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A look at position battles heading into preseason

Everyone has been seemingly mesmerized by the much-heralded struggles of Vontae Davis as he tries to fend off Richard Marshall for a starting cornerback job. As the Dolphins' official depth chart below shows, Davis is behind Marshall.

It is up to Davis if he'll stay there or not, although he's had good practices the past couple of days and is clearly the more althletic player. So that will play out in the coming couple of weeks.

But the depth chart begs other questions and speaks to issues elsewhere. Some of those issues:

The deep secondary offers a three-man race for the starting job and really a two-man race because while Chris Clemons and second-year player Jimmy Wilson are jockeying back and forth, Reshad Jones seems to have solidified his spot as a starter.

The fourth safety is interesting. Free agent acquisition Tyrell Johnson has been something of a disappointment given his credentials as a former high draft pick and veteran. He's mired on third team. Anderson Russell has made some plays in practice but is also inconsistent.

Tyrone Culver continues to be the most likely player to win the fourth spot, given his experience and ability to play special teams at a high level.

The linebacker spot is interesting in that I see Austin Spitler and Jason Trusnick as very good special teams players but lacking as actual backups. If starters Koa Misi or Karlos Dansby get hurt, I don't have a great feeling about Miami's depth with Spitler and Trusnick. Thank goodness Gary Guyton can play multiple positions.

Spitler and Trusnick are better on special teams right now than third-team players Cameron Collins and Josh Kaddu. And the irony? Both Collins and Kaddu have the potential to be better linebackers than Spitler and Trusnick.

So one pair is great on special teams but not so much on defense while the other pair isn't as good on special teams but have better potential on defense.

Depth at defensive tackle is a concern. Other than Tony McDaniel behind Paul Soliai and Randy Starks, the Dolphins are relying on untested players such as rookie Kheeston Randall to perform. The problem is we don't know if he will perform and two of the three tackles behind him are also rookies -- the third is veteran Ryan Baker who has experience and grit but is apparently the last guy on third-team.

I'm feeling better about the offensive line than I did a year ago. Everyone, except the Dolphins apparently, knew that Marc Colombo was not the answer at right tackle when they signed him. That issue was never resolved until the draft this year.

And Jonathan Martin has been outstanding so far. He practices well, he takes great notes in meetings and he has the physical capabilities to be a very good right tackle. Yes, games will add another layer to the challenges he is facing.

Ultimately you have to perform in games.

But I believe Martin will be fine, indeed, better than that. I believe he'll be good. Moreover Martin gives the Dolphins something they haven't really had since 2008 when they drafted Jake Long and that is a backup for Long.

I know, I know, you see on the depth chart that Lydon Murtha is the second-string LT. The truth is if Jake Long goes down for an extended period, I believe Martin will move over from right tackle. He played left tackle most of his career at Stanford and I think he could be a good left tackle in the NFL given experience.

So in a situation where Long is out for an extended period, Martin would be the guy moving over. It might be different over a short period where Long is missing one game. But multiple games, Martin is the guy and then Murtha would go to right tackle.

If you look at the depth chart, it is hard to fathom John Jerry making the team. He is overweight. He weighed 360 pounds a week or so ago. He isn't picking up his assignments well on pass protection (particularly on stunts) and he doesn't stay on his feet enough -- this all according to coaches.

He's running third team. It'll be interesting to see how he actually plays because in the past he's been unimpressive in practice but efficient in games. We'll see if that continues or if his tanking has too much momentum to stop.

One more note about the offensive line: Ray Feinga was supposed to make his big move this year. But he's running third team now and is nursing some sort of injury as well. Not good.

A look at tight end shows you that not a whole lot has changed from last year. Anthony Fasano remains the best one in camp. And while I have hopes for big things out of Charles Clay in his second year, I must inform you he hasn't been the monster in practice I hoped to see.

Clay has been good. He's made occasional plays. But he hasn't been dominant and if he's going to have a 50-catch season as I thought he might, logic dictates he would be showing that in this camp. He's not.

