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Salary cap, circumstances may force Garrard exit

You already know what the Dolphins are planning to do with Ryan Tannehill so that's yesterday's news. But the question now becomes what the team will do with its remaining quarterbacks.

Will the team keep all four -- Tannehill, David Garrard, Matt Moore and Pat Devlin -- or will someone have to go?

It must be said that Miami could very well keep all four, assuming all the pieces fall into place. Those pieces include Garrard accepting a backup role, Garrard getting healthy, Pat Devlin going to practice squad and no other team offering a trade for either Garrard or Moore.

But logic, financial ramifications and circumstances may lead the Dolphins to jettison one of the two veterans.

Let us examine the scenario.

First, accept the fact Joe Philbin and his staff are comfortable with three quarterbacks. He has said as much so I take him at his word. Also accept the fact the Dolphins are in a relatively awful salary cap situation.

How awful?

The Dolphins are in the bottom five NFL teams on cap space. The club's cap space hovers between $2 million and $2.31 million, depending on the week. Last week, that was third-worst in the NFL with only the Steelers and Lions having less cap space than the Dolphins.

Now, how a team without a proven franchise quarterback and a lack of bigtime playmakers can find itself in such a compromising cap situation, I haven't the answer. But that doesn't change the facts.

Understanding Miami's tough cap situation, you now understand one reason why Jake Long's much-anticipated contract extension hasn't been signed. And you hopefully understand that some of the roster decisions the team is about to make may be driven, at least in part, based on salaries.

Said another way, if the team can decide between two relatively equal players and one is making considerably less than the other, the more expensive guy is more likely to go.

That brings us to Moore and Garrard. Keeping both is a salary cap luxury. Moore is scheduled to make $2.25 million in base salary this year. Garrard is scheduled to make $2.75 million in base salary. Cutting or trading one would make sense. The Dolphins would lower the price they're paying for backup quarterbacks, which now promises to be at a relatively expensive $6.5 million in salary cap space for both players.

Most teams allocate anywhere between $3-$5 million in cap space for the backup quarterback. So you see the Dolphins are way above that.

And how does the team get down to a more acceptable number if it is looking to clear some cap space? It either cuts, trades or in Garrard's case perhaps negotiates an injury settlement, with one of the players.

Where would that leave the Dolphins?

With one veteran backup and a developmental player (Devlin) either on the roster or more likely on the practice squad. (Devlin is eligible for the practice squad.)

So which backup would the Dolphins prefer?


He is healthy. He is good in the locker room and in the quarterback room. He is accepting of the fact he has lost the quarterback competition to Ryan Tannehill even while he feels "frustrated" that he didn't play better this training camp and preseason.

Moore also has a history of having helped the Dolphins to a 6-3 finish last season as the step-in starter once Chad Henne was injured.

Why not Garrard?

He's injured. He's not going to be ready for the start of the season. He's the more expensive player. And there is a question of how accepting he would be of being the backup, given that he was the starter when he got hurt and his stated goal is to once again start in the NFL.

With Garrard, the Dolphins also have to consider that he is developing something of an injury history and reputation. He was out all of last year because of a back injury. While he says that is completely well, he hasn't taken a hit since then so questions remain. And even without taking a hit, Garrard injured his knee. He's also not exactly ahead of schedule on his rehabilitation.

All of this raises questions as to how long Garrard could hold down the proverbial fort if, say, Tannehill is injured or benched and the backup must play for extended weeks.

So while a healthy Garrard may be a better quarterback than Moore, he's not necessarily the better option to be kept now.

One more thing: This all would all have to play out before the first week of the season. That's the timetable because as vested veterans, both Garrard and Moore will have their full base salaries guaranteed for the year if they're on the roster for the start of the first regular-season week.

Speaking of salary cap space, check out the numbers below that show the bottom 10 NFL teams. They are from last week, which were the latest numbers available to me.

