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Bunch of guys leaving, some guys coming

The revolving doors that is this time of year is officially turning now.

The Dolphins will cut upwards of 20 guys today and through the weekend. And they'll be bringing in people to complete their 53 man roster.

Wide receiver B.J. Cunningham has been cut. Wide receiver Clyde Gates has been cut. DE Jamaal Westerman has been cut. All come according to Barry Jackson. Linebacker Cameron Collins and Ryan Baker have also been released.

[Update: Wide receiver Roberto Wallace has also been released as has cornerback Quinten Lawrence. I expect Marlon Moore to make the team because, frankly, he's the only deep threat left. Lawrence had a terrible game against the Cowboys but he is a practice squad possibility.]

[Update 2: Linebacker Gary Guyton, offensive lineman Ray Feinga, offensive lineman Chandler Burden and cornerback Vince Agnew have been cut via The Herald's Barry Jackson.]

Update 3: Undrafted free agent Jeff Fuller has been cut. Cornerback Kevyn Scott has been cut.] 

Cunningham is a practice squad possibility. He was a sixth-round pick this year. Gates is a disappointment because he came in the fourth round last year and has not shown any of the "blow the top off the defense" billing that the Dolphins told us about.

Westerman came in free agency from the Jets.

Yesterday the team worked out seven players -- three wide receivers, three cornerbacks and a quarterback:

WRs Donte Stallworth, Brian Tyms and Mike Sims-Walker worked out. Stallworth and Sims-Walker are veteran journeymen. Tyms is a rookie who was with San Francisco but was recently cut.

The cornerbacks?

Rod Hood, recently cut by the St. Louis Rams, Donald Strickland, a street free agent who last played for the New York Jets, and Drew Coleman, who was with the Lions but was placed on injured reserve then released from IR Aug. 23.

The quarterback that had a workout is quarterback Matt Blanchard, a developmental quarterback cut by the Chicago Bears recently.

The Dolphins told all the players they worked out that they would keep them in mind over the next couple of days. That leaves the door open, but doesn't actually let anyone in yet. You know how that is.


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Last time I checked none of you people know anything about running a team.

What exactly ARE Ireland's qualifications? He road Tuna's coattails into the job he currently has.

Ireland isn't worth his weight in cat urine

If ya like Ireland you must be a Jests fan.

The guy went from scout to GM.

That's like going from janitor to principle.

no surprises--but how about this......trade a 4th and Moore for James Jones, and sign any other decent vet WR who becomes available (Stallworth, Gaffney......dont care who)--who wouldnt feel more comfortable immediately with a group of Bess, Jones, Stallworth (or whoever) and Hartline when healthy?--doesnt wow anybody, but definitely a big upgrade over where we are today.

How's that "We're not rebuilding" statement from the front office sound now? Let's face it, we are and have been a rebuilding project for some time now. It's just that this front office is not very good at it.

Fisher has the Rams lookin good.

Posted by: mike | August 31, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Guyton did almsot intercept 2 passes against the Atl 1st team O. I saw it with my own eyes.

He had his hands on 2 of them.

Jaison I would agree with you if the players being cut werent mostly players acquired in the past two seasons including free agents signed only months ago. Philbin and sherm are cutting the losers.

meaning "Matt Moore", not Marlon......keep Garrard and hope he's healthy enough to play if needed in a couple of weeks.....still have Devlin and maybe pick up another vet QB--Matt Moore coupled with a mid round pick has some value.

Last time I checked none of you people know anything about running a team. I bet you couldn't do any better. You can look back and say they should of took this or that guy but, the truth is you never know what your going to get in a player.Philbin has alot more to do with the cuts than you think.

Posted by: k | August 31, 2012 at 10:50 AM

K as much as your point might resinate some resemblence of truth there...keep in mind that most experts and NFL executives have scratched their heads over the direction of this team the past four years and some are light years ahead of Irefiend in terms of General Management thus in the product we see and how the bad desicions(or ? marks) mostly override most of our good picks ones since Irefiend took over so if you want to criticize, thats fine, but please dont go bagging on people that have been tired of the same lousy team over the past 15 years and counting on wanting better results then what they are showing....

If You have a problem with...DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Ireland's right that we arent rebuilding. We're still self destructing.



"Manners" could be more important than "gamers" for building a winning team.

Last week one of my workmates was incapable of finishing his task. Nobody saw it as important or affecting their stuff. As I've finished my assignments, I offered to help him, as a polite gesture and assuming it won't take more than an hour.

Little I knew about the potential side-effects of his failure. Three very talented members of our office almost lost their jobs as the mentioned assignment was to make-up some results of a previous project.

It was a real life example that could be translated into sports life. Once you care and can trust in your teammates, communication can flux and that lead to common efforts. One wrong piece and the efforts of the gifted might end wrong.

TEAM was no I, and manners reflex an effort to make things in the best way.