By the way, Les Brown, who is a great story and a great athlete and has great speed at 4.4, is not a great tight end. He's not even a good tight end right now. I'd like to tell you he's fifth out of five tight ends because of mitigating circumstances like a lack of experience or strength or technique or toughness at the point of attack.

But all of those apply to Brown. At this stage, he strikes me as a practice squad project. He needs to get stronger. He needs more coaching than he'll get in the next four weeks before the regular-season opener to be a viable contributor. He was and remains a project.

By the way, Michael Egnew has been unimpressive in camp. He's just ... just ... there. He doesn't flash with any degree of consistency. He doesn't get open consistently. He needs to seriously step it up in the next month.

At the wide receiver position, the Dolphins have an interesting situation. Their three "starting" receivers are players no one else wanted at some point in their careers. Chad Johnson and Legedu Naanee were cut from their teams in the offseason and they are starting in Miami. Starting slot receiver Davone Bess went undrafted once upon a time.

And yet they are Miami's top receivers right now.

Behind them, it gets interesting.

Brian Hartline is hoping to get back into practices next week -- perhaps as early as Sunday. He did some work in the walk-thru Wednesday so that was encouraging. He's a big factor because the Dolphins don't really have a deep threat to speak of.

Clyde Gates, perhaps Miami's fast receiver, has been inconsistent. He's good one day and a ghost the next. He's inconsistent. Julius Pruitt is interesting because, as you can see on the depth chart below, he has passed both Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace.

That doesn't mean he'll stay ahead of them because four weeks remain, but Pruitt has very good speed like Moore and (this camp) more consistent hands than Wallace. He doesn't have Wallace size and I have no idea how he'll contribute on special teams, but he's caught the coaching staff's attention.

As you've heard him say on this blog, Wallace knows this is put-up-or-get-out time. He got a chance to stick with the team last year. This year, he has to take the next step. Same with Moore. So far ... well, they have to do better.

By the way, rookies Rishard Matthews and B.J. Cunningham had their best week of practice this week. Perhaps they're starting to make their move. We shall see.

Back to Hartline a second: If he's healthy, he makes this team. No question.



