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Johnson's behavior puts Philbin, Dolphins on trial

Chad Johnson was arrested on a misdeameanor domestic violence charge Saturday when police said he head-butted his wife Evelyn Lozada. And while the wife's cooperation and various legal wranglings will determine if Johnson will ever go on trial for the charge, the episode does guarantee one trial immediately.

Today, the Dolphins and their new coach are on trial.

This is not a trial of law or justice. This one will be a trial to see if Dolphins coach Joe Philbin means what he says and whether his words can be believed or not.

You see, the irony of Johnson's arrest is that it comes in the same week when Philbin already warned the player that he had to meet a certain standard of conduct to remain on the team.

Philbin was displeased that Johnson conducted what I have termed the most bizarre press conference in Dolphins history -- complete with multiple F-bombs, painted nails, talk of porn, and other ridiculousness.

That led Philbin to have a private heart-to-heart with Johnson. Except as the Dolphins are the subject of this summer's Hard Knocks series on HBO, the private conversation was captured in all its apparent lengthy discomfort for national cable airing.

And later, Philbin told Hard Knocks that unless Johnson fell into line he was in jeopardy of losing his job.

And then Philbin made the point to the rest of the media that he promised club owner Stephen Ross to run the organization in a certain way and that if people became an embarrassment for the organization, they wouldn't be part of the program.

Remember all that?

Philbin's words:

"Everybody's different," he said. "We want to let guys be themselves. However, we think everybody has an obligation to get on board with the program. I told Mr. Ross we were going to have men that represented themselves in the right way on and off the field. And that's important to me. It's important to our staff. I believe it's important to our owner that we do things the right way."

The "right way" has so far eluded Johnson. He's embarrassed the coach with that press conference. And now he's embarrassed himself and the organization by getting arrested. And for hitting a woman, no less.

And so the trial begins. No, not Johnson's trial, but Philbin's.

Is the coach going to keep Johnson on the team? Is he going to let this slide? Or is he going to cut the player on the spot. As early as today?

I'm certain Philbin can say he's going to wait to let the legal issue work itself out and hide behind the idea that Johnson will likely not be prosecuted -- this is a guess because usually spouses decline to cooperate with authorities and the issue disappears. Also, this is Johnson's apparent first offense in the local judicial system.

So the Dolphins can simply kinda sorta look the other way and let this thing blow over and keep Johnson. They've done it before, indeed many teams get away with this tact all the time. Guys beat up their wives or girlfriends and the teams separate themselves from the issue in the name of letting the law handle the matter. Then high-priced attorneys make the matter go away and the athlete keeps his job because the team is able to say it won't punish the athlete when the legal system didn't.

Happens all the time.

So Philbin and the Dolphins can probably go this route as many organizations and coaches often do to save face.

Or ...

Is the coach going to prove that his words are not just lip service? Is the coach going to actually do what he has said -- which is to weed out the idiots? Is Philbin going to cut Johnson for sullying the name of the Dolphins on multiple occasions in a one-week span?

Such a move would send a strong message. It would tell the rest of the locker room that coach isn't going to put up with this kind of behavior, particularly if you're barely hanging on as it is. It would send the message to fans and media that Philbin can be believed when he says something because put to the test, he did what he said he'd do.

So today could be a telling day.

Joe Philbin and the Dolphins have a choice. They are on trial. Chad Johnson's behavior put them there.

Now we watch for a verdict.




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Excuses are out of mode. They don't look sharp this next Game, I will crucify them.

ks, I guess it's well-known that Craig M and I see the QB position differently.

However, I agree with you, there's no reason not to start Tannehill if he's able to compete to the level of Moore. From early reports, I was hearing he had a long way to go. I didn't see that on the field. I saw a guy who could handle himself fine in the NFL, and just needed "live game" experience.

One thing to warn everyone on, Tannehill was playing backups and even guys who won't play in the NFL in a few weeks. We should really see him against starters to get an accurate idea of where he stands in his development (but I think he'll hold his own).

Steve Ross, stop stealing Dolphin fans money. Upgrade the GM, HC, and players or SELL THE TEAM!

Smarter and Sexier Than You,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great man.

Posted by: Dolphin Disciple | August 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM


You're very welcome little lady.