32) Steelers: $2.16 M 

31) Lions: $2.19 M 

30) Dolphins: $2.31 M 

29) Chargers: $2.87 M 

28) Falcons: $2.93 M 

27) Rams: $2.94 M 

26) Ravens $3.123 M

25) Giants: $3.125 M 

24) 49ers: $3.24 M 

23) Texans: $3.30 M 


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GEE, I wonder where your self esteem ranks when you can't even back up an opinion with a sign in name?

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 21, 2012 at 09:42 PM

Neither can you. NehnehnehneNeh :) or in a language you can understand....

Bwaaaaahhhh Haaaaahaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa

When Odin talks football...there are few on here that can rival his perspective...and I look for as MANY perspectives as I can when forming my opinion on the FINS....
I hope that answer's your question Oscar....

Posted by: Kris | August 21, 2012 at 09:37 PM

Thanks Kris. You just helped me calm down with the kind words.

I couldn't post all day and when I finally got on, I wasn't here 3 minutes(LITERALLY)before he started.

He got me. But thanks again, I'm going to take a break and mix a drink. I got something to talk about that I think you'll find interesting. Looking forward to getting some feedback on it.

-Odin- ;)

YG isn right....

If Mallett and Tanne play out the same...The PATS win...because they got a STARTING QB for a 3rd rd pick...GREAT IF he pans out...not too bad if he doesn't....

WE NEED Tanne to turn into something or we wasted a 1st RD pick...

I don't have to explain that any further do I...do I really need to dumb that down...








You do realize the blog goes all to hell when you arrive. Why is that?

The only thing i dont like about hatd knocks is see that Puss face Jeff Fireland, stupid idiot that has put this team in a salary cap catastrophe. Thanks Jack a s s!

ESPN rated the Dolphins as having the WORST talent in football this year(after BM was traded). And we have NO capspace? WTF???Thats hysterical.

Hey, odin, what kind of drink you mixing? Unfortunately, Today is my wine day.


You are guilty of the same thing Craig M is. Your bias is HUGELY towards Mallett, so no matter what, you are going to present your Mallett side of the argument in the most distorted possible light to favor your opinion.

I'd take Tannehill. He has the potential to beat you in more ways. And...everyone reports Mallett is PFS.

What question was that, Kris?

oscar I'm drinking golden shower. You?

Mr. saying...

Its true...I wanted Mallett...no secret there...

However...since Tanne is our starter forn the forseable future....Tanne is my man....

But I do hate that we Mallett slip...and we didn't get him in the 2nd or 3rd rd...


Also if Tannehill doesnt pan out so well and Mallet goes on to become a pro bowler. Dolfans will still be b!tching about that 20yrs after Jeff Ireland is long gone. They'll always blame the 3 picks to trade back into the 2nd rd for D Thomas. Instead of going ahead and using the 3rd rd pick on Mallet outright.

I pray T-hill doesnt turn bust. It will go down in Dolphin infamy!

Is Craig M here? I barely felt him. heehee

Odin Agreed. He has exposed himself over and over again.

Yesterday he was somebody's bottom B!tch, Today he's referring to his Sons Penis.

The Ignorance Baffles me. We all know who it is.

The Real Dolphin Fans are Happy with T-Hill as our QB.

Maybe U Jet Fans need to Worry about The USC bust replacing the other USC Bust.

Hmmmm....... Isn't USC the School with the Most QB Bust in the 1st rd??? Palmer, Leinhart, Sanchez and Now Barkley. And that's only in the last Decade

Fair response Kris.

Ireland whiffed on the first 2 Ryans(Matt/Mallet). I sure hope he didnt strike out on this Ryan(Tannehill) too. Lord I pray.

I am very sensitive to drink, odin. I need to know the ingredients first before I taste any soup.


No suprise you defend VIO. Little dik asian men need to bond with someone, and women are not an option.

If you guys WANT a laugh....


i cna't remember the last time i laughed this hard @ a movie...


Dig you ever tried a golden shower ?

Tannehill was a Ross pick. The papers all reported it

the WHOLE movie is a riot...

Hell, no shame for anybody to say they wanted Mallet. I did too. Only thing he has a certain defect that only Ireland and I know about.

Who the hell is VIO? I have yet to see anyone post under VIO, yet I see thename in so many troll posts. LOL

PLAN B...PLAN B....LOL.....

