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Bunch of guys leaving, some guys coming

The revolving doors that is this time of year is officially turning now.

The Dolphins will cut upwards of 20 guys today and through the weekend. And they'll be bringing in people to complete their 53 man roster.

Wide receiver B.J. Cunningham has been cut. Wide receiver Clyde Gates has been cut. DE Jamaal Westerman has been cut. All come according to Barry Jackson. Linebacker Cameron Collins and Ryan Baker have also been released.

[Update: Wide receiver Roberto Wallace has also been released as has cornerback Quinten Lawrence. I expect Marlon Moore to make the team because, frankly, he's the only deep threat left. Lawrence had a terrible game against the Cowboys but he is a practice squad possibility.]

[Update 2: Linebacker Gary Guyton, offensive lineman Ray Feinga, offensive lineman Chandler Burden and cornerback Vince Agnew have been cut via The Herald's Barry Jackson.]

Update 3: Undrafted free agent Jeff Fuller has been cut. Cornerback Kevyn Scott has been cut.] 

Cunningham is a practice squad possibility. He was a sixth-round pick this year. Gates is a disappointment because he came in the fourth round last year and has not shown any of the "blow the top off the defense" billing that the Dolphins told us about.

Westerman came in free agency from the Jets.

Yesterday the team worked out seven players -- three wide receivers, three cornerbacks and a quarterback:

WRs Donte Stallworth, Brian Tyms and Mike Sims-Walker worked out. Stallworth and Sims-Walker are veteran journeymen. Tyms is a rookie who was with San Francisco but was recently cut.

The cornerbacks?

Rod Hood, recently cut by the St. Louis Rams, Donald Strickland, a street free agent who last played for the New York Jets, and Drew Coleman, who was with the Lions but was placed on injured reserve then released from IR Aug. 23.

The quarterback that had a workout is quarterback Matt Blanchard, a developmental quarterback cut by the Chicago Bears recently.

The Dolphins told all the players they worked out that they would keep them in mind over the next couple of days. That leaves the door open, but doesn't actually let anyone in yet. You know how that is.


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Why isn't TE Egnew being cut like Les Brown was cut? Just because he was a 3rd round pick? He hasn't shown any more promise this camp either, has he?

I didn't see Cooley on that list...when are we working him out????

We can't possibly think Fasano is the answer at TE.....

Is it possible that Gates will be added to the practice squad. Possibly lighting a fire under his butt to get back to dressing on game day like a real player again?

How about Matt Moore?

Westerman LMAO & everyone had their panties wet over practice reports that he mauling 2nd & 3rd teamers. Please really thought he was gonna help the pass rush.

So, who did Ireland sign this year thats still here? Our 4 biggest signings were Steinbach, Ocho, Westerman, and the S from the Vikes(his name escapes me)

None are here. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Other teams sign FA's to fill needs. We sign FA's & cut them.

What a whiff!


This mess we're in is the direct result of Ireland's terrible drafts these last 5 years. Mull these examples over: John Jerry over Jimmy Graham; Koa Misi over Rob Gronkowski; Vontae Davis over Clay Mathews Jr:Daniel Thomas over DeMarco Murray. I could go on and on, great drafting isn't just about the players' you pick, it's just as much about the one's you pass up.Ireland, time and time again has passed over great players' to pick mediocre or bad ones. Oh, I forgot one, a couple years ago we had the chance to draft Jason Piere-Paul and traded out of the position. Amazing!

Good, finally got rid of Wallace. Now, get rid of Marlon Moore too.

End the futile experiment with these scrubs.

Ok. Makes Sense. Hopefully we see some major one's by the end of today

Oh s%$t! Gates and Wallace cut?! Forget about Ross putting Jeff on the hot seat, Philbins putting him over the fire.

Jetf your picks suck and I'm not wasting anymore of this teams time trying to groom them. Cant shine a turd kid!

Ireland provides fellatio to Ross flacid thing, so he will never be cut, unless Ross cut himself something, which seems useless anyway.

Because Egnew is light years ahead of Brown and was a good college player. Thats why.