It's true that magnificent command of the language, erudite commentary and chiseled physique are a jaw-dropping combination of wonders that far exceeds anything present in your own limited personal inventory but it is with humility that I accept your acknowledgement of my greatness.

It's writing garbage like this that's going to get you downgraded to paperboy! You're calling for Philbin's head if he doesn't fire Chad Johnson, the only receiver on the squad that's been to the Pro Bowl. The only one that MIGHT get double-teamed. The only Wide Receiver that other teams MIGHT have to game plan for. Why? Because you love to stir the pot. You love that there are NEGATIVE things to write about the Dolphins. Because you really don't like the very team that you have to cover; the Miami Dolphins! Their existence means you have a pay check...for now. Maybe that's why they don't like you either! A beat writer is supposed to have a working relationship with the team he covers. Not an adversarial one. My guess is...the clock is ticking on your career...and, you don't even know it. Better dust off that resume. Maybe you can get a job with one of those new LA expansion teams they keep talking about...

A few assumptions. Seems to me that we are full of very promising receivers, 2nd and 3rd year guys and many rookies.Also, seems to me that we su-k royally in the Defensive backfield.

ks, I guess it's well-known that Craig M and I see the QB position differently.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 12, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Nobody sees things the same way as Craig M. For 1 simple reason. He knows more than everyone. Period.

Please learn to accept the fact that we are simpletons compared to the all knowing & superior Craig M.

After all the time wasted waiting for qb after qb to develop, why waste more time?

This argument that you will destroy a players confidence if you start them too soon is such hogwash. This is PRO SPORTS! Big bucks are being paid to PERFORM. Can you? Are you so frail that you need to be slowly nurtured so that your fragile mind isn't permanently destroyed? Pure silliness. You can handle it or you can't.

Some people have extremely low standards.

The best thing for our endless quest for a franchise qb, and for 2013, is to name Tannehill the starter. Let him play unless he is just so bad it doesn't make any sense.

I think many have underestimated his abilities. Start him today and he will be the best QB on the team by end of season.

Philbin has already lost the team. Can u say another Cam Cameron? Another 1-15? This guy has no business being a HC.

Starting Tannehill with these WR's would be suicide. Upgrade the receivers before you throw Tannehill to the wolves. At least get him some weapons. GEEZ!

QB's make receivers and not the other way around(Axiom #7).

Yeah, I know you want to know the other Axioms(and they are there). Fuc- you.

dancing pony.

pretty little dancing pony.

glitter and rainbows and puff puff balloons.

dancing pony.

pretty little dancing pony!

Have any of you stopped to think how good some of our receivers would look with Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Ben, or Brady throwing to them?

I'll bet more than a few of them would look very, very good.

ks, I guess it's well-known that Craig M and I see the QB position differently.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 12, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Nobody sees things the same way as Craig M. For 1 simple reason. He knows more than everyone. Period.

Please learn to accept the fact that we are simpletons compared to the all knowing & superior Craig M.

Posted by: Reality Squad | August 12, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Have any of you stopped to think how good some of our receivers would look with Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Ben, or Brady throwing to them?

Posted by: ks | August 12, 2012 at 12:42 PM

I have not stopped to think of this.

Cut Johnson now.Miami need to get rid of receivers and this is yet another good reason to start with CHad Johnson.


There is practice at 1PM today. Pay attention.

Some of the American athletes at the Olympics (like Ryan Lochte) are total self-absorbed jerks.

Sorry, but I feel absolutely zero compulsion to cheer for a-holes just because they happen to be AMERICAN a-holes.

Who care about where the PHINS record will be or we make the playoffs!! I been complaining about this team and the incompetent people who runs this orginaztion
As much as we talk and complain nothing is going to change!! Just start Tannehill start those receivers that Tannehill feels comfortable with! Who cares anymore I don't
I just love my dolphins and hope for the best!

I have lost what little confidence I had in Philbin. He is looking bad both on and off the field.

Philbin is an albino stool.

Little Jeffy loaded this team with talent.
Little Jeffy is loaded 24/7.

Cut this wife beating idiot NOW! He can go a coach some idiots at Northwestern with that fat 1st Round bust Vernon Carey...

