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Cutdown day will measure Miami's talent

The old joke told by NFL coaches and personnel men who look at bad teams with deficient rosters is that when it comes setting the final roster, it's hard to get down to 53 players ... and not keep going.

Honestly, that joke applies to the Dolphins today.

They have 53 jobs available. But they legitimately have maybe 40 players (at most) who have earned an NFL roster spot based on their performance this training camp and preseason, or based on their proven talent.

Everyone else? Open to interpretation. Open to the availability of players that other teams let go. Open to the possibility of trades. Open to their relative value to the team based on the relative value of another player who isn't that great, either.

The Dolphins must trim the roster to 53 players by 9 p.m. tonight. Much of that work will be done this morning. And many of the cuts will be easy.

For example, today the Dolphins will cut players such as Kevyn Scott, Shelly Lyons, Jarrell Root, Anderson Russell, Chris Hogan, and others.

[Update: The team has released DL Ryan Baker, who has been with the Dolphins on and off for two years.]

Some may return as practice squad players. Most will not.

Emotions aside, this is simply business. It happens every year.

The problem for the Dolphins is not that they must make hard cuts. The problem is that there are not enough hard cuts. Honestly, how many players that get the axe from Miami will get picked up by other teams? I don't think that will be a high number. Teams such as San Francisco, New England, Green Bay, the Giants and even Washington will meanwhile see a lot of their discards end up on other rosters. That is a sure sign those teams have talent.

Another problem in Miami is that some players may not be cut even though they deserve it. That is the surest sign of weakness on a team -- when players that haven't done anything to earn a job or shown anything that suggests they will someday do the job, get the job anyway.

Let's face it, Michael Egnew has not earned a job on Miami's 53 man roster. But because he is a third-round pick, he will likely stick with the team. He is, apparently, on scholarship.

 Let's face it, Clyde Gates has done nothing the past two preseasons as a wide receiver to earn a spot on the roster. But because he has the potential to be a deep threat and the Dolphins are so thin at the position, Gates might (I stress might because it is not certain) survive.

Cornerback Quinten Lawrence is all about potential now. He is not ready to play in the NFL. It showed Wednesday night when he got a lot of playing time against Dallas and none of his moments in the spotlight were highlights for the Dolphins. All were highlights for the Cowboys. Lawrence beat here. Lawrence pass intereference there.

Yet, Lawrence is likely to make this team.

That doesn't show how strong the team is. The opposite.



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Phins78, I'm not worried about Philbin getting fired, im worried about the new GM letting Philbin go so he can choose his own HC. I'm hoping Philbin can prove skeptics wrong and show the league that he deserves to stay and that Ireland needs to go. If he makes the most out of what talent we have then I think that'll be the likely scenario that plays out in the offseason

Has the NFL ever seen a worse WR group? Ever?


If Dallas wants him...now I WANT him....

i'm so nervous...

Aloco that post makes no sense. You think Ireland has his own agenda and that its different then the Dolphins agenda? And hes using his agenda to save his job?

Lol The only way he saves his job is if he makes the Dolphins a better team. Thats his agenda, unfortunately for him hes not good at it.

The Dolphins agenda is to become a better team.

They both have the same agenda.

Phinmanski, the facts just don't coincide with reality. The Dolphins are 30th in cap space a/o 8/21. They spend money quit showing yourself as an idiot. Here is their cap space. Hope they use whatever cap space they carve out better.

32) Steelers: $2.16 M

31) Lions: $2.19 M

30) Dolphins: $2.31 M


Mando, get a clue. Gates is gone.

What I know is this: I have been a dolphin fan since 1968. It's my hometown team, through high school, college, marriage, children, grandchildren, good and bad times. They are a part of mt life and will always be a part. As far as this seson and the past, it is still the Miami Dolphins as my team. Stop being ficle folks. Don't be a fan at good times only. Stand behing your team good or bad. Enjoy your life and be thanful we have the Dolphins.

My Name of the day guys Gregg Camarillo. We are looking to develop on the cheap and we all know he can catch. He has to be as good as Fuller or any of the other draft picks.