I blame Philbin more than Ireland for the steps backward in the organization. Not clear to me that Philbin has the makings of a winning head coach --- its a mistake to let a rookie head coach have so much influence over personnel decisions. He does not seem to be the best judge of talent: more interested in manners than gamers.

Kris--I have had just about enough of your stories about goat amputees and lactating great-grandmothers.

Give it ba rest and go bake one of your famous coconut cream pies wearing nothing but a feather boa and vinyl go-go boots.

Whenever I think of Donte Stallworth I think of Joe Theisman for some reason.

Wouldnt be surprised to see both moores on that list today...and EgpeeYou...Hogan may be released only to end back on practice squad...Wonder what futile pick we got from dallas for Ryan Baker???

The truth is,,,,, Im telling you, Philbin is TRYING to get Ireland fired! If Philbin was so worried about a new gm coming in and letting him go he wouldn't be cutting all of Jeffs picks and signings. This is funny as hell to me, great day! Pack your bags Jeff, your time is short!

Ireland should cut his big head. He cannot cut the smaller one since he's dickless.

Wallace was released? I actually thought he was a pretty good acorn. Just a little raw. That dude will land on another team pretty quickly.

Probably New England.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don't mean to belittle anyone but you blame PHILBIN? Not Ireland?! Yikes

It just seems so odd to cut rookies and replace them with cut veterans.

Disgusted Dolphin Fan, we have yet to see how that Thomas/Murray choice works out.

Guyton cut???....thought he was one of the few bright spots in preseason...little surprised by that move

It is on days like today that Jeff Ireland really shines.

I don't think New England signs scrubs nicknamed ankle weights because they cant seperate from rookie dbs.

superPHIN, I haven't read that Baker was traded. Just read he was released, where did you see he was traded.

Superphin baker was cut. Cook was traded for a 7th. Neither were making this team.

Omar is on twitter crying over the player cuts. Sheesh.

Either I would be the worst GM in history or the best GM in history.


Because I disagree with 95% of everything Ireland does.

I'm still a little perplexed as to why he waited until two weeks before the opener to make all these drastic changes.

I said it before and I will say it again....Ireland makes moves out of desperation.

Im not worried about letting wallace go....he's had three years to try and develope and shown little progress...worth the loss, dont see him burning miami in the long run

Why would they cut Guyton? Who out there is better than he was? If they keep Kuddo over him Ireland should be slapped senseless

superPHIN, no that was the surprise, that he was invisible, and made no plays after starting for the Pat's.

This team is a game of musical chairs. Bodies moving in and out with the team getting worse every year LOL

Did you really think they were going to cut their early draft picks before they get a full season? Come on guys think for a second. This doesn't happen in the NFL.

Phins...yea my bad on that, I kept thinking baker for some reson...it was ryan cook..I know this might sound bad in some respect but I actually wouldnt mind taking a look at Dallas WR Danny Coale...kid looks flashy

Truth, get your facts straight. The biggest free agent signings were Solai, McDaniel and Richard Marshal. The chumps you mention were nothing but camp bodies hoping one might stick.

I told you Gates was gone.

Let me summarize something real short for you guys:

Bush and Thomas are going to combine for 2800 yards and 28 TDs between them this year. We will be fine. Tanne will be great. Great year for Fins football.

LOL!!!! Most days I wake up and immediately come to Mando's blog to see what other nonsense Ireland has done overnight.

Its like Anti-Christmas

The Dolphins must be the worst organization in the NFL at evaluating WRs. Good thing we are in a passing league. Another 2 draft picks wasted on Gates and Cunningham. And so long Roberto Wallace.

Good point GAfin.

Yeah superPHIN, Coale has flashed some ability.

How is it that I am a working lawyer who spends 9 hours a day doing my job, no time at practice, and just watch parts of the games, and I know more than Mando?

All one had to do was watch the last game to see that Gates would be cut.

Ireland is in his element now, for sure!

He navigates the treacherous waters of cut-down day like a nuclear sub hurtling towards its target.

Ninja Ireland.........keep on Rockin' dude!


