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Daniel Thomas is so far simply disappointing

On Monday I was standing on the sideline watching the Dolphins practice. On what is just a routine run play into the A-gap, Daniel Thomas took the handoff and this happened when there was no apparent hole:

The Dolphins running back took the handoff and turned his back to the line of scrimmage and backpedalled into the pile of offensive and defensive linemen facing the wrong direction.

I turned to Dolphins officials and said that play tells me all I need to know about Thomas as a running back. His instincts are wrong. Rather than lowering his head and pads and bullying his way into the line to create a hole or, at the very least, bouncing outside to salvage the play, he basically gave up on the play and protected himself.

Not what I would expect from the kid who is 6-1 and 228 pounds.

Not what I would expect from a second-round pick.

Not what I would expect from the player who is supposed to inherit the Miami running back spot after this year because Reggie Bush is in the final year of his contract.

Not what I would expect from an NFL running back.

That moment, in all its disappointment, came back to me when I watched Hard Knocks Tuesday. In the opening minutes of the show, amid all the players that are not getting the job done or getting cut or traded, we see Thomas called into coach Joe Philbin's office.

It wasn't so the coach could give the player a standing ovation. Seems Thomas was late to the team plane that carried the Dolphins to the Carolina game two weeks ago. And he apparently did not meet dress code requirements.

And then last week he was late to a weight lifting session.

"Last week you were late to the plane and you weren't in the proper dress code," Philbin tells Thomas. "Now, I come to find out you were 15 minutes late today. From where I sit I get concerned about that stuff. Obviously, you're going to get fined, but that's not the point. The point is I don't want to be fining anybody. I want guys that do what they're supposed to do and be where they're supposed to be and right now, two times in four days, that's not a good thing."

There's more:

"And I'm just telling you, this can't happen, that kind of stuff can't happen," Philbin adds. "I'm getting a little queasy about you. You got to take responsibility for your own career, what you're doing and when you're doing it. I don't want to come talk to you again. I want to see you out there and next time I want to talk to you on a positive thing, not this kind of stuff."

So what does all this mean?

Look, the Dolphins are fishing for bodies or draft picks or anything that can possibly help them rise from the mire that currently threatens to sink them to the bottom of the AFC East standings once the season begins.

The Detroit Lions, meanwhile, are searching for running backs. And so it's only logical that the Lions might be looking at Miami's supposedly well-stocked running back stable and think maybe Bush might be available for a receiver or draft pick.

And if I'm the Dolphins, I would love to be able to consider the option. Except that the heir to the job can't be on time and isn't exactly producing on the field and isn't exactly following in the tradition of Larry Csonka, either.

So what can the Dolphins do but hold on to Bush, right?

Well, you might say, they can offer Thomas. That's a fine idea except Thomas hasn't done anything of high regard in this league and his tardiness was now on national TV. Also, the head coach said on national TV that he's starting to feel "queasy" about the guy. Yeah, that's going to bring a bigtime dividend in trade from Detroit  ... or anybody.

It's just disappointing. That's all I can say. Disappointing.


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does anyone have a site so I can watch the game online tonight?

who's ireland?

..Craig M..I disagree. I think we are stuck right in the center of the dreaded re-build. How else can you look at it? It is more likely that it will snow in Miami then the Doplhins being a playoff team. I think 6 would be an achievement for the squad we have today.

These players being traded, or released are a sign to me that this is the beggining of something new. Philbin gets the wiggle room to mold this program how he sees fit. If this were not a rebuild would we have traded a Vontae Davis, or A Brandon Marshall. Would the team have a the feel of a team on the up, instead of a team in decline? Everything that is being done here, from Phibins rule, to the player moves smells like a rebuild to me..I don't know what else call it.

He will get 1200 yards and 12 TDs this year. Watch.
Posted by: Fasucko | August 29, 2012 at 02:12 PM

I'll blow you in front of these bloggers if he does half that.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 29, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Reggie has been known for injuries.

So if Bush gets injured 600 yards and 6 TD's isn't that tall of an order. Heck even if Bush doesn't get injured it's a possibility.



LOL, Ive pissed off Armando's blind sheep, now he's impersonating me.
Dont worry little blind sheeringly, I wont come to sheer your dirty nappy wool. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 29, 2012 at 02:30 PM

That explains it YG. The Gay little turd is probably fantasizing about doing right now.

Exactly coalition. YG I don't want any blow job from anyone but my 5'7" 110 pound supermodel ballerina girlfriend, but I GUARANTEE you that Thomas will get 600 yards and 6 TDs this year EASILY barring a season ending injury by game 7.

My prediction might not be right but your 1/2 of that is certainly wrong.

There is an 80% probability that Thomas will get 600 yards and 6 TDs this year and a 55% chance he'll get 1200 and 12.

