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Bunch of guys leaving, some guys coming

The revolving doors that is this time of year is officially turning now.

The Dolphins will cut upwards of 20 guys today and through the weekend. And they'll be bringing in people to complete their 53 man roster.

Wide receiver B.J. Cunningham has been cut. Wide receiver Clyde Gates has been cut. DE Jamaal Westerman has been cut. All come according to Barry Jackson. Linebacker Cameron Collins and Ryan Baker have also been released.

[Update: Wide receiver Roberto Wallace has also been released as has cornerback Quinten Lawrence. I expect Marlon Moore to make the team because, frankly, he's the only deep threat left. Lawrence had a terrible game against the Cowboys but he is a practice squad possibility.]

[Update 2: Linebacker Gary Guyton, offensive lineman Ray Feinga, offensive lineman Chandler Burden and cornerback Vince Agnew have been cut via The Herald's Barry Jackson.]

Update 3: Undrafted free agent Jeff Fuller has been cut. Cornerback Kevyn Scott has been cut.] 

Cunningham is a practice squad possibility. He was a sixth-round pick this year. Gates is a disappointment because he came in the fourth round last year and has not shown any of the "blow the top off the defense" billing that the Dolphins told us about.

Westerman came in free agency from the Jets.

Yesterday the team worked out seven players -- three wide receivers, three cornerbacks and a quarterback:

WRs Donte Stallworth, Brian Tyms and Mike Sims-Walker worked out. Stallworth and Sims-Walker are veteran journeymen. Tyms is a rookie who was with San Francisco but was recently cut.

The cornerbacks?

Rod Hood, recently cut by the St. Louis Rams, Donald Strickland, a street free agent who last played for the New York Jets, and Drew Coleman, who was with the Lions but was placed on injured reserve then released from IR Aug. 23.

The quarterback that had a workout is quarterback Matt Blanchard, a developmental quarterback cut by the Chicago Bears recently.

The Dolphins told all the players they worked out that they would keep them in mind over the next couple of days. That leaves the door open, but doesn't actually let anyone in yet. You know how that is.


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Ben Volin reports Legedu Naanee made the team! Congrats Legedu!

..Hard Knocks this week should be sweet..I bet Clyde Gates is a featured cut. Can't wait to see that

We desperately need a great young WR. How about offering our top pick next year for Dez Btyant?

Someone please tell ireland to forget about acquiring draft picks & to start acquiring players to help our offense & our secondary. The play of this team in preseason has been an embarrassment.

Im done arguing with you mike.....Go watch the game again...

As far as naanee goes...that only goes to show that their not going to make a seriuos trade for a reliable reciever....this guy has been a ZERO in preseason and should have been the 1st WR cut!!!

Matt Barkley will be a Dolphin.

It is what it is. If I sound that way, it's fine with me. But I despise liars.

Watch the game yourself. Maybe you'll learn something.

"If your fans are excited about you adding players from the WAIVER WIRE one week before the regular season as an upgrade, you're a bad team."

Was this even necessary to say, Mr. Benedict Armando? Your "objectivity" always smacks of negative bias. If you ever wonder why the team doesn't want to talk to you, just read some of your own posts.

Don't worry, ESPN is always looking for the next hairdo, so your time in "purgatory" will be over before too long...not soon enough for me, you disgruntled goof...

I did....U obviously didnt!!!

Dolphins not finished making moves I hope, The 3 young GB receivers looked really good last night. Two of them probably could be top 3/4 receivers here.


If you dont like the hard cold truth presented, then go somewhere else and convince yourself this team can play their way into the playoffs with waiver wire pickups

Dolphins cut Fuller. Things looking good for 7-11 Hogan!

This is other Mike, I don't hold out much hope for the team. My hope left after the Atl game. But it should be interesting to see what they do these next 4 days.

Wow 7/11 didn't play in the 1st half of any game, and little in the 2nd 1/2 of except the last game.

jack sparrow asked why all of these moves were just made instead of weeks ago? really? you cannot make this stuff up. rosters get trimmed at specified dates and he wants to know why they are just happening? LOL

Posted by: kevin | August 31, 2012 at 11:31 AM

You sure that's what JackSparrow said? Or did JackSparrow say why announce a rebuild two weeks before the season opener? Why not announce and signal a rebuild the day AFTER the last game of last season.

Maybe whoever is guytons backup is is playing at the same level at a cheaper price? Or understands the playbook better? Gettin rid of wallace makes me think ireland and co. think they can sign a guy being released that is near the same size who can actually run.and catch. Kinda knew that was coming after being dubbed ankle weights.

This is a great day for the Dolphins and Jeff Ireland. There are a lot of acorns out there to be gathered.

Dear Jeff Ireland,

I'd like to point out I was not a fan of taking Clyde Gates in the 4th rd from the moment you selected him (if you need evidence check Armando's 2011 Live Draft Blog post).

Told you so.

Have any O-linemen been cut. They have to cut a few...............right.

Certainly not the time to make any conclusions(practice squad), still, interesting to see some of these cuts.