We are not looking for right now we are looking for a player who can help develop and build. Camarillo can do that. Sign Gaffney/Stallworth, Camarillo, Keep Bess. I would like Burress just to have someone who scares other teams. Not going to happen but it should we are talking desperation here guys.

My wife had a good point when she asked me what if you win?? Stranger things have happened.

Go Dolphins!!

Dont be a bad consumer and buy this garbage product called the Dolphins.

Believe me, actually believe Ross' words or non words to be exact, Ireland is on the hot seat and if the team doesn't show improvement from a personnel standpoint Ireland is as good as gone. I watched Ross in an interview and they asked him if he had faith in Ireland and did Jeff have job security.

I never saw anyone squirm so much before answering a question. He was truly uncomfortable answering and he said, "I'm standing behind Jeff,,,,,,,right now ."

It was how he answered the question and the tone of his voice that told me everything. Petersen is still advising Ross and if Ireland doesn't show something this year I believe he's gone.

jeez most of you guys are so clueless. I'm done here, seriously.

Houston 31 Dolphins 6

Ireland has only been in charge TWO YEARS, he should only be judged from that time on, you all (Ireland hater's) seem to have some sort of mass amnesia thing going here.
Parcells was in charge of all personnel decisions for the 2008,2009 and 2010 season's, now you guys may ask how do I know this? ..simple, You don't hire a president on a multi-million dollar corp (Parcells) and pay him between 4 to 5 mil to sit around and not make ALL DECISION'S
Ireland was GM in name ONLY, he was learning how to be a GM but he didn't make the decisions, everything went through Parcells but since he bailed out Ireland is getting all the blame, another point is there is a reason Ireland was kept, self made billionaires don't make stupid decisions with their money, Ross kept Ireland because he found out Parcells is the one that made all the mistakes.
Now I can go on and share with you guys some other inside stuff that I know but I don't really have the time for that right now but fair is fair, be all the negative you want to be but Ireland is not the culprit here, look at his record the last two years only, is very good.

Posted by: FZB | August 31, 2012 at 07:04 AM

Give me a break! Are you too naive to realize Ireland has been in charge of personnel his entire tenure & EVEN IF Parcells was making the picks, it was based on who's final evaluation?

Whether or not Parcells or Ireland drafted the players, they were drafted based on Ireland's evaluation. Parcells was given bad info on the guys he picked & that's STILL on ireland.

You can either embrace the truth or continue to bury your head in the sand.

Gates = another Ireland bust

Good point MiamiD20. Imo who's to say Ross doesn't grow to respect Philbin and let him pick his own GM? But yeah it's definitely something to be concerned with.

Kris, valid concerns.

All I know is the Dolphans suck swamp water.

Truth is...I'm still waiting on FZB to answer my question(s)....

anybody that has time to write a long post like that certainly has time to hit REFRESH every once in a while......

The Dolphins would be well served to cut down to the 40 or so worth keeping and fill the roster with other team's cast offs and unsigned vets. Get these project guys off the team. Egnew, Marlon Moore, Wallace...enough already. If they aren't doing enough to solidify a position on one of the worst teams in the league then cut them. Don't waste years on a player like Egnew because Ireland made a horrible decision in the draft. Cut him and cut the Dolphin's losses now.

I find it very depressing to think Miami is looking for it's #1 & 2 WR's from a scrap heep of players who weren't good enough to be another teams #5 or 6 WR.

This can't be the way the team addresses this glaring need. Ireland better be swinging a trade for a WR or 2.

The guys available today will be developmental types, maybe a decent 4th or 5th option for this team. But, by no means, will any player they pick up today will be starter material.

I love that ochostinko, who beat his wife and payed for a strippers rent, who caught 15 passes and one TD for a super bowl team that played in 19 games, who let a perfect pass go right through his hands in preseason, is now the hero in here to some people.

When he first came here people doubted he would even make the roster. He then fought Philbin every step of the way eventhough few teams were willing to give him a chance. He got cut and now hes the reason this team won't be good.

Oh how far have we sunk as a fan base when Chad Johnson is our hero and we stand up for him over our own team.

