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Cutdown day will measure Miami's talent

The old joke told by NFL coaches and personnel men who look at bad teams with deficient rosters is that when it comes setting the final roster, it's hard to get down to 53 players ... and not keep going.

Honestly, that joke applies to the Dolphins today.

They have 53 jobs available. But they legitimately have maybe 40 players (at most) who have earned an NFL roster spot based on their performance this training camp and preseason, or based on their proven talent.

Everyone else? Open to interpretation. Open to the availability of players that other teams let go. Open to the possibility of trades. Open to their relative value to the team based on the relative value of another player who isn't that great, either.

The Dolphins must trim the roster to 53 players by 9 p.m. tonight. Much of that work will be done this morning. And many of the cuts will be easy.

For example, today the Dolphins will cut players such as Kevyn Scott, Shelly Lyons, Jarrell Root, Anderson Russell, Chris Hogan, and others.

[Update: The team has released DL Ryan Baker, who has been with the Dolphins on and off for two years.]

Some may return as practice squad players. Most will not.

Emotions aside, this is simply business. It happens every year.

The problem for the Dolphins is not that they must make hard cuts. The problem is that there are not enough hard cuts. Honestly, how many players that get the axe from Miami will get picked up by other teams? I don't think that will be a high number. Teams such as San Francisco, New England, Green Bay, the Giants and even Washington will meanwhile see a lot of their discards end up on other rosters. That is a sure sign those teams have talent.

Another problem in Miami is that some players may not be cut even though they deserve it. That is the surest sign of weakness on a team -- when players that haven't done anything to earn a job or shown anything that suggests they will someday do the job, get the job anyway.

Let's face it, Michael Egnew has not earned a job on Miami's 53 man roster. But because he is a third-round pick, he will likely stick with the team. He is, apparently, on scholarship.

 Let's face it, Clyde Gates has done nothing the past two preseasons as a wide receiver to earn a spot on the roster. But because he has the potential to be a deep threat and the Dolphins are so thin at the position, Gates might (I stress might because it is not certain) survive.

Cornerback Quinten Lawrence is all about potential now. He is not ready to play in the NFL. It showed Wednesday night when he got a lot of playing time against Dallas and none of his moments in the spotlight were highlights for the Dolphins. All were highlights for the Cowboys. Lawrence beat here. Lawrence pass intereference there.

Yet, Lawrence is likely to make this team.

That doesn't show how strong the team is. The opposite.



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i guess i will just kill myself then. the dolphins apparently can't beat miami northwestern high. why read or watch or listen. our starters would all be cut from every other single team in the nfl. somehow e won 6 games last year and lost by three in 6 others - all leading in 4th qtr. and we must have regressed. oh well. i guess philbin sucks. and ross's billions are worse than the others. and ireland who looks at tape 23 hours a day he sucks too. why even have a team. maybe ross should just dissolve it and eat the loss.

Yet the GM remains employed.


Oh stuff the GM talk moron. You think Mando knows wtf he is talking about? NEW coach, NEW system, ROOKIE QB, they are going to STRUGGLE. This jerkoff writer only knows how to be uber critical, he's a broken record. Support your team or MOVE ALONG.

'Let's face it' -- Philbin thinks you're a hack and Jeff is unofficially his b!tch. So, my guess (although not certain) is, despite you're old 'sources' you actually KNOW NOTHING.

We are now looking to bring in other teams thrash and that will strengthen us. Taht tells me everything I need to know. On my fantasy football team there is only room for Cameron Wake and R. Bush, and luckily I´ve got Wake.

Philbin is over his had. He cuts the teams best receiver in C. Johnson - yes he's a knucklehead, but he was the best receiver. He dosen't get it. We want to win! I have not bought a ticket in 4 years and still will not. Fire Philbin and promote Sherman.

I saw some good teams this preseason. I just wish the Fins would have been one of them. Most of the good ones were NFC teams. The Fins should just poach every decent cut player and start training camp in week 1.

What scares me the most about the Dolphins? Philbin in mannerisms, the way he talks and looks on the sidelines reminds me of....Larry Coker!

I haven't seen this team look prepared to even play a preseason game. Starters haven't played significantly so this team is difficult to know what's happening.

