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Dansby to miss second preseason game, eyes Sept. 9

The Dolphins defense, particularly the starting unit, is expecting a major rebound from the first two preseason games. After those games, coach Joe Philbin made the point that the unit basically hasn't stopped anyone yet in the preseason.

Middle linebacker is supposed to be a major cog in that unit. He's its highest-paid player. He's in the middle of everything. He's barking the play-calls. He's supposed to make the most tackles.

But this preseason has become something of a calm before the storm for Dansby because after playing in the opener, he missed practices leading up to the Carolina game, sat out the game, and missed work again this week. And Dansby, still nursing a knee injury, is going to be out tonight.

Indeed, the Dolphins and Dansby are eyeing the Sept. 9 regular-season opener against Houston as his return to the lineup. He may practice before then but play tonight or the preseason-finale against Dallas? That's not the priority.

That means Gary Guyton and Austin Spitler and Jason Trusnik may all see time in the middle as the Dolphins continue looking for a suitable backup middle linebacker for Dansby.


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We woudn't expect Ray Lewis to play if we were Ravens fans...

I don't see any issue....

I'll save my worrying for T-Hill...and who ever is going to step up @ TE.....

A story by Armando that only contains facts and no insecure snippiness? Maybe he finally made his last favor to the Herald staff members who hav required the personal touch from Mando to keep his job.

So if the Defense doesn't succeed tonight we still have some hope.

The coaches have to make a Decision on the Lb's. I could see the Reason in not Rushing Dansby or Burnett.

Misi has to be exposed. The Dolphins need to find out what they have in their Lb's.

Toughness rankings on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest:

Zach Thomas -- 10
Dansby -- 2
Offerdahl -- 10
Huge Green -- 10
Burnett -- 2

Maybe the veterans on this team don't want to play for this turkey franchise anymore. I can't blame them. Who wants to spend the best years of their career playing for the "Jersey Shore of the NFL".

I'm guessing that John Jerry is "Snookie" and Tanny is "Jwoww".

So much for a once proud franchise...

32-year Dolphin fan here

Am realistic enough to realize that the best hope for this season is a high draft pick

If you need a pick me up, see the link at Deadspin...paraphrasing LeBatard the other day, we are Cleveland with a beach


yep i see a big night for tony gonzalez. We are gonna get toasted by TEs this year.... This teams HAS to know everybody and his brother knows out LBs cant cover tight ends :(((

Have u seen Zach Thomas Lately? Slurred Speech. Zack payed the Price with his Body. He did take 1 too many hits at the End. Should've never went to dallas.

Don't get me wrong one of the Smartest MLB's to ever play the game. Dashi's Favorite Fin player of that Era. JT got the Accolades but Zack was the Heart of the Defense.

Parcells didn't win any fans when the 1st thing he did was cut Zack and Trade JT.

Kris, Karlos Dansby is no Ray Lewis his roster spot should be in jeopardy just like Hartline

Under any optic you want to see it, Austin Spitler plays well tonight, Dansby is a goner.


I know Ray Lewis is pushing it a bit....but Dansby is still our BEST defensive player.....much like Ray is for the much better Ravens....

all things being equal.....the analogy fits...imo

Unfortunately, theres no one backing dansby TO push him into jeopardy just like with our recieving core. Im not sure a 40% healthy hartline is any worse than what we have on our roster...

are you gonna pick up the check for dansbys waiver Oscar???...cuz thats not good business...and more wasted $$$ gone..let him finish out his contract at least...

Couch...forgot to add Joey Porter - 2

I thought Gonzalez retired???

Dansby can't hold Ray Lewis's jockstrap!

RL is a first ballot hall of fame MLB with leadership skill off the chart!

Tim Couch looks like odin.

Dashi Zach was in a car accedent his last year as a dolphin. He got a pretty nasty concussion in that wreck. So I wouldnt contribute that all to his playing days

Hey oscar...it's been awhile since I've posted here and am wondering whatever happened to Home?

Is he posting under a new name?

Dansby doesnt want to perform for this circus. Who can blame him?

Alan...for $45M he better start jumping through flaming hoops!!!

BIG DOG....can I call you Drew...since when I click on your name in BLUE...it brings to the SAME link you posted....

Let me say this....I am all for freedom of speech....so while I understand you have the RIGHT to write what you wish...I ALSO have the right to tell you that your BUSH-LEAGUE ARTICLE (i disrespect legitimate journalist everywhere for even calling that trash an article) SUCKS....PERIOD...and I never talk in absolutes....

Your strung together words aren't the least bit objective...and you use of profanity only further proves my point on how bush-league your writing really is....

Don't worry....I also believe in the BOYCOTT...and I won't be patronizing any of your profanity laced paragraphs again....

In what is now a high scoring league the Dolphins have NO WEAPONS! Was Ireland's plan to replace Marshall with Eggnew? YIKES!!

I wish we were Cleveland with a beach. The Browns are 2-0 against us the last 2 years.

