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Chris Cooley available as a tight end upgrade

The Redskins released tight end Chris Cooley today.

He is 30 years old. He is a former three-time Pro Bowl player. He said at his departure press conference, "I can still play at a high level." Oh, and catches the football.

ESPN's Adam Schefter just said teams such as Oakland, the New York Jets and Dolphins need tight end help and could use Cooley.

To me, he would be an upgrade for Miami's tight end corps. He would be help for Ryan Tannehill. Moreoever, this is what I wrote last week when I first heard of the possibility Cooley might become available.

That's all I have to say.

Discuss ...


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I doubt Ireland goes after Cooley he's not acornish enough..


get him right now. I demand it

I hereby admit that he'd be an upgrade over me. Please get him and put me on the bench.

-Anthony Fasano

He catches the ball and has talent. We all know Ireland prefers the opposite.

I suck. Get him.


Why would he want to come here? Miami is re-building. Thanks Ireland!

Thank you Mando for all that you do for us.

Yes, get him quick ... he's a definite upgrade over Anthony(I dropped three passes in the last game) Fasano

Just get some damn-body!!!

Nah, we can ony offer him a box of twinkies as payment...Besides, we have a true HOF'er TE in ANTHONY FASANO..he's a keeper and ross has already got Fasano's dolphin ring of fame planned out for his retirement here in miami..

Who said I didn't have any QBs? I have dropped 3 passes in the last 2 games that hit my hands.

I did that regularly the past 3 years too.

-A. Fasano

My Wife would be a upgrade over Fasano,She has Soft Hands.(If you know what I mean:)

let cooley go to the jets

He catches the ball and has talent. We all know Ireland prefers the opposite.

Posted by: DP | August 28, 2012 at 04:26 PM

A new entree into "POST OF THE DAY"

Too bad Cooley is more of an H-back than a natural TE. Pretty spotty reporting Armando.

Besides, last year Ireland could have had Shockey. A true TE who played less games than Fasano & had more catches.

Why would they sign an Hback now & stunt Clay's growth? Just play the scrubs & watch the L's pile up.

This will hopefully end Ireland's reign.

so true, the truth. reality post. no reason to go get anyone. we need to lose this year. dont waste a roster spot or money on a vet that wont be here next year

Losers don't mind losing. Just read the previous couple of comments.

I totally agree with Armando here. The Dolphins need to think about Ryan Tannehill in this instance. I know Cooley isn't a part of the future of this team but Tannehill is slated to be just that. And the best thing you could do for a young QB in need of guidance is to get him a veteran TE who knows the business. A guy who can get open on any given play and give the QB a security blanket of sorts. And ummmmm HELLO! The guy is farmiliar with the west coast offense!

With all of that being said I am almost positive Ireland will not even bring him in for a look. Ireland is a fool of gigantic proportions. I was waiting to pass final judgement based on what last years drafted players (along with this years) they do in the regular season.

But the moment I watched Jeff Ireland on a call saying he has "a bunch of 3s 4s and 5s and I need 1s 2s and 3s" it became abundantly clear that this guy is in way over his head.

He is the one who is payed to get good players on the team and he admitted on a nationally televised program that he failed in doing that.

Do we really need any other reason to fire this moron?

Honestly, we already know what we have on offense, Tannehill playing week 4 of preseason is pretty much useless at this point...Whats he gonna do, shine against scrubs or potentially work through most of the 1st QTR if they cant move the football...philbin is not making a smart move playing the kid in this game, there is absolutely no point in having any starters out there for this game, it wont change whats GOING to happen when we arrive at houston week 1...so why play with fire!!!

Losers don't mind losing. Just read the previous couple of comments.

Posted by: Frank Caliendo | August 28, 2012 at 04:39 PM

Unless you live in a bubble, losing is going to be inevitable with this team. Best to come to grips with it sooner than later.

Phin78,As I stated in previous blog, Could'nt believe Ross did'nt fire him that night.

Who said I didn't have any QBs? I have dropped 3 passes in the last 2 games that hit my hands.

I did that regularly the past 3 years too.

-A. Fasano

Sorry but that's not true. Fasano only dropped 4 passes all of last season. He wasn't getting a lot of balls thrown his way because he was staying in to block , had to cover for crappy Colombo.

Fasano isn't a great td catching TE but he is a solid number 2. One of the best in the league.

Also there is a site that rates all the players not only on yards and tds but on everything they are asked to do. He is rated in the top 5 in the NFL. He is a TOP 5 all around TE. Those are facts.

Acorn!!!!! Woooooo-hooooooo!!!!

I saw that coalition, you're right and I guess we both noticed it. You were probably ready to get rid of him before that but that night is what convinced me. And I CAN NOT believe not one media member questioned it.

By signing Cooley Ireland could better hide higher round softie TE pick Egnew. Then he could say Egnew is "learning" the nuances as he sends him packing in two years.

