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Coach Joe Philbin talks Bess, Tannehill, Steinbach, Davis

In this version of Joe Philbin's talk with the press, you find out that ..

... the quarterback competition is thisclose, according to the coach although by all measurements of MY EYES the competition is being won by David Garrard with no one else all that close.

The coach also entertains the question of why the club is giving Vontae Davis some snaps off from his first-team duties although it is clear as day that Davis is the team's best cornerback.

Coach also gives receiver Davone Bess his propers, explains the thinking behind giving Ryan Tannehill first-team snaps on Thursday and more ...

(On where he is in the quarterback evaluation process) –“I think it is very close. We’re keeping our eye on it and monitoring reps, we’re getting guys with different groups and we’re, I’d say, probably 75% of the way through installing our offense. We certainly don’t want to make any decisions before we have our offense in which is probably not going to be completed until early next week. We’re going to add some more tomorrow but then won’t add any more until after our scrimmage on Saturday, let the guys play a little bit so to speak. Probably cut back just a little bit of what we’re doing schematically on Saturday just to get the execution that we’re looking for. I’m not into trick ‘em schemes or anything like that. And then next week we have a little bit more install to do and then we have a game to get ready for. So I think that our guys are, and I’ve said it before, are an excellent room, and I believe that. They’re professional, they love the game, they’re supportive of one another, and they’ve had some moments that were better than others, for all of the candidates, but it’s a good group. I think we’re going to have good quarterback play.” 

(On how Ryan Tannehill looked practicing with the first team offense for the first time) –“I thought he was good. I told the players at the end of the practice that my gut tells me that none of the staff are going to be disappointed with the effort that the players put forth out there. I think it was very good. I think though, there were a lot of things from a fundamental standpoint, that we didn’t translate from the meeting room to the practice field very well in a lot of areas today. One illustration; we did a fumble recovery presentation in one of our team meetings. That’s not a huge play, but it’s something that we are going to drill later on and it’s something that we presented to the team how we are going to do that. But unfortunately, the ball was on the ground a number of times, and yet we didn’t see a carryover from the meeting room to the practice field today. Obviously our center-quarterback (shotgun) snaps, a couple of those got messed up, which you guys know, you can’t function effectively if those things are happening. I think there are a lot of detail things that need to get cleaned up, and Ryan I’m sure was part of that as well. But I thought that, I think it was the last play of practice, he was rolled out to the left and he gunned the ball in there. It looked like a pretty good ball from where I was standing outside the right hash, but I think he did some good things.” 

(On  Ryan Tannehill’s first team reps going forward) –“I think that it’s kind of an as earned type of basis. Certainly he’s throwing the ball well enough in the couple of days that he’s been practicing that deserves some opportunities with those guys, to work with different receivers and different linemen. So it’s definitely earned, and as we go forward, you know we have to take a look at the tape later today, and it’s kind of a fluid process Izzy. It’s not something that, while I said something to you in June that we had written down on a piece of paper all the snaps we foresaw these guys getting in the four preseason games, now that’s a fluid process too. Again, we’re going to evaluate everything and we probably won’t make final decisions as to the play snaps until we get through next Wednesday’s practice, so we can get an idea of whose, we may have injuries between now and then, but hopefully not, but it can change every day. I laid out all the practice schedules from the minute we got here until the training camp and through Dallas, but we’ve tweaked a couple. You know we need a little more one-on-one here; we don’t need as much of that here. It was a good idea back then, but let’s change this up. That’s something that we just, that’s why we meet so people can just chip in ideas and I take some of them and I don’t take others, but it’s been good.” 

(On whether he values practice reps or game reps more) –“Not necessarily, but again I don’t know about the weighted scale, but as we said Ben, some of it is going to be from the gut I think, because there’s not a huge statistical difference at this point in time. Again we’ll add today’s numbers, I don’t think we had great numbers today because we put in the bear (4-6) defense, which is a unique scheme for the offense to deal with, and both sides of the ball need practice on it. So it’s just kind of one of those days historically as I’ve been associated with it that the offense doesn’t do as well as they would like, but we’re going to take into every bit of information that we have; how they interact with teammates, what type of leadership traits do they have, how productive have they been, what’s their completion percentage. I think we’re going to look at everything and use the information that we have to make the best decision moving forward.” 