The defense looked reasonably good against a great Atlanta offense so we will see.

I don't see too many wins this year and 6 is very optimistic. More like 2 or 3, maybe 4 if we get some breaks along the way.

Can't believe Ireland is still here, at least Ross is loyal, not real smart when it comes to the NFL but he is loyal! Mr. Excitement he is not, lol!

Never in the history of this franchise we've found such an untalented or simply a bad team. The only responsible is Ireland, this infamous character that refuses to leave the team and who remains thanks to the mental handicaped owner.
I don't even want to watch the game against Houston. Tannehill will feel in his own skin what a hell is. I'm sorry for him.
Now Ireland is looking for more recycled players, notably WR's. He's just pathetic.

Looks like its ACORN time right Jeff??????????

traded Ryan Cook for a 7th? why?

Talent acquisition is the responsibility of the management. Then why do we have such an untalented team. Either the media assessment is wrong or the management is wrong.

Mojo, You just answered your own Question.......

Yeah, this crap of trading away our best players for more picks in the next draft is sheer freaking FOOLISHNESS! We train these players to be good and then ship them off to another team. I am wondering now if Ireland is the last of the molds in the previous regimen. His moves keep setting the organization back. He trades away a key players just when it appears that the team is about to rise to the next level as a better team. What good are more freaking picks when we have no one who can recognize talent. We passed over Ryan Mallett 3 times, when we had no qb.

This idiot ireland better pull off a trade for jones. Watch how they do nothing to improve the team!

Matt Schaub, Arian Foster and Andre Johnson Against this Defense Could get ugly early. Make sure you start drinking by 11:30 Am Next sunday...
Oh BTW, I saw that the Texans have Scored 4 Special teams TDs (2 KOs, Two Punt Ret.) This pre-season....

listen to all the negativity!!!
are you people real?
you moan about the team getting free agents in who are too expensive. you ask that the team be built through the draft. so when the team plans to do that you still freeking moan!!! we really don't know how much of an impact this years(and last years) draft picks will pan out, but i think we all know this season will be tough, but hopefully the team will grow as both individuals and into a better team under the new system etc. I think ireland is getting ammunition(extra draft picks) to either make a move in the coming days or for the next draft to be really aggressive.
Hold all your negativity thoughts until we've seen a good few weeks of the season and lets see if this team can show some progress.

If Ireland doesn't produce a legitimate WR in the next week, I'm gonna not like him....wait....I already don't like him. I'm gonna think he's a moron...wait....Ahh, just go get us a WR Jeff!

I think ireland is getting ammunition(extra draft picks) to either make a move in the coming days or for the next draft to be really aggressive.

Posted by: reg | August 31, 2012 at 05:44 AM

LMAO..Reg, Come on man., Even you cant believe what you wrote.

Hold all your negativity thoughts until we've seen a good few weeks of the season and lets see if this team can show some progress.

Posted by: reg | August 31, 2012 at 05:44 AM

Reg, I've witnessed 4 Years of Ireland, He could'nt pick a winning Horse in a one horse race, Let alone pick a Player in a NFL Draft.

to be
TO BE.......

THE CELLAR ..........

Philbin is over his had. He cuts the teams best receiver in C. Johnson - yes he's a knucklehead, but he was the best receiver. He dosen't get it. We want to win! I have not bought a ticket in 4 years and still will not. Fire Philbin and promote Sherman.
Posted by: Dave | August 31, 2012 at 02:39 AM

A real leader depends on the advice of his troops. Philbin has made no decision without the backing of Sherman and Coyle..so why fire him and promote Sherman. I've been saying blow this mess up for the longest time. Trying to make players fit in another system is a recipe for disaster. Ireland is skating on thin ice and in order to keep his job He will have to get who Philbin says to get.
Be patient, because it will be a long season and it's a last dress rehearsal for Ireland. Philbin is smart and Ross loves smart guys. Let's see if he's smarter than Ireland. There's more Philbin people than there are Ireland's.

Let's face it, Michael Egnew has not earned a job on Miami's 53 man roster. But because he is a third-round pick, he will likely stick with the team. He is, apparently, on scholarship.
Great line Armando..... :)

IMO....we simply can NOT afford to lose him or Gates @ this point.....it sucks..I know....but you can't keep MISSING the cutting your 1st 4 rounds in the draft....that is the majority of NFL players on the field....