With Long nicked and the TE/Receivers struggling to hold the ball, this season could get daunting in a heartbeat.

We shall see if the live bullets and real game plans bring out any heart in the Fins troops.


Don't need Cooley. He won't make a significant difference. Maybe they go 4-12 instead of 3-13. Is that worth a lower draft pick? No!! They need top of the draft picks because this team lacks playmakers. Playmakers are usually drafted very early. I've had enough of stopgap players. They need to realize they suck and save the money.

I rather have Fasano. Fasano is the man, and helps block the RT's man.

Okay I admit I want Ireland gone but this was funny from an Omar twitter back and forth.

"Is Ross aware that his customers despise Ireland?" FAN

"VERY. He's also aware his customer lack credibility and loyalty."


Mike Wallace would be worth it though because they don't become great with him but he will still be playing at a high level when they do get better.

The Dolphins wont sign him because he's not a former Cowboy. I still cant believe that idiot Ireland took a TE with the 3rd round pick. Could of had a decent receiver. Get this guy out of town quick.

Ireland would have to look in the dictionary for the word ACORN and realize that it doesnt actually mean UPGRADE!!!!

I think you guys who are against a Cooley signing are missing a small detail.

It seems to be a common theme that you guys are saying something like "it won't make a difference because we aren't going to win with him".

That's not looking at the big picture. Surely you guys want Tannehill to have an opportunity to grow this season and not get killed waiting for receivers to get open? Seriously think about that.

If we don't sign a TE or a WR that Tannehill can count on then he has NO ONE. NO ONNNNEEEEEEEEE to throw to except his RBs and a #2 TE named Fasano. Still waiting on Clay, hasn't made a huge leap yet. If they don't sign some help for Tannehill then I DO NOT, absolutely do not want Tannehill playing anything but mop up this year. Talk about ruining a QB. We thought what happened to Henne with the wild cat and old man Hennings offense was bad? At least he had Marshall and some other talent around him. Wait until we see what happens to Tannehill when no one is ever open and he has to force throws in small windows just to get something going. INT time! Kill another young QB time! Who's ready?

Now an acorn player I see Ireland going after is Noname Legaduu oh wait we signed him already. FML!


I am so confused by Ireland. Do you think Ross gave him a guarentee for another 2 seasons. The moves hes making are definetley going to get him fired. SMH i just dont understand.

Ireland claims we have a "B" roster. BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA this guy is offically on crack.

Truth is you are not seeing the forest...whether we are positive or not and whether we crave a Super Bowl or not does not change the fact that this team is devoid of playmakers. Also devoid of quality starters, also very low on average starters. Other than Long, there isn't a player on this team that is top 10 at their position. Wait, fields and maybe carpenter too. That's sad. Very sad.

when the pats grabbed gronk and hernandez in last years draft ireland was busy looking for acorns. jeff wakes up a year later and decides to address the TE pos with egnew in 3rd round ????? laughable

78, It all comes down to aquiring talent, As you have stated yourself.
How long till someone tells Ross "Steven,WTF are you doing"?

Everyone gets so caught up in names. Do you think a relatively young, pro bowl TE would be available if he had anything left..and coming off a serious injury on top of it. How is T.O. doing??..gone..everyone wanted him..Vince Young..gone..if Miami signs anyone of them we will find out the same thing the other teams have..there is always a reason a player is on the street.

Does he have a hot wife like Les Brown??? That seems to be the criteria for being signed by Ireland these days, spouses/girlfriends that look good for Hard Knocks.

Cooley would be an upgrade but I bet they do not sign him. They want that #1 overall pick next year and have set themselves up for it.

I totally agree with trading Marshall and Davis (both not guys that you want in you locker room or on your team) and with cutting Ocho but what I do not agree with is not bringing in anyone (or having anyone on the current roster) to replace them. Yes Davis was out of shape, not mature, and was suspended many times in the last few years but he had some talent. Getting a #2 was a steal for him but putting Nolan Caroll in there makes us worse. If we are rebuilding just come out and say it so that there is not all this build up and then we win 2 games.

Dolphins the bottom line is that the fans just want to hear the truth and the truth is that Philbin seems to be cleaning out all the bad eggs, but just say that and the fans will accept it and hope that Tannehill develops for next year.

Phins78, you have a good point, but Cooley isn't that big a difference maker or he'd still be a Redskin. Injury prone and will clog more cap space once he's hurt. Also, Tannehill's health relies more on a rookie RT that looks overmatched than open receivers. Whether receivers open or not wont matter when he's eating dirt.

Q560, Your missing the point, Ireland is clueless regaurding Talent.
Name one player he's picked that's a pro-bowler.

The real reason we don't need Cooley is because he will stunt the growth of clay and Egnew.

