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Cutdown day will measure Miami's talent

The old joke told by NFL coaches and personnel men who look at bad teams with deficient rosters is that when it comes setting the final roster, it's hard to get down to 53 players ... and not keep going.

Honestly, that joke applies to the Dolphins today.

They have 53 jobs available. But they legitimately have maybe 40 players (at most) who have earned an NFL roster spot based on their performance this training camp and preseason, or based on their proven talent.

Everyone else? Open to interpretation. Open to the availability of players that other teams let go. Open to the possibility of trades. Open to their relative value to the team based on the relative value of another player who isn't that great, either.

The Dolphins must trim the roster to 53 players by 9 p.m. tonight. Much of that work will be done this morning. And many of the cuts will be easy.

For example, today the Dolphins will cut players such as Kevyn Scott, Shelly Lyons, Jarrell Root, Anderson Russell, Chris Hogan, and others.

[Update: The team has released DL Ryan Baker, who has been with the Dolphins on and off for two years.]

Some may return as practice squad players. Most will not.

Emotions aside, this is simply business. It happens every year.

The problem for the Dolphins is not that they must make hard cuts. The problem is that there are not enough hard cuts. Honestly, how many players that get the axe from Miami will get picked up by other teams? I don't think that will be a high number. Teams such as San Francisco, New England, Green Bay, the Giants and even Washington will meanwhile see a lot of their discards end up on other rosters. That is a sure sign those teams have talent.

Another problem in Miami is that some players may not be cut even though they deserve it. That is the surest sign of weakness on a team -- when players that haven't done anything to earn a job or shown anything that suggests they will someday do the job, get the job anyway.

Let's face it, Michael Egnew has not earned a job on Miami's 53 man roster. But because he is a third-round pick, he will likely stick with the team. He is, apparently, on scholarship.

 Let's face it, Clyde Gates has done nothing the past two preseasons as a wide receiver to earn a spot on the roster. But because he has the potential to be a deep threat and the Dolphins are so thin at the position, Gates might (I stress might because it is not certain) survive.

Cornerback Quinten Lawrence is all about potential now. He is not ready to play in the NFL. It showed Wednesday night when he got a lot of playing time against Dallas and none of his moments in the spotlight were highlights for the Dolphins. All were highlights for the Cowboys. Lawrence beat here. Lawrence pass intereference there.

Yet, Lawrence is likely to make this team.

That doesn't show how strong the team is. The opposite.



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People are crazy----the man said it months ago when asked about FA’s. Philbin said we (Green Bay) didn’t do much if any FA signings; we developed players through the draft. Yes, we will have to pick up some FA’s and throw a ways but, that’s just to keep breathing oxygen. Philbin and staff will build a team around their system and philosophy with young player’s period! Stay on course HC. The 80% or more that write in this blog—shut the duck up and go fan up to another team.




The Government, can better Family Education.

Wasn't Vince Lombardi crazy at the end?

A great coach but the obsession of being perfect drove him crazy.

He was a Great Motivator

Another day of postings from people who love to cry and whine about the Fins.

News Flash - - This just in - - - The Miami Dolphins have a new HC, DC, OC, new 4-3 Defense and a new West Coast Offense. The GM has to reshuffle the team to find players who fit these schemes. So, when you add it all up 2012/2013 will not be a good year for the Fins.

The team is going to be bad this year. WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED? IS THIS REALLY NEWS TO YOU ALL?


keep timelines separate....

The man you are @ 80 certainly will not be the man you were @30...or 50....

Nahhh, I won't go crazy. I'm half crazy already(like odin is).

we'll see Aloco....


How about these NEW players that somehow found themselves on this team and are playing solid:

Poll Question of the Day:

If Miami did like Texas A&M and moved Tannehill to WR and Moore to starting QB, would Tannehill instantly be the #1 WR on the team at this moment?

Ok, that's a bit of a joke, but the funny thing is many are probably thinking that not that far off. And that's the truly sad state of affairs on our team. I don't trust ANY of the WRs (outside of Bess). Hartline, not sure what's up with the guy, but he's one of those players that's not good enough to be consistently hurt (wasn't it a bicep last year, always these strange injuries).

Let's hope the RBs can run AND catch, because if not, we'll be seeing a lot of 3 and outs.

Agreed Kris.

That's what Dashi meant by great motivator. I'm just saying most people don't know that. Like most don't know or don't want to admit Elvis died of a overdose, needle in his arm.