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

-Vince Lombardi

@ the start of EVERY football season I try to come up with..or find an inspirational quote.....since we are starting over as a team....I feel the above is more than appropriate...

Houston 34 Miami 13.

....even Washington will meanwhile see a lot of their discards end up on other rosters. That is a sure sign those teams have talent.

I agree with this statement Armando...living in VA i hear alot about the Skins....SHANNY has had to fight his fan base tooth and nail to achieve the roster turn-over that he did...I heard on the radio yesterday that only 6....COUNT THEM....6 PLAYERS are still on the roster he inherited just 3 short years ago....thats called brining in YOUR guys....


Shanny coaches in the NFC EAST...home of the 2X SB Champion Giants (in the last 4 years)....the HIGHLY talented (yet highly disappointing) Cowboys....and the Eagles the same team once touted as the DREAM TEAM....plus the owner of the Eagles has said publicly that Reid will be fired if he goes 8-8 (added incentive for them)

Even if the Skins are more talented....I highly doubt it show in the win loss column.....

When is cooley coming in for a work-out?????

Miami shouldn't pick up any players that looked good this preseason in games against Miami. That is how coaches found out that players who looked good in practice stunk against good competition.





I know your asleep...dreaming of teddy bears and gum drops....and I know we already "talked" about this in the past...and I hate to bring up old sh@t....


I have to go back to the cutting of Chad Johnson.....I said when it happened...that even tho it might be the RIGHT move....Philbin and Ireland couldn't have been MORE WRONG in the way they went about doing it.....to me it reeked of Ireland's grizzly bear touch.....

I called that Philbin's first mistake.....and we will have to see how he handles it.....

I believe he is still paying for that mistake (by the vets).....and Philbin is gonna have to rise to the challenge.....

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
-Vince Lombardi

it looks like the dolphins are going to take the place of the detroit loins.they do everything backwards they got four good rd and a alright rookie qb but now they got no wr and there defense is no good either and they gave away there best defense back.i think they just want miami to look bad.

WHAT'S UP CUBAN MENACE ! how you've been?..FZB here from Cote's blog.

let me correct you on something you just posted,you said referring to Ireland "I've witnessed 4 years of Ireland, he could not pick a winning horse in a one horse race"

Ireland has only been in charge TWO YEARS, he should only be judged from that time on, you all (Ireland hater's) seem to have some sort of mass amnesia thing going here.

Parcells was in charge of all personnel decisions for the 2008,2009 and 2010 season's, now you guys may ask how do I know this? ..simple, You don't hire a president on a multi-million dollar corp (Parcells) and pay him between 4 to 5 mil to sit around and not make ALL DECISION'S

Ireland was GM in name ONLY, he was learning how to be a GM but he didn't make the decisions, everything went through Parcells but since he bailed out Ireland is getting all the blame, another point is there is a reason Ireland was kept, self made billionaires don't make stupid decisions with their money, Ross kept Ireland because he found out Parcells is the one that made all the mistakes.

Now I can go on and share with you guys some other inside stuff that I know but I don't really have the time for that right now but fair is fair, be all the negative you want to be but Ireland is not the culprit here, look at his record the last two years only, is very good.

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

-Vince Lombardi
This is the FAMED quote that somehow got turned into..."winning isn't the everything...it's the only thing"........

Much like the ORIGINAL quote is much better if you take the TIME to read it.....Philbin will need TIME to change this terrible habit of losing that has infected our locker room like a cancer.......

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
-Vince Lombardi

Stallworth would be a good pick up I think and maybe Cooley if he is healthy, they would both help the dolphins and if Hartline can get healthy we may not be that bad on offense, of course that is a lot of if's. Even if we did all of that we still have holes at safety and corner Jeff has really messed up here, I am glad he got a 2 for Vontaue Davis , but I would have rather kept our best corner, no excuse for not being in shape or playing hard but they certainly could have worked with him more the new coaching staff should have given it more time. In today's NFL there are alot of players like that, you have to be part Physiologist to be a head coach or any coach, he was a good talent.Now I like Philbin , however I take issue with him saying it is all on the players, 90 percent players 10 percent coaching when he says something like this it is already an excuse for not winning, we all know they don't have a lot of talent but the team that won the Super Bowl last year was only 9-7 during the regular season, coaching is more than 10 percent for sure in game adjustments and schemes used putting players in a position to succeed is huge. Shula was a great game day coach and even then the Dolphins did not always have the most talent but still won, SO JOE IT IS ALSO ON YOU AS WELL BECAUSE IF YOU CAN'T PUT IT TOGETHER YOU WILL BE GONE TOO, GO FINS

Whats so GOOD about it.....