Yes, they might be good, but who knows what we have in them? if we sign a 30yr old Te who is only going to take playing time away.

Let this team sink or swim with most the starters or key reserves under 25. It makes more sense to rebuild with youth than try and win right away with veterans.

Dynasties are built from within.

Ireland claims we have a "B" roster. BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA this guy is offically on crack.

Posted by: Clue | August 28, 2012 at 05:05 PM

What he meant to say was WE have a BS roster...that is a far more likely scenerio..just sayin


superPHIN, if Ireland did say that, I'll have more respect for him, instead hes a lying scumbag

I cant believe were worst then the Raiders.

Bush: 224 for 940; 55 for 489 (4 TDs)
Thomas: 272 for 1,305; 40 for 360 (7 TDs)
Fasano: 48 for 470 (19 drops); 5 TDs

Fins: 2-14

Operation Tail Gate!

Fill the parking lot and support the players and party with brought in beer and food.

Leave the stadium empty! Parking is cheaper than tickets Beer from the 7-11 is cheaper than 8 dollar beers in the park. Publix hamburgers on a grill are way better and cheaper than concession food.

STARVE THE BEAST!! 30,000 fans partying in the parking lot should get some sort of attention. Maybe the owners will get Ross (the Jet Plant) to sell our beloved Dolphins!!

Support the Dolphin Herritage and let the Business as they like to call it go to LLeH.

Operation Tail Gate!! The Insanity must stop!!

New England just cut Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney. Two wide receivers that could fill in on 2nd string, or back up.

Tim when is the last time those guys were any good? They suck just as bad as the guys we got!!

Pats cut those guys?
There gonna be beasts this year(New England that is).

hasn't Cooley been hurt the past few years?

Bad knees no?

Drew Brees was once on the street. Arian Foster was once on the street. Wes Welker was not drafted. Willis McGahee has been on the street a couple of times.

Being on the street doesn't mean a player isn't good anymore.

jrljr2 I agree that Martin DID look over matched but if you've noticed he plays better every game, every practice. He was practicing so well last week that it was reported he made Wake invisible for a day.

People have to realize a few things here. Martin is a great Left tackle who was asked to move to the right. He was asked because he's athletic as hell and we have a pro bowl left tackle. We needed a RT and Martin was best available tackle in the draft. He's no chump.

It is not easy to play left tackle your entire career and then move to the right without a transition period. Footwork, timing, knee bends, arm position, hand positions, all different. After 8 years of building muscle memory you can't just switch it in a few weeks. It's not done.

But the reports in otas were "work in progress". Fast forward three months to August 9th and the reports was "outstanding progress". Enough so that he has handled Wake very well.

The only reason Tannehill will be eating dirt imo is because the receivers won't be open. This is the west coast offense and receivers come open quick. The offensive line uses a lot of zone blocking so they can get to the second level and block for receivers easier. That means they block and release. They're not expected to hold blocks for longer than 3 to 5 seconds. But if the receivers aren't open Tannehill has no one to throw to, he then has to hold the ball longer, the linemen have to block longer, and that's where you get the term "coverage sack" from.

But in knowing Tannehill a bit and knowing his competitive nature he won't want to take sacks. He will be trying to force balls into spots that are not there. I have never been more convinced of anything while posting here. Not getting Tannehill someone to throw too, or our young receivers not stepping up will be the downfall of this team.

O-line (hopefully healthy) CHECK
Young QB with rocket arm and strong grasp of offense CHECK
Wr's and TEs,,,,,,Crickets.

No way in hell is this offense going to be doomed because of Jonathan Martin.

Phins78 not doomed because of Martin at all. Just saying that the Oline will be more responsible for the sacks and pressure than receivers. Although i see your point. I just feel that Cooley is on the street for a reason. Not a significant upgrade. I do agree that the WCO is all based on timing and blocking in zones. With that said, how much does an injury plagued hback help Tannehill? I just dont see it. Hey time will tell.

Falcons snapped ip Tony Gonzalez after taking rookie qb Ryan(Matt). Gonzalez, clearly at the backend of his career too, quickly became a security blanket for Matt Ryan.

Our rookie qb Ryan(Tannehill). With the cap baggage we scrapped this offseason, we can easily offer Cooley at least $4 million a yr over 4yrs. Im sure Cooley's aware there arent any huge pay days lurking at this stage of his career.

Frank great point. Sometimes players are released because of salary cap issues, or a younger player coming up that needs reps. It doesn't necessarily mean they have nothing left in the tank. Cooley has always been a stand up guy. He's a great teammate and a good team leader. We have a very young team and there is every reason to believe that Cooley can play a sort of Pennington role in mentoring our young guys. Cooley brings respect from the NFL and other players a like, it is something this franchise could use in a bad way. But mostly just for Tannehills development.

YG are you really comparing Tony Gonzalez to Chris Cooley?

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