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Backups please Coyle but starters have work to do

It's never good when the head coach says the second-team players look better than the starters. That is quite damning.

And yet, that is exactly what coach Joe Philbin said of his defense after their preseason-opener against Tampa Bay. "They looked more like a defense," was among Philbin's critiques.

I guess so when you consider the starting defense last week yielded 14 points in barely over one quarter of work and Tampa Bay's QBs were 12 of 13 for 132 yards passing the football. Miami mustered no sacks. And no turnovers.

Obviously, there are issues there.

Vontae Davis, struggling through camp, got beat on one of the first few plays he was in the game. Sean Smith missed a couple of tackles. Neither Cameron Wake nor anybody else got any sort of pressure on the passer. The team gave up two rushing touchdowns. And Tampa Bay won on third down -- a lot.

So it falls on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to correct the problems in the next three weeks before the regular-season opener. We see the progress Friday night against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in the second preseason game.

This is Coyle's take on the matter:


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Couch - He had to scramble because it was supposed to be a hand-off and the RB did not get the call correctly so Henne took off running. So either Henne did not get the audible correctly or the RB just simply messed up. How again is it the O-line fault? Did you check out the link? He actually did not even get hit. Henne dove forward on the ground and did not even have someone land on him.

If there is one thing we should have this year it's an o line. 2 first round picks and a second round pick in there. Not many teams in the league have that much invested.

henne was the worst qb we have ever started for a period of time, guy was awful

Ok. On that play. But whatever I won't be talking about Henne this year. It's over.

I'm excited about Tanne. Do we start him from game 1 or wait until game 10 or so, like someone said, to protect him?

appear they will start him game 1 unless he looks really bad in pre season games

Can we all please bow our heads and pray.

You guys are losing your minds after the first mean nothing scrimmage. Yes I said SCRIMMAGE, most on here probably played High School Football and most should know very little game plan happens in the first or second scrimmage. YES I SAID SCRIMMAGE AGAIN.

Can we wait till game three to say we have let me make the list.


You guys need to calm down. Go Dolphins!!

Can I have an Amen!!

The problem is the defence! No I think the problem is the OF, just face it guys we all know when our baby is good looking or not. Well this is just in the Fins are UGLYYYYYYY...

This team stinks the only thing we should have hope for is that Tannehill is a franchise QB if not we"ll be mediocre for the next 5 years.

Henne made Matt Moore look like Joe Montana lol

This team stinks the only thing we should have hope for is that Tannehill is a franchise QB if not we"ll be mediocre for the next 5 years.

Posted by: Clue | August


Mediocre would be a huge upgrade to where we are now! lol

the next big play carlos dansby makes will be his 1st as a dolphin,so carlos shut up and step up or go smoke weed with gene and me-cho-cinco.
secondary continues to disappoint i keep hearing the same old shite about mental errors, adjustments, and how we'll get it cleaned up...yeah when they invent a time machine and bring in the 2000 version of surtain and madison.

I think part of the reason we cut C.Johnson was because Philbin plans on playing Tanne sooner than he expected and needed to get rid of a distraction to the kids developmental success. I was also very impressed with J.Pruitt and R.Wallace. They had a good rapport with Tanne, I just hope that it isn't a tease like last PreSeason with Wallace. I was impressed with Pruitt because by looking at him it's safe to say he lived in a weight room during the offseason and easily added a good 15 Pds. of muscle to his frame. He looked like a different guy out there getting off the line which will bode well in this new up tempo scheme and figure all of this factored into the decision to cut the clown act loose. I have to agree at this point about a mind set to take our lumps this Yr. in trying to jump start some success for 2013. I think we all need to relax and not judge this team till late Oct. in trying to gauge success.

Yeah, why do some people say we're mediocre? 6-10 is NOT mediocre.

Shula71 youa re right the sky is not falling and we are not the worst team in football but for some reason people only want to look at the negative. There is a reason that training camp lasts 6 weeks, it is to make the team better and to protect your starters.

The schedule this year is not very difficult, after Houston, every game is winnable until Dec 2nd against NE. I mean when in the past can you say that we could go on a 10 game run?? So even if we are not the greatest team ever, we have a schedule that will alllow for some roster maturing and mistakes that will not cause us to lose. That is another reason that I say start Tannehill and let him grow into a franchise QB. We already know what Moore's ceiling is, great backup and nothing moore (pardon the pun).

11 win prediction Kris, very optimistic indeed!

Here's my question for folks (since we're on the topic of defense): In the 1st Pre-Season game, not sure there are any blitzes schemed, however, should Cameron Wake (our one true pass rusher) not have won any 1-on-1 matchups last week? I don't recall seeing him win any (doesn't mean he didn't). And did he go up against Nicks? Anyone else see Wake's play, and did I miss something?