A 13-19 record in two DEMANDS that Ireland announce and signal rebuild LAST YEAR, RIGHT AFTER THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON.

He didn't. Instead, he cut Marshall for picks which didn't pan out. Cut Davis for picks which won't pan out. Cut quality players to make room for cut un-quality veterans. Shopping all our good quality veterans in search of more picks he will just pizz away. Why not do all this LAST YEAR AFTER THE LAST GAME OF LAST SEASON?

This guy is a joke GM.

Keep in mind that all of these personnel errors are not the fault of Jeff Ireland.

Can't believe anything that's flying around now(Matt Moore traded). Have to wait.

Andy, is looking at Lion or Ram DB castoffs any worse than looking at Patriot WR castoffs?
Neiter Gaffney nor Stallworth made a weak Patsie receiver group... Yet if we sign either one, our group is immediately improved.... scary.

I remember earlier this year when Ireland was forced to come out of his cave to answer about losing out on Fisher and Manning, dismissing Flynn, and the fans protest. He asked for our patience. We have a plan in place, he said. Let it all play out, he said. Now that the season is about to start, he is rummaging through other teams' dumpsters looking for more acorns. Is this the grand plan you had all along, Ireland? You think looking for rejects to fill critical holes will get us to the Super Bowl, Ireland?

tyrell johnson is the safety.
didnt miami sign marshall who beat out v. davis at corner so they were able to get a 2nd round pick (and 6th) for him? Isn't naanee who is currently the WR starter a free agent? just checking

I will tell you right now. A lot of fans had SOME hope after the team rallied and won 6 of 9 of their last 9 games.


Jeff cuts Marshall
Jeff drafts a 4th round rookie at 8
Jeff waits until TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE SEASON to announce and signal a rebuild.

Horrible horrible horrible!!!!!!!!!

Thing with Brandon and Vontae is this. You don't have to like a person to work well with a person. Jeff just gets rid of people instead of being a leader of a team.

Horrible horrible horrible GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JackSparrow :

Why not do all this LAST YEAR AFTER THE LAST GAME OF LAST SEASON? Well that's Jeff Ireland being Jeff Ireland.

Mr. Ireland is incompatible with Joe Philbin, but Philbin acted too classy, avoiding to admit that openly.Jeff Ireland lacks of manners and his supposed gifts as talent-seeker are questionable by saying the least.

I expect Mr. Ross to demote him or even fire him once Philbin presents him a staff of talented draft scouts.

"ArmandoSalguero While everyone is focused on wide receivers, I believe the Dolphins need MORE help at cornerback. Only three on the roster now."

Three CB's on the roster & the 3rd CB is Nolan Carroll. Forget FA. Forget the draft. Let's build this team through the waiver wire!!!

The people on here who have defended Ireland are right--he's doing a really good job on his own the last two years since Parcells bolted.

Marshall was a head case on and off the who dropped passes and would NEVER make it on Philin team. Good riddance.

VD. Just immature. He never progressed on field. A little slow upstairs for this staff. Non-starter. Great trade.

Next, big mouth, over weight Dansby. But, no until next year unless some team is really desperate for 8 mill overrated MLB.

We did not see much of 7/11 because just like Sherman said in week one of HK..."he's like a secret weapon".
Exactly...we don't want the Pats or Jets defenses to get a look at him...I like it.

Like I said before...he's gonna be the new version of Wes Welker.

BTW...Clyde Gates was a total waste of time & effort.

Jeff Ireland has his eye on several Michael Egnew type players soon to be available. This is how a roster is built. The chess master is in the house!

WRs cut:
Cunningham, Gates, Wallace, Fuller

Who's left?:
Bess, Naanee, Moore, Hogan, Hartline, Matthews, *Thigpen

-except for Naanee, these would be my choices. I'd go Fuller and Cunningham practice squad. Would've kept Pruitt. Thigpen plays tweener roles.

Surprises? Guyton got cut (but he didn't play well last game).

"When Ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in laughter.
Posted by: Mike | August 31, 2012 at 10:49 AM "

the rest of the story, teams then realized the 6 and 7th round picks traded for d. thomas was actually not bad considering all that new orleans gave up to draft m. ingram. thomas rushed for more yards than m. ingram who idiot fans on this board were ready to mutiny that miami didnt draft him at pick 15. LOL, m. ingram. the draft room is still laughing about that pick.

The trade of Marshall seems worse by looking at the receivers on the roster. It seems like 40 out of the 53 players on the roster are backups no playmakers on either side of the ball. Free agents like Guyton and Johnson have been cut so who is evaluating the talent?

Ireland drafted a 4th round rookie at 8? Your Matt Moore bromance is showing....how did he fair this preseason playing against scrubs? Now please make rational comments JackSparrow/Odin, you know you're just trying to stir the pot.

Two drafts (at least) on Ireland right?

Someone please tell me how many picks and extra picks has Ireland gathered in those two years?


Cut down day is supposed to be difficult. Tough choices to me made but every cut other than Guyton (which I don't agree with) has been pretty easy. I don't care that Kaddu was drafted in the 5th round. He's going to just be cut next year along with Egnew anyway. Might as well keep a player like Guyton who can actually contribute this year. Whatever.....

