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Johnson's behavior puts Philbin, Dolphins on trial

Chad Johnson was arrested on a misdeameanor domestic violence charge Saturday when police said he head-butted his wife Evelyn Lozada. And while the wife's cooperation and various legal wranglings will determine if Johnson will ever go on trial for the charge, the episode does guarantee one trial immediately.

Today, the Dolphins and their new coach are on trial.

This is not a trial of law or justice. This one will be a trial to see if Dolphins coach Joe Philbin means what he says and whether his words can be believed or not.

You see, the irony of Johnson's arrest is that it comes in the same week when Philbin already warned the player that he had to meet a certain standard of conduct to remain on the team.

Philbin was displeased that Johnson conducted what I have termed the most bizarre press conference in Dolphins history -- complete with multiple F-bombs, painted nails, talk of porn, and other ridiculousness.

That led Philbin to have a private heart-to-heart with Johnson. Except as the Dolphins are the subject of this summer's Hard Knocks series on HBO, the private conversation was captured in all its apparent lengthy discomfort for national cable airing.

And later, Philbin told Hard Knocks that unless Johnson fell into line he was in jeopardy of losing his job.

And then Philbin made the point to the rest of the media that he promised club owner Stephen Ross to run the organization in a certain way and that if people became an embarrassment for the organization, they wouldn't be part of the program.

Remember all that?

Philbin's words:

"Everybody's different," he said. "We want to let guys be themselves. However, we think everybody has an obligation to get on board with the program. I told Mr. Ross we were going to have men that represented themselves in the right way on and off the field. And that's important to me. It's important to our staff. I believe it's important to our owner that we do things the right way."

The "right way" has so far eluded Johnson. He's embarrassed the coach with that press conference. And now he's embarrassed himself and the organization by getting arrested. And for hitting a woman, no less.

And so the trial begins. No, not Johnson's trial, but Philbin's.

Is the coach going to keep Johnson on the team? Is he going to let this slide? Or is he going to cut the player on the spot. As early as today?

I'm certain Philbin can say he's going to wait to let the legal issue work itself out and hide behind the idea that Johnson will likely not be prosecuted -- this is a guess because usually spouses decline to cooperate with authorities and the issue disappears. Also, this is Johnson's apparent first offense in the local judicial system.

So the Dolphins can simply kinda sorta look the other way and let this thing blow over and keep Johnson. They've done it before, indeed many teams get away with this tact all the time. Guys beat up their wives or girlfriends and the teams separate themselves from the issue in the name of letting the law handle the matter. Then high-priced attorneys make the matter go away and the athlete keeps his job because the team is able to say it won't punish the athlete when the legal system didn't.

Happens all the time.

So Philbin and the Dolphins can probably go this route as many organizations and coaches often do to save face.

Or ...

Is the coach going to prove that his words are not just lip service? Is the coach going to actually do what he has said -- which is to weed out the idiots? Is Philbin going to cut Johnson for sullying the name of the Dolphins on multiple occasions in a one-week span?

Such a move would send a strong message. It would tell the rest of the locker room that coach isn't going to put up with this kind of behavior, particularly if you're barely hanging on as it is. It would send the message to fans and media that Philbin can be believed when he says something because put to the test, he did what he said he'd do.

So today could be a telling day.

Joe Philbin and the Dolphins have a choice. They are on trial. Chad Johnson's behavior put them there.

Now we watch for a verdict.




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zonk that has to be a serious question. that stadium is gonna be empty all year

wil, The police were called by a next door neighbor. Laws state that whenever cops are called to residence for domestic dispute someone goes away either to jail or leaves premises.

you notice the pats didnt let ocho talk or play. guy is old and bad. why are we always looking for someone elses garbage?

bill, if I want to see a circus I;ll go to Ringling Bros.

That said I still say even without this incident they are better off letting go of a progress stopper and promote from within. That WR group could have a sleeper. Maybe even a few of em. Hopefully Pruitt and Wallace are rewarded for there great play and we are able to assess them in real game situations with the first team.

greg, we;re always looking at garbage because Ross is a cheapskate and Ireland cant draft to save his life. Will our 4th losing year in a row be enough to get Ireland outta here?

