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Backups please Coyle but starters have work to do

It's never good when the head coach says the second-team players look better than the starters. That is quite damning.

And yet, that is exactly what coach Joe Philbin said of his defense after their preseason-opener against Tampa Bay. "They looked more like a defense," was among Philbin's critiques.

I guess so when you consider the starting defense last week yielded 14 points in barely over one quarter of work and Tampa Bay's QBs were 12 of 13 for 132 yards passing the football. Miami mustered no sacks. And no turnovers.

Obviously, there are issues there.

Vontae Davis, struggling through camp, got beat on one of the first few plays he was in the game. Sean Smith missed a couple of tackles. Neither Cameron Wake nor anybody else got any sort of pressure on the passer. The team gave up two rushing touchdowns. And Tampa Bay won on third down -- a lot.

So it falls on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to correct the problems in the next three weeks before the regular-season opener. We see the progress Friday night against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in the second preseason game.

This is Coyle's take on the matter:


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If they don't get a consistent pass rush going, its going to be a long season for the defense because our LBs and CBs don't cover well

was I supposed to say "first"? I don't care....but now I'm first and second.....?

If they don't get a consistent pass rush going, its going to be a long season for the defense because our LBs and CBs don't cover well

Posted by: BPA | August 14, 2012 at 07:06 AM

Also, if they don't win, they will lose.

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I think our defense will be alright come game day. Only things I'm worried about are Vontae and safety; the rest of the D was playing not to get hurt

Lets blow this all up and out of proportion.

This was a pretty decent Defense last year and we utilized both the 3-4 and 4-3 scheme. The personel hasn't changed much and where it did change, it's been for the better.

This is a new staff, working with guys that are new to them. Give Coyle a game or two at least for the love of God-lol!

PS: Find something news worthy to write about.

-Odin- ;)

Wrong Blog Croc. Paranoid clowns are out early today.

Oh yeah, don't just look for a receiver with the upcoming cuts either.

Keep an eye out for another Linebacker with some coverage skills.

Misi's a HUGE liability on passing downs. If he's in the game on pass plays you might as well send him after the QB. He can't cover anyone, if it's not a zone, he's totally lost.

Scan them Waiver Wires Jeffy!

You wanna talk politic's, go to another blog!!

I'm glad the coaches let the 1st string have it. They looked horrible!!! The second string, Trusick was all over the field. They had a lot of energy!!

This coaching staff doesn't sugar coat it!!!


Did you notice Trusnik on the second depth chart?

He's been promoted ;)

Kind of...............

I'm not so sure our defense will be "alright." The front 7, which was supposed to be our strength, got outclassed against a Tampa Bay offense that isn't top of the league. Our secondary looked like years past (basically can't cover anyone, can't make any plays on balls in the air, getting beat, missed tackles, safety making too many TD saving tackles). And our offense, which now plays more up-tempo, at first (until they get it together) might be putting the defense on the field quicker and for longer periods of time. That spells trouble if the defense isn't playing at a high rate immediately.

Add to that our supposed stud corner is shrinking before our very eyes, and now some players are mad at the HC (for silly reasons IMO) and you have the making for a very slow start. Like last year. OH BROTHER!

i have serious doubts about our corners and safety pos. vontae takes plays off and sean smith can't cover or tackle. we missed an opportunity to grab steve gregory FA safety who signed with the pats while ireland slept.

Should be an interesting week on Hard Knocks greg. I hope Philbin does like Coughlin used to back in the day, deny the team water breaks (they don't deserve any stinking water). Run them into the ground. I want to see pain on the faces of players, like they're going through Hell.

our secondary and line backers are average at best. I think this is going to be a very long season for dolphin fans. I think Coyle will be gone after this year.

Good morning gents,

Per Adam Beasley on twitter - Tannehill gets first reps in 11 on 11 (half speed) and first string WR's are Bess, Naanee and Wallace!

Bout damn time! Wallace had the best game of any WR in the preseason opener. Give him an opportunity and if he squanders it then so be it but don't be a Sparano and micro-manage the ISH out of the way a player stand or his front foot comes off the line. If a guy is making plays in the words of Sparano feed the wolf lol

Mike Nolan will be sorely missed!!

WOW, In just two weeks my hope is falling... We have an undefeated curse going on here...

At least Philbin is callimg them as he sees it. That first D unit realy sucked and against some unknown QB with a Polish name.

I wonder what Dansby, Mr. Burnett and Wake are doing on the sidelines today? With a Game on Friday. They must be all ready and waiting to be unleashed.

You hope so oscar! If they have any competitive nature at all!

First game in the 4-3 Switch, Stop the panicing.

early in season, yet

One guy says a strog breakup of a pass, the other guy says a bad pass, both guys from the ssame newsspaper. ???

The headline was a little misleading.

The D needs to play some more before I go all in with everybody saying they suck.

What's with this junk about the fins ran the wildcat more than everybody. Yea, since 08, but the fins didn't run it at all last year, and barely ran it back in 2010. These misleading stats Espn keeps putting up to give the jets hope. Notice how they only post the amount of plays ran, not how many yards the plays averaged.

