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Chris Cooley available as a tight end upgrade

The Redskins released tight end Chris Cooley today.

He is 30 years old. He is a former three-time Pro Bowl player. He said at his departure press conference, "I can still play at a high level." Oh, and catches the football.

ESPN's Adam Schefter just said teams such as Oakland, the New York Jets and Dolphins need tight end help and could use Cooley.

To me, he would be an upgrade for Miami's tight end corps. He would be help for Ryan Tannehill. Moreoever, this is what I wrote last week when I first heard of the possibility Cooley might become available.

That's all I have to say.

Discuss ...


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Great post by Phins78!!! Totally agree with you.

I just put an 'e' on the end and pronounce it "deer-tay". Sounds kind of cool actually.

I find it now more amusing than ever that this team refuses to use the word rebuilding. Mando and company can put any spin they want on the V.Davis trade but the proof is in the pudding!! If any go on NFL.Com they can read just how against this move THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL feels. At this point trade them as well given Bush won't resign here next Yr. for all the tea in China, Dansby has been vocal in the past can become a big distraction himself and that's without probably mailing it in and just collecting his BIG check. Last but not least is trading J.Long RIGHT NOW!!

Some on here will say, what?? But think about it for a minute. He is the ONE Player mentioned that might still net you a HIGH #1 pick and his often injured status is making him very Tony Bosselli like for my taste. You then ride into the following draft with multiple picks in just about every Rd. given Bush might net a 4 and Dansby for a MAYBE for a conditional 7th given his bloated contract , I repeat Dansby MIGHT BE for a lowly 7th but J.Long can still net you that coveted #1 and I start with the Rams who need a player at LT desperately.

The one thing that is inexcusable to me though is allowing the man who engineered the last rebuild with his MESSIAH to PRACTICALLY ADMIT 100% FAILURE with this move leaving I believe only 4 players drafted since 08 left on the roster who contribute in any way. I wonder how much longer Ross holds out or how many more on this or any other Fins blog keeps saying how he's learning and getting better ect.. The man is a disaster and his tenure in Miami makes the Wannstedt, Speilman era feel like the good old days. FIRE IRELAND NOW!!!

Yeah ray I can blame him. I side with my team, anyone against my team is my enemy. ESPECIALLY if they are players on my team being payed very well and still sucking! A couple of players have problems with the way Joe does things? Who gives a f$#k. Maybe if they played better last year they wouldn't have got their coach fired. Players complained about Sparano, Parcells, Cameron, Saban, Wannstedt, JJ, and even Shula. Notice a pattern? Coaches always get complaints.

Only this time the couple of players in question have contributed to making our team the laughing stock of the NFL yet they know better than the coach how things should be run? The guy is from the GREEN BAY PACKERS not the Browns. He has been with a winning franchise and is trying to bring those same philosophies here and Dansby doesn't like it. He's probably even saying " this isn't how Tony did it".

So yes I absolutely blame him IF he wants to leave. And if he does I'll pack his bags for him. He can go pretend to be a leader on another team.

What fight Aloco?

Mando already has said they can't hide any more they are rebuilding.

Trade Long? He got a bruise and will start game 1.

Dansby a 7th?

Dude,too much government cheese?

Aloco I've been reading some of your posts and I want to say, go f$#k yourself. You are not a Dolphins fan living in Boston. You are a Patriots fan and come in here to talk s%$t and put our team down. So do everyone a favor and go back to the Pats site where you can all stroke it to conversations about Tom Brady. Thank you very much.

There is a high probability, Omar and ALoco, that most Teams are doing or will do the same as what the Dolphins are doing now, getting rid of high priced veterans and replacing them with cheaper, younger Players of equal ability and/or potential. The Rules of the Game dictate that now. Both Ireland and Philbin have stated that fact, each in their own way.

We knew we needed help after trading Marshall, he was the only talented WR we had...We knew we needed help at the TE position because Fasano is average at best, Mustrud sucks lemons and Clay is a work in progress...EVERYBODY knew this, fans, players, GMs, even our bloody owner... Why didn't OUR GM do ANYTHING about it?