The Dolphins are an embarrassment to S Fla. Ross/Ireland/Philbin are incompetent clowns. I hope they move this garbage heap to L.A.

If the coach was upset with a few Fbombs at a press conference there's no chance CJ survives this. So, with their first pick in the 2013 draft the Miami Dolphins select...the top WR available. Anyone know who that will be?

Thw dullfins are a circus, one clown after enother, the big joke of the nfl, it all starts at the top and works its way down. Been a fan for 30 years but I am giving up. If you want some cheap tickets go to craigslist, practicaly giving them away, but if you wait till about the 3rd game you'll be able to get in free just to fill the seats. What a Joke!!!

nope ross loves ireland, so sad to watch this clown ruin this franchise


That’s funny and real mature. From what you tell me I know you are a hard core liberal. Sadly you were misinformed in college. The way the Nazis misinformed/“educated” their students in mandatory public schools. But I understand why you believe you can trust government funded/mandated schools; you are naive. When something does not compute with your fancy training you dismiss it or in typical liberal fashion you try and discredit the person.

You are the idiot. You claim you know all the answers to my questions but you are in fact a liar. If you knew the difference you would be up in arms unless… you are a socialist Marxist. And according to your list of “superior credentials” you are definitely more pavlovian trained than I, congratulations.

BTW, you either wasted your parent’s money or you amassed a large sum of debt for nothing. Maybe my hard work can bail you out of debt one day comrade.

Ross nrrds to lower prices for his Arena league team.

worst investment ross every made

Luckily either you have yet to complete high school, or never did, you sound like it. Good luck tomorrow when you jump in your truck and go out looking for scrap metal. You have no conception of what life, liberty, and the constitution are all about.

dolphin disciple is right sorry to say but things done changed... deal with it. Unless you prefer ignorance. Which is ok too.

UM grad here as well. UM has a great education and great resources. It's up to the individual to decide what to fill that ol' noggin wit.

there's a saying the media can make or break a celebrity's career and it appear the media in south
florida don't care too much for chad johnson

Philbins a jackazz along with Ireland. My 6 yr old could run the team better.

I am no seer but a few assertions can be made right now. First, under no circumstances was cj a lock for a starting WR spot. Second, Tannehill is the real deal and it's only a matter of time for him to grab the leadership of the Dolphins. Third, regarding the rest of the Team, Idunno yet.

chris, Watch out for Tennessee's two wideouts Justin Hunter and Darrick Rogers. They are going to be special also my favorite QB next year is QB Tyler Bray from Tenn also... I like the idea of getting Ryan Swope in the 2nd or 3rd rd though. He was Tannehill's best friend and target at Texas AM

Brandon Marshall is Jesus compared to Ocho Stinko.

I stand behind the Red, White and Blue.

If they create fake wars to advance the financial state of American companies, so be it.

If they use the war on drugs as an excuse to funnel tax money to overthrow governments they don't like, so be it.

If they continue issuing millions of work visas to foreigners during a time of high national unemployment, so be it.

If Congress, comprised of the right and left, continually votes in the interest of big business, and not in the interest of the general public, so be it.

If the percentage of high school dropouts keeps increasing, so be it.

If the percentage of college graduates keeps decreasing, so be it.

When brave soldiers are tasked with wars that are not in the interest of national security but corporate profits, so be it.

If the mainstream candidates are intellectually challenged and simply rich enough to start a campaign, so be it.

If the population treats the election as a popularity contest, to see which candidate can out-quip the other, so be it.

If a qualification for the Presidency is 'looking presidential', and not so much knowledge, wisdom, or intellect, so be it.

If they present debates that are in no way really debates but tamely moderated and controlled question and answer sessions that avoid the true source of the issues, so be it.

If the government can spy on all of our personal information, if all of our emails are never truly deleted, if every single web search and mouse click is saved, so be it.

If the media can not report the real news without losing major sponsors that the real news is against, so be it.

When the number one purpose of all news outlets is not to report the news, but to be controversial enough to gain an audience so they can sell advertising space, so be it.

If they teach us to be Politically Correct, which is contradictory to the 1st Amendment, so be it.

