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Johnson's behavior puts Philbin, Dolphins on trial

Chad Johnson was arrested on a misdeameanor domestic violence charge Saturday when police said he head-butted his wife Evelyn Lozada. And while the wife's cooperation and various legal wranglings will determine if Johnson will ever go on trial for the charge, the episode does guarantee one trial immediately.

Today, the Dolphins and their new coach are on trial.

This is not a trial of law or justice. This one will be a trial to see if Dolphins coach Joe Philbin means what he says and whether his words can be believed or not.

You see, the irony of Johnson's arrest is that it comes in the same week when Philbin already warned the player that he had to meet a certain standard of conduct to remain on the team.

Philbin was displeased that Johnson conducted what I have termed the most bizarre press conference in Dolphins history -- complete with multiple F-bombs, painted nails, talk of porn, and other ridiculousness.

That led Philbin to have a private heart-to-heart with Johnson. Except as the Dolphins are the subject of this summer's Hard Knocks series on HBO, the private conversation was captured in all its apparent lengthy discomfort for national cable airing.

And later, Philbin told Hard Knocks that unless Johnson fell into line he was in jeopardy of losing his job.

And then Philbin made the point to the rest of the media that he promised club owner Stephen Ross to run the organization in a certain way and that if people became an embarrassment for the organization, they wouldn't be part of the program.

Remember all that?

Philbin's words:

"Everybody's different," he said. "We want to let guys be themselves. However, we think everybody has an obligation to get on board with the program. I told Mr. Ross we were going to have men that represented themselves in the right way on and off the field. And that's important to me. It's important to our staff. I believe it's important to our owner that we do things the right way."

The "right way" has so far eluded Johnson. He's embarrassed the coach with that press conference. And now he's embarrassed himself and the organization by getting arrested. And for hitting a woman, no less.

And so the trial begins. No, not Johnson's trial, but Philbin's.

Is the coach going to keep Johnson on the team? Is he going to let this slide? Or is he going to cut the player on the spot. As early as today?

I'm certain Philbin can say he's going to wait to let the legal issue work itself out and hide behind the idea that Johnson will likely not be prosecuted -- this is a guess because usually spouses decline to cooperate with authorities and the issue disappears. Also, this is Johnson's apparent first offense in the local judicial system.

So the Dolphins can simply kinda sorta look the other way and let this thing blow over and keep Johnson. They've done it before, indeed many teams get away with this tact all the time. Guys beat up their wives or girlfriends and the teams separate themselves from the issue in the name of letting the law handle the matter. Then high-priced attorneys make the matter go away and the athlete keeps his job because the team is able to say it won't punish the athlete when the legal system didn't.

Happens all the time.

So Philbin and the Dolphins can probably go this route as many organizations and coaches often do to save face.

Or ...

Is the coach going to prove that his words are not just lip service? Is the coach going to actually do what he has said -- which is to weed out the idiots? Is Philbin going to cut Johnson for sullying the name of the Dolphins on multiple occasions in a one-week span?

Such a move would send a strong message. It would tell the rest of the locker room that coach isn't going to put up with this kind of behavior, particularly if you're barely hanging on as it is. It would send the message to fans and media that Philbin can be believed when he says something because put to the test, he did what he said he'd do.

So today could be a telling day.

Joe Philbin and the Dolphins have a choice. They are on trial. Chad Johnson's behavior put them there.

Now we watch for a verdict.




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Once, the great Muhammad Ali was asked what was Mike Tyson's greatest flaw. He pointed with his index finger to his head while mouthing the word N.

Crocodile, get that right wing idiocy off this SPORTS blog. Go and write on Rush's blog not here.

These guys plain suck and will never make it:

Chris Hogan
Clyde Gates
Julius Pruitt
Legedu Naanee (lowest rated wr in the entire nfl last year)

Why do so many fin fans believe every season that some other teams trash will be gold?

The way this guy acts, the thing he says, only can lead to one explanation. This guy is high on something. He was always over rated. Never a big time top ten receiver, and an ego thats out in outer space somewhere. The NFL is full of uneducated scumbags, and this team has its share. Philbin needs to cut this looser ASAP!. As far as the rest of the team, the defense played like they were all on Valium or Zanax or something. No spark, no energy, what an embarrassment. And I'm talking the starters. The linebacking crew is pathetic. Overpaid Dansby and way overpaid Soliai. This team so far looks worst than last years! Fans need to boycott until Ireland's depart.