Women that get beat usually deserve it. It's none of her dang business if Chad is buying condoms, it's perfectly legal.

White women are usually tamed, unless they are trailer trash. Most black women and latinas are like wild animals, they need to be domesticated.


You'll be glad to know I watched the replay of the Dolphins/Bucs game this morning. Guess I'm as informed as you now, or maybe I should say misinformed. Not sure what game you were watching but Moore wasn't 'sleepy'. There was a penalty on Martin and one or two dropped balls. While he wasn't great, he definitely wasn't 'sleepy'. Define 'sleepy'....like no energy? Perhaps maybe it was YOU who was sleepy. It was dull game to begin with. Most preseason games are. Trying getting more sleep or cut back on your alcohol intake.

Tannehill was good and it's encouraging but for you to say he's clearly ahead on Moore is nonsense. Let's talk after the game. Try getting more sleep next time.

And to get into any more analyze of our offence and defence at this point means NOTHING. Most of the starters had limited time and the team is still getting used to the new systems. Be awfully hard to get any conclusions based on it being the first game of the season. There was no game planning or anything. Great that you're able to draw so many conclusions from so little but I think I'll continue to get my input from those that have a clue what they are talking about and not you.....thanks.

Cut him ASAP and sign Plaxico ASAP, Tanne start now.

Trade Marshall and sign Ochocinco? WTF are these idiots doing?

Some fans are garbage

Trade Marshall and sign Ochocinco? WTF are these idiots doing?

Posted by: Fins are Garbage

. They're trying for the top pick in next years draft LOL

Colts playing now Luck day view!!

They can't cut him now you stupid idiots because there are rules that protect players from being cut before their case is investigated by the team. A team must first do an internal investigation on the matter to protect itself from a lawsuit. If they cut him now, for the reason being he made the team look bad, and then it came out that he didn't do anything they could be in big trouble with lawyers and the players union.

I swear to God 99% of you are so stupid I can't figure out how you understand to use the computer.

Philbin didn't sign Chad, he wasn't there when the altercation took place, and he can't make a move until the team completes their investigation. And you morons suggest he has no control over the team and should be fired? Pull your heads out of your azzes long enough to act like a rationale human being.

No Craig, they know everything from the 1 qtr the starters played in. Because every game is like that right? The starters allow a td and then don't play the rest of the game right, isn't that how it works?

Or are they projecting that sense the starters allowed a td they would have allowed a td on every drive and our first unit offense wouldn't score at all? You know, because teams never come back from a 7 point or 14 point deficit in the NFL. Man don't even waste your time in this blog. The Palm Post has much better people to talk too. This blog is full of know nothing prepubescent teens, unemployed losers, and grown men who live with their parents.

This blog is full of know nothing prepubescent teens, unemployed losers, and grown men who live with their parents.

Posted by: 1% | August 12, 2012 at 01:51 PM

*like me

First pass by Andrew luck!!! TD. Enough said!!! That's why he was the number one pick!!! JI is still a idiot.!! But I like Tannehill potential but he is not Luck or RG3! I might go on the ledge and say Weeden!! But what the hell I know!!! NOTHING JUST LIKE THE REST OF YOU ALL!!! We don't know crap!!! We never coach or played in the NFL we don't know crap!! Period. But I love my PHINS!!!!!

I did not think it was possible for me to dislike this team any more. Boy, was I wrong.

Hey Ray, Colombia called,,,,they want their cocaine back.

Is it true or not Hoooooo! We don't know crap about football!!! But now that you mention it only 100%. Pure baby!! I just love to rub it on my teeth!! And apply some at the tip of cig!! Or joint!! Man. Coke is soooo good!! I love it!!! You freaking loser!!! Haha. Luck two TD. In his day view!! More that all three dolphins QB combine!! HAHAHAHA! You freaking loser!! You hoo!
But I love my dolphins!!

The irony is when Mando was comparing Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson. That Johnson has no off the field incidents and this happens.

If I were Philbin I would have someone pack up Chad's locker and deliver his stuff to his residence and never have him set foot on dolphin's property again as a dolphin. End of story.

What happened to Chad Johnson

Guess Philbin was found innocent huh Armando? Bye Chad, reality tv and all its train wreck watchers need you.

Good riddance 85

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