If you go watch the tape on atlanta dress rehearsal (and literally the only game of importance in preseason) you would see that Guyton was all over the field in that game, He deflected 3 passes with almost one being an interception..he had 6 tackles, 3 for losses...and that was against the first string..dont know why you would say the guy didnt show up to play

Let me tell you another thing: 2800 yards and 28 TDs is 2800 yards and 28 TDs. It doesn't matter where it comes from. You don't get extra points for having WRs score instead of RBs.

Just like in the few good Brown/Ricky years, our playmakers happen to be our RBs, Bush and Thomas.

Just watch people.

Ireland was born in a whorehouse that's why he knows much more about prostitutes than players.
Cut this moronic fellow, bring Chucky as GM !

Guyton was the other Ireland signing I was thinking about. He got the axe too!

Westerman, Guyton, Ocho, Steinbach, T. Johnson

0-5! Keep telling me Ireland has done a decent job you homers. This team is talentless. Utterly atrocious talent evaluation!

Until ireland is gone, this team goes nowhere. Teams use FA to fill voids. Ireland uses FA to create more of them.

Trade moore,hartlessline, to g.b. for jones! Matt that is.


So the day AFTER the last game of last season, what was the plan? I thought the plan was to fire the head shed, get a new young head shed, sign quality FA's and draft wisely.

What happened to that plan?!?!?

disgusted, D Thomas was a great pick. watch this year


Ireland might be getting rid of potential cap roadblocks.

Just a hypothesis.

When Ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in laughter.

Truth, get your facts straight. The biggest free agent signings were Solai, McDaniel and Richard Marshal. The chumps you mention were nothing but camp bodies hoping one might stick.

Posted by: GAfin | August 31, 2012 at 10:40 AM

You're a homer, period. I Forgot Marshall. Got me!

So, excuse me, he's 1 for 6.

FYI, McDaniel wasn't resigned this year. Shouldn't you fact check as well?

Ireland cannot evaluate talent. You wanna dispute that? You are in a VERY small minority if you think he can. But, give it a shot!

Last time I checked none of you people know anything about running a team. I bet you couldn't do any better. You can look back and say they should of took this or that guy but, the truth is you never know what your going to get in a player.Philbin has alot more to do with the cuts than you think.

Guys who don't understand cut down day, Ireland is not making these cuts. ALL of the coaches and Ireland are sitting in a room together. Ireland has input today but Philbin gets final say on most cuts. Hes the one coaching these guys. Irelands job is to find players and it has now become joes job to cut all of them. Lol

superPHIN,l I don't know what game you were watching, but the box score shows him with 2 tackles, one of which was an assist, none for losses, and no deflections.

Here's the link to the box score. It's much too easy to check facts these days, quit making things up.


out of those WR i'd sign MSW. he has some troubles but at least has done some good things on the field and isn't very old. seems like ireland is getting rid of parcells stuff. i think ireland has had no control till last year. he's grabbing picks while parcells traded them away for guys like marshall, who was a problem on and off the field. gates was a project when drafted. every team tries this and it doesn't always work out. egnew will get time to see if the lights turn on. he can get open, his problem in his head. i like that we are stockpiling picks. just like the cream of the NFL the pats do. we have enough fire power to get anything we need in the next draft. i like a lot of the guys we have added in the last two off seasons under ireland. bush, moore, marshall, wilson, thomas, pouncey,wilson, tannehill, martin, vernon, miller, samuda, clay, devlin, hogan, guyton, hogan, lane, mathews, root, randall, and thigpen. i think a lot will make the team and some will be on the practice squad. everyone wants to concentrate on the misses but there is a lot of potential and hits in this group. and to that all the extra picks we've stockpiled!!

What kind of loser sits around all day obsessing this much over a stupid, meaningless children's game played by men in tight, satiny pants?

You guys are seriously whack.

A source which is very close to me just told me that Ireland has been cut !!!!!!!!

Sorry guys, I was just having a very plesant dream.

It's sad that we're looking through Detroit and St. Louis's trash at DB. Those teams had the worst secondaries in the league last year.

Looks like a long year, friends. Hopefully they surprise us.

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