WR 19 Legedu Naanee 11 Julius Pruit 83 Jeff Fuller 86 Rishard Mathews

15 Davone Bess 10 Clyde Gates 16 B.J. Cunningham

81 Chris Hogan

LT 77 Jake Long 76 Lydon Murtha 69 Ray Feinga

60 Will Yeatman

LG 68 Richie Incognito 65 Erich Steinbach 63 Chandler Burden

C 51 Mike Pouncey 64 Josh Samuda 62 Ryan Cook

RG 73 Aris Hicks 75 Nate Garner 74 John Jerry

RT 71 Jonathan Marin 67 Andrew McDonald 61 Will Barker

TE 80 Anthony Fasano 42 Charles Clay 88 Jeron Mastrud 84 Michael Egnew

87 Les Brown

WR 85 Chad Johnson 82 Brian Hartline 14 Marlon Moore 18 Roberto Wallace

QB 9 David Garrard 8 Mat Moore 17 Ryan Tannehill 7 Pat Devlin

FB 41 Jorvorskie Lane 6 Ryan Mahaffey 35 Jerome Messam

RB 22 Reggie Bush 33 Daniel Thomas 23 Steve Slaton 44 Lamar Miller

34 Marcus Thigpen

46 Jonas Gray


LE 98 Jared Odrick 79 Derrick Shelby 70 Jarrell Root

DT 94 Randy Starks 78 Tony McDaniel 66 Chas Alecxih

DT 96 Paul Soliai 97 Kheeston Randall 95 Isaako Aaitui 90 Ryan Baker

RE 91 Cameron Wake 50 Olivier Vernon 52 Jamaal Westerman 72 Jaquies Smith

LB 56 Kevin Burnet 59 Gary Guyton 49 Jonathan Freeny 48 Shelly Lyons

LB 58 Karlos Dansby 53 Ausin Spitler 45 Cameron Collins

LB 55 Koa Misi 93 Jason Trusnik 57 Josh Kaddu

CB 24 Sean Smith 28 Nolan Carroll 25 Jonathan Wade 47 Trenton Hughes

32 Marcus Brown

CB 31 Richard Marshall 21 Vontae Davis 36 Quinten Lawrence 38 Kevyn Scot

43 Vincent Agnew

S 30 Chris Clemons 27 Jimmy Wilson 26 Tyrell Johnson 37 Kelcie McCray

S 20 Reshad Jones 29 Tyrone Culver 40 Anderson Russell


P 2 Brandon Fields

K 5 Dan Carpenter

KO 5 Dan Carpenter

H 2 Brandon Fields

KOR 34 Marcus Thigpen 44 Lamar Miller 23 Steve Slaton 10 Clyde Gates

PR 15 Davone Bess 34 Marcus Thigpen 10 Clyde Gates 86 Rishard Mathews

LS 92 John Denney

2012 Rookies Underlined


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yesterday, i'm so with you!!! parcells was the biggest mistake the fins made!!! his idea of what football players should look like is not viable in this NFL. it's speed not size. plus he gave us tony. i think tony would have been gone before the start of last season if not for ross's blunder with harbaugh. just like ross drooling over manning ad fisher. ross makes this team look weak. he needs to sit in the owners box and STFU. i'm glad we don't have manning or fisher!! manning would have required us to gut the team to pay his salary. plus he's old. he may have stunted our future. and fisher is old school too. i like our new coach. the practices look disciplined and the coaches all look like teachers not atta-boy coaches. i'm excited about the future of this team!! i think hey will give us flashes of what's to come this season and maybe even be in the hunt for a WC. but even if they don't make it i think everyone who isn't a complainer, which is a small number, will see what the future holds for the fins!! the 2013 season is the year we actually win a playoff game. we'll have new uniforms and an exciting team!!

I was giving him the last 4 drafts. U know merling henne white smith

I was also counting those. If we are only judging Jeff off the last 2 then yeah.

Overall Ireland does his job. He gets Fa's for the low. Undrafted rookies. Overall picks better talent then other teams in the draft.

People say we wasted 3 picks to get Thomas. I say the Patriots drafted 2 rb's in the 2nd rd before we did. Talk about wasting picks last year. Why didn't they waste 1 on a RB 1 on an DE.

Which was Irelan's worst blunder?
A) Drafting Chad Henne
B) Drafting Pat White
C) 3 picks for D Thomas
D) The Dez Bryant debacle
E) Hiring another rookie HC

Posted by: Coalition for the Coalition | August 09, 2012 at 11:32 AM

This is just plain dumb. Ireland drafted neither Henne nor White. Both were Parcells picks. He traded 2 extra "low picks" to move up for Thomas, who btw is currently listed 2nd on the depth chart behind a former top 5 overall pick(Bush).

Dez Bryant "pimp slapped" his ho momma, just like his pimp dady used to do. Ireland "spared" this organization that drama. BTW, Philbin is beginning to seem like the smartest hc in Miami since a guy named Shula. Get a brain man. LOL

Craig, i will check out the first episode online. I will also ask my torrent hook up to start posting Hard Knocks, maybe that will go somewhere.

As far as breaking bad, it's my favourite, the writing as someone pointed out is great, Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast except for that whale that plays Skyler are top notch. But also the cinematography. I love the New Mexico background and the dark/desert landscapes and the way it always seems so desolate. It's so freakin awesome.

I love a bunch of the other American cable shows in order Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire (although they killed my favourite character and have no idea where the show is going now), but Breaking bad is miles above the rest for my personal taste.

coalition > B, hands down, although thats on Parcell's (you don't really think Ireland or Sparano had ANY true say with the Tuna around, do you?--c'mon)--Henne at least can play a little (also Tuna's pick.....he says so)--D is irrelevant to most people (who cares, seriously?--I couldn't give a crap, and its long forgotten for many) and with E you have to consider that they did go hard after Fisher first (what great HC options did they have?.....Cowher and Gruden were off the market, and last I checked, Belichik and Tomlin weren't available).