There are many colors of dumb here in SoFla. Most recent case, cj, but also Ozzie Guillen, many politicians, some owners of Sports Teams and at least 3 journalists I tend to read everyday.

by far the worst wrs in nfl. this isnt good

worst corners too.

Tannehill looks like he's got the potential of being a really good QB but if the cheapskates don't get him some weapons, he'll end up in the trash pile of pathetic quaterbacks since Marino retired.

if vontae and sean are not playing like #1 corners by now, they never will.

Ceritified turd
All those WR you mention backup players???

My bad except Bess!! The rest backups. Right!! Or was Naanee a backup last or a starter??

ray shouldn't you be reading your bible? visiting a church of christian child molesters that the vatican routinely ignores?

ireland has assembled a bunch of guys(cant even say team)without any playmakers on offense or defense.

After being around and watching this clown for years, good riddance to bad rubbish is my thought

who is the idiot crying racism on this blog? And who is the retard debting Obama and the election on this blog.
These two people are classic examples of potential to shoot up a place.

Anyone who cries racism in the NFL is dilusional cuz almost every player is black!! There are chosen white guys these days.

Johnson is a waste of a roster spot. Dump him, whether black or white!!

The election is a silly ruse and nothing more. There is no choice, you are just led to believe so. Congress votes on the behalf of big business. Neither party represents the people. This country is a dictatorship. Instead of a single identifiable person, our dictator is the giant, corporate machine.

31-50, 62%, for 311 yard one TD, one INT. The receivers weren't a problem. The problem was the non-existent running game. And that can be corrected.

zingQ, absolutely incorrect, this is the best form of citizen participative democracy in the world. If you don't like just ship yourself to Iran.

better to get rid of Johnson now because you know there will be something else that happens guys like him want attention and are not team players, go with the young hungry guys instead of Johnson, the young guys may develop into good players happens all the time. Philbin make your stand and live up to your words now or creditability will be in question, if some of these players can't buy into team concept then get rid of them and that includes Vontaue Davis as well

You are fooled Mike, just like most dumb ignorant Americans who don't read books anymore and who believe all the fake news the mass media feeds them. You are delusional. Why is our education system in decline for 5 decades now? Why do we have the worst health care of any developed nation? Why do we have the most inept retirement system?

Keep voting for those against you and one day you will wake up. Waving the red white and blue kool aid flag is exactly what you have been programmed to do.

Iran may be worse, but many places are indeed better, believe it or not.


I do agree with you that the media is jumping to conclusions about Johnson. More time is needed to get a better idea of what happened before we can reach an accurate conclusion.

Are you possibly jumping to conclusions with your statement, “Always a rush to hang the black guy”? Having that perspective will, at times, skew your judgment giving you an inaccurate assessment.

team will suck with or without him so cut him

Cruz was a backup practice squad player once too... All it takes sometimes is a shot and a lil luck.

Mike, look up the facts. Our high school education is ranked 14th now. As a nation we are 17th in technology. Didn't we invent technology?

The general public has no representation in Washington, none. Corporate lobbyists buy the laws to help big business thrive, which are typically against the interest of the general public.

YEsterdaysGone - are you serious? That is the worst post I have read in years on any subject. This has nothing to do with black, white, tan, purple.

Move on...this guy deserves to be cut immediately.

Many of you don't realize how much you are victims of the propaganda machine here. They are more than happy to pit one party against the other, but both of them hide the real issues from you. Politicians sever their supporters, and their only interest ever is to say whatever it will take to get reelected.

If you think any of them give a hoot about you, you are sadly mistaken. The actions of Congress over the last 5 decades prove it.

@serve their supporters...

zingQ, now you are showing your ignorance, where in the world did you get the fact that the US has the worst healthcare system in the developed world. That is absolutely incorrect. WHO ranks the US in the top 1/3 of all nations. Why don't you go to Morocco for your next check up. MarketWatch ranks the US secondary educational system number one in the world, primary is ranked 13th. Go back and read more right wing articles that have no cradance. Or go be educated in Saudi Arabia.

zingQ, site your references like I did.

