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Bunch of guys leaving, some guys coming

The revolving doors that is this time of year is officially turning now.

The Dolphins will cut upwards of 20 guys today and through the weekend. And they'll be bringing in people to complete their 53 man roster.

Wide receiver B.J. Cunningham has been cut. Wide receiver Clyde Gates has been cut. DE Jamaal Westerman has been cut. All come according to Barry Jackson. Linebacker Cameron Collins and Ryan Baker have also been released.

[Update: Wide receiver Roberto Wallace has also been released as has cornerback Quinten Lawrence. I expect Marlon Moore to make the team because, frankly, he's the only deep threat left. Lawrence had a terrible game against the Cowboys but he is a practice squad possibility.]

[Update 2: Linebacker Gary Guyton, offensive lineman Ray Feinga, offensive lineman Chandler Burden and cornerback Vince Agnew have been cut via The Herald's Barry Jackson.]

Update 3: Undrafted free agent Jeff Fuller has been cut. Cornerback Kevyn Scott has been cut.] 

Cunningham is a practice squad possibility. He was a sixth-round pick this year. Gates is a disappointment because he came in the fourth round last year and has not shown any of the "blow the top off the defense" billing that the Dolphins told us about.

Westerman came in free agency from the Jets.

Yesterday the team worked out seven players -- three wide receivers, three cornerbacks and a quarterback:

WRs Donte Stallworth, Brian Tyms and Mike Sims-Walker worked out. Stallworth and Sims-Walker are veteran journeymen. Tyms is a rookie who was with San Francisco but was recently cut.

The cornerbacks?

Rod Hood, recently cut by the St. Louis Rams, Donald Strickland, a street free agent who last played for the New York Jets, and Drew Coleman, who was with the Lions but was placed on injured reserve then released from IR Aug. 23.

The quarterback that had a workout is quarterback Matt Blanchard, a developmental quarterback cut by the Chicago Bears recently.

The Dolphins told all the players they worked out that they would keep them in mind over the next couple of days. That leaves the door open, but doesn't actually let anyone in yet. You know how that is.


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Trading for Armstrong is like the Rockets signing Jeremy Lin. You already had him and let him go only to spend unneccessarily to acquire him again. Lol. Only in Miami.

Craig M,
We could've managed a 5th for Moore if he played great in pre-season, and agreed to an extension.
But he played blah, so... doubt he's worth a water-boy right now to anyone.
Who'd want him?
GB as back-up?

If we had a compitent gm, we wouldn't be sifting thru these cast-a-way receivers. Owner is incompetent. Coach is still green and surounded by morans (gm and owner). Draft just ended and we are searching thru other teams' "scraps". THIS CYCLE WON'T CHANGE UNTIL IRELAND IS FIRED.If we had a compitent gm, we wouldn't be sifting thru these cast-a-way receivers. Owner is incompetent. Coach is still green and surounded by morans (gm and owner). Draft just ended and we are searching thru other teams' "scraps". THIS CYCLE WON'T CHANGE UNTIL IRELAND IS FIRED.

JackSparrow, quit call people Nazis, that just not cool.


I think you're right on Moore. Add to it the fact that he's an UFA next year and there's not much value there. I could see Arizona being interested or perhaps a team like GB as a backup should Rodgers get hurt. Probably a 6th or 7th is the best we could expect.

I disagree that Devlin could bring back a 4th. This kid has come a long way in my mind but he's not worth anything close to a 4th at this point in time.


Aramandocious is a reporter...not a fan. Sadly, he is also the most notable voice in regards to Dolphin reporting and his writing, for better or worse, carries weight. He has no objectivity left! He is sick of reporting on the Dolphins constant problems, as much as we are sick of watching a mediocre product on the field year in and year out.

However, when a reporter gets burnt out, he loses his objectivity. When a reporter loses his objectivity, he loses his value. When he loses his value, he becomes a liability. When he becomes a liability, he needs to go.

...Wait, this could be a good DirecTV commercial...

Craig M,
Did I say Devlin would bring a 4th? Don't think so, but if I did, I'm wrong. 6th tops, maybe 7th.
But not advocating trading him at all.
nor Moore at this point.
Wonder if anyone needs a semi-retired busted knee QB?

yeah, I was vague when I was saying to trade the guy before camp. I meant Moore but didn't specify, and I corrected that a few posts later.


Got you now. Yeah I agree with you, I'd keep Moore and Devlin too. Actually I've really turned around on Devlin. I didn't rate this guy at all when we added him and he's come a long way in a short period of time. I actually think this guy could have some value on the market in a year or two. This is how GB does business.

With the deadline to the 53 man roster quickly approaching, check out all the cuts and possible trades, and pick ups the Dolphins have been involved with at

we are in trouble, the offense is without a deep threat and this west coast offense lacks a tough-guy powerback. so when houston comes to town and their recievers humiliate our secondary, the hope is that we will move the chains and be able to sustain drives to answer with a touchdown. this might happen, maybe, just maybe if daniel thomas gets his head out of his A**, but if philbin feels obligated to reggie and in turn plays reggie as the every down back, we are only going to see what we have seen last year, an endless highlight reel of tackles for loss. this will NOT give us those sustained drives that will be needed given our secondary is bound to forfit the most TD'S in dolphins history. oh boy.

we need lots of pieces, and maybe vontae was trouble, so if we use that 2nd rounder for a cornerback that is a considerable upgrade, who isn't a problem, i'll be fine with that. i'm sad to see that roberto wallace wasn't given the oppourtunity to beef up the depth in the secondary, i was hoping he could transition to defensive back.

the linebackers that substituded for dansby and burnett did a respectable job, of the three(spitler, trusniak, and collins), i was surprised to see that collins was released, i thought he looked pretty good, and wasn't he just drafted in april?

i was surprised to see jeff fuller released, and i'm hoping that rishard mathews is not a casualty, rishard plays with attitude, he plays tough, he looks like he should be wearing a steelers uniform.

A lot of these guys are late round picks or undrafted guys. I'm not too surprised by most of these names.

Les Brown had problems blocking but could catch the football. Fasano can block but can't catch a football....yet we kept that Cowboy's hazbeen and pay him over $3 mil this year???

in their best years ever, Ricky and Ronnie never combined for more than 20 TD's.
What have you been smoking?
Oh, you're a TROLL?
Sorry, I actually thought you were serious.

Posted by: k | August 31, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Agreed, we fans have the advantage of hindsight, but a PAID, PROFESSIONAL GN SHOULD have the advantage of talent, experience, knowledge, common sense, and intuition.
It is painfully obvious Ireland possess none of these qualities. He operates on bluster,
like his former boss, who USED to have the gift.

I believe Ireland's Republican Army jokingly remarked that Hartline was one of the top "gets" of Ireland.
While good, Hartline would probably not start on 3/4 of the NFL teams, certainly not as anything but a 3rd option.
The guy falls down too much, usually without any help.

Posted by: Craig M | August 31, 2012 at 01:02 PM

Craig, a curious comment. WHY would Green Bay, a WCO team take a guy like Matt Moore, who couldn't play the WCO at Miami, and gets sacked and fumbles at an alarming rate.
Makes no sense, sir.

Why did they cut Hogan. He is the only one that can get open. He is the next Wes Welker. I hope the Patriots dont read this post and pick up Hogan because Fins fans will be disappointed for years just like when we let Wes Welker go.

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