Who?, with Sasha Baron Cohen? I pass.

Mr Alan
That's beyond laughable!! What a tard
A donkey a s s.

I'm lonely

From toay forwar...

I would like t be addressed as ADMIRAL-GENERAL...


can you tell us what is the movie aBOUT ....

We must be validated down here. We have infinitely better taste than to be watching this "The Dictator". Pluuuueaaseee....


I don't want to ruin it...

but its a comedy....

ad makes fun of MIDDLE EASTERN life...as well as the "asleep"...WESTERN lifestle...

Only thing he has a certain defect that only Ireland and I know about.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 21, 2012 at 09:59 PM

Yeah, a "White Horse" defect. If you can find that ish in Arkansas, that joker would've been the only one skiing in Miami...snort,snort.

Kris, can I come over and watch it



OK, lets see what this Hard knocks is all about.




Who is VIO?


THis one is funny because it stick the THUMB in the eye of the AMERICAN people...all races...and backgrounds....

Its humurous...and forces ALL to look @ the crap they are force-fed...

Did I not get the e-vite toyour barmitzvah...



Oscar ur always drinking Whine.

On MAllet. Seriously?

A guy who had off the Field problems and Everyone Knew Henne was Sporano's Boy. No way in hell we drafted Mallet last year. Would've gave some clowns a reason to Keep Spo. We have alot of sentemental Fans in miami. They Over Appreciate Guys like Y.Bell and Joel Anthony. Yeah different Sport but had to prove a point.

The only Qb to run a Slower 40 than Brady in Combine History is Mallet. Yea, 40 times don't matter for a Qb, back then.

The Nfl has evolved. Not only does a Qb have to Win from the Pocket, They need to have the ability to move around.

Also, Solder is A Bust. Just wait till the Regular Season. The Patriots lost a couple key pieces on their line this year. Should be fun to watch.

VIO = Village Idiot Odin

VIO = Village Idiot Odin

Mallet is the real deal


You need to let Brady and Manning know that 40 times now matter....


and CC Marino when you get a chance...

VIO = Village Idiot Odin

Micheal Vick got the Memmo tho...

as evidenced by his 2nd INJURY in AS MANY pre-season games....

fast 40 time...that VICK.....

Ha! Wait til they plant that stick in your back.

John bust Jerry. Needs to keep out of Mc D
And burger king!

I love the FINS a much as any fan...

But the PATS are the class of this division...and have been for quite some time...

Let's not bury them until the don't make the playoffs for 2 years in a row...

until then...

pencil them in as the AFC EAST champs....



VIO = Village Idiot Odin

You see, you see, Armando was right. Either Garrard or Matt Moore are going to be let go.

Did I say The 40 time is Important?

I said it behooves the Team Nowadays to get a Qb with Some Athleticism.

Really, Marino, Brady, or Manning?

Are they the Future of the NFL or the Past & Present?

Look at the Top 10 qb's in the League? I bet more than half have Some Athleticism to Extend Plays. Specially the 30 & Under Qb's.

Marino Pre-Injury was Athletic.

Nothing personal whoever Sample is but LMAO. Definitely Post Of the Month Material Here.

Now go brush the Stank outcha Mouf, Bu-oy!
Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 21, 2012 at 08:36 PM

Posted by: Sample | August 21, 2012 at 09:29 PM

I can see I struck ANOTHER nerve - Pow Pow!
Come on, I can save you some time. Instead of pissing everyone off and reposting this a thousand times, do us and yo MandoBoy a favor:
Just Brush The Stank Outcha Mouf!
(Which reminds me, do the He/She's at the Rainbow Room all call you "Gummy Bear"?)

I don't blame Ireland for the lack of talent at wide receiver. This issue goes back to Dave Wannstedt...since 2000 we have invested precious little resources into the wide receiver position.

Green Bay drafts four wide receivers in the top two rounds since 2005.

Miami drafts one wide receiver in the top two rounds since 2005.

And we wonder why there is such little talent, since THIS WAS A POSITION OF NEED GOING BACK TO 1997!

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