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that the addition of a few Michael Egnew type players can't solve. Young men with good family backgrounds and great potential to develop given patience and time. Jeff Ireland has proven, time and time again, his ability to find such players and to add them to the Dolphins roster. We need to stand back, and let the master work his magic.

Miami currently has 10 dreft picks for 2013.
This includes multiple picks in the second and third rounds.
That would be exciting IF Miami had a reputation for quality/successful picks in the recent past.

I am trying to stay positive, but as I get older, I wonder if Miami will be in the playoffs before I am dead.

Phins 78.....

I don't think I have seen the word "hero" used anywhere on this blog (except in your post).....

look @ the big picture (i'm a big picture kinda guy)....stop looking @ things in a vacuum...

just the FACT that Johnson had players come to his defense is reason enough to believe that he was a factor in the locker room....the BIGGER fact that some came out to the PRESS (as opposed to just the coach in private) tells us that he was more than likely a popular player...if not a positive influence.....

Its clear that you are not a fan of his....and you don't have to be...but you also shouldn't let that cloud your goggles when looking at the circumstances that have led up to the present...

The Dolphins are WORSE then dog poop.

"As far as this seson and the past, it is still the Miami Dolphins as my team. Stop being ficle folks. Don't be a fan at good times only. Stand behing your team good or bad. Enjoy your life and be thanful we have the Dolphins."

Posted by: dan


You seriously can't be accusing anyone posting here of being a fair weather fan? This team has been in the bottom half of the league for the better part of a dozen years now. People are frustrated and they should be. A long history of questionable moves in the draft and one of the most questionable GM's in the league still at the helm leaves little room for hope. Yet still we're here...commenting, following, and hoping against rational reason this team turns things around. I'd say these are some of the most hardcore fans in the league; even if their outlook isn't always a sunny one.


QB - The outlook was grim from the start. A rookie QB to go along with last years, Matt Moore 6-3 finish but 6-6 overall Matt Moore and the out of football David Garrard were the QBs. The best case scenario happened that Tannehill showed he belongs in the NFL (so far) and beat out both guys more suited to be game managers or better yet backups. Grade C plus

RB - Reggie Bush continues to work harder then everyone on the team and thats a good sign. Daniel Thomas a goat one week on Hard Knocks and blasted by Armando for not running hard but when given the opportunity and when healthy shows promise. Lamar Miller? Maybe a 4th round steal. Good overall group. Grade B plus

WR - When Miami didn't draft a WR acquire any big name FA and their secondary FA was Chad Johnson of all people we knew this group was the worst in the league. Grade F

OL - Still a work in progress 4 years later. Long and Pouncey are only keepers, Incognito serviceable. Grade C

Overall Offense - Promise at a few spots and most importantly QB but overall an average overall Offense. C

DL - Very solid group even if it lacks a dominant pass rusher across from Wake. Soliai and Starks should be very good in the middle. B plus

LB - Key is Burnett switching to OLB. I expect Dansby to be better then just good which is all he's been. Should thrive in a 4-3. Misi? Meh. Grade B

Secondary - Trading Vontae was letting everyone know if you had glimmer of hope to catch a lightning in a bottle season please come back to earth. Sean Smith has look pretty decent this preseason, Marshall so-so, Reshad Jones IMO best of the bunch and Clemons is just ok. Grade C

Overall Defense - C plus because of secondary problems

Special Teams - Carpenter and Fields are both top 10 at their position. Carpenter gets a little eratic at times but Fields is very good. Grade B plus

Miami is a 5-11 team. This is going to be a very long year.


I hated Johnson's antics.....I have typed it many times.....even before the thought that he might become a FINS was ever conceived...i'm talking 2 years ago...

but I can separate the business from the personal....

we were a better team with CJ on it.......

Now we are trying to fill a SELF-INFLICTED gun shot wound with other teams cut players...the bottom of their barrel....how does that work...

Did everyone know we traded Cook to Dallas for a seventh? I know seventh round picks aren't worth much but Cook wasn't going to make the roster. The seventh can be packaged. In the interest of objectivity that was a decent move by Ireland. But he still sucks.