Really Fasucko, we just don't wan't to abuse children.


In the words of Allen Iverson, we're talking about practice...

What a schmuck Mando!

I'll give you a mulligan Mando, maybe you didn't see the Atlanta game, and how hard he was running, and jumping over defenders...

Absolutely, DD, no better wiggle room than now.

exactly Steve. I said that earlier today. even used the Iverson reference.


My point is I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. People are upset because we've gone 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10. I've said in the past I think we have little chance of matching our 6 wins from last year. I'm now even more certain that it won't happen. I agre with you that we've just started but I believe Ireland will trade more assets like Dansby and Bush and maybe even a guy like Incognito too in an effort to stock up for next years draft. I'm saying last year's 6-10 is going to seem like paradise compared to what we're about to go through.

I have given you a bold prediction and backed it up with facts, and yet you deny me?

I'll say it again:

14-2. Guaranteed. Bush and Thomas combine for 2400 and 28.

I figured all of this out after a little hottie across the street put something in my cafecito, but I remain confident that I am 110% correct.

You will see, players.

Thanks alot 2 watt

Craig, we have a cake schedule.

u got it. it should come up just before kick off.

Err, Fasucko, 5'2, 102lbs for her, it would be an abuse of her by me.(fukky,fukky), You know?

But you know, Fasucko, some of these strong Matrons have deep wells.

You fuc-ing fos piece of shi- fuc-, YG/DB/odin et al(Fasucko),what have I ever done to you?

go to sleep, boy

..Craig M..Yup. It is going to be a tough year..I made a bet last night with my Girlfriend that was I will bet my team sucks worse then your team...The sad part is that she is a Cleveland fan.


Yeah that's tough to take, isn't it. Cleveland's about as low as it can get. I think it'll be close. I suspect either them or us will be dead last (maybe the Jets too). All looking like they'll be pretty sad this year. could be a guy like Richardson takes over and wins them a game or two. I'm not sure we've got a guy like that on the team this year. Bush is good but he can't do what I think Richardson can do and I'm expecting him to have a down year after last year. Good luck with your bet.

Like Dashi said Thomas will get 200 carries. Even at 3 yds a carry that's 600yds.

U might be on to something?!

They're not even better than that woman writer on the herald.

Even that fat guy windhorse who follows lebron religiously has moved up. And u talk about bad sports writing.

But good question?

Where is Isreal?

Dashi personally thinks Barry Jackson is the best we got in Sfla. Doesn't deviate from the script a lot. Sticks to sports and usually his stories check out. Not a lot of hypothetical from BJ

Hey, HK, how you doing? What? I'm glad to hear it. Listen, we have a special celebration designed just for your farewell. It is superb.

...Craig M..I think that watching games this year will actually be a joy..We will probably lose more then our share and losing sucks. But there isn't really much expectation except to watch Tannehill hopefull improve each week. With little or no expectations, it may help ease the pain of the losses as they pile up. Any thing the team does as a positive will be what I am interested in.Not so much what our record will be..If that was the only barometer for entertainment value, then watching the games would be like being stuck at a Country music concert for 4 hours every Sunday.

Weeden needs to be good fast, he's going to retire in 5 years.

Holmgrem has lost it since his last couple years in Seattle.

Question hasn't holmgrem been in Cleveland for 4-5 years now?
What's taking so long?

roll the kraps.
good qbs = make gm's/coaches look good...

Who the hell are all these writers that you're talking about? I only know Armando and Cote.

I'm disappointed in anyone who thought Daniel Thomas was going to be a good RB! He's not instinctive and does not have any type of speed. He's just big. Horrible draft choice!

I seriously don't get all the negativity.

This years team will be better than last years tean, with an easier schedule too.

The Coaching will be better hands down. SpOrano's crew can't compare. Just check in on the wets, his legacy continues.

The defense will be better. Who did we loose on defense? Davis? Pssssssssssfpt! I hate to tell you, Davis came in out of shape. Underacheived for the first half of the season(probably more)and missed time due to injury.

Even if you don't believe were better, we're certainly not any worse. Over Davis? Not even! Marshal and (the improved)Smith are a better pair. Carroll played a ton last year and seems improved. So we can't be any worse. I suspect Jimmy Wilson beats out Carroll anyways.

Wake is back to his natural DE position and looks like a man possessed so far. He's going to have better help with the pass rush too in Odrick and Vernon.

The offense will be better to REGARDLESS of what any nay sayers.........say.

Tannehill will have his ups and downs, but overall, we'll have better QB play. That's BIG! A major plus, Tannehill doesn't play like a rookie in the least. As far as the learning curve, he has this offense mastered.