Last I remember when we only ran the wildcat like 20 times in 2010 the wildcat was only averaging 2 yards a play.

Anyone remember the fins running the wildcat last year?

Remember Ricky and roonie left before last season. I don't remember Reggie running the wildcat?

Trust only your Eyes.

I trusted my eyes when I saw how sukky most of the Team was last Friday.

its a bad football team and we all knew , lets not act surprised now. lets develop thill and get a top 5 pick again


Your post sounds dead on....the part about the making of a "slow start"....

but I hope your dead wrong....who wants to go thru thta 4 or 5 years in a row...

LV has Car by 4 points on Friday. Not that it means much but....


I'm sticking to my 11 win prediction...and in the AFC east.....and a wild card spot...

..The defense should get a chance to review the tape, and make the adjustments. The thing is this week we play Cam Newton..I asked this question earlier this week. How do we go about preparing for this game. Most if not all were in agreement we would not have a gameplan for Newton, but instead work on the fundamentals of our base defense. So don't be suprised if Newton gets off...

This doesn't mean we will automatically just give him the field. I just don't see us deploying a "spy". Watch the corners this week and see if they are more physical at the point of attack. See if they can force the recievers to "funnel" into the inside of their routes. This didn't happen last week and they were then forced to run with the reciever thus giving the advantage to the offense. Remember it is a different scheme. The corners, safties, and linebackers all have different assignments in the passing game.

lol yeah ill rem that kris. this team couldnt win 11 games in the arena league

newton gets off on everyone, dude can flat out play.


I understand what you are saying...butat the end of the dat...its still football...and games are won because players won the individual match-ups...

I don't buy into the theory that football is rocket science....and the 3-4 defence is akin to brain surgery....and the 4-3 defense is lie quantum physics....

its the same game that most of them have been been playing since pee-wee league....

none have them have had the same coach or scheme since they made their first tackle...or caught their forst pass...

@ the end of the day...its football...

but at the end of the day...

Truth is that all these younger and rookie receivers are steadily improving. Not sure if it is more familiarity with the Scheme or individual fundamentals teaching, probably both.

You tell'em, Kris!

Kris..I agree. But this doesn't mean there aren't hiccups involved. Did you hear the fuss yesterday about the phone call Marvin Lewis had with Rex Ryan before their pre-season game? Lewis had asked Rex if they were going to run much Wildcat(believe it or not these conversations happen frequently)..Lewis was concerened that he wouldn't get to work on the stuff his team needed if the wildcat was another thing they had to adjust to. The reason..His players were having a rough time getting lined up right..

Unbelieveable right? There are so many little intracacies that we don't see that play a huge part in the success of the defense. Getting lined up in the proper position is one of them. To us..It all looks the same. But for example, the corner in cover 2 lines up differently then in cover 3. It could be a simple as on what shoulder..We don't see it because we can't tell what coverage the defense is playing most of the time.. I don't know if this was an issue last week, I'm just offering an explination as to why. This is why I want to see if there is any adjustments made, and if it was confusion on our part, or if it was just straight across the board poor play. Perhaps 1 week of practice will give us a clue.

Why is ANYONE shocked? This defense has been nothing but average for the last 3 years. They may be above average in run stopping due to the big bodies Ireland & Fatboy Tuna brought in, but, they have been below average in pass coverage. Fat bodies tend to not be pass rushers.

We have a bunch of barely average corners in Smith & Davis with Marshall probably being the best overall db on the roster. None of the others are worth a dime.

We have had NO play making safety since Brock Marion. Yes, a LONG time ago.

We have 1 legit pass rusher who will be double teamed & I'm not sure anyone else is capable of beating the 1 on 1's on the other side.

So yea, the starters haven't played well. They haven't for years. All this talk about becoming elite is for gullable fans who don't know any better.

Good points Daryl....and I don't disagree...there are a lot of little details that are crucial to the succes or failure of a called defense....Lord knows we have seen enough WRs running wide open in our secondary because somebody didn't know their assignment....especially on 3rd and forever...

I guess my point is...these details can and SHOULD be learned by our starters and back-ups...and if they can't...then we need to re-evaluate that particular person(s) and see if they are still a good "fit" (new buzz word) for this team....if they aren't...then lets get rid of them...I am tired this team apparing to have the smallets IQ in football related matters....

Lets cut players for falling asleep in metting...or having an air of dis-interest....les fine them (or run laps) for continually making the SAME mistake over and over again....misakes are fine....patterns should not be tolerated....

Maybe this is happening now....

Like DC said....our corner's always seem to be out of position...and can NEVER seem to locate the ball in the air...they haven't for YEARS...

As I am typing this I am realizing the culture that Philbin will need to change in order to instill a winning attitude and football smarts in to these colletion of athletes....

All off a sudden I feel sorry for the guy....

Our culture has been bad for far to long....