Lombardi in his prime was one of the greatest motivators of all time. He was the general Patton of football

The Giants finished 4-5 last year, but unlike the Dolphins, they didn't start out 0-7 but 5-2. Their coach would have been fired if Tony Romo had hit a wide open Miles Austin in the last Cowboy game so sometimes you have to be lucky too. A 9-7 record is not going to make the playoffs many times in the AFC (unless you are in the AFC West). I don't blame Ireland for everything (some things yes), but I screamed don't hire Bill Parcells years ago because he is just living off of a reputation built many years ago with the Giants and will accept all praise if the team wins but will throw everyone else under the bus if the team loses. He is the Larry Brown of the NFL. It took him two years before he would admit that Pat White was his pick not Ireland's. The same goes for Chad Henne. Not that they have won anything, but some of Dallas' best players were low picks or street free agents (Tony Romo, Miles Austin). It takes someone who knows how to scout to find these people. That person is Ireland. Does anyone think that Cameron Wake and Devone Bess are not good players. How many idiots on this blog wanted Kyle Orton last year? Or Matt Flynn this year?

Prime meat at the table is always welcomed, no matter your Philosophy.

I know one $3m player that should be cut today:


He has been AWFUL this offseason. Garrard was going to start before he got hurt. The rookie THill beats him out easily. Devlin has more positive things on tape and on the scoreboard this offseason.

I am fine keeping Garrard and Devlin and having Devlin as our back-up for week 1 & 2 until Garrard is able to play.

MATT MOORE should be gone today!!

Just might be the fact that Philbin is trying to install the mind set and culture of the GB Packers in the dolphin team. No problem players on and off the field and that is the reason for the departure of CJ, BM and VD. With the draft picks Ireland is picking up he would be in position to pick up a couple of good players before the trading dead line half way through the season. We all agree that we are not going to the SB this year and we are in the rebuilding phase. Lets see where we are half way through the season and if the FO can address the needs.

ACORNS is all this team can get because of the cap. The only problem is I dont know how the cap works so we cant just "cut " a high salary and it goes away.


Good comparison with the Larry Brown statement...

However the Giants record was 9-7....and they looe an AWFUL lot like the the Same GGiants that saved our @sses...and knocked of the 18-0 pats....


I do't deal in "what ifs"....I deal in what happened...or whats gonna happen....

How many fans from how many teams can create how many what if scenarios that make their team better....

how many games have been lost on what ifs....

we can what if things to death...what happened was..the Giants beat the Cowboys...the Giants finished the regular season 9-7 (16 game schedule)...and Coughlin won his 2nd SB....

Also...you don't know he was gonna be fired....wasn't Ried gonna get fired too...along with a whole host of other HC who still have jobs....Sporano was suppose to be fired 2 years ago....

This year it will be ex they talk about firing...he ain't going no where this year...

MD, for every good pick you can point to of Ireland's, I can point to a mistake. And the mistake might not be that he missed on a player (like Odrick) but that he could have gotten a better player at the time. And most importantly, it's WHO Ireland has gotten right over who he's gotten wrong. Craig M brought up a great point yesterday, Ireland is HORRIBLE (at least in Miami) at spotting WR talent. All the duds he brought in here (Wilfork, Turner, Wallace, Moore) and the guys who they couldn't control (Marshall, Johnson), it's a pitiful record. If Ireland can "spot talent" as you say, we'd have some on the team (besides on the oline). Ireland's 2 best picks were Long and Pouncey. We can have that discussion, but the more we get from that pick, the more it's proving out that Matt Ryan would have been the much smarter move to make there.

And that's due to Ireland's (using Parcells' philosophy) to create a team from the lines out. That worked in the 80's, doesn't work as well now. And for whatever reason, the last decade proved this team's problems stemmed mainly from the skill positions. Only position we've been able to fill with playmakers consistently is RB. Not QB, WR, TE, CB, S, pass rushers (either DL or LB). And that's why we're in the position we're in. I put that blame on the coaching, the philosophy of late (tough defense, offense focusing on run game), but yes, also on the GM.

Can Ireland spot talent at the skill positions, now that we have an offense-minded HC who's strategy is updated to today's game? That's the million dollar question. I'm not the Owner so don't need to make that decision. But keeping Ireland (and him not hitting on anyone in next year's draft in a skill position) would be detrimental to the team making any progress whatsoever.

You only attend to the vibes of Educated people. The rest, you kick them in the as-. You are not taking care of your kids in the proper way. You go to Jail now and we'll take care of them.

I wonder how many other papers Mando could write for if he got cut by the Herald?

OH...and MD....

I wanted Orton....not because I thought he was some great QB....I just think he is better than Henne....and I still do.....