Indiana dolphan, you going to the game in November? I live in MA, but cover that part of the country for my job so I will be there!

you are right about lumps.we are not a super bowl contender so lets develop the young wideouts.i'd like to see pruitt, wallace, cunningham, matthews,and fuller get lots of reps in the next 3 games.if they ended up keeping these 5 and bess i'm ok with that.at worst we finish in 4th place (what most expect anyway).at best,we find 2-3 young studs + tannehill to build on.

11 win prediction is insane, he seems like a a guy who knows a little about football so ill chalk this one up to dreaming big about a team he loves


Sam, rose-colored glasses maybe? @ Cincinnati (yeah, the Playoff team from a year ago), @ Arizona, @ NYJ? Doesn't really look all that cake for the mediocre team we are (by all accounts). I'm not saying we don't have a favorable schedule. But I am saying I don't see Miami beating ANYONE convincingly this year. We just lost our starting QB and our best WR. Doesn't sound like the start of a run to me.

if we win 2 games only i hope its against the jets both times. do not want to see idiot sparano celebrating a win against us like we had to watch with garbage cameron

DC...thats what i'm talking about 1 on 1 battles....

aNother rough voyage on the S/S Turdtanic.

Who will make a better cam newton impersonation? T-Hill or Moore?

The O-Line is Actually a Strength this year. We got 3 OG, 2 OT, and 1 Center. That's 3 more players than last year. But we should be able to put up a formidable starting 5 this season. Unlike The Jets or The Bills. Even NE, I saw Donald Thomas Starting for them the other day. A couple of Brady's bodyguards retired this offseason. Nate Solder was a bust the sec. he got drafted and he was a 1st rd pick. Not a 2nd.

T-Hill will have some time in the pocket with the line we have this year. He will need it if his Wr's don't get open. But from what I saw against the Buc's bench. Thill gets the ball out on time. If not he can tuck it and run it for 5 yards.

Honestly, just looking over the schedule again, I'm at 6-10 (shakily, because I chalked up the Seattle game as a win since we're at home, but they're looking pretty good, not sure about that one).

I initially predicted 8-8, and am really trying hard to give us the benefit of the doubt, but I don't see us sweeping anyone in our division this year (and that's where those other 2 games are). Don't know if we can beat Tennessee either. My new prediction might be 6-10 (AGAIN, UGH!!!!).

The Crusher | August 14, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Agreed!! I wonder if I was the only one who noticed the physical change of Pruitt. Wallace did this last Pre-Season and I'd like to see it translate into the reg. season this Yr. I think the odd man out is Gates who has all the gifts in the World but can't seem to get it to come together. It remains to be seen but think Bess, Hartline, Wallace, Pruitt and M.Moore will be the ctives with Cunningham going to the practice squad. I know some will probably say I'm wrong about Hartline but believe his 4.4 speed get him another shot with this coaching staff.

Pruitt does have Popeyes arms. Watching Henne on NFL he still sucks holds the ball to long,inaccurate and terrible leader, what a waste of seasons with that guy. He can't even beat out Gabbart

well lets hope we go 2-14 before another wasted 6-10 year. if we suck , lets suck big time this year so we dont miss out on another franchise type nfl player

DC Dolfan | August 14, 2012 at 11:18 AM

I can handle 6-10 this Yr. if we show flashes late in the Yr, hey last Yr. the Panthers were the most exciting 6-10 team in history with all kinds of upside coming into this Season. Did Kris really drop an 11 win Season post?? Wish I had that optimism!!

bill, understand the logic, but will that put Philbin in hot water if we did that? I actually would like him to stick around because ultimately I think his philosophy will work (when he gets the right personnel). I wouldn't want him fired after a horrible Season. That's what worries me if we went 2-14 (or god forbid worse).

fin, agree 100% (with the Cam Newton reference). If we're 6-10, and Tannehill is showing flashes of brilliance, I'm a MUCH happier man than I was end of last year.

no way philbin gets fired even if they went 0-16. he will get least 3 years here

Why is anyone talking about firing Philbin? what is going on with this fan base?


I imagine the RG111 HYPERBOLE must be in full force up there. If we close the Yr. with that type of positive feeling regarding Tannehill I will be a very happy camper indeed as well!

I also agree with DC and fin4life. I do not want to see Moore start a game again.

In the 2013 draft we need to grab a real plugger at MLB and dump Dansby and his horrible contract before he's due his bonus which I believe shoot him to around 14 Mil next Yr.

Wow not bad at all. Jason La Canfora reports Miami in serious discussions with Vikings on acquiring Percy Harvin. GO TO NFL network its on the bottom line.

