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Daniel Thomas is so far simply disappointing

On Monday I was standing on the sideline watching the Dolphins practice. On what is just a routine run play into the A-gap, Daniel Thomas took the handoff and this happened when there was no apparent hole:

The Dolphins running back took the handoff and turned his back to the line of scrimmage and backpedalled into the pile of offensive and defensive linemen facing the wrong direction.

I turned to Dolphins officials and said that play tells me all I need to know about Thomas as a running back. His instincts are wrong. Rather than lowering his head and pads and bullying his way into the line to create a hole or, at the very least, bouncing outside to salvage the play, he basically gave up on the play and protected himself.

Not what I would expect from the kid who is 6-1 and 228 pounds.

Not what I would expect from a second-round pick.

Not what I would expect from the player who is supposed to inherit the Miami running back spot after this year because Reggie Bush is in the final year of his contract.

Not what I would expect from an NFL running back.

That moment, in all its disappointment, came back to me when I watched Hard Knocks Tuesday. In the opening minutes of the show, amid all the players that are not getting the job done or getting cut or traded, we see Thomas called into coach Joe Philbin's office.

It wasn't so the coach could give the player a standing ovation. Seems Thomas was late to the team plane that carried the Dolphins to the Carolina game two weeks ago. And he apparently did not meet dress code requirements.

And then last week he was late to a weight lifting session.

"Last week you were late to the plane and you weren't in the proper dress code," Philbin tells Thomas. "Now, I come to find out you were 15 minutes late today. From where I sit I get concerned about that stuff. Obviously, you're going to get fined, but that's not the point. The point is I don't want to be fining anybody. I want guys that do what they're supposed to do and be where they're supposed to be and right now, two times in four days, that's not a good thing."

There's more:

"And I'm just telling you, this can't happen, that kind of stuff can't happen," Philbin adds. "I'm getting a little queasy about you. You got to take responsibility for your own career, what you're doing and when you're doing it. I don't want to come talk to you again. I want to see you out there and next time I want to talk to you on a positive thing, not this kind of stuff."

So what does all this mean?

Look, the Dolphins are fishing for bodies or draft picks or anything that can possibly help them rise from the mire that currently threatens to sink them to the bottom of the AFC East standings once the season begins.

The Detroit Lions, meanwhile, are searching for running backs. And so it's only logical that the Lions might be looking at Miami's supposedly well-stocked running back stable and think maybe Bush might be available for a receiver or draft pick.

And if I'm the Dolphins, I would love to be able to consider the option. Except that the heir to the job can't be on time and isn't exactly producing on the field and isn't exactly following in the tradition of Larry Csonka, either.

So what can the Dolphins do but hold on to Bush, right?

Well, you might say, they can offer Thomas. That's a fine idea except Thomas hasn't done anything of high regard in this league and his tardiness was now on national TV. Also, the head coach said on national TV that he's starting to feel "queasy" about the guy. Yeah, that's going to bring a bigtime dividend in trade from Detroit  ... or anybody.

It's just disappointing. That's all I can say. Disappointing.


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Craig M | August 29, 2012 at 04:42 PM

I understood this point as well but the path traveled is a slippery slop with many a H.C. at the bottom of the heap. If I were Philbin I'd be weary of Ireland making me part of his decision process, could be making me his patsy later like he did with Friend Sparano, just a thought.

Philbin will be a head coach

Hey douchebag!! U just repeated over and over what dashi has said today. Ur ignorance does show.

Also Odin keep up them lovely soliloquies of football wisdom. Kris is with the majority, but some like Dashi don't mind spending 10 seconds to read good info/commentary.

Dashi had to cut back himself to appease the masses.

Guess we have to keep our acorns for late night. Where Monkey boy and Mando can delete them when we are done.

Dashi = Home.

Dashi collects Beanie Babies.

Dashi = Dashi

Fasucko= Mr. 1001

We already know ur corny game. Dashi said earlier how things have been going good today, even from U.

Don't start, Dashi will end it. U have never won once or ever will win, so why try?

Mr.1001, u are and always will be Dashi's bottom b!tech. Give it up

Good news--the real refs are back.

Bad news--It's going to be a LONG gut wrenching season for Dolphin fans.

Expect MAJOR churning on this roster starting tomorrow & some surprise cuts.

