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Backups please Coyle but starters have work to do

It's never good when the head coach says the second-team players look better than the starters. That is quite damning.

And yet, that is exactly what coach Joe Philbin said of his defense after their preseason-opener against Tampa Bay. "They looked more like a defense," was among Philbin's critiques.

I guess so when you consider the starting defense last week yielded 14 points in barely over one quarter of work and Tampa Bay's QBs were 12 of 13 for 132 yards passing the football. Miami mustered no sacks. And no turnovers.

Obviously, there are issues there.

Vontae Davis, struggling through camp, got beat on one of the first few plays he was in the game. Sean Smith missed a couple of tackles. Neither Cameron Wake nor anybody else got any sort of pressure on the passer. The team gave up two rushing touchdowns. And Tampa Bay won on third down -- a lot.

So it falls on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to correct the problems in the next three weeks before the regular-season opener. We see the progress Friday night against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in the second preseason game.

This is Coyle's take on the matter:


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starting d would look something like this is you use jimmys philosophy(were talking in the now not what they have done in the past)
LE-westerman/vernon =(situational)
LB-burnett/vernon situational
LB-trusnik(way better than misi/this guy desrves a shot
CB-wilson or wade/(no room for sissies that wont tackle
CB-marshall with davis at the nickell
SS-jones(best overall safety/needs development
FS-culver or the kid russell that contiues to be the most impressive rookie defensive player through out camp

Bill, the more you say it does not make it true. Can you really drop the Henne talk, he is not here, and not even a thought process for this team.

Who the said no oline this year?? WTF? You got Long, Pouncey and they added a RT in Jonathan Martin who by all accounts is doing very well in training camp. Incognito is an average to good LG and we have a hole at right guard. Gotta love the idiots who insist Jake Long was a bust or insist that Pouncey was the wrong pick after owning the center position as a rookie. Same ones who still think Robo... err Chad Henne is a good qb - and got a raw deal here. I think its time we banned all Chads from south FL... Chad Henne, Chad Johnson, Chad Pennington (well he can come back), dimpled Chad - you get the pic...

Out early today, have a good one all, talk to you more tomorrow...

I can't find that Harvin thing anywhere either but if true everybody needs to remember the baggage.

bill his deal is with migraines which actually kept him off the field in 3 games I can remember. He's failed drug tests scare a little as well and even with that can't see the Vikes parting unless they got full compensation based on the monster year he had with Farve in 09.

after what speilman did here, i couldn't believe he got another gm job.he's barely qualified to be the guy following the elephants with a shovel at the circus.however,he would be dealing with ireland and neither will ever be confused with a mensa candidate.

no clue what your talking about poizen but rock on bro

hate seeing pennington in jets camp helping out

good luck on Harvin pipe dream fellas

The Crusher | August 14, 2012 at 12:02 PM

LOL! Just caught an NFL Network update with ZIP on Harvin.

Aside all that we talked about drafting players or the speed of any of the defensive backs we have or the DB that comes out of college (or any other position) and the probable negotiation of Harvin, there one feature that is not measurable but at last for me is a must to have: brains.
Sean Smith got beaten so poorly with two fakes and a post route for 40+ yards against Tampa Bay, that should be at last deflected, I don't remember where I saw a short video where coach Coyle teaches so simple and clear how not to get beaten, and in the first pre-season game he gives a 40+ reception, I feel Sam Madison is not as Tall or fast as Smith but I'm sure he comes with the interception.
I saw many adds in the NFL network about not to hit your girl "1 is 2 many", with people from Eli Mannig to Barack Obama. And it came Chad Johnson butt heading his wife, and Karlos Dansby goes like "We got to back up the kid".
I am not an intelligent person, but if there are something I could ask to Jeff Ireland to evaluate is brains.

JJ, "Most of the mistakes I made in drafting were due to lack of intelligence by the Players".

Wouldn't it be funny if it comes out later that the Ocho thing was a stunt for his VH1 reality show which got canned as well.

Now, to be fair, there are many types of intelligentsias. But, if you do not have the one needed for your Craft, you're fuc-ed.

Reggie Bush says he talked to Chad and he's hurting. Wah wah wah. Should of thought about that before headbutting your wife.

I can put money on it the guy that said this team has no room for clowns was Richie Incognito. He's the only with any balls that would kiss Chad's asscrack

Are the Intelligentsias inborn or acquired? Mostly acquired and highly dependent on Education.

Nobody answers.heheheh

good example of intelligence=success the early 1970's no name defense.they didn't overwhelm with athleticism, but they had intelligence by the boatload

No Ponies Today. I'm also fuc-ed.

the same defense that allowed tom brady to score touchdowns every time he touched the football in 6 out of the 8 quarters he faced them in 2011 needs to start making plays before being benched or cut.

11 WINS,MY FOOT.................





Poizen - YES!! I will be there. I live about 15-20 minutes from Lucas Oil, so I will be there!!! I have A LOT of friends and family that are Colts and Bungal fans, so I am thinking about even going to the game in Cincy as well. Go FINS!!

i do know one thing and that is the d line looked bad , i mean the bucs line was driving them way off the ball and cam wake was getting blocked to the house

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