URGENT! URGENT! They have a live feed now of cj exiting the Broward County Jail. A beauty.

What are you talking about? “Go and write on Rush's blog not here.” Crocodile is not spewing “right wing idiocy” he is spewing American values. You have become so misinformed that you do not know the difference between the United States Corporation and America.

Go look up Municipal Corporation on the web. But tell me, how can someone be free when they do not understand the system of laws they live by? Freedom is knowledge. You have misidentified “right wing idiocy” for true American value.

You can be rather hypocritical. You want the comments to be sports related because this is a sports blog. Yet, you posted a comment about censoring someone else’s comment. Your comment offered no football information or sports value therefore making it a comment not sports related.

mike, you are hopeless, beyond hopeless.

In math and science our high schools are ranked 14 globally. Don't you know why we import so many engineers on the work visa? Because the Americans are not educated well enough for those jobs, they lack the skills. I've been in engineering for 20 years now, have worked all over the country, and it's always about 85% foreign born engineers here on the work visa, some eventually get residence.

Then, you have an abundance of major corporations that outsource their engineering jobs to India and China. Why? Not just because wages are cheaper there, they are better educated there, and not only that, your Congress decided it was the best interest of our nation to give companies incentives to outsource jobs, incentives in the way of tax breaks. Why in the world would your government give American companies incentives to ship jobs away? Those people you vote for enjoy the support (bribes) they receive to vote that way.

Agreed. But Educational System here could be much better and the Health Care System here could be much cheaper. Resources we have, is their allocation the problem.


You can find a web page to support any angle to any story you want, compliments of the propaganda machines out there. Read books. Read Gore Vidal. Read "Into the Buzzsaw', I can give you a list of 10 books that would change your outlook on this country forever, but I know, like 98% of the American population, you wouldn't read one of them. You have been programmed to have a 42 second web page attention span. Reading a whole book on one subject with in depth information would overload your brain.

From the last blog, is there a more annoying blogger than odin? Hard to find someone worse than him.

Hey, Omar, you at the Jail? On a Sunday? Basta-d.

Mr. Disciple,

Good contribution. I tried to dumb it down for him, you may have flown way to high over his head.

Wow, I think this may well be the worst thing Armando has ever written. And that is REALLY saying something considering some of the drivel that he has tried to pass for columns or blog entries over the years.

Why oh why can't the Herald have someone who covers the Dolphins who doesn't bloviate all the time? Darnit, I miss Darlington.

Is Hard Knocks there too? Basta-ds.

One little personal example on health care.

There are two prescription drugs I use, minor stuff, nothing serious. Yet every single year I have to go to a doctor and pay him to write me the same prescription again. I was recently in two countries in South America, not only can I buy the very same drugs over the counter, no prescription necessary, they are half the price. WTF?

Again you are “absolutely incorrect”. This is not the best “citizen participative democracy in the world”.
Your vote does not even decide the Presidential election, get a clue. The Electoral College decides the presidency. Our great Republic of America has been hijacked by international bankers. The only thing you decide is whether you are an ignorant slave or an educated freeman.

Do you even know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy? Do you even know what form of government America was in 1800? Do you know what an oligarchy is? Do you know what corporate fascism is? It’s time to know. It’s time to expose yourself to what is really going on in America.


Thank you for the kind words. It’s refreshing to know there are Dolphins fans who know what’s going on. Many people are waking up to the truth. It’s an exciting time period in the world. Freedom is on the rise again for humanity.

Go Fins!


If you can get just one more person to think about something from a different angle, to consider something they haven't considered before, or get them thinking a little more objectively, you've won something. Good job.

Personally I think things are looking up for the Dolphins and most importantly… the fans. So far it really looks like we have found our next QB in Tannehill. Some of the young receivers are showing promise. Clay might turn out to be what we hoped he would be. Our team is young and ready to take the next step. Philbin is a great coach. There is a lot to like about this team.

The first preseason should have been a little wake up call for the team to work harder. They have probably adjusted to the Hard Knocks camera crew too. And they will only become more acquainted with their new Offensive/Defensive systems. This is a better team than last year.