I didn't see anything wrong with pairing up Orton with Marshall....and the Bears must like that line of thinking as well....because they paired Marshall up with Cytler AGAIN...and the colts drafting Luck's Security blanket in college....

Wanting Orton for many isn't as simple as saying you want a mediocre QB...I thought it was the right fit for this team...BUT only @ the right price....and clearly that price was not met in Irelands mind...

Matt Flynn.....wasn't to high on him....I was a Manning guy last year....

oscar canosa | August 31, 2012 at 08:22 AM

Great Post!!!!!

Only 1 problem, Why U always post Ground Beef?!

While Dashi and all the Other Good Bloggers Serve up Filet Mignon !!

Have you seen Tanehill's wife! By far the best pick in the draft.

Dear Mr. Ross seems like your promise of an exciting team is about as good as someone else's promise for hope & change. All talk!!

A GM will never be fired before the season concludes. GM's are fired right after the season concludes so a new GM can run the draft, and scout for needs. Or GM's are drafted right after the draft so the team can use their scouting information for that draft.

Stick to Football, son.

Kris, Agreed Dashi Thought Orton for a 4th or Lower would've been Ok.

Orton was a better Version of Matt Moore. Bigger Hands, Better Accuracy, and Smarter Decision Making.

Everyone was on the Peyton Bandwagon. It's Peyton Manning, Dashi Still Believes if MArino Would've called peyton we might've had a better shot.

Flynn was way overrated. For all U Matt Barkley fans!!!!! Look at how Matt will look like in 5 years. Flynn might actually be taller, but both are a Product of a Good College team/Pro Team, No Real Physical Talent. Same Exact Skills, Same Weak-Asz Arm.

That should be GM's are fired right after the draft.

i guess i will just kill myself then.
Posted by: scott alderson | August 31, 2012 at 02:18 AM

You aren't serious, just dramatic....how many more high school girls are here today? We'll find out shortly when all of the "0-16" bloggers start showing up....unless you're all serious, then I wonder where your wives saw the "man" in you.

Question of the Day?!

Will Naanee get Cut?

or Misi?

or BOTH!!

If philbin is true to his word these 2 are the biggest Disappointments this PreSeason. They get the Axe 1st.

Hopefully we can ALL agree, thank GOD we came out of Dallas without acquiring any of their personnel. That's Ireland's one-trick pony, and it never turns out well for us. Luckily we only got a pick for Cook. I don't want ANY MORE COWBOYS!

This team lacks the talent to compete in the NFL. So why is Ross still charging for admission?


I don't know why its so hard for some to come on a football blog and admit that the TEAM went in a different direction than you (i/we) thought they should have....

NONE OF US GET A SAY IN THE DECISION MAKING...so its not the least bit embarrassing to me...

Since most decision the FO has made has led us to

11-5 (with somebody eles's talent)


why be embarrassed to go against the grain...

If Miami goes 4-12 this year and Philbin looks respectable I think he stays. The new GM will ask the players how they feel about him and something tells me the young guys are going to like this straight shooter.

As for the Flynn and Orton argument: Ireland's best moves are the ones he didn't make and the trade for Reggie Bush

The Dolphins trade Ryan Cook for a 7th rd Pick to the Cowboys.

Why not just trade for one of their Wr's?

Oh, Well add another pick for next year

Ireland will be fired before seasons end.


Neither...they both make the team...

My 2 cents....

The GM won't ask player that question. No GM would.

I'm humble. I like ground beef.

I even mentioned it last night after midnight before getting some sleep, I am glad Ireland didn't draft Dez Bryant. I could only imagine the sticky situation we would be in right now if he were on this team, even with the whole "is yo momma a hooker" statement aside; we had a more talented Dez Bryant in Brandon Marshall and we got rid of him, so why would we want another one?


I have been thinking the same thing (about the cowboys)...or lack thereof...

could be another sign that Philbin isn't the push-over that many have tried to paint him as....

Cheapo Ross is dumping players and pocketing the salaries rather then improving the team!

Agreed Kris.

Dashi was at

11-5 After Draft With Garrard Starting
9-7 Before 1st Pre-Season Game With Moore Starting
6-10 If Moore is the Starter and that was really Our Def.
7-9 With T-Sizzle starting and Maybe this is not really our Def.
5-11 Now. T-Hill Starting but is that Really all we have at WR?
Maybe back to 7-9 after today.

Hey, have to enjoy the RollerCoaster Ride.

Lets get some Wr's today!!!


If the Cowboys are willing to go thru ALL this trouble....don't yu think that says somethin about how much the covet his skill set...

Its easy to say..."not my problem"....

Jerry Jones has won with a locker room full of criminals....he knows talent when he see's it....