Philbin's beginni9ng to remind me of Bill Walsh. I just hope he eventually gets this team playing like those Bill Walsh SF teams.

We need the deep threat of Clyde Gates if this offense really wants to take off.
This guys has to produce after we passed on many wr's in order to get this guy


Parcells was absolutely "in love" with Pat White. Do you really think anyone short of "God himself" had a snowball's chance in hell of talking BP out of taking Pat White? Come'on, man! LOL

YG.....read my post again.....we agree, and thats what I said.....White was Parcells pick, no doubt, and Ireland and Sparano definitely did not have much input, certainly not final say, when Parcells was here--read it again.

in the interview dez byant made two statements. my daddy was a pimp. and my mom worked for him. so is it crazy to ask if his mom was a prostitute??

also, did you notice that story didn't come out till after we passed on him. for good reason!!! had we drafted him no one would have ever heard that story.

white and robohenne were bill's picks.

3rd!!!! we gave up 2 late draft picks to get thomas!!! you can't really count the 2nd round pick!! that was the trade. the 2 low picks were what was given to move up. and i think you will soon be eating your words about thomas. you'll get a bite size of it tomorrow night.

Thankyou, RD, You learn something new everyday.


Gates still learning to be a nfl wr. The talent level he face in college was far inferior. I believe Gates needs at least 1 more season to total catch up with the nfl learning curve. Even this camp he has made great strides over 2011's camp.

I believe Gates proves to be a 5th rd steal beginning in 2013. Just hope the Dolphins are patient enough with him. I see him becoming a "Mike Wallace type nfl wr".


My bad. LOL

Anyone suggesting that waterboy Ireland is better without Parcells needs a labotomy!! LOL

We even miss the LOL. We must be getting out of reality somewhere(or in a better mood now that Football is starting).

Mark, i too watch all those. love game of thrones. have your read the books? all the best stuff is in book 3!!! the next 2 seasons are gonna be mind blowing if you haven't read the books. no spoilers from me!! but eddard stark losing his head would be a footnote compared to a storm of swords!!

also love mad men, boss, walking dead and about 30 other shows. episodes is a great comedy on showtime. another that i think you'd love is homeland. it's one after dexter, starting season two.

after the dolphins, the penguins, and the pirates is y love for TV followed closely by conic books. DC man mostly but i read a lot. like 30 or so a week. thank you torrents!!! how can kids get into comic books today? there are like $4.00 for a 24 page issue. it's sad!!

Which do you want? The Republican panderer to the rich and Israel whose foreign policy is war or the Democrat panderer to the rich and Israel whose foreign policy is war? As Gerald Celente wrote in the July issue of the Trends Journal, americans “argue among themselves why their freak is better than the other freak. They will get angry with you if you call their freak a freak. They will actually fight and die to defend their freaks.”
It is extraordinary that millions of americans actually believe fervently that it matters whether Romney freak or Obama freak gets elected. If americans had any sense, they would stay home and not vote. The 1% control the country, and the 99% had just as well own up to it and stay at home. Nothing is going to change because of the ballot box.
What do you suppose the Ron Paul supporters will do? Will they see Romney as the less socialist of the two and vote for the Republicans who stole the nomination from Ron Paul ?

thats "lobotomy", coalition......such a tough word to spell--I agree somewhat....Parcells gets crushed here, for good reason in some cases, but the guy still won championships and clearly knows the game and how to build a winning team--not sure why he stumbled here.....I think the newer style of play and modern player attitude just passed him by--dude got old, patience wore thin and his heart wasn't in it

At his tiny school, Gates was probably asked to just run by inferior defenders. That caused his learning the wr craft to suffer. Gates has all of the tools to be a great nfl wr. He just first needs to learn to be one, and that requires learning his craft.

The small school inferior talent he faced, he didnt need too. Sure he may have known a little about running routes and things, but not great enough to have an instant impact on the nfl level.

