same as yesterday, I'll have a quickie update as soon as practice and interviews are complete this morning so come back for that. If you want real-time updates, follow me on twitter and you'll get it practically as it happens.]