I was programmed to believe America is the greatest country in the world so no matter how much evidence suggests the government may not have the best interests of the public in mind, I choose to close my eyes and shout Hurray for the USA!


I am no seer but a few assertions can be made right now. First, under no circumstances was cj a lock for a starting WR spot. Second, Tannehill is the real deal and it's only a matter of time for him to grab the leadership of the Dolphins. Third, regarding the rest of the Team, Idunno yet.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 12, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Good post

Ross will be buying tons of his own tickets again this year.

Chad!! here's some advice. When your wife busts you with a receipt for condoms tell her you don't want kids right now. Tell her you want to start using them so you last longer and you both can enjoy the benefits. LOL. That might work!
Tell her you need to focus on your career as it hangs in the balance. Also no matter what DONT HIT,PUNCH,HEAD-BUT,HER NO MATTER HOW HEATED THE FIGHT GETS!!!
Dont be a punk that hits a woman. Walk away. Go outside and punch your car or destroy something that cant press charges.

It's simple, cut his ass! He is half the player he once was and is not worth the distraction! If he was the Chad Johnson of old, you might tolerate it but the reality is, he's a scrub now! Period!

My guess is that Ross alone will decide CJ's fate, which isn't good for CJ.

Sparano and Marshall have to be laughing!

Once again, a brilliant move by the Dolphins Organization to bring a program such as Hard Knocks into the tenure of a rookie Head Coach. What other marvels can they come up with? I tell ya....

You see, Mike D is a smart man.

But not Mike Dee, I guess.

They wanted publicity, they got it. Just the wrong kind.

Be careful what you wish for.


Lots of Fathers, and Pastors, and Rabbis around here for a long time. Are they Football Fans?

OK Fans
Who is more competent?

A) Stephen Ross
B) Jeff Ireland
C) Dennis the Menace

I am the farthest away from superstition that you could ever want. But, Bro, I lived thru 30 years of misery from the Miami Dolphins no matter how hard they tried to get out of it and that, cannot be coincidence.

If Philbin doesnt regret taking this job already he will very soon lol

everytuime he gets a check he remembers why he took job.

I guess Jeff Fisher made the right choice. HAHA

Cut him now, onless the coaching staff feels that he can still be a #1 receiver...otherwise, cut his a** now and let the young guys get the reps

Thanks Oscar

Either NFL.com or ESPN.com had a report that this is not Johnson's first altercation with the law. He also had a Domestic viloence arrest in College. I think it mentioned he was put on probation and sent to anger management classes. I never had a problem with Johnson's antics on the field. Sometimes they were down right funny..But this type of distraction the Team and Organization does not need.

Which was more idiotic of Ireland?

A) Trading Da Beast
B) Signing Ocho Stinko
C) 3 picks for D Thomas
D) Drafting Pat White

Yo waterboy Jeffy, we could use a Dez Bryant right about now!!!!!

Just watched the Tampa game. While it's a glorified scrimmage, I saw more of what we're used to seeing in Miami. Defense couldn't get off the field, offense couldn't execute, Carpenter missing FGs past 50 yards. Not too many good performances there. One, however was Marshall. I saw Davis get beat, and I saw a lot of that in year's past too, so play the guy who acts like he wants it more (Marshall). Smith didn't look that great, neither did the secondary overall (Jimmy Wilson, really on that deep play, you're fitting in as a Dolphins safety perfectly).

One of the only highlights was Tannehill. I agree with Mando, let the kid start. I was all about starting Garrard/Moore this year, and let Tannehill learn. But that's when I thought he had a lot to learn. After seeing his performance (and reading about his practices), I think he'll learn more in the game. And this is a rebuild year anyway, so if starting him over a veteran loses an extra game or 2 this year isn't as important as the experience leading to more wins next year. Tannehill should be the starting QB.


Answer this one question… since you are a big time political scientist.

What year was the United States Corporation founded?

If you do not know the answer you are a political ameba. Your school taught you nothing but collectivism and lies. What a clown.