For this reason and potential great future impact, is why I believe Ireland drafted him as high as 5th rd. Otherwise, Gates would have been a 7th rd pick at best or an undrafted free agent.

Pal Croc, you are like BP, way behind the Times. EVERYBODY has known for the longest time that no matter who you vote for you're going to get the same result. You is another one of those that understimate the People(the Collective, a la Gestalt).

jaison, thanks for the tidbits. I will check out some of those shows you suggested.

I love game of Thrones - also absolutely love Spartacus season 1 but after the actor died - the show died with it. Shame really because that first season was some of the best tv I've watched. I haven't read the Game of Thrones books. I love reading but I won't read the books because I love the show so much. Video can never live up to the books - ever. So i won't ruin one of my favourite shows.

I also live and breathe with torrents. I don't watch tv anymore unless it's a sporting event. Everything done through my computer. I refuse to give my local cable company who owns the Blue Jays and won't spend on them any more money than I need to. When they sign Zach Greinke, I may subscribe to a channel or two.

crocodile, while i don't want to get into politics. i wish obama was a bit more of a socialist!! that health care plans sucks!! we are under a fascist system in this country. that healthcare plan is a fascist system. it forces people to buy healthcare from corporations (insurance companies) not the government like every other industrialized nation. we pay the most and get the least when it comes to health care. the supreme court actually made cope rations citizen!! when dow jones can put as much money as it wants into getting some one elected is now the norm you can see where this is going!! you think the government was bought 10 years ago? wait tip you see it in 5 years.

Why I no like what everybody else sees?


I believe Prcells is q great hc ad motivator. Just not so much in evaluating talent(drafting). Parcells can be neither directly nor indirectly linked to any championmships where he had 100% control of influx of players. Not even in NYG. He's so closely linked to LT but wasnt instrumental in drafting him nor any of the star players from that hampionship ea.

Robert Kraft didnt give him 100% control. Dont think the Jets did, if so, they still have 0 championships because of it. You know Jerry Jones didnt. His ego is far too big.

The only place Parcells had 100% control of the influx of players was here in Miami. We're still kinda in damage control mode because of it. Albeit close to the end.


First of all if there is an injury @ DT than Odrick would have to move inside & the rookie Olivier would have to step up.

I have concerns at TE & I wonder why the f#ck we drafted Egnew in the 3rd round. I shudder to think that this pick is another thud right from the start. There's no doubt that Clay & Thomas HAVE to pan out this year b/c it looks like Jerry (2010) & Gates (2011) are going to join Ireland's long list of draft casualties.

Other than the fact that Tannehill has shown improvement--the best news I've read so far is that Martin may FINALLY be the answer @ RT. It only took 4 seasons (three bad ones with Carey & one horrific one with Columbo) to get it right. Still scratching my head how Ireland still has a job....

This guy says, i don't want to get into politics, then he goes on a political tirade, that accomplishes nothing, except wasting Space. Unreal, indeed.

"Which was Irelan's worst blunder?

A) Drafting Chad Henne

B) Drafting Pat White

C) 3 picks for D Thomas

D) The Dez Bryant debacle

E) Hiring another rookie HC"


Give credit to Ireland for not drafting Bryant. The guy is a mess.

And you're already slamming on Ireland for hiring Philbin??? It's the beginning of August!!!

BTW--Ireland didn't hire Sparano. Remember a guy by the name of Bill Parcells who hired Ireland???

Oscar @ 12:21PM,

On the intenet, you get what you pay for. If it seems to good to be true on the intenet. That's because it is. Stop being cheap, you only get what you pay for, especially on the internet! LOL

I told you, man, this guy Egnew is no TE, just a huge WR.

I am old and infirm, YG.