We're sick of seeing good gamers being wasted in South Florida. Well lets see what good manners can bring.

It will need patience, 2012 will be ugly to watch. A new offense, new defense, new philosophy and rookie QB are hard to setup in short time.

Have a nice day!

leland, gimme a break.....who didnt know we were rebuilding 3 months ago?--disregard the company line from the front office (and every teams FO for that matter)--what do expect them to say?......just look at the reality, at the roster......rebuilding, but thats been the case for months.

The truth is, almost, almost......but he didn't.

Oh he didn't do that either, that would have counted as a pass defended. That what PD means. Don't change your name, that's stupid.

As for Ross, Jones praises him as the ideal owner for a franchise in his league.

“He’s totally motivated at making the NFL everything it can be – growing the pie, growing the interest," Jones said.

In other words, making money and not winning superbowls.

how about some half intelligent comments please, instead of banging Ireland.....we get it already, most fans agree he's hasnt done a great job.....come up with something reasonable instead of killing Ireland.....gettin old

Watch the game Mike.....I know I did....Box Scores arent always 100% accurate..especially in preseason when so many new faces are out there every other series....

My confidence in Philbin has just grown immensely. These were cuts that NEEDED to be made. These were players that would have been on the team last year for probably many Seasons before someone realized they weren't productive. This opens up spots for young players, or FA's, but most importantly, it means Miami isn't a place where crap players languish for years and years. If you ain't good enough, then peace out, have a good one.

THAT'S how we should have been run, I'm glad we have a HC who FINALLY knows when to pull the trigger. Great job Joe!

cant the fake BPA at the 10:57 post come up with something better than that?--more original at least?

They aren't going to miss two(2)dos PD's. Please don't make things up, make you look bad.

The truth is, almost, almost......but he didn't.
Posted by: mike | August 31, 2012 at 10:58 AM

You missed the broader point which is not surprising.

The game book you posted says he didn't even have a deflection. I was validating that he did. In fact he had 2. Passes defensed or deflections whatever they call them.

Perhaps you should watch Miami games, not read about them?


I heard on ESPN that Miami traded Baker for a late round pick? Can u confirm this?

phins78- a lot of guys signed in the offseason are training camp bodies. you start with 90 guys, not all of them can be draft picks and RFA's you need some vets too. a lot had almost ZERO chance of making the 53 man roster!!

a lot of people on here either have zero common sense or no knowledge what so ever about training camp. a lot of thoe cut vets cost us nothing. the were here so we could put 2 sets of teams on the field during camp. the pats signed stall worth and the other vet and both got cut. do you think pats fans are crying about BB cutting proven vets?? every team cuts nearly half of their opening camp roster!!! get over t!!

They aren't going to miss two(2)dos PD's. Please don't make things up, make you look bad.

Posted by: mike | August 31, 2012 at 11:05 AM

And please, don't accuse him of being me or me being him. If you've been on this blog you've seen me post & supherphin.

No need to resort to childish accusations. I will leave it at this then you can go on your way.

WATCH THE GAME INSTEAD OF READING ABOUT IT. You may find it more enlightening.

I did watch the saw nothing of that, not mention in the Herald or Sun Sentiel, not in the box score in either Yahoo, or ESPN. Didn't happen. Check your eyes.

Ireland is a waterboy.

The broader point is he did nothing and he got cut. Period.

The team has given up and thrown in the towel on the 2012 season. The fans should also.

Obviously you didnt watch the game and pay close attention...maybe he wasnt credited with 6 tackles..but he sure as hell had a part in bringing them down and If you did watch the game, you would know he had 2 deflections and one clearly that was close to being picked off on matt ryan in the 1st qtr....

Rod Hood? The Dolphins are trying guys who weren't even good enough to play for the Rams? That's how far this team has fallen.

Funny, 2 people saw what Mike didn't.

And he's asking others to check their eyes?


hey Mike, the stats on NFL.com only list Tackles, Assists & Forced fumbles.

In preseason, apparently NFL.com doesn't even track passes defensed or deflections. So, I guess you're right they aren't listed there, because they don't even track them.

What to lose all credibility in trying to make a non existent observation rooted in fantasy!



Glad to see Gates gone. He was terrible! I am an idiot, I picked Wallace as my break through WR and said he would start this year for Miami. Wow, was I wrong. I have hope for Jeff Fuller now. Another pipe dream of hope lol.

A little suprised to see Guyton go with his versatility play inside and outside but Spitler has been good in preseason and I havent seen Kaddu do crap but maybe he did something Im unaware of or maybe he gets cut and Miami sign someone elses trash.

whatever mike.....I dont give a sh%t what you honestly believe or say...I simply stated that it was a surprise to see guyton cut when obviously he wasnt the worse player that was picked up in the offseason

Cook's trade gives us a 7th that we can trade to another team for a guy thats going to be cut and possibly land on the 7 teams below us on the waiver wire. Small move but it isn't really for next year's draft it's to poach a player...similar to the Bush trade last year. If Cook was gonna get cut then why not, good move even if it is miniscule.