I don't mean to sound sarcastic FZB....but seriously...whats so good about it....

I LOVE a good conspiracy theory.....probably WAY MORE than the next guy....but in the case of the FINS,,,,

I don't give a crap about this shifting blame game....and the 3rd shooter on the grassy knoll.....

You call yourself a GM.....you have the title of GM....YOUR the GM......you get credit for...or take blame for ALL that is right or wrong with the team that you GM for.....

Ireland would be looked @ much more favorable if he would just STEP-UP and put all this to bed......We are a forging people....for those who acknowledge their mistakes...



If ireland and philbin are to succeed in rebuilding this team there are going to be casualties along the way, whether that be by ditching the players who don't/won't fit the system and the ones who disrupt the group by their antics on or off the field(serious stuff not just clowning around). The players should have 'some' fun and messing but there is a time and a place for it IMO. It will take some time to bring in the required standard of players for many reasons such as present salary cap, overpaid players, draft picks to mature. I think the only blame you can place on the team at the minute is the thye haven't delivered in.......preseason. So let's wait and see!!



While we may not have the depth of talent of many nfl teams, our starters in all 3 phases are as good as all but the elite teams. We do need to pick up a quality receiver amd a number 3 or 4 corner before the season starts. We basically have the same team that finished last year with a 6 and 3 finish excluding malcontent Marshall. We have upgraded qb and the right side of the online. If we can improve the depth by picking up a handful of players who better fit this coaching staff we will be competitive in most games. Preseason was spent evaluating receivers and qb's. Good news is we found our qb. Bad news is none of the receivers stepped up but at least now we know players like Wallace, gates and others aren't the answer.

There is no such thing as "finishing 6-3"......the NFL schedule is 16 games long...

more conspiracy theories.....

If I ever went to my friends with this "6-3" crap....they would laugh me in to shame....

How many other NFL teams do you evaluate on a 9 game basis....


I agree....thats why last night I wrote that we are in a catch 22 situation....

If we do well....that means Ireland and ALL his questionable decisions gets a pass....

If we do poorly...Philbin and ALL his hope and promise gets fired.....

catch 22....

If we WIN our LAST game of the season...

Can I say we finished 1-0 ????????

I wonder how many teams finished 1-0 last year.....

I think we lost our last game...

so did we finish the season 0-1......

I still remember when Soliai used to be in Clyde Gates situation and no one said anything. It's very hard for a 4th rounder to become a super star immediately. We need to relax and stop playing the GM job. Too much fantasy football.

If we have finally found a quarterback, then this year will be a success , period.

Once again. If Ireland brings some kind of Dinosaur to play in the OL he will be told by the Good Coaches, no Jeff, try again. And it will work in everybody's favor and Ireland will Shine.

Many People here quote Vince Lombardi, but I believe, most of that many, don't really understand him.



Loco, I'll come back in a little bit and tell you but you should know his record the last TWO years..

Education is THE most important task of Parents with their Children.


If Ireland goes....a new GM will most likely want a NEW HC....

and even if Philbin does get to stay....if things go badly with a NEW GM...he will quickly blame ALL his problems on PHILBIN....and then we have a new HC in a few years anyway.....

we have to STOP the turnover @ the top....

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

-Vince Lombardi

There are 2 kinds of Education, Formal and Familiy education. The Good Teacher can do nothing about Family education.

This article is garbage and so is Armando. All he writes is negative drivel and all his drones follow up with negative comments. Every team has players who don't deserve to make their roster and yet do because of their draft status or various other reasons. It happens from the top of the league to the bottom.

Yeah, Kris, you go find some honourable work now and be successful.

were being Canosa'ed again.....

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