Could be, DD. I think Mr. Kevin Burnett is the one that aligns the front seven and he hasn't played yet. Back there, used to be YB....Good point.

We are going to miss having Mike Nolan but you can hardly blame him for bailing this organization.

If what Philbin says that whoever QB is best for the Team will start the Season applies to the whole Team, then some of these sure fire starters could become backups, quickly. Jesus.

I saw this kid, B.J. Cunningham make a catch last Friday of a high bullet by Pat Devlin that not many can make. Seemed like he had glue on his hands, like old Fred did(literally).

You got that, Paul?

I could care less about the defense or Vontae or Sean Smith or Chad Johnson or Karlos Dansby crying because he lost his BFF.

This season is all about Ryan Tannehill and his development and that's all. If he develops as a leader for this team then all those other sheep will fall in line and players will want to play for the Dolphins again and dead weight who don't live up to their contracts or talent level will not be given second and third chances on this team because there will be a guy somewhere dying to come here to want to have a chance to play with greatness.

Look at how fast Belicheck jettisons draft picks in NE if they don't grow up fast because there is someone dying to take their spot and play with Brady.

jets and fins both huge messes. pats will win this div by least 5 games

Thank you, Mando, for taking my suggestion and doing a post on our horrible defense.

Kids, our defense is simply atrocious this year. Think game 1 vs. the Pats last year, every game.

We cannot pressure the QB, stop the run, or cover. That's 0 for 3 -- not a good combination, to say the least.

Holy cow, I wish it were not so, but I see Cam Cameron 2.0 coming. We might actually be in danger of 1-15 or 2-14.

Our starting QB, Tannehill, will be great, but we have no receivers and no D and this year will be brutal.

You'll be wishing for last year after you see this year, except that at least we're moving forward and developing our QB, if he doesn't get hurt. Oh yea, we have no offensive line either. Our starting QB, Tannehill, will be running for his life with guys in his face as soon as he gets the snap.

I'd be real hesitant to put Tanny in a real game against 1st stringers with our garbage WR's. I hope Philbin is smart enough to play Moore at least 8-10 games.

Good point, Mark.

I believe part of the problem lies in our personnel being better suited to play the 3/4. At one OLB spot we have a bit of an undersized player playing completely out of position in Burnett. His back up G.Guyton is steady but not spectacular. We have a smallish LDE in C.Wake who has always been mediocre in run support. Yet another OLB in Misi who is BAD in pass D which will have to pick up dramatically in this scheme and lets not forget we drafted in Vernon a player who seems a better fit at OLB on this level.

Our DT's need to get penetration in this scheme but in Solia we have more of a space eater, really only Starks has exp. here from his days in Tenn. were he played in the scheme with A.Haynsworth. I thought it very telling how many tackles were made by R.Jones coming up from his S.S. spot when the 1st teamers were playing. The secondary has been up and down since S.Smith and Vontae were named startes in 09 Vs. N.O. when W.Allen got hurt. Smith can't tackle and Davis plays huge one day and disappears the next week.

I thought C.Ocho was going to get cut anyway and was NO lock to make this team. I think this move will push the Tannehill situation into high gear. I like the fact that Philbin was true to his word about not taking any of his B.S. and Dansby needs to shut up, he hasn't exactly WOWED anybody since signing his contract and I personally make replacing him a priority in 2013.

I am a very concerned Dolphin fan this season. It could get very ugly. Our main defensive issue last year was our secondary and stopping the TE. Based on TB game (and yes I know it is only preseason) I saw struggles stopping the TE. Also, those TE's were not Hernandez and Gronkowski (spelling?). We could be in trouble!!!

Reality Squad is dead on balls accurate. I've been saying this but most of you don't listen.

Our DEFENSE has been a large part of the problem for 4 or 5 years!!! We can NEVER get a stop or get off the field. We give up 11 minute drives so that our O gets the ball only once a quarter, AND we give up 99 yard big hits too. We've been quite terrible and even in the Zach Thomas days ( and I love Zach) we were overrated and NEVER made a stop when it was needed.

As with the last 4 years, the QB is NOT our biggest problem.

Even Henne came to play last year, but the O line got him knocked out, literally.

WTH are you doing here, Mack. Go vote!

Excellent job on NFL AM this morning Armando.

I was particularly impressed by how you were able to name, off the top of your head, all of the Dolphins bottom-feeder receivers ("guys you would never have heard of") Excellent excellent stuff.

Will we be hearing more from you on the NFL network. And how did you get the gig? Did Darlington set you up?

our defense always wilts late in games.

Tim Couch - Henne's hit last year came on a QB scramble in which he dove on his shoulder. It is not like he got blind sided because of the O-line. He had to scramble, because the RB forgot to take the ball on a hand off. You cannot blame the O-line for his injury. If you do not believe me, here is the video clip:

Indiana, why did he have to scramble? He had no protection at all last year, not on even one single snap. They were in his face immediately on every single snap he took. He was a gamer last year and came ready to play.

Now, whatever. Tannehill is going to be good, but I fear for him this year because we still have no O line and no receivers.

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