Dashi = in ur mouth

Hey fool look down, this alias is for free

Don't ever say Dashi never does nothing for his bottom b!tch

Scratch that--there is no good news. LOL!!!


Even the oldest of friends tend to disagree now and then and am not saying we won't at least see a more prepared team come Sept. but feel we will have to live through a very rough transition period now.

I like the type of team Philbin wants and thought even with all the character defects aside Sparano was more of a disciplinarian I guess we all now better today why the constant slow start.

I have two concerns though:

1) Do you really feel that great about Ireland's previous efforts along the waiver wire all through Sept. since 2009 when the roster wasn't set ever before Oct.

2) If we are going to trade the few pieces this team has in order to load our 2013 draft deck then again how does Ireland holding that deck grab you. I feel Philbin maybe brought down before he has an honest chance with a team worth fielding.

I don't disagree this should be a more polished bunch just don't agree there is a great deal to work with here yet, your optimism though is commendable, you get that old friend!

Now get back to work


If Dashi may answer ur question?

I'm 50-50 on both. I've been a Ireland supporter for the longest, but yea even us Ireland fans are giving him this last year before we jump ship.

Dashi would like to see how Ireland handles the waiver wire this week and how the young players develop this season.

If the players start to show improvement and the fins finish OK, then yes keep Ireland 1 more year.

But if Dashi was Ross I would let Ireland know he's year to year.

I'm out. Off to the gym, where I will put up 185 eight times, brah.

Exposed Fasucko

Who is the only blogger who can't lift the standard (225lbs)

Mark in Toronto knows


Haven't been a fan of Ireland's to date.

But I've noticed(or imagined-lol)a difference since Philbin's arrival. I like the direction the team is taking and Ireland seems to be aquiesing to Philbin's wants.

I believe that this year we'll establish a REAL BASE with a Franchise QB and all.

Then of course everything will ride upon Ireland and the draft. And we are stacked pick-wise. I'm just holding onto the hope that the "Philbin Effect" will assist Ireland in nailing his best draft day ever.

Did I mention we have a BUNCH of nice picks?

Hopefully all we have to do is keep Ireland on a short leash......right Under Philbin's Thumb!

But if Dashi was Ross I would let Ireland know he's year to year.

Dashi | August 29, 2012 at 05:12 PM

(Were you a fan of the Jimmy in the 3rd person Seinfeld episode?)

fin4life finds this a fair assessment given the overall change over.

fin4life would like to see if the new Coach rubs off on Mr. Ireland today without the remnants of Fats tuna around anymore.

fin4life also feels that if the Ireland blows another draft after trading the pieces as he thinks is the idea then fin4life fears he may not live long enough to enjoy a parade down Byscanne Blvd.


fin4life agrees with this assessment 100% he just feels that it's being looked at by different points of view!

Craig M. at 4:42. Ireland is pretty good at finding players via the trade market or free agency but he sucks at the draft, plain and simple. The guy has had two years to find us one decent receiver and he has failed to do that. I mean a number 1 or number 2 guy, we have none. No one stands out. He doesn't seem to be able to judge pass catchers properly and I have serious doubts about any of his defensive picks but we shall see this year. I don't think Philbin's smarts will help him at all but that too is yet to be determined.

But I like Philbin a lot and he reminds me so much of Tom Coughlin. Coughlin was hated by his players in his first 2 or 3 seasons. I live in upstate NY and go to Giants training camp once and a while. Fans didn't know what to make of Coughlin, every one was scared because , "why is he getting rid of our veterans"? He was getting rid of players that he couldn't get through to. He built the team that he wanted and he did EXACTLY what Philbin is doing. The veteran players went to the owner and complained, 'he's getting rid of all our guys'! The owner ignored the "leaders" of the team and soon they were shown the door too. The Giants have won two super bowls since then.

I just hope Philbin has more influence over Ireland than the other way around.

Lots of Cuban racists here.

Did I mention we have a BUNCH of nice picks?

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 29, 2012 at 05:25 PM

I don't recall us ever having 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds before ? It could keep growing if we move Bush to a RB starved team like the couple in the NFC North in Det. (which your probably very familiar with) and in G.B.


Let me take a page from the Odin playbook. ROTFLMFAO!!