(On what he looks for in a rookie quarterback aside from performance) –“I think poise. Does it look natural for him (Tannehill) to be sitting back there and executing, and can he redirect a couple of things? Like I said that front that we played against today and the concept, sometimes defense forces adjustments in the protection. You know can he change a route? If he has two receivers outside and one guy’s got press and one guy’s got off (coverage), can he change the route and get us into a little better concept pass wise than what we had called? That’s what we need to, again we’re just installing the offense we’re not playing games yet, but that’s what we need to get to, common sense football. You’re quarterback needs to be able to look at things and understand the offense well enough to say ‘hey, we can adjust this,’ or ‘look they’re coming over here with the blitz, let’s move the back here and point the center over this way.’ Those are all things that I think are in the realm of (his ability). He’s a bright guy and even though he only had 19 starts, he knows football and he’s a football player. He contributed to his team as a wide receiver, and the guy is a football player.” 

(On how Tannehill’s familiarity with the offense puts him ahead of other rookie quarterbacks he has coached) –“I think it’s helpful right now in the installation phase. I think because he’s spitting out the formation, communicating the route concepts that are a little bit easier for him. Again, Matt and David have been in it for a little while now too, as well as Pat, but once you get into games, I’m not sure how much that is going to play into it. I think that with installation, which is what we’re in right now, it’s a benefit, but once that’s over with, the field levels out so to speak.” 

(On Karlos Dansby’s transition from the 3-4 to the 4-3 defense) –“I think he has a chance to play well in the scheme, no question about it. I think it fits his talents very well. We’ve played against him, when I was at another spot, a number of different times and he’s a very productive player. We used to think he was kind of slippery, you know he’s a hard guy to get your hands on at times, which is good because he slip off a block and get around a block and run well enough to make a play, so I think this defense is going to fit his talents well. He’s done a good job communication wise as you know. We’ve talked about the strength of a team up the middle; center-quarterback play, mike linebacker safety play is all important. I think he has a chance to perform well.” 

(On how much he would like to use the fullback in this offense) –“Well part of it…why we’ve done it the past couple days is because we want to get a sense of, they’re times where I’ve been a on a team where they’ve kept three fullbacks. I’ve seen teams in this league keep zero fullbacks. It’s all about gathering information and seeing if we can figure out what these guys do well, who’s the most physical blocker, who’s the most instinctive blocker, who can stay on his feet and block, and also who can sneak out into the flat and catch the ball, make a guy miss or break a tackle, those type of things. So I think we have made a conscience effort to get a little bit of more two back in there, as much of an evaluation tool as anything else. The scheme is negotiable week in and week out. Some weeks it might be empty, other weeks it might be two tight ends and two backs, whatever we have to do to move the ball.” 

(On the meaning behind the rotation of cornerbacks in practice, in particular Vontae Davis) –“I thouthg he made a couple real nice plays on the ball today. He’s locating the ball better when it’s down the field, but again there is nothing locked in stone here. It’s early, six practices in. We have heavy practices in the morning, we’ve had five walk thrus as well and we’ll have another one today, but we’re looking at guys who can execute what the coaches want done the best. It’s not a reflection that he hasn’t done well. We talked personnel after we practiced for four days. We’re going to have a scrimmage over at Sun Life Stadium and the coaches will immediately watch the film and meet with the players to correct the scrimmage, and then we’re going to meet again and talk about where everyone is at. Things can change quickly, but certainly we want to look at some other guys and create competition everywhere.” 

(On what he is looking for from Davone Bess) –“I’ve been really pleased with his camp. I think he’s had an excellent camp and I think he has tremendous leadership qualities; that’s important to us. There’s that saying ‘you lead from where you are,’ and I don’t think you have to be a quarterback to be a good leader. I love the leadership example that he sets for the other guys. He just makes plays. The thing we really want to get a sense of is who can win those one-on-one matchups, who can beat press coverage, who can make a play on the ball down the field, who can separate, who can create space underneath, among other things? It’s not all about a vertical shot down the field. And who can catch the ball consistently? It looked to me like we didn’t catch the ball as consistently well today as we have in the past, but I love his leadership. I think he’s having a good camp and I think he’s being productive. We’re looking forward to him contributing in a major way.” 