The Dolphins are talking trade with the Redskins for receiver Anthony Armstrong.

"We did not see much of 7/11 because just like Sherman said in week one of HK..."he's like a secret weapon".
Exactly...we don't want the Pats or Jets defenses to get a look at him...I like it.

Like I said before...he's gonna be the new version of Wes Welker."

I'm sure that's it. If I were the Texans secondary I'd be scared sh#tless by now. Give me a break....

kevin, thank you Kevin. Btw we actually only traded 2 picks, the 6th and 7th picks. We exchanged our 3 for their 2. So in essence we were only out the 2 lower round picks.

Why hasn't matt moore been traded yet?


Armandillo has had the same negative smack for years. Said the same thing after 2007, and we went 11-5 in '08. Do I think we are going to have a good season? Probably not. However, if your goal was to sing the national anthem, and right before you go on, I stand there and say REPEATEDLY "you're gonna choke! you're gonna choke!", am I doing you any favors?

Some people like to wear the "cold, hard truth" like a badge of honor..."look at me, my team sucks"...you are obviously one of those people. Maybe if we had a few more positive posts, perhaps we could win over a few more fans which may translate to more filled seats at Sunlife. You'd rather wallow in the misery...awesome...there's some cold, hard truth...

All our current and former best players have been disrespected in some way by Jeff Ireland.

Jeff is a Brownshirt Nazi doing Hitlers hatchet man job. The man has zero leadership ability. He uses brute force and mindless reckless abandonment when running this team.

Philbin is a sock puppet glad he's not already on the chopping block for Ross and Ireland's ineptitude.

Ireland flies by the seat of his pants with every move he makes. The guy is playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE with this team, his draft picks and the fans.

Mando is reporting that we're trying to trade for Anthony Armstrong??? Oh that would help. He had 7 catches last year & is 29 years old.

steve slaton for anthony armstrong trade is in the works. we are deep at RB and armstrong can be that deep threat we need.

Jack Sparrow,

You think Tannehill is not a good player? He looks good to me so far. A 4th rounder? Wow! Talk about no objectivity.

Dullphins headed for the trash heap, who should they suck for this year? And they even blew that chance!

"steve slaton for anthony armstrong trade is in the works. we are deep at RB and armstrong can be that deep threat we need."


Can't we just trade Ireland for an unconditional 7th????

Jack, you are playing hookie from 7th grade?


They put Pruitt on IR. Not sure what the problem is but he's not healthy.

I'm fine with the guys they cut. Guyton's a surprise to me, unless they have a deal with him to bring him back after week 1 and not guarantee his contract. I would have kept him for dpeth purposes or if they were to trade Dansby at some point. Wallace is BY FAR the biggest disappointment to me. Guy should have been able to step up this year and didn't. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Gates? How ya feeling today? Still happy with what you contributed in camp and think you made the team....MORON!


Again, why do you post here and hate Armando if you think he is always negative??, you are not under any obligation to stay and force your views on something that isnt neccessarily wrong or right on someone else's opinion. This team has been far more miserable in the past few years than promising and I for one wont hate people for being fed up and stating the obvious truth of the situation regarding this team.

"Packers waived WR Tori Gurley.
Teams in need of wideout help should have their ears perked up. Gurley was a darling of the practice squad last season and the offseason program this year. The 6'4/232 South Carolina product was simply buried in the Packers' deep receiving corps."
Source: Rob Demovsky on Twitter
Aug 31 - 12:27 PM

Tell Ireland to put the phone down. This makes a LOT more sense than trading for Anthony Armstrong. Assuming a team ahead of us doesn't claim him on waivers that is.

JackSparrow -
I'm OK with a second pick for Davis. What I'm not OK with is who the GM is that will be using the pick.

Moore is a FA next season. Even if he wasn't what would he be worth right now in trade. Conditional 7th rounder? So his trade worth is about nil. Devlin would be worth more in trade. I wanted to trade him before camp (worth maybe a 4th?), but got yelled at by readers. Hindsight sucks.

Does Garrard make it through the day? Maybe if they trade Matt Moore. But does that makes sense? Garrard is likely still two weeks away. Isn't even able to put weight on the knee yet. And Devlin's going to be the rookie's backup right off the bat. Not sure I love that idea. Could they get a 5th for Moore? Is it worth it?

Can't blame Philbin.. This is his first year. Got to give him some time.. He's only been involved in drafting a few guys.. All these guys are Ireland, Sporano & Parcells picks through draft, trade or free agency..Finally getting rid of some useless bodies that have been taking up alot of space.. Looking forward to a couple of trades.. We have too many RB's, need to trade either Miller or Thomas for a WR..

You know what I really think is going on.

Ross and Ireland are gutting this team to make Tannehill not look like a bust.

The whole season will be blamed on the rebuild, instead of Tanne just sucking.

After two or three years, you monkey humpers will forget we wasted a first round pick on a fourth round player.

...@12:48, meant trade Moore not Devlin.

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