Unless you think Carey and Colombo will be missed, the O-Line will be better too. I don't care how you try and interpret it. Even with Martin struggling, he and Hicks are still on another level!

Cogs looks great too. I loved it on Hard Knocks when he knocks the end down. As he bounces up, Cogs drills him AGAIN and proclaims: YEAH Be-atch! I LOVED it.

The Backs are going to be as good if not better. Bush is primed, Thomas is healthy and we've added Miller. That better than last year already.

The TE's will be the same, but playing in a better system. Clay won't be a rookie either, so again, if ANYTHING, they should be improved as well.

That leaves receivers. It all comes down to receiver. Johnson is gone? So what, Boo Hoo. He wasn't here last year anyways. Marshall turns out to be our ONLY LOSS offensively! That's it! Marshall! So I don't see a big drop off, Marshall sucks, sucked, is sucky, will ALWAYS be sucky!

We have a whole slew of draft picks and Ireland and Philbin have both already mentioned using some ammo on landing us a receiver. They're also talking about bringing in possibly as many as 10 players from trades and/or the waiver wire. So it's obvious we're going to be getting some help at WR. I don't know how much of an impact it'll have, but it won't be too difficult to make up for the leagues leading Pass Dropper.

I just don't get any of the negativity. Were an already better than last year team with an easier schedule. Not only that, were climbing back into being competitive during the same year were re-building. No easy feat. We're trimming the fat and will have a ton of picks and plenty of room capwise next year.

Philbin and MY Miami Dolphins are Kicking Ass!

Criag M and DD,
We're rebuilding. It pretty plain. I don't know why anyone else tries to deny that.

I could toss out most playes on this team without tears, but ONE problem...
I don't trust that guy to draft a 7th round punter, much less franchise stars. He's great with undrafted free agents. But you might as well toss darts at a list of 1AA lacrosse players from the Northern Amish Conference, to get his draft results.
So I'm concerned what we'd get for our newly acquired draft picks should we dump capable players.

BUT, IF Ireland goes, then ..Woohoo! Heeeyelll yes I want me some draft picks. Build it up right.


Coalition @ 3:50.....

It started off as a good read...then I looked down and saw how long it was....


SHort that sh@t up for those of us with little to no attention span....

Its a football Blog....

not a War and Peace....

The Jets veterans attended a leadership seminar.

And the fins have problems? Things are not that bad.

The fins will surprise a lot of people this year


I don't agree with your last points. I don't think we've seen nearly enough of Ireland's draft picks to know what he is or isn't. People say he's been hear for 5 years but are your SERIOUSLY going to tell me he carried the clout while Parcells was here. Sorry, not buying it. So let's say he's had three drafts now. Can you REALLY tell me what he's done after three years of picks? For example, what's the upside on Odrick? Well considered he's only played 16 games, I have no idea. Thomas? Less than 16 games. All the guys from this past draft? No idea. So at minium the jury is still out. Because he didn't draft playmakers galore guys want to criticize him. But wouldn't that be irresponsible, considering we've had holes at C, RT, TE, WR, RB, DL. Seems to me he's done a pretty good job addressing those needs. All this while not having TWO second round picks because of the Marshall trade. So I'm just not getting all the criticism.

This isn't directed at you in particular but rather everyone that falsely runs him down.


You and I are on the same page in that respect...4:01....


Hurry up and write a new article about how disappointing Odrick was his rookie year. Just leave out the part about his being injured and Wal-lah! Strawman Strikes Again.

This way I can repost my Novel above on a brand new Blog!

Eff The Negativity!

LOL @ 4:03...

Thats the Coalition I like to read.....

got me cracking up....

Rebuilding my ass. We're shredding and collapsing.



Fasano's hands cots us 2 games....



What does one do to motivate these players? Geesh? This is the NFL and you have an opportunity to become the lead back in a year and you exert no effort. Its funny cause guys like Csonka played their hearts out and loved the game, and received no where near the money today's players receive. What a shame!


top that....

Tim Tebow now has 2 bodyguards. Amazing.


Craig M,

I'm patiently waiting on Irelands next draft.

It seems to me(a gut feeling and from watching him on HK)that Ireland seems very willing to work FOR and WITH Coach Philbin. Even when he was contemplating the Davis trade, you could see it in his approach to the Coach. He didn't come in like Gangbusters and lay down the law. He was bouncing the ideas off of Philbin and trying to feel him out. He was getting the Coaches stance and opinion on the entire matter.

Let Ireland maximize his Scouting Skills. Let him work FOR and WITH Coach Philbin on bulding this team with the RIGHT TYPE of players Philbin envisions.

It could turn out to be a very good WORKING relationship! Maybe all Ireland needs is proper guidance from the Guy in charge of turning this team around.