U sir get it. Dashi doesn't take himself serious, it's a joke. U and Odin are the only 2 that seem to get it. People Dashi is a Clown don't take the 3rd person thing serious. If u do it just shows problems in u, not Dashi. Hope, this enlightens some of u. Cause we all know Dashi stays enlightened, so be easy

The Jimmy was a funny episode even though Da Dashi doesn't find Seinfeld that funny. Now, Philbin on the other hand, seinfeld's his boy.

D. Thomas
K Misi
P White
P Turner
V Davis
M Egnew
C Gates
P Merling
S Murphy
J Jerry
A.J Edds

Free Agents
C Anderson
R Torbor
J Smiley
J Grove

B Marshall

Trades away
S Satele

This is shades of Dave Wanstedt people.

"Having said that, to me this whole season is predicated on Tannehill's development. That's THE MAIN THING this season should be about. So far I've liked **ALMOST** everything I've seen from Tannehill and am looking forward to seeing more. I say ALMOST because I know he's very capable of Fake Pumping. I just haven't seen him use it yet as a Dolphin."
Odinseye, first off I know it's you and I am not typing that ridiculously long sign on to address you!:)

Secondly, Tannehills development imo has been derailed already. I can't believe this, I feel like I'm on an island by myself, the only island safe from a bunch of nukes, I'm screaming for people to join me but everyone is too busy day dreaming about Tannehill to listen. Is no one concerned that with no WRs to throw too, Tannehill has been set up to fail?

I have never witnessed such a thing in all of the time I've been watching football. I know the garbage needed to be taken out but two things. There was no back up plan to bring talent in AND knowing that why is the coaching staff starting Tannehill when he is already inexperienced? How is he going to build confidence when his receivers are blanketed 24/7? I just don't understand this at all.


our garage manager is going to be fired in weeks.he has no influence ON ANY ONE..................




But I like Philbin a lot and he reminds me so much of Tom Coughlin. Coughlin was hated by his players in his first 2 or 3 seasons. I live in upstate NY and go to Giants training camp once and a while. Fans didn't know what to make of Coughlin, every one was scared because , "why is he getting rid of our veterans"? He was getting rid of players that he couldn't get through to. He built the team that he wanted and he did EXACTLY what Philbin is doing.

Phins78 | August 29, 2012 at 05:32 PM

I was thinking Coughlin as well watching HARDKNOCKS last night in terms of approach going back to his Jax days when they were actually relevant, good call!

How about writing an article questioning the wisdom of keeping a proven loser like Ireland on staff as GM?
Stop sucking off the people responsible for this debacle.
The seats in Joe Robbie Stadium will be empty this year. There will be more life in that pyramid mausoleum near where the DAAAFINS practice than at JRS.

And come on, I know someone will say this to me, "but Phins cut downs are coming and we are going to pick up players from that".

WHO? We're going to sift through a garbage pile of players that weren't wanted by their teams. They cut these people, didn't even seek a trade. And THOSE are the people we are relying on to bolster our offense?!

Let me play devils advocate. Someone gets cut that is still very reliable, it was a numbers game, the team they were on is rebuilding and in no need of high priced vets, they have young guys to groom. So we luck into someone talented.

Are they going to be able to fully grasp the playbook in one week? HA! No way. That means the offensive play calls for them will have to be vanilla until they understand. More great news for Tannehill. He has a whole playbook in his head and can only use half of the plays because his receivers don't know the rest yet.

very true neil. where is the long over due article on ireland needing to be fired, herald must be in bed with fins

How is he going to build confidence when his receivers are blanketed 24/7? I just don't understand this at all.

Phins78 | August 29, 2012 at 05:39 PM

Good point again but I rather have an OL in front of him to keep him vertical. I know alot will blast the comparison but go back and look at the group P.Manning had in 98 in Indy. Only Harrison was there the rest including T.Mandrich as the RT on the OL were scrubs and he survived IMO because the Coaching staff didn't GET him killed like was the case with J.George also in Indy and some others.

Thanks fin4life, that's what got me thinking about it as well. Lets hope he can have the same success as Coughlin.

Neil if Mando was doing what u say he would have more access. Trust me

Dashi criticises Mando for always finding the negative in everything. To say Mando is Pro-Dolphin someone has not been reading this blog long enough.



well phins78 he needs a stud d with some of the best pass rushers ever, then he needs a hall of fame qb, the he needs a 2 or 3 headed horse at rb. then he needs 2 stud wrs. other than that hes got a shot

Dashi | August 29, 2012 at 05:38 PM

You get your props on your Football knowledge and always read to see if you slip up on the 3rd person but kudos to you Sir because you never slip out of character!