Most posters on this board look at the roster today, and want to panic due to the lack of talent on the roster. Jeff Ireland, on the other hand, is like a chess master, thinking many strategic moves ahead, with the ultimate goal of stocking the team with players meeting his template for excellence. We don't need to understand each individual move, in fact some may not seem to make logical sense, but to a tactician like Jeff Ireland they are all part of the plan. Let the master move the pieces. We can watch in awe and wonder.

For sure no (one) person can be to blame for he Phins failures but for sure the decision making is horrible. If you understand the mental institutions are full of people we consider unfit for free social life but stil they think they are right. I will continue to watch and support the Phins however heartsick.

It's gonna be a long season. So depressing seeing how irrelevant the Dolphins have become. Sad, really.

It is very significant that the Dolphins picked up a seventh round draft choice from Dallas. First, Jeff Ireland has proven to be exceptionally skilled in poaching stars off the Cowboys roster. Second, the seventh round is fertile ground for finding acorns.

Kris the only one we know of who came to his defense was Dansby and I hate the guy. Cant stand him. Yes he meant something to the locker room, the same way a clown means something to a child at a birthday party. The word hero was never used and that's why I didn't quote it. It was implied with all of the "if we just had chad johnson we would be a better team". Give me a break with that crap. He couldnt learn the New England offense and was still struggling learning this one which they showed on hard knocks.

Could that be one of the reasons he was cut? Shouldn't a vet recever be able to pick up the same offense that the rookies picked up? Yes imo on both counts.

Andy, if average C means middle of the pack I'd say our offense is a D. Hopefully however our defense will be a B or B+. We will know soon enough.

I guess having lived in this state for 37 years and in Miami for 11 years, I shouldn't be surprised, but I just can't understand how most of you people are so stupid. And you are the bigtime fans who hang out here all day!!!

How is it that you cannot understand that preseason is completely meaningless and our star playmaker, Bush, has literally played about 6 snaps??!??

How do you not get that?

And Tanne looks very, very sharp and in control. You have no idea what's going to happen when Tanne, Bush, Thomas and co play all 4 quarters. It takes people time to get on a roll.

The preseason is meaningless. For all we know, the starters would have put up 17 in the 3rd quarter against Dallas.

I don't promise it, but again, we could very well be a 9-7 team (or we might be a 1-15 disaster).

But none of us knows right now what will happen.

Even the receivers will come through well enough in real games, I predict. And we have Bush and Thomas.

We got Tanne and I think he's the real deal at QB.

Cheer up a little bit.

The only person on our team who is pure garbage is Anthony Fasano.

Kris how do you know we were a better team with chad johnson? Philbin didn't think so. Sounds like you're kind of giving up on Philbin already if you don't trust his judgement.

Posted by: Dr. Love | August 31, 2012 at 02:26 AM
Talk about being a moron (I hate name calling but you started it):
The 49'ers...new coach, new system, mediocre QB...
The difference between them and US?
They had talent that was under performing.
We have under-performing NO talents.

Not because of Mando, who only writes about it, but because our FO stinks, pure and simple.
So why don't YOU Move on.

Why would I be a fan of him, he doesnt play for my team. :)

I agree with AJ. I'm not usually a Mando basher, and, in fact, I thank him for giving us this blog to play in, but I'm starting to join the people who say he goes a little bit too far on the negative side. Most teams don't have more than 2 *good* WRs. Yeah, we're missing to WRs and our defensive secondary is questionable. Other than that we are solidly mediocre. Yeah, not good enough but not horrid like some thing. We shoudl have beaten the super bowl champs last year, the Giants, who backed into the playoffs at 9-7. We easily could have been 10-6 last year, even with Moore as QB and an interim coach.

We still have Bush and this year, hopefully and improved and healthy Thomas.

And we have a hot young stud QB.

O line can't be any worse than last year.

D should be at least as good as last year.

Schedule is weak.

I continue to say that it is possible that Philbin is a Cam Cameron disaster, but barring that, we could win 6 to 9 games. And then watch out next year and the year after.

Jeff Ireland is like a chess master?! Classic! Lmao

Philbin is very similiar to Cam Cameron. He'll be one and done also.

Posted by: Dfins006 | August 31, 2012 at 07:42 AM
Wideouts usually distinguish themselves by year 2, RB's in the first year.
Neither Gates nor Daniel Thomas have done so.