He is the one that pushed Parcells to play Romo....Parcells hated Romo's playground style of play.....might be why he and Sporano beat it out of Henne....

Some teams are loaded at certain spots. You can get better with other peoples overstock.

Ya The Miami Dolphins are calling overstock.com for their future right now.

If this is a business then Mr. Ross you better get some better managers in the front office. Think Philbin deserves some time though.

Go My favorite New College Team. The Miami Dolphins!!

Dashi..thats funny....

I'm gonna hold tight to my 11-5..and take my lumps if (lol) we lose 6 games....

Yea, but ur not even good Ground Beef Oscar.

Ur that Pink Slime Taco Bell Uses.

Phinmanski, JI will not, absolutely not be fired until after the season. And have you heard about the salary cap. They in the last 4 in cap space. The Dolphins aren't cheap period. They just don't use their money wisely. They spend money. You know very little don't you.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Kris, not sure why people think Philbin is a pushover. Everything I've seen from him says he's a leader. Everything that's transpired this PreSeason (with Johnson, Davis, starting Tannehill) tells me Philbin is making the major decisions, not Ireland.

Philbin has no ties to Ireland (like Sparano did). And he has probably as much or more respect around the league (as Ireland). So, I just don't see it (him being a pushover). Maybe I'm just a homer.


This is really depressing stuff for the true Dolphin fans. You really have to come out against a GM who drafts Gates and Egnew early enough to be playmakers but as stated they have not earned a roster spot. You bring in a guy like Naanee who can not catch under pressure and then hang on to non drafted receivers who lack talent. Parcells never liked to draft what he considered a diva receiver in the early rounds. Ireland was influenced by Parcells and it has hurt the Dolphins today with the lack of talent at the receiver position. Of course the Dolphins want to rebuild through the draft. It's cheaper and most decent free agents know the culture with the Miami Dolphins is not a good one.......so they would never come to Miami unless the money is huge or they are desperate. Egnew and Gates are Ireland's acorns. They will never be anything more than acorns.

Chrap Ross pocketed the Hard Knocks money too rather then improve the team.

FA's wont join this circus if they have any choice. Draft picks have no choice LOL

Bryant has a tremendous amount of skill, but I don't believe the Cowboys have gotten everything out of him simply because Dez believes he's done no wrong. Just like Brandon Marshall; it's not that they think they're above everyone else it's that they're oblivious to what their actions mean to the rest of the team. You can say it's selfish, i think it's ignorant. Bryant needed someone to wake him up in the morning, tell him when he had to be at practice and practically spoon feed the kid cause he wouldn't know how to eat properly if someone wasn't there to baby him....and this was all while he was in college, now we see it happening again in the NFL. He would put up 1000 yards receiving and 5-7 TDs for all of this trouble? Jerry jones has something Ireland doesn't: arrogance, balls. They like Dez, but if someone offered the Cowboys a 1st round pick for Bryant right now i think they'd take it

What Happens if the Fins are in the Bottom 4 in Cap after today with all the Veteran Cuts?

And hopefully Trades. Dashi wants at least 20 picks in Next Years draft if Ross wants me to Watch this Team. I'll take 12+ picks, and Some Wr's this Year instead,

Kris I hate to do it but I really have to disagree with you on one point. "If we do poorly Philbin gets fired".

The only way Philbin gets fired is if he has a Cameron like year. He has Sherman and Coyle in his corner. If Ross blames Philbin when Ireland has given him little talent to work with, if he fires him and keeps Ireland then I'm officially done with this team. That would be the biggest blunder in Dolphins history and they wont deserve anyones fandom.

I feel sorry for the people who bought tickets before we dumped Marshall, Vontae, and OchoCinco...

I'm not against a diva receiver, but to a certain extent you have to weigh skill set with locker room chemistry and off the field issues. The scales didn't tip in Marshall's or Bryant's favor

Just as he writes this column, Miami gets a 7th round draft pick for spare parts from Dallas for Ryan Cook.

This after Mando slams Daniel Thomas in the midst of two very effective games in pre-season.

You're on a roll Mando ... anyone else you want to slam??

It seems to be doing this team some good.

Phins 78...

let me clarify.....

If Ireland gets fired....then I can easily see us being in a position were the new GM wants to bring in HIS guy...meaning Philbin and crew are gone....

scenario 2....New GM keeps Philbin for 2 years....team still is an 8-8 or 9-7 team...Ross says team in not improving fast enough....New GM blames it on the HC who he has no ties too...tell Ross he needs his own me....Organization gets blown up again....
those are my concerns....

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