Here's the gig. If it was accidental head bump why were the POLICE called. My ex-girlfriend was significantly smaller in frame and muscle mass than I am and a couple of times over a 5 years span I would accidentaly bruise her even a head butt on one occasion we had a laugh about it and I cared for her or saw that she got the required attention for the injury. Never were cops called out, please understand she is very strong woman and if she ever thought I came close to abusing her she would have gotten the Police involved or notified someone (she was at that time a social worker). So this begs if this was an accident ... why the Cops. Check Chad Johnson's twitter page the guy walks the legal line all over the place and it seems he is not able to handle the real world. Now none of us know what happened in the car Saturday night and of course there is two versions of the story. But, if you are with your signifigant other even in the middle of an arguement and accidentaly hit them...kiss um hug um apologize for the accident and take care of them...maybe there was drinking...but with all the attention Chad brings on himself he needs to think about every action and how a scenario plays out. Fingers crossed this will go down as one bad Saturday night, Chad gets a LONGGGGG weekend in jail and learns to watch his six. This really is not about football and more about life. Pray for the guy not because he plays WR for the Phins, but because this is rough time for a young man who needs guidance and embrace that this is real life real consequences. Let us all hope this is the wake up call / coming to meet his higher spirit and his life will blossom from here on out.

I wouldnt put Tannehill out there with these garbage WR's. He had better WR's on his college team.

Philbin has no control over the team. He is Cam Cameron in every way. The Dolphin 3 ring circus continues to be the laughingstock of the league. What a sorry "team".

It's sad to me that, whenever a citizen of this country is face with the truth that he is living in a place that is murdering and robbing countries all over the world, allowing banks to steal people homes, launder drug money, and then get bailouts on top of the criminal behavior--the first thing someone wants to say is ( if you don't like our new murderous, criminal, Hitleren, country, then just leave, don't make us start exterminating you in our FEMA camps.

My biggest concern after watching the first preseason game was the lack of energy on both sides of the ball. Tampa's starters easily over powered us. Tampa!

This is what we saw last year, so I have to ask, is it the coaching, new systems, or are our players just not disciplined enough to stay in shape during the offseason?

I'm not so worried about WR. We don't need Chad with plenty of others showing promise. We have great catching TE's and great catching RB's too. I just want to see the team come out looking powerful and not tired next game.

Ross/Ireland had chances to bring in number of FA WR's but cheaped out. So they will be an embarrassment AGAIN!

Guys this is crazy stupid thing to happen and I for one can not figure out why this type of craziness happens to athletes all the time.


First you need to figure out from his wife if it was an accident like he said and she was over reacting. After all same Hard Knocks Video interview showed me she was a very high strung women just like Chad is a very high strung man.

Two if Tannhill would have had the same thing happen to him I do not think we would show him the door, Bush either, Long, Dansby, or a few others. So just because he droped a pass and many think he is washed up does not mean you use this to show him the door when you would not do so to one of your favorites.

Three you better ask yourself do we have another option at receiver that is going to get the coverage respect that Chad will get. And he will get respect from corners.

Everyone is uptight about the first pre season game lost. Step back and catch your breath. I think they cleaned up Garrards Knee to get him ready. He is a Pro Bowl QB who they probably do not think needs a ton of game hits to be ready. And Moore can interchange fine at the start of the season. He was the 12 ranked QB last year after all.

So everyone needs to calm down and not over react. Athletes make mistakes, very stupid ones, but if you are a fan of the Dolphins you better figure out who is next on the depth chart or free agent market.

Go Dolphins!! And Chad Come On Man!!

Can we get Brandon Marshall back?

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

Does anyone think the Dolphins could make a BCS bowl? LMAO!

This is the second time the press is trying to make coach out to be a liar.
Even if coach does not cut Chad Johnson, coach's trust worthiness is not in question here.
I think Chad should be cut for the simple fact, he stated on Hard knocks that he was going to get arrested on his day off.

100 percent he should be cut, guy isnt good anyways

Who is going to pay $ to see this crap team?

Dolphin Disciple, are you stupid or what, you sound like a little confused high schooler. I have a Political Science degree from UF and an MBA from UM. Yeah I think I know the difference do you. Get most of your information from right wing websites right,,,,,,,,,,,idiot.

Brian Biggane at the PBP was right. Philbin is a big liar.

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