The problem with Chris Johnson is when you act like a clown, you get lots of blowback if you don't back it up with good play. While all observations were Johnson was good in practice, he gets in the game and lets a pass go through his hands. Our offense (it's true today and historically) isn't good enough to overcome dropped passes (see Brandon Marshall). And if you're not catching passes, then why should the HC keep you around when you're ruffling his feathers?

That's the problem with this episode. Came at the worst possible time for Chad. He's already agitating people in the organization, he's being a clown, and not producing (at least in the one pre-season game). I'm not sure Philbin should cut the cord without knowing the facts (I agree Johnson is usually not a lawbreaker, and he should be afforded something for that history), but the guy needs to understand, a mediocre team doesn't need a clown on it. They need 53 guys who's one and only focus is to win games and go to the Playoffs. I'd tell him he's gotten his 2 breaks. One more slip-up and he's gone.

It is spelled 'amoeba' you illiterate slug.

Open note to all the people who are trashing Armando:

Before trashing someone who has gotten to a position that you WISH you could attain (covering the Dolphins and getting paid), look at the "Buffet of Knowlege" on these boards.

Misspelling and grammar SO bad I need a translator to figure out what you are trying to say.

Idiotic statements and personal attacks that show how SAD your lives are.

Whether you agree with Armando's views, at least he has gotten to a place where YOU have nothing better to do than wade around here with your fellow 'bottom dwellers'.

This message board USED to have coherent, civil, INTELLIGENT views but, sadly, only a half dozen posters on here seem to fit that description.

Dr., not today, had my fill of half-smoke's at the Nats game the other night.

I am bitterly disappointed. I shall ride the Red Line to the Wheaton station and wander aimlessly aroudn the parkimng lot of a Salvadoran chicken restaurant.

As for Chad Johnson, more proof that, when it comes to athletes, money/talent rarely comes with intelligence and maturity.

You ACTED grown up for a couple months but you JUST couldn't continue, huh?

A crude press conference, dismissal of your coach's feedback, moping/ignore the media afterwards and FINALLY....announcing as you are leaving the building that you are going to get arrested and then HEADBUTTING YOUR WIFE?!

Cmon Chad!

(I won't even include in that series of events that you couldn't catch in practice after Hard Knocks aired OR that you CHOKED on the one ball you were thrown in Preseason Game# 1.)

Smarter and Sexier Than You,

Thank God we have a spell checker on this blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great man. Your mother and father would be so proud of you.

It’s great you stand up like a man and post insults under you regular username and not hide behind some other username.

Check out early predictions for Ryan Tannehill this season at

Check out early predictions for Ryan Tannehill this season at

where is the mindless gnat, affectionately known as odinseye? Is it too early or too late for his inane idiotic ramblings?

DC Dolfan,

Craig M hasn't seen enough yet to warrant anyone suggesting start Tannehill. That is because he hasn't seen anything. He didn't see the game. I said Moore looked sleepy compared to Tannehill. He disagreed though. Without even seeing the game. You saw the game, and like me were led to the same conclusion, Tannehill is ready right now to start learning real time and sitting him on the bench to nurture him is both unnecessary and wasteful.


Have you ever covered such a garbage team?

On the defense (which is supposed to be our strong suit this year), ok, they didn't game plan, probably didn't throw a bunch of blitzes at Tampa, but the disappointing one-on-one matchups were eye-opening. Tackling was pitiful, they broke containment on a few runs, and the secondary AGAIN could not make a play on the ball in the air. How does Wilson not jump up to intercept that pass? How does Vontae let his receiver get behind him? These are the same things we see year in and out with out secondary.

Also, to the people who said we were losing our #1 tackler in Yeremiah, wait until end of year, when Reshad Jones will have the most tackles. Why? Because our front 7 lets plays get behind them, and the safeties are forced to make the tackles. It wasn't Yeremiah, it was the big play giveaways by our front 7. That most likely won't end this year.

I sound glum, but don't want to overdo it. It was the first Pre-Season game. Some of this stuff can get fixed. Some won't, and that's why we won't be a Playoff team, but what probably can't get fixed (unless we get lucky in FA) is the lack of overall talent on the team. There's some, just not enough to be elite in the NFL. This is still a team that's a work-in-progress.

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