I was talkings alls the preseasons about hows Jamaal Westerman was goings to make sa teams. Ooppsay.

superPHIN, you really don't know much do you, an assist is assisting the person making the initial contact on the ball carrier. He was credited with 1. That one assist is added to the one solo tackle he made, to be credited a total of 2 tackles, one solo, one assist.

Mike, If you read any post of mine, I think ireland's signings have been useless. He deserves to be cut.

The point I'm trying to make is that you lied about watching the game because the statbook showed he didn't have a pass break up.

You didn't take into account the statbook sin preseason don't track those stats & post them after the game.

If you DID watch the game, you'd wouldn't be fighting this. You lost credibility. You were caugh in a lie. Man up & move on.


even the homers know we stink lol

He was cut because he did nothing to make the team keep him. Then you lied about how he performed against Atl. One thing I can't stand are posters who lie,

Mike, so what your saying is if the guy doesnt make the tackle himself...he's useless to the team even if by way it helps the other player look good on paper and stat boxes*lmao*.....thats logical, and I pay more attention to whats going on in REAL time meaning when the games are played than googling a stat line that might be inaccurate in evaluating a players performance...just sayin!!!

"This team stinks". .....Reggie Bush

He was cut because he did nothing to make the team keep him. Then you lied about how he performed against Atl. One thing I can't stand are posters who lie,
Posted by: mike | August 31, 2012 at 11:23 AM

If you watched the game, you would have stopped talking a LONG time ago.

Guyton had his hands on 2 almost int's in that game.

The only 1 lying is you. About watching the game that is.

Now please, stfu!

Guyton looked like a good backup, especially because we know Dansby will be injured or on the bench due to something nagging him. The only cut so far that's a little puzzling

They do take those stats into account, look at the box score, it's calls box score btw, passes defended one by Sean Smith, one by Nolan Carroll. These are office NFL stats, kept by NFL offices paid for by the home team, and used to quantify the play of player. What tools do you think coaches use to evaluate players.

Oh and you're an idiot, how can you say I didn't watch the game, were you in my living room. NO. Are you stupid or what. Don't accuse me of lying when it's very obvious that's what you are doing.

jack sparrow asked why all of these moves were just made instead of weeks ago? really? you cannot make this stuff up. rosters get trimmed at specified dates and he wants to know why they are just happening? LOL

Guyton is actually an outside LB. can slide inside but is less effective.

..Andy in NJ..I was wrong about Wallace as well..Thought he was going to be our best reciever.

So today where are all the these were good "depth" signing people that were stroking Irelands every move during free agency..I'm sure you all remember the debate..My point was that we could have brought in anyone and people would have said "Good move..brought in for depth" The ol' support the team no matter how you really feel line we read here so often.

I'm not gloating, in fact this sucks. But my point the whole time was this team will be stuck in nuetral while or GM keeps bringing in "depth" guys...We can't have any freekin depth if our number ones stink..Make sense?? You can still be a fan, you can still love the team and be critical. Not every move has to be brilliant one when none of us really know who these guys were.

Sh*t .....*lol* why even have NFL scouts if all they have to do is NOT watch the game and google player stats all day....makes their jobs pretty much worthless..

Irescum is a worthless, classless POS

Jamaaaaal Westerman was ina my safe zones in myes articles yesterdays, what has happeneds. I knows all, my mobs thinks so twos.

Gots to goes and right and articles on players who still haves dreads locks.

Do you know how to read, I said a tool. Have you thought that they may have more than one tool. Quit being stupid.

Here is the broader question.

What good are picks if you end up cutting the players the very next year?

In my mind, if you have 15 some odd picks, at least half of them should stay on the team. If 95% are cut, THEN YOUR DRAFT SKILLS SUCK DONKEY DONGS.

So, let me get this straight....

Most of you hated the product on the field & thought we really sucked as a team. But, when they start cutting players and try to make the team better, you're whining and screaming "Off With Their Heads!"

A General Manager can only evaluate talent & potential. A Head Coach can only "Coach-'Em-Up" and try to bring that potential out. It's up to the players to show their skills, heart, and football savvy on the field during games. A lot of these guys looked great in practice, but were lost in Pre-season games. And, there may be more talented players available this weekend. Plus, there's nothing that says they can't be brought back in and signed.

The Pats do this, by the way...

And, if it makes this team better (and it should), I'm all for it!

I didnt watch the game, but mike im sorry to say you sound like an overused tool

please be quiet


If Gates is gone, so too should Ireland. This was his big pick. How is Ireland not accountable for his lack of talent evaluation? Why stock up on future picks when he can't pick?!

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