(On defensive end Olivier Vernon) –“The thing I like about him is the leverage that he is able to play with. He has very, very good pad level for a young player. I think, sometimes, young players tend to peak and get high and expose their numbers and their chest to the offense. I think he’s a guy that’s got very good leverage and appears that he’s very competitive with a good motor. That’s a good place to start. He needs some scheme work, some technique work obviously as does everybody else on the ball club, but those are the things that kind of jump out at me. I think he has strong hands. I think he has an ability to separate form blockers, but I would say his leverage is one thing that really, really you like about the guy. I think he’s competitive. I think he’s got that football, natural strength. I have no idea what he can bench press, couldn’t tell you what he did at the, I don’t even know if he went to the combine, but he’s strong. He can come off the ball and stick his nose and keep his elbows in and find the football.” 

(On how daunting the learning curve is for tight end Les Brown) – “It’s tough. It’s a tough job. I think we sat in the room a couple of days ago and talked about the pictures of him looking like a football player and then the picture of him looking like a real novice at the profession. His challenge is to get the novice ones, cut those down so he can get rid of those. It’s not easy. At times, I’ve stood up here and said, ‘The transition from right tackle to left tackle isn’t that big of a deal. You’re still blocking a defensive end. I know you’ve got the other hand down, but you’re blocking a defensive end or right  guard or left guard, same thing or if you’re Inside receiver or outside receiver, they can play man-to-man whether you’re inside or outside.’ You’ve still got to beat a guy. Where he’s coming from is a little bit different. It’s a little bit different. It’s tough. He’s learning well. The nice thing about Les Brown is you’ve got to give him his credit. I’d come in in the summer, poke around my office and catch a workout, and it happens that Les would be around watching the tape or working out. You’ve got to feel good about guys like that that are giving a great effort and they’re hungry. They want to do it, but, yeah, it’s going to be a challenge.” 

(On if he has a timetable for seeing what guard Eric Steinbach can do physically after being injured last year) –“He hasn’t had a whole lot of limitations. We talked to him earlier that look, ‘You’re, you’ve got 120-something starts under your belt. I know you want to get in here and jump right in with both feet, learn the system, get as many reps, prove yourself, fight for a job, all that stuff.’ And that’s all good. We want the same things. However, you also have to realize that you haven’t played in a year and you had a back issue, you had a knee issue in years past. I don’t think he’s really been limited a whole lot. He’s kind of like anybody else on the club where we’re going to give him an opportunity and see what he can make of it.”


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Talk to the hand....



Maybe rotate Steinbach, Richie and Hicks some so not to wear them out as much. May be detrimental in the beginning but a benefit at the end of the season.

What are your thoughts on trading Reggie Bush? Contract year plus his value will be very good. Just sayin as we have a lot of runners and Slaton may surprise in the zone blocking scheme he had such a great rookie year running in.




It's pretty f***ing funny that the same moron who constantly judges everyone else has the nerve to call anyone egotistical or self serving.

Judging other peoples posts as if you are smarter than everyone = egotistical.

Talking about how much you despise people whom you have never met in another blog = self serving.


I thought an OL needs cohesiveness time to gel to become a solid OL?? Didn't we learn that from TS rotating OL didn't work??? We need stability on the OL pick the starting five until someone gets hurt or for the rest of the season!!

I want no beef with anyone. Just enjoy talking Dolphins. Notice I haven't been attacking in here, even when they visit to copy and paste my content. I enjoy this blog and want nothing to do with the negative people looking to fight to feel better about themselves.

Keep up the good work Armando, glad to have you back from vacation sir.


Actually I wasnt including you as the "egotistical few" on Ohio's forum/blog. As Ive seen stated by others in the past, your problem seems to be "picking fights" having absolutely nothing to do with you.

Dude yo gotta stop that. It makes you look idiotic in the end. Not attacking you, just making you aware of truthful observation.