Therefore, next week will be crazy with all the trading and wheeling and dealing among all the Teams.

Does anyone STILL WONDER why Peyton Manning didn't want to come to Miami? Can you imagine just for a second Peyton with targets such as Moore, Wallace, Gates, Hogan, Matthews, Cunningham, Mustrud, etc... No wonder he didn't even want to bother...Smart guy...

Oscar you shouldn't talk to Aloco, he's not a Dolphins fan and he's barely a human being. Same garbage posts over and over. Yes lets fire Ireland but first lets rid the blog of the ultimate phony Aloco. Aloco calls Jeff a garage manager but Jeff aint got nothing on Aloco. He is truly the worst. Leave Aloco, just leave.

No wheeling & dealing by Fins, alas.
Ireland's too scared, too stupid, and too heavily invested in conning Ross & gullible fan base that our WRs & TEs are quite fine, thank you very much.


2 advantages for us over the rest of the Teams: We started early mowing down high priced veterans. We have a bit more time to prepare for the regular Season.

Hey #1 fan I guarantee you don't know the Broncos receivers names. Dont print them, it proves nothing except you know how to use the internet. Their receivers are no better than ours. He was never seriously considering Miami or San Francisco and everyone knows it.

saddened fan | August 28, 2012 at 08:18 PM

The ultimate fan and team players are those who've stuck this thing through no matter what. I think that gives us the right to question the direction of the team under Ireland not the other way around. Get the feeling you'd have made a great Soviet citizen not questioning the direction of things while selling those who do down the river, just sayin!

Comedy Gold, OC!

No thanks to Cooley and Gaffney...And besides, are those guys really and upgrade? Let Clay, Egnew, Moore, Hogan, and all the other young guys get more playing time to see if they can be considered part of our future or not...We know Cooley and Gaffey wouldn't be, so why bother...


Ireland will not go after Cooley. The Dolphins are rebuilding through the draft and searching for another Egnew to that end.

Seriously, Goodison. Many Fans and Players might not like it but that's the reality of the Situation. For every Team.

fin4life you're right. But it doesn't make it less annoying when listening to the same complaints a zillion times. Youre complaining to the wrong people, Ross doesnt hang out in here all day reading hundreds of crazy post to get to the three that make sense. Get a petition going it will work better.

Regarding the little time we have extra over the other Teams, it wouldn't hurt, would it?

Are you kidding me? Demaryius Thomas is a rising star...Stokley played with Manning in Indy and always had succes...Decker is very promising...They have more weapons, no question...We has one decent weapon grlscb and we traded him for draft picks...You think that impresses someone like Manning??

Tomlinson, Tomlinson, where are you?

Aside from Marshall, we haven't had one productive WR in Miami since OJ McDuffie...Chambers had 1 good season, that's it... We've had a bunch of scrubs since...It must be the "Yatil Green" curse...

Why you correct yourself if it was correctly written in the first place?

oscar, I meant we HAD onCe decent weapon, not we HAS... Comprende??

Oh, you meant, we had one decent weapon...

one decent weapon* Can't friggin type tonight...

It does seem that Philbin has much more say in personnel matters than Sparano had. Probably, did not want Marshall here, much less Braylon Edwards after what he went thru with cj.

Well, we all have nights like that.

Monsieur, not all, but many here are as educated and light years more sophisticated thru technology than you are. Try not to make a mistake with us or you'll get your as- burned.

oscar, I have nothing against getting rid of a guy because you believe he's a cancer, he's an underachiever, etc etc...But have a plan B to replace him...Everybody knew our other WRs weren't very talented...Everybody except our GM apparently...

Why all the excitement over Cooley? Our GM, Jeff Ireland evaluated all of the talent prior to the draft and found Michael Egnew in the third round. Give the young man some time. If Jeff Ireland likes him, that's good enough for me.

"Six teams that could show interest in Chris Cooley

By Gregg Rosenthal

Tight end Chris Cooley was released on Tuesday by the Washington Redskins after eight seasons with the team. Fred Davis is a quality starter and the Redskins reportedly love Niles Paul, so it made sense to release Cooley considering his salary.