There is History here of Players and Coaches we let go coming back to bite us in the As-. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if Sparano's O line shreds our D-line into little pieces?

i like hartline too,but philbin seems to be losing patience with him and gates.if it comes to matthews or gates, i hope they chose matthews.he appears to have nice return ability,something gates did not show very much of last season.
philbin will have his 3 years unless our starstruck owner thinks cowher or gruden might come here,then it's anyones guess what he would do.


Been a while since I caught you, DC and Kris at the same time. I see it from the prospective of how close the competition is between Moore and Tanne. If after 5 Yrs. in the NFL M.Moore can't put distance between himself and a rookie QB then the conversation is pretty mute from my point of view. We've also invested 3 Yrs. in Marlon Moore, J.Pruitt and R.Wallace and think they should all be active this Yr. with a shot at growing with Tannehill. I remind everybody that it took Shwartz a couple of Yrs. in Detroit to turn the corner with a 2-14 sprinkled in there as well. What got Cam canned more than the ugly Season was the lack of respect he had from his team with consummate Company man JT of all people publicly ripping him.

See, all these beautiful tidbits of History of the Miami Dolphins during the past 25 yrs. can be used to assess if that Culture has really been changed. We'll see(listen, I've been trying to see for the past 25 yrs. and I see nothing yet).

@ The other Fin4, I like Harvin but he has been hurt every season in the Pro's is probably another failed Drug test from taking a significant suspension and has those migraine issues that keep him in and out of games as well.

Yeah Poizen, I'm only bringing up the hypothetical firing Philbin because many are "trying" to compare him to Cam Cameron (which is far from the truth IMO). Don't want that to happen again (but I agree with bill, he'll hopefully be given a few years).

But we all seem in agreement (fin, Kris, Poizen, bill), we need to play our young talent to A) see what we got, B) get them experience, and C) what's the reason NOT to play them?

harvin would be huge, big time play maker

Percy Harvin would be awesome in this offense.the man is flat out versitile.maybe we can send v.davis in a straight up trade.they needed secondary help so who knows.we all know chris speilman has been taken to the cleaners in the past so maybe ireland can outwit him(every dog has his day right)

@ The Crusher,

Good point on Matthews, I wonder about Gates really? I can't believe he can't translate his immense upside. If they go with the young kids maybe it will be for the best but remember the patience the Coachinf staff in G.B. had with enigmatic W.R.'s like G.Jones and Jordy Nelson and Hartline could blosson into a nice 3 or 4 but again if they go another route will trust in Philbin for now.

ya they cant tackle, cover ,or pass rush.they look timid and confused out there.the opposing team can run outside on us all day /no can set the edge wake is to smallish and is doubled every down.misi couldnt cover me mum out there.I like philibins one concept so far and it was one of jimmys philosophies that worked.LET THE BEST PLAYER PLAY REGUARDLESS.yes i yelled it and i think cam,oops, i mean philbin so go with that philosophy 100% though.solia,marshall,starks,jones,and dansby are the only starters that have earned it this year.trusnik,westerman,russell, culver,wilson back at cb over smith.this year is going to be about player development get the ones in you wanna develop now.

Man, we have many problems of our own here. Please, don't add to them.

You know, one of the keys to a Tranquil Life is to avoid problems as much as possible.(AMAP)

ID - it was Charles Clay specifically that missed the handoff.

Too bad because after 3 games Henne had 900yds + 4 TDs + 4 dropped TDs.

On a team with a guy like a Justin Blackmon, that can catch and hold onto the TD passes, that extrapolates out to almost 5000 yds and 40 tds over 16 games.

But whatever. David Garrard is the starter now. And Henne is throwing to Blackmon.

Sit them all.

Sure Hartline looks like Jordi to me.

The Crusher | August 14, 2012 at 11:46 AM

Rick Speilman ran our drafts or assisted with them from 02-07 that started after Wayne lost confidence in Wannstedt and he was a disaster. He lucked into Solia Rd-4 in 07 but outside of that was terrible. He reached last Yr. for Ponder with Locker still on the boards. He moves Harvin for anything less than a two with lower round compensation and he could be toast.


I think fin4life is full of it. I cant get to a tv here at work but no way Miami gets Harvin or Vikings is interested in a trade. They have a young QB too and cant void him of playmakers with Peterson coming back from a big time injury

I can not find the article on Harvin at all, but sounds cool. It is good to see some "constructive" discussion on the forum from all of you. Happy to see the blog ha gotten back to somewhat normal. :)

gates never had an upside, that was all garbage hype by a dumb front office

henne is throwing to nobody cause he cant even beat out horrible gabbert

not true andy, harvin has wanted out of minnesota since early this year. hes not happy. vikes would move him in right deal. hes very good, concussion issues my only worry

I heard Gabbert's been looking better.

cant look any worse right

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