Ohio, you are always welcome here. Just keep doing what you can to keep your lonely ego-idiot followers from coming here to inflate themselves LOL.

So true at 8:29 phins, that guy thinks hes better than everyone, just ignore him cause everyone else does.


Haven't talked to you in awhile. How are you feeling about how our O-line is shaping up and how do you feel about the offense in general?


I have nothing against you. Just you dont spend enough time on your own blog to know who is or isnt the trouble makers. I came under unprovoked attack several times. Seems you only chimmed in when I retailiated.

To cut the muss and fuss, I decided your blog wasnt cut out for me. Plus, seems you were totally unaware or dumb to the fact that some of your bloggers iced other bloggers out of conversations and turned into thier own personal circle jerk.

Many who went to your blog are critical of it and "certain elements", not you personally. Dude, everbody cant be wrong, even when we were getting nothing at all here. I didnt even so much as peek at your blog to see what was happening. What a shame.

That's cool YG. I have no hard feelings and would still enjoy a convo with you on here from time to time.


By addition thru subtraction alone the oline will be better. Columbo's(Martin) gone and there's a better alternatuve to a underachieving Jerry.

My major concern isnt the oline. It's the astounding number of drops our wr's seem to presently be having in camp. Dropped passes almost equates to turnovers. Dropped passes are opportunities missed.

Still, being a 3rd rd'er, Jerry maybe cheap enough to keep right now as long as he can still make 2nd team backup. If not, expect to see Jerry on the cut list before the regular season begans.

From the previous blog:

I think Sherman will install his spread option package.

Tannehill's skillset is well suited for it.

Why not?

I want to see Tannehill in Pre Season before I make any big bold predictions. I was dead set AGAINST taking Tannehill with the 8th pick. I still think it's absurd. Absurb for most people of course, but seeing how Ireland is technically and legally retarded, it's not quite so bad.

You know, like when Dumbtard does something dumb, it's kind of expected. It's like that for Ireland. Jerry Jones knew it too. He **ALMOST** got a 2nd round pick out of Ireland for Colombo. Thank God Mr. Ross was keeping an eye on the idget that day and VETOED it

moore is clearly the odd man out. lots of teams need a better backup. let's see if jeff can at least get a #5 pick for him.

YG I've never had a problem with you. But you have to admit it's weird to call people out like that. Why do you care so much about people in another blog and what they talk about. Not one person over there has ever done a thing to you.

You're saying I look idiotic and I agree. I enjoy talking to everyone about the Dolphins and I shouldn't get caught up defending myself or anyone else for that matter, it's not worth it.

But YG you seem like an educated individual so why don't you see the hypocritical nature of your post?

And why don't you see that you and you alone were the only one who was trying to pick a fight. I was defending people that I am friends with. Idiotic, okay fair enough. But you were the first one to write something that you knew very well was an attack on someones character. You were obviously trying to pick a fight.

I just don't understand why you won't let it go. They aren't bad guys and neither am I. We're Dolphins fans just like you, all with our own opinions and personalities.
There is no need to talk about people in that way. Why does this have to be an us against them thing. Talk about idiotic, it's like highschool all over again sometimes in here. The name calling and belittling. It's just all so stupid.

Come on YG, you know what I'm talking about, you're a smart guy. Why do people have to make this so hard? Why can't we all just get along? Is there something someone from ohios place did to you or anyone else? If so speak up and we will clear the air ya know? I just want us all to get along and I don't think that's such a horrible thing.


Tannehill has shown improvement from ots's to minicamp. Now minicamp to training camp. Now having "EARNED" some first team snaps.

I was happy with him being picked at #8 either. Still Im pleased to hear he's actually "IMPROVING" as each and every camp passes. Im sure even Andrew Luck has things to improve upon as the regular season draws near.

Reports surfaced today RG3 is holding onto the ball a little too right now in the pocket. There's a transition required from college to pro no matter how great the qb on the ncaa level.

No need to answer YG. I remember now that you had a problem with a couple people over there. I never iced you out and enjoyed talking to you over there. It's too bad you left because it wasn't necessary. Screw anyone who would ignore you, who cares. I'm sure if you stayed you could have added some great points of view. Come back sometime would ya. I know if I was aware of you being treated poorly I would have defended you and still will.