Cooley hardly is a burner after repeated knee injuries, but Peter King of SI.com is one of many writers who noted Cooley looked to be in great shape during training camp. He's healthy and is a quality receiver. He should not struggle to find work. Some possibilities:

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins could use any offensive player with a pair of quality hands. Cooley might not want to play for one of the only franchises consistently run worse than the Redskins. Sorry."

Gregg Rosenthal makes a good point. I can't see a veteran wanting to play for the Dolphins at this point. As for the Dolphins being consistently run worse than the Redskins I'm not so sure. This is the same team that traded a 2nd round pick for Jason Taylor & broke the bank on Albert Haynesworth. I'd be just as disappointed in my team if I were a Redskins fan.

It appears so, Monsieur. It appears Philbin is a hard guy to satisfy.

Well, he is white. I'm sure Ireland will go after him.

nothing to discuss......Cooley and Gaffney would both be upgrades, clearly.

We are in big trouble! Who actually wants to play for a coach like Philbin when u feel like he doesn't have your back? And Ireland is just as dumb as Odin stank and Oscar Weiner.
0 and 3 is going to suck.
Poor Tannehill...

Some of you say players don't want to come here. But Miami is a fun city to be apart of. It's beautiful weather (minus the rain) and it's not like this team is like the Cinncinati Bengals or one of those crappy cities. We have money, we just don't have a home field advantage. Players want to come here, we just aren't open to bringing them here.

Super bowl bound!

Is Egnew going to make the team?

Peyton Manning actually wrote Ross an entire letter about players not wanting to play for our front office. Not a note, but a long letter. Nuff said!

Beautiful weather? Yeah if you are a cockroach or a lizard. Stinking hot and humid swamp land. Here you sweat just sitting on the porch.

Just watched hard knocks. God I detest Jeff Ireland. He is SUCH an idiot. Please please please FIRE him

For some reason, people from Miami think this is the only place with bars women and strip clubs. Every town has them, and many have much more liberal girlie bars than here.

How am I doin Dolphin Fans?
1. I've already lost the locker room AND
2. I placed 90% of the blame on the players when we lose games.
Damn, I'm good.

The more I watch HardKnocks, the more inept Ireland becomes. That guy, I can't bring myself to call him a man, has no EFFING clue how to deal with trades, employees, other GMs. A horrible negotiator!!!! YES, I can do much better than him!!!!

Honaz, unless you're in LA and arguably NYC which city in the US is more fun for a guy with a ton of money in his 20s?

Philby needs to show a little fire and enthusiasm. He seems content acting like grandpa.

ireland looks bad and philbin toes the company line. another complete rebuild from the bottom.

San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, NY, Chicago, and believe it or not, many towns across the Northwest are a lot less 'regulated' than many realize, in reference to fun for single men....

There is nowhere in this Country where you will find more beautiful women in one city then Miami. Your just a jealous little peckerhead from New Yawk.

Believe it or not Seattle doesn't have that much rainfall compared to other places. I lived there 3 years. It's mostly a lot of misty drizzle, nothing you need an umbrella for most of the time. It's a good town, lots of options urban stuff and nature stuff. No nasty winters and summers are the best in the country, sunny, not humid, warm, no rain.

Aside from this awful humid swamp land climate, South Florida, aside from the wealthy, is kind of third world and no class.

Honaz never heard of air conditioning. They have had it for a couple years in Florida

I've lived all over. Every town I ever been too has been loaded with beautiful women. Florida sucks actually. If you can live on the intracoastal or have money for a nice boat, well then it's nicer. Otherwise, no culture here, shallow people and English is a foreign language.

South Florida, land of strip malls and traffic. There are only few cool neighborhoods here, but any major city has just as many if not more.

Honaz doesn't believe in diversity. Honaz believes if you dont speak English you are not welcome. Miami has a more diversified culture then anywhere in America. Honaz wants to live in an ll white neighborhood. Honaz is a racist.

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