A #4 draft pick signifies this guy is one of the top 130 college players in AMERICA.
Gates doesn't play like on of the top 2000 players in the NFL.

Said it before, and I will say it again. Why would any general manager, coach, or player that are worth their salt want to play in Miami?

You saw what they did to Sparano behind his back.

You have seen how inept Jeff Ireland is w/regards to player personnel.

As a player you've witnessed first hand via Hard Knocks how they will trade or cut their top players at the position while not having a viable option to take his place. Hey lets face it, players want a shot a winning games too. Imagine being Jake Long. You've busted your ass since you've been here and now you've got to get through a season where you weren't going to win a lot of games to start, but now you get rid of your top corner and receiver. As a free agent would you want to sign here?

This franchise in the joke of the league. SELL THE TEAM ROSS!!!!!!! Let's get an owner that has the knowledge to hire good football people and more importantly, good football people want to work for.

Posted by: OlSage | August 31, 2012 at 10:10 AM

---------------Though I disagree with your basic premise that "no one person is to blame" (for the Fins sad state)...I believe the current situation is due to a poor performance by our GM, and Parcells, I heartily agree that you, I, and disgruntled Fans will ultimately stand by our team, BECAUSE we are Fins fans.

However, for folks like me, 3-4 more years to see this "transition" through is not viable any longer. Some of us ain't kids any more.

You are plain clueless if you don't see that Thomas will have a breakout 1200 yard year, barring injury. Clueless.

I don't think you need to keep telling us that this team is gonna be bad this year. WE KNOW! stop rubbing it in. No wonder I don't visit this site as much as I used to. It seems like you get a kick out of the phins being bad.

Posted by: Fasucko | August 31, 2012 at 10:29 AM

If the above comment was directed at me, I'd ask you one thing:
Considering Thomas' injury history, and that Bush will get 2/3'rds of the snaps, HOW can you possibly back that inane statement up?
Assuming our backs get 30 carries per game (with a WCO, that's a BIG assumption), Thomas gets 10 carries per game, right?
He'd have to average over 7 yards a carry, or thereabouts to get 1200 yards rushing, and he's not exactly a pass catching whiz yet, so I don't think he'll come close to 1000 all purpose yards, yet alone 1200 rushing yards.
Do the MATH.

It's these ignorant statements by you that cancel any credibility you might ordinarily have, as I agree to a point with you that Fasano wouldn't start on most of the other NFL teams.

Posted by: BoulderPhinFan | August 31, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Boulder, with all due respect (meant seriously) I don't agree with you here.
Armando is not a "reporter" per se, he is a columnist, and as such OPINION is is meat and potatoes.
After watching our 4 poor pre-season performance, she some nice moments for Tanny, and to a lesser extent some of the 4th stringers, we ARE WHO HE SAYS WE ARE" to twist/paraphrase a former NFL coach Denny Green's rant.

Why would ANYONE think Mando gets delight in dissing a team he covers? Every time he does to, he places in peril his ability to get information, have contact with players, FO, etc?

If THEY know he's just doing his job, why can't those of you stomping on Mando understand the same fact?

Anyone who can read between the lines should be able to see how frustrated Mando is.
Ed Pope was always easy to see through (a legend, for sure.) His bleeding Dolphin and Canes colors was visible for all to see.

Wow, spell check struck big time. LOL

"Yeah, this crap of trading away our best players for more picks in the next draft is sheer freaking FOOLISHNESS!"

Yes, I agree, especially, when you trade away a 24 year old first round pick for what, is there an up side? Does Ireland have a proven draft record that he can turn a #2 better than what Davis is or his potential?

They can trade this pick for a player now I guess, but, for what reason. Watching this team play, what player will improve there record this year that they can get with Indy's #2 pick next year.

Owner, GM, possibly HC all pretty pathetic, possibly HC, will know for sure after the first few losses.

Houston game Miami is 10 point underdog, last year they were 4 point dogs, that tells it all.

Always interesting to read columns like this on cut day. Your predictions were way off. All 3 of the guys that you said would not be cut were in fact cut today.

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