Ohio, you are always welcome here. Just keep doing what you can to keep your lonely ego-idiot followers from coming here to inflate themselves LOL.

Posted by: ROn | August 02, 2012 at 09:02 PM

ROn has a problem with people inflating themselves-ROTFLMAO?

Why ROn, do YOU want to "Do It" for them?

Just sayin......................

Lew I've been thinking the same thing. Moore just looks defeated already and won't stop turning the ball over. I'm thinking at least a 4th but it's not over yet. There's still time for Moore.

But don't you see, Vontae has some sort of addiction problem.

Thank you ericatl, I will try harder:)


I let it go long ago. If you'll notice, Ron copy and pasted a post I made a few days ago. Even then I had let it go. These guys maybe your friends and fine for you if that's the case. But Im not the only one who's been on Ohio's site that sees it as pure as the driven snow.

Look, some may find it ok and some may not. But its not your job to go to war with everyone who sees it differently. We're all different people with different ideologies and agendas. We all see life slightly different. If not, we would all just be robots.

When I post something, its usually based upon how I see it. I seem to not be in minority in this(Ohio's blog). Still Im not on a crusade to stop anyone who chooses too from going there. They deserve the right to be the judge for themselves. You dont have to play Capt Savahoe for everything you see on these blogs. LOL


I hear you on Tannehill.

He IS improving and thats ALWAYS a Good Thang!

I like the fact that Philbin PUBLICLY pointed out Tannehill having EARNED some first team reps.

If Tebow decided to quit football right now. The Republicans would call him up to become thier presidential candidate. Of course he would say yes and of course he would win.

The anti-christ finally rules the world. A lot sooner than many of thought.

jets are a huge mess, have to love it

by the time tebow is done playing football, he'll have been on 8 teams for 2 years each. some team will always want him even though he will never be worth it.

You have to hand over this guys URL, Armando. Certainly a nut and God knows we have had too many of those lately.

tebows the least of their worries. cromartie and holmes are huge cancers and sparano is running that offense,lol

Can't wait till the season start so all these speculations stop and we find out who our starters will be opening day!!

TS the jets offense coordinator!! I love it. At least we won't be at the bottom in offense at the end of the year!! Wildcrap!!

Tim Tebow is a old school Larry Czonka type fullback that happens to be able to throw the football a little bit. Nothing more, nothing less. Probably faster than Czonk too.

Just bad for Tebow he was born 30yrs past his true era(fullback).

You probably close, but I don't think Tebow will play with hurting turf toe broken noise more injuries that he play with and still PEFORM at a high level!! Lol

Unlike you, we don't enjoy reading your whining, long winded drivel.

Or Odins
Or Alocos
Or Oscars
Or Ohios
Or Craig M

Please go back to the Amish site & stay there.

Posted by: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY...LEAVE | August 02, 2012 at 09:57 PM

I don't care if you count all your aliases and Yo Mamma TOO!

We got you out numbered FOOL!

Why Ownt U make us LEAVE?

Ah Ha Ha Ha!

The Troll at 9:57 got deleted!

For the Love of all that is HOLY........Stay Gone!

He was telling us to leave and got D-E-L-E-T-E-D !

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Now thats some funny shyt dat right dere!

I wish we had Tebow. The guys a winner plus he fills the stands. Big heart and great work ethic.

You guys are wrong about TH. He is a BEAST! He will prove all naysayers wrong....mark my word. Maybe not this year, but definitely within the next two to three years he will be another Peyton Manning. He has the same football "Brain" that Peyton has, audibles, reads the defenses, knows the routes (cuz he was a receiver), watch his interview with Gruden. He knows his shi_ !. And 19 games he played in college was more than Sanchez, Marino started for their colleges. He will be awesome. Ya'll will see. It will end up being one of the best Dolphin Drafs ever.

Is Ross honoring Tebow again this year?

FINLAND, What's up tonite?????
Been awhile, Welcome back Mando, Thats one long post you got there today, I consumed 3 beers reading it....