I must go and shift the betting pools at Calder now. hehehe

mark, the show has done a great job of living up to the books. they just cut some stuff. the books are monsters in size!!! you should read the 1st 2 books. i have to admit i wasn't going to read them. but it took soooo long to get to season 2. i've read the whole series to date 3 times. awesome!! since the season is over, the two thing they greatly changed was arya's story, it was a far more brutal trek and she never met tywin. i love those scenes though!! arya stark is one of my favorite characters!! the thing with their was changed too. that changed sucked somewhat. they didn't introduce ramsey bolton. they cast him for season 3. you'll love hating him!!!

torrents are the stuff!!! i watch a lot of british TV off of torrents. being human, dr who, the fades, misfits. i watched the canadian shows the border and the scifi one about the succubus. it's on syfy channel here now.

another great show is justified. follows a US marshall living in the sticks in kentucky.

i feel your pain as a loong suffering pirate fan. we may get a playoff seres this year though, but i don't wanna jinx it!!!

Before going, I really don't know what to watch for in Tonight's game. I guess the overall picture.

We Have RB's,

Graham started slow for the Saints. He was a 3rd pick too. At about this point of camp in rookie season, Saints had him listed 3rd team too. The Saints slowly worked him in and gave him playing time over the season. It wasnt until about the last 4 games of Graham's rookie season that he really begin to come on.

Last year(2nd season) Jimmy Graham became a beast. Like Graham, Egnew has the entire season to be worked in, and come on. Hopefully even a year 2 beast(or close to it) like Jimmy Graham has become.

Tomorrow Night's game, my bad(I guess I'm too anxious).

Atom Egoyam is a great Canadian film Director.

I think I'm the only one noticing this but from the day Vontae's been drafted he's always I repeat always started the season horribly the guy just sucks at offseason conditioning. Sean Smith wants some more money so he got into a new workout regiment instead of only swimming everyday and yo can look at him and notice a difference. Vontae is just naturally gifted and muscular so he probably doesn't think he needs to workout but he would kill the league if he tried to. The year Moss told him he was best was the same year that he scored on Vontae but in the second half of that year Vontae got him and Brady back. If any coach can get just an ounce of effort from Vontae then he would be number one right up or above Revis. With this coaching staff they seem to not give a f if he's a superstar player or not because they only bring him in during nickel packages and then tell him sit his arss out or go use the bathroom or something.

Jaison, you're going to love Travis Snider. Local fans seem to hate this trade but the fact is the guy just didn't have a spot here in Toronto. Our outfield has Bautista, Rasmus, and Gose now coming through and jake Marisnick about two years away. couldn't play first either with the big contract Encarnacion just got. And playing a young kid as a DH just wouldn't do him service. Snider has crazy power, is an above average left fielder who can play a bit of centre. And the guy just flat out gives top effort. One negative is he will strike out a lot.

What are your thoughts on Lincoln? His numbers as a reliever have been great this year and he's pitched well for us out of the pen. Some people around here are still hanging on to thoughts of him as a starter but given his history I'd say his better fit is as a late inning reliever.

oscar....agree, Egnew is definitely more big WR than TE....but thats ok if he can play because we obviously need WRs too--can line him up in the slot or wide at times--Pats move their TEs around because they're versatile......Egnew could be used in a similar way (and no, I'm not comparing him to their TEs....just the idea that he seems to be versatile.....I'll take an athletic 6'5" WR if thats how it goes--we just need need skilled playmakers, any position.

lol@ King JP. Funny man. But I agree completely. It's up to vontae and Vontae alone if he wants to fulfill his great potential.

Mark In Toronto,

Can you, jaison, and CraigM, please go meet up at the Movie Channel blog or something? Just reminding, this is a "football" blog. LOL

I am a Miami Dolphins fan and I live in Pennsylvania! Hello to all!

Deborah ("Mark") in Toronto--

How do the ARGONAUTS look this year? I don't know much about their roster but I DO love saying the word "ARGONAUTS!" It is a delight.

I enjoy your fair city very much. So diverse and such wonderful cuisine. And your public transit is SO much cleaner and more efficient than the garbage and urine infested junk that we longer fund here in America.