(PS: I edited 15 paragraphs from this post for Kris' sake. If you'd like the complete unedited version just send a SASE and $19.95 "Shipping & Handling to:

Help A Brother Get His Groove On!

PO Box 666

Hell, MI

"I want to call my grandmother". Here, I'll explain that statement before the Game starts. Mostly, with a non-present father, and a mother on the streets trying to survive in any fashion, the rearing of these Black Ghetto kids is left to their grandmothers. And, of course, besides feeling abandoned, these children come out being terribly spoiled. That's some of the Family dynamics of life in the Ghetto. If you care for any more explanations about the behavior of People in the Ghettos, just tell me. I'm at your service.

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 29, 2012 at 03:50 PM

Seriously wish I felt this optimism but happen to agree with the others. Whether you want to believe it or not the Vets on this squad are already jumping ship and it ain't even Sept. The crew at NFL Net. talked to both Bush and Dansby (our other supposed team leader of running his mouth in my book) and they both expressed a displeasure for the direction the F.O. was taking.

The article went further indicating that a team PR rep actually cut Bush's interview short while they didn't get to Dansby in time before he blasted the move. You cut it any way you want V.Davis was considered valuable by his teamates. I agree the OL couldn't be any worse than last Yr. but when Nennee is one of your starting WR's you've got issues!!

The only thing I learned about D.Thomas last Yr. was that he was here this week and off the next few weeks ect.. and that's when not injured with no guts on a stacked line to put his head down nor do I see a very gifted down field runner either.

The D looks smallish especially with our DE's in a 4/3 and don't forget Misi at the Mike in pass protection, he IMO should be tried at DE were he once played at 270 I believe with Vernon making the switch out . We may really be best served cutting Burnett loose and leaving journeymen Guyton there given Burnett is a 3/4 MLB with ZERO experience outside himself and hasn't even been on the field yet.

As for Dansby I'd take a 6 pack of Budweiser at this point and be done with his bloated behind. The DB's are a huge ?? especially at Safety and lets not get into the nickle and dime packages which I would almost exclusively play Vs. this bunch, hahhhh!!

No my friend I believe we should all hold our breaths and pray for progress out of our young QB in the hope the entire 2012 campaign isn't a complete wash and by the way did I remind you we still have the 2013 draft with Ireland to look forward to!!!

Got to call you on this one Mando. 'Simply Disappointing'? I admit, that I was disappointed to hear about two dings on him for being late. But I don't see the disappointment for his performance last year and especially in the last preseason game.
Four RBs were drafted ahead of him last year, he had more yardage any any of them. Only one rookie RB had more yardage than Thomas and that was Murray, the Dallas starter.
Yeah, Thomas should be doing a bit better, and maybe if he stays healthy, he will. But I see Thomas ripped by a lot of the ignorant trolls in the feedback section (Cefalo & Dashi). Calling him a bust and wasted pick. I expect that kind of mindless fluff from the Trolls. But I would expect you to put a bit more thought and knowledge into your opinion..... How 'disappointing'.

Sandusky specialized in the behavior of Ghetto Kids too.

He gave his life for them.





Your point from above is well made. I see signs of Ireland and Philbin working together better than Ireland and Sparano did. That will work well for the team. It seems that Philbin has a good idea of what he wants and doesn't want on this team and Ireland is following his lead. The departure of Marshall, David and Johnson and are all in accordance with what Philbin wants. Does it mean the team will be better long term? To early to say....but it's obvious that these guys are working together, which should be a good thing.

Philbin wont be the HC next year.


Dashi didn't know hell was in Michigan? Must be where chad henne is from.


I won't argue any of the points you made. It does feel a bit strange though, seeing that we've always been so similar with our opinions.

I'm not predicting any mind blowing turnarounds or anything like that. I will stick by assessment in that this years team will be better than last year. Even if it's only a minimal gain. We'll also face a friendlier schedule.

Having said that, to me this whole season is predicated on Tannehill's development. That's THE MAIN THING this season should be about. So far I've liked **ALMOST** everything I've seen from Tannehill and am looking forward to seeing more. I say ALMOST because I know he's very capable of Fake Pumping. I just haven't seen him use it yet as a Dolphin.

Wake is smallish for an END. But if you noticed, in our dress rehersal, Coyle was moving him around alot and he was very effective. Odrick has great size on the other end.

Misi and Carroll are my biggest concern on defense. I would have to play Guyton over Misi and PROBABLY Jimmy Wilson instead of Carroll.

WR is obviously the biggest offensive concern. But mark my words, we'll add TWO receivers before the season starts and BOTH will be better than Naanee.

I'm not predicting any playoff run. But I see a team that can easily get to .500 this year. With a lucky bounce or two, 9-7!

This was my prediction last April and I'm "Staying The Course".

-Odin- ;)

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