Is Ross honoring Tebow again this year?
Posted by: Monte | August 02, 2012 at 10:57 PM


Monte, he'll probably honor Brady this season.

Odin, Are you Coalition to get coalition out of the Closet?, I know your writing anywhere...
How things in Michagan Brother??

I wish we had Tebow. The guys a winner plus he fills the stands. Big heart and great work ethic.

Posted by: Monte | August 02, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Monte, you can say these same exact things about Dan Marino, which resulted in ZERO sb win. Also next to Marino, Tim Tebow is a complete ZERO.

Still want some Tebow?

Monte, you can say these same exact things about Dan Marino, which resulted in ZERO sb win. Also next to Marino, Tim Tebow is a complete ZERO.
Still want some Tebow?
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 02, 2012 at 11:14 PM


Absolutely. I'll take years like Marino had over the recent years anyday. And you're comparing Tebow to Marino. I love Tebow but wouldnt even do that.

Also, just like the rest of the nation, Im sure almost every nfl player in the league is sick of hearing about Tebow. May even God himself too.

All the Tebowmania will do is make opposition want to play harder to beat the Jets. Im sure it will never become public knowledge. But I pretty much guarrantee every defender in the league has a bounty on Tebow. Who wouldnt want to be the first defender in the nfl to claim it was he who knocked Tebow out for the game or entire season.

Hate to say it, but, I would love to see Tebow knocked for the season in game one. That spares the rest of the nation the overkill media coverage for an entire year. He is the most over covered player by the media in nfl history to have done only little more than next to nothing.

Agree YG, I too Hate Tebow(Does this mean I'll Go to a place where asbestos underwear is advised)????

Crazy Espn cant go an hour a day without mentioning Tebow's name. Get over it already Espn.


If you go to the place of abestos underwear, you might just find Tebow's the leader. LOL

Good thing about Tebone in a NYJ jersey is now the jets have the two worse QBs satistacly on there team, Not only that but they have Tony(Fist pump 4 FGs) Sporono as there OC......

USA beat Nigeria 156-73. A 83pt victory. I think it would have been a closer games if the USA mens basketball team had played the USA womens basketball team.



Maybe Nigeria's game strategy was to let the USA score and tire themselves out. Then they would sneak up on them for the win. To hell with that strategy uh? LOL

Odin, Are you Coalition to get coalition out of the Closet?, I know your writing anywhere...
How things in Michagan Brother??

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 02, 2012 at 11:0

The One and Only!

It's been unseasonably warm up here. In other words - GREAT!

I've been House sitting the past week in this Giant Manor right on the Shore of Lake Superior! I can hear the Freighters and the Tugs as they approach the Soo Locks!

I'm pretending I'm on an episode of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. In my episode we get Robin Leach to drunk, spend all his money on extravagent "Partiables" and duct tape him to the stanchions in the basement.

But nontheless, YEAH.......AwwwwwwwwRiiiiight Miami!

LMAOROTF @ Odin.......

Tebow a winner? Lets get real here. He's fortunate his defense played well enough to recover from the hole he dug for his offense.

What happened when his defense couldnt slow down the Tom Brady led offensive juggernault? Tebow went from hero to "shebow" in 60 minutes flat.

The pressure's on the Jets defense. Now they have two qb's that cant bring them back from a double digit deficit and a oc(Sparano) who's in love with fg's(fistpumper).

Things amy get really ugly in Jersey before seasons end. LOL


I think your mostly correct in saying T-Bow was carried by the defense.

But that brings up an ugly......UGLY thought.

If Denvers defense was/is as good as I think it is.......and T-Bow led them to the playoffs........Uggggggggh!

Can you imagine how good they might be this year with Robo-Matic Manning?

I'm predicting another deep run by the Broncs. Maybe even an appearance depending on how well recovered Manning is.


Denver's defense will be even better. Because with Peyton they'll play with many leads of 7pts or better. This means they can unleash thier stud sackmasters on opposing qb's.

Im sure Bronco defenders began licking thier chops as soon as it was announced Manning was in the house.

Tanny is on ESPNU at 02:30.

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