I love you very much, mi amor!

very interesting post there, Dr Unger......includes "argonaut", "delight", "urine" and "amor" all in the same post--I'm sort of......speechless

Seems all now quiet on this front. Im out before ALoco accuses me of poting for 1 million straight hours. LOL

Why, thank you for your effusive and earnest praise.

I only seek to banish the angst of everyday existence with the cleansing balms of holistic positivity. There is enough ennui already, capisco?

As Ernest Borgnine once said, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?"

For those that don't know Hartline was a 4.45 40 guy at his pro-day, and 4.52. That far from slow. He also averaged 15.7 per reception last year, and 15.3 for his career, so he can get deep. He's had long plays of 67 yards in 09, 54 on in 10, and 41 in 11. So for those of you that don't know he can get deep.

Dr. Kenneth Unger,

1--Are you related to Felix Unger of the "Odd Couple"?

2--Are you also a "neat-freak" too?

White guys are slower because they dont have to run from the police as often(police luv locking up black guys) and white guys dont have to outrun thier siblings to the dinner table to make sure they got a meal that day(economically deprived).

Nor do white guys usually grow up learning to outrun bullets(ghetto life). If white guys had to do all of these things. There would be far more white nfl wr's. LOL

Dr. Unger,

I don't really get you but it sure looks like you hooked YG in.

Dolphins in depth blog ... a place to discuss football, politics, movies and if you're YG, a place to find your soul mate.

What would be the Canadian version of Hard Kocks?

'Love Taps -- a peek inside the not particularly interesting or glamorous world of the Saskatchewan Roughriders"

See starting QB Darrien Durrant examine pumpkins at the Reginal Fall Fair.

Oh no, DL Chris Ellis has eaten too much berry pie!

High Drama as Head Coach Correy Chamblin gets in altercation with reporter from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix -- actually, he just asks the part-time journamism student to repeat the question and follows by answering politely.

Emmys(oops, Canada's Emmys are called the 'Geminis') HERE WE COME!

Oh forgot he was a 400 meter herdler at Ohio State. Not slow.

Gates being a project player I feel is the reason his spot might be less at risk than Hartline.

From the looks of it the fins Wr's are

Hartline / Pruitt

We will only be carrying 5. I believe Egnew will be a Wr/Te. Each of our Te's can play multiple positions. Clay will be the Fb, the kid j.lane is just a camp body. Unless he really shines.

YG, enough of your sterotypical BS comments.

Anyone have thought/comments on why Tannehill never targets his TE's?

I won one/lost one. Where the hell is Saskatoon?

Wasn't the Td at scrimmage to fasano?

Hartline isn't elusive. He's good at a couple things not great at 1. His job was to be the deep threat and he only averaged 15 yds a catch. When he got open. Hartline can't break tackles. And doesn't really go after the ball.

Plus Hartline is In his prime and we know it's nothing to write home about. At best Hartline is a 60 catch 800 yds 5Td's kind of guy. That's OK for ur 3rd or 4th Wr not for a Starter.

How many 1000yd season does Hartline have? Remember he was the starter alongside Marsha not bess

Saskatoon is not bfar from Moose Jaw. Buy a road atlas if you must know more about Saskatchewan, as we are discussing Deborah and her TORONTO ARGONAUTS here, sir!

Yes, I am neat and tidy. Felix was my Great Uncle.

Gary Stevens,

"Hard Kocks", what the heck kind of tv are you watching???

Oscar, Saskatoon is a city in the Province of Saskatchewan. I've been there in the middle of February, cold as fukk. Saskatchewan is an interesting place. Province was almost bankrupt five years ago but it is the home of one of the biggest fertilizer companies in the world in Potash (POT on the NYSE). With the boom in ags over the last five years, it is now a pretty rich province.

Sidebar to this story, I hold Agrium (another fertilizer stock - AGU on the NYSE and the TSX). Held it for the last six months - up 19% in that holding and it's outperformed the TSX by 25% in the same time period. It's a beauty.

good posts mark in toronto

the negativity is why i rarely post here or read posts.

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