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Chris Cooley available as a tight end upgrade

The Redskins released tight end Chris Cooley today.

He is 30 years old. He is a former three-time Pro Bowl player. He said at his departure press conference, "I can still play at a high level." Oh, and catches the football.

ESPN's Adam Schefter just said teams such as Oakland, the New York Jets and Dolphins need tight end help and could use Cooley.

To me, he would be an upgrade for Miami's tight end corps. He would be help for Ryan Tannehill. Moreoever, this is what I wrote last week when I first heard of the possibility Cooley might become available.

That's all I have to say.

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Honaz should stay out of Florida because Honaz will never get it.

Honaz, I'll give you New Orleans, just cause. Otherwise try convincing a 20 something year old bachelor that all those other cities are better to live in than Miami and I'll give you an award that's equivalent of selling ice to an eskimo. I'm not saying those cities aren't good cities to live in, they are, much better economically, socially, etc..... but if you want babes, beaches, warm weather, and fun, you go to Miami, NYC (no beaches there, and minimal babes.... and I live here by the way) or LA (and they don't have a football team)

They don't even have many bike lanes here on the road. You can't walk anywhere because everything is too far and even if it was close its too dang hot.

People who like it here just don't know any better, they visit friends in Newark or Alabama once a year so they think here is special.

Is it just me or was the last episode of HARDKNOCKS to a certain extent a ploy to help heal the conventional opinion of the Dolphins organization, Ireland and Co.?? Since day one with this group it has been the Parcillian dogmatic way of approaching both the media and fan base as to info. regarding the in's and out's of the way the team is run. Parcells had a gag order on employees that Ireland has kept tenfold and now we see a piece on the human side of the man, seemed fishy to me?

I will admit that my opinions on the F.O. has been harsh but at least it's been steady and never wavered. In following HARDKNOCKS and watching NFL Net on down to ESPN and listening to the opinions voiced on those Networks I find it hilarious how every episode has subtly found ways of answering and addressing these observations in-directly.

It's also amusing how nobody ever admits the utter failure the Parcells tenure was or for that matter how the drafts he and Ireland oversaw have turned out for this team. We have 2 count them 2! Players actively contributing at a high level since the 08 draft that's 2 quality starters in 5 drafts (J.Long, M.Pouncy)

Three other who have been mediocre in S.Smith, C.Clemmons and Misi and a group who supposedly have all this potential yet to be shown in Odrick, Clay and R.Jones. Do the math and it's roughly a drafts worth in 5 or about 20% hit rate and that's being kind considering that outside the OL mentioned the rest would probably be playing S.T.'s elsewhere if not out right bench warmers, so is it time yet to constructively critique Ireland and Co. or just trade everybody left who can play with another rebuilding go around????????????

You must be living in the wrong part of Miami. I've visited Miami a handful of times and if you're anywhere near a beach it's simply beautiful. Football players aren't going to be living in the slums you speak of. Overall, as a city, Miami probably isn't top tier, but to say it's a s**t down is inaccurate. Have you experienced the night life there? Football
Players will be living the high life there. Can't say the same about Dallas, San Diego, and all those other cities mentioned. Those cities are good cities for a businessman but not for a 20 year old millionaire.

I've lived in Miami twice now. If I was a millionaire, I'd be elsewhere.

If you like it great, no need to rock the boat. It's like I say, people who think South Florida is so great just don't know many other places very well. I may not be rich, but money is no issue for me, I live well.

Miami is a low class city.

Players will be living the high life there. Can't say the same about Dallas, San Diego, and all those other cities mentioned.

Sorry, but you are ill informed. There is plenty of coin in those towns and night life to go with it.

Fasano is a decent receiver as a TE. It is a matter of getting more practice and experience with Tannehill's velocity and placement. Tannehill does not lob the ball the way Pennington did.

Two very good points at 5:10 & 5:12
Tannehill's health relies more on a rookie RT that looks overmatched than open receivers. Whether receivers open or not wont matter when he's eating dirt.

Ireland is clueless regaurding Talent.
Name one player he's picked that's a pro-bowler.

If Tannehill gets HURT, because he gets Blindsided.. it wont really matter.. cuz we will be looking for another QB Come draft day.. Hope this doesnt happen!

Honass is a jackazz! I've been to all 50 states and every major city in this country, Miami and Miami Beach plus the surrounding areas, match any other city in the nation. Including NYC, DC Philly, Chicago, Seattle, LA, St. Lou, Naw'leans! Etc. Been to them all, you can party and own some of the best property in the country if you have the $$$, or know the right people!

hes a two time pro bowler. not a three time. when its comes to pro bowls thats a big difference in achievements.

If they don t get Cooley, they better plan on sitting Tannehill this year , the preseason was an absolute nightmare for the receiving corps, and I`ve seen Fasano drop that TD pass too many times since he`s been here, I can only hope they hid the real team and the real plays till the season starts, I can definately see Reggie catching the ball alot this season , he`s made for it , him and Bess could be a nightmare, much like Welker and that smaller version of him they got over there in NE , they definately open it up for the TE`s , we just need one that can catch the ball , they better get Cooley

Cooley has seen better days and still does not seem to have everything back after his injury. But......what does it hurt to bring him in.

Losers don't mind losing. Just read the previous couple of comments.

Posted by: Frank Caliendo | August 28, 2012 at 04:39 PM

ahahahahaha.. thats what Dashi was thinking..

Even when a talented player like Cooley becomes available, this will be the last team that will bring him in. These delusional management pr_cks still believe this team is loaded with talent. So forget about it!

Any time you can pick up a free agent this late into camp, that instantly becomes your best player at that position and comes with little risk - take it immediately.

Also, added value keeping him away from the jets.

If Cooley had anything left, the Skins would have kept him.

Let's play Ireland at receiver and or TE...See if he has any talent at all because it sure isn't evaluating players with TALENT.
Ross...please get rid of this guy!

PS get Cooley now...couldn't get any worse.

@@@@@@@ COOLEY would be a great add - problem is he is outgoing and philbin seems to be allergic to letting grown men be themselves.

I doubt he would like that. plus IRELAND doens't understand what REAL TALENT IS and IS CHEAP!!! @@@@@@

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