Kris I remember that year. The Dolphins had like 5 sacks against Indy and they broke Mannings jaw in two places. Still remember seeing the swollen red lines down the sides of his mouth and feeling really bad for him. Then I had to laugh when JT was told about the broken jaw Manning received and did he have anything to say about it. JT said and I quote, "welcome to the NFL Peyton".

He had Marcus Pollard at TE , Marshall Faulk, and Marvin Harrison. All really good players at the time. So Tannehill has Bush, Fasano, and Nannee. Not even on the same planet, well maybe Fasano and Pollard were close in ability, actually Fasano is a little better so okay. But it's a push because Tannehill is Tannehill. Great upside, has the makings, but needs time.

Peyton was pretty polished, best qb in college, won the Heisman. And go back and check Peytons stats his final two seasons in college. Out-f***ing-standing.

If this was 98 and Peyton was our new rookie qb I wouldn't be worried. :)

If I remember correctly Tim Bowens was the one who put the hurt on Peyton in that game.

I just checked through my cable and can't find a channel playing tonights game?????? Only a replay at midnight on NFL Net.????????

Sorry, not Kris, I was talking to fin4life. My bad



Only ghetto boys and aholes talk about themselves in the 3rd person, and maybe a few boxers that never win.

"To say Mando is Pro-Dolphin someone has not been reading this blog long enough."

Amen Dashi, truer words have never been spoken. I read that post too and laughed pretty hard. Mando hates him some Dolphins! lol

armando is a sports writer per-say. philbin is a hc. whose opinion do you value more. right answer, the hc. daniel thomas is still on this team because philbin has seen something that armando and us haven't. practice is for making and correcting mistakes, that's why it's called practice. if he stinks in the regular season he will be shown the door, no sense in shoving him thru it.


Phins78, (This is not meant as a slight to you bro) Welker was a cut by the SD Chargers / street FA. He worked out alright.

I know they are few and far between but every now and then a decent player can be found on someone else's junk pile.

NE's starting OLB Nincovich was a FA that the Patsies got from ...US!

You are 100% right in that I would hate to make a living at turning trash into treasures. That said, our receivers/TE's have dropped soooo many balls, I would imagine that someone's barely didn't make the roster could find a home here. Especially with the void that Chad Johnson's release made.


buckley picked manning twice, one to clinch game for a td

Hey Aloco you f***ing phony you're still here? What's the matter the Patriots blog doesn't want you? Get the f**k out of here you phony piece of crap. You don't know the first thing about football, and it's exactly why you never have nothing to say. You probably don't remember that game because YOU'RE NOT A MIAMI DOLPHINS FAN.

Now go get your shine box.



Never have anything to say. Boy I get ghetto when fired up! hahahaa

fin4life save your time, lift some weiths, run a couple miles. pound some chick. eat a pizza. anything but watch a horrible worthless wed pre season game


Good point Rob. Look I love our Dolphins and I'm always full of hope but after seeing Ireland on hard knocks snickering about the 3s 4s and 5s I kind of lost some of it.

I cringed when Ireland gave a 3 for 1 for Thomas and I stand by that assessment. Thomas has to #1 stay healthy, #2 put in body of work THIS SEASON worthy of a (Traded up for)#2, #3 Bush is still more talented and yet we are always hearing about how he is getting the boot?

Otherwise, Thomas can get into the same line with Henne, Merling, Turner etc and get their gravy train on another teams roster.

I see the same "flashes" that some guys are hanging their hats on but I think he will tease until the day he is traded/released.




YOU R A JET FAN IN DISGUISE ..............


Channel 33, pal.

fin4life got to firstrow sports on line. The picture is hit and miss but at least you can watch the game.

I'll be watching Roberto Wallace more than anyone else. He needs to have a dominant performance tonight.



The good writer never writes for $ but for Expression.

Armando sets a pot on the stove we stir the ingredients and make the soup. I've been reading his articles in the paper since the very early 90's. It's his job to set the table and give us things to discuss, that said we always go off topic because alot of his topics are bland as hell!

DOMINANT , MY FOOT.................................



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