Hey oscar...it's been awhile since I've posted here and am wondering whatever happened to Home?

Is he posting under a new name?

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | August 24, 2012 at 04:56 PM


DO NOT mention that cursed name again - EVER!

Philbin has lost the locker room. Can u say Cam Philbin?


1. Take your meds
2. Get a grammar book
3. Profanity is nowhere near as offensive as this franchise is over the past fifteen years.
4. When I want your opinion, I will give it to you.


Home = odinseye = Coalition = Dashi

I need a grammar book...lol.....

have you read your article.....

it sucks ...PERIOD.....

post that crap on the jets blog you came from...I'm sure it is much better recieved there....

also...I must not be the only one who thinks your writing stinks....lets ASK the 6 PEOPLE who commented on your blog...lol....

and why isn't your name in blue now.....another troll i guess....

Can we send Irescum to the Jests? Seems like he's been working for them the last 5 years!

wanna be a member of this deadspin sight .....below is how you join....COPIED DIRECTLY FROM THE SIGHT....

Wanna be part of the Deadspin NFL previews? It's simple. Just email me and give me ample evidence of why your team sucks. I'll throw any good material into the post and give you proper credit. Next team up: THE BILLS.

CLASSY....where do I sign up (sarcasm)......


Yeah, honestly that's just a stupid statement and what's worse is that it was repeated. "Dansby doesn't want to perform because the team is bad". Yeah, and he's part of that team, the same part that came in over weight and out of shape to start the season. It's partly his fault. He's making 45 mil, it doesn't matter how the team is or looks, you play because you are a man and when you take someones money you had better give them your best effort. The people making the statement are probably pretty young. The younger generation has no work ethic whatsoever, can't even mow a lawn without taking breaks. Idiots.

790 has reported that Dansby has asked to be traded.

Philbin has lost the locker room. Can u say Cam Philbin?

Posted by: Scotty

You're a moron. Can you say half tard?


its not that bad......

Sporano took his talents to Jersey Shore.....He will soon do to them what he did to us...and it will take them years to recover....

A Grammar book? ROFLMAO! Do you mean a book on the English language? Or perhaps a dictionary? A grammar book, sh**ting priceless!

Kris he's already done it, note for note. They haven't scored a td yet (did they play last night) in preseason and they lost their right tackle so they worked out a right tackle who is already retired! LMAO

Well that's not true sooooooo.......

Grammar book...I didn't even catch that...

but then again....i'm not putting links that take you to my blog either.....in other words....I'M NOT TRYING TO GET PAID FOR MY WRITING PROWESS...or lack thereof

Grammar book...lol.....

People talk about Miami having the NFL's weakest wr unit, well I think they have the league's weakest lb unit also. No depth & overpaid starters.

Dansby to the Colts? That must be the trade they're working on. I wouldnt mind Reggie Wayne for Dansby.

I didn't know he brought in a retired RT to work out....but somehow....that doesn't surprise me in the least......

Ireland only dumps the black players?

@5:27 Phony.

Also, for the 1001 time. Dashi is Dashi. No Body else, No Affiliation. Except, "In ur Mouth"


Dashi agrees, Zack was in a Car Accident at the end of his tenure here. But Dashi remembers All the Car Accidents Zack was in on Sunday. The Man sacrificed himself for the Dolphins, for Parcells to do him Dirty like that.

Didn't Zack Started missing a lot of games at the End, Because of the Concussions?

oscar I waited for you behind the back stop.

What happened? Do you still have the candy?


First the Dolphins want to trade Vontae Davis, now Dansby wants to be traded oh no I hope we dont trade Brandon Fields jeez that would be a real bummer...Follow me

What to look for in tonights game?

I'm a be keepin an eye on all them tight ends.

If you know what I mean........

One thing to keep in mind folks... right now... EVERY team is a Super Bowl contender... and yes... that DOES include Miami!!!

No,no,no,no...NO!!! Thats stuper bowl not super bowl contender...Geez!!!

Miami only wins the super bowl if all other 31 teams go on strike for this season

All I can say is he better be ready this season and he better play at the level he's capable of for an entire 16 game season, otherwise his inflated salary becomes worthless in my eyes. He's good and he's one of the best defenders we have (Starks and Soliai and Wake are better. They don't b**ch, they come to play, and are always healthy. Dansby is creeping into diva category) but Dansby hasn't shown anything in regards to him being worth what he's paid. Miami has had a great history of MLB, I can see us grabbing a young, yet great, MLB in the draft next year if WR is too much of a reach

Truth is nobody can really tell what this teams starting units are going to look like or how they will perform.

Up to this point, we haven't even tried running the ball. The Coaches have had their hands full installing the WC aspects of the PASSING game. Trying to bring Tannehill up to speed contributed as well.

The defense has found itself in a similar situation. So yeah, it's fun to guess and play make believe(for some). But truth is, until we actually see the dress rehersal, nobody knows.

Too bad about Dansby though. Ridiculous really. How are we going to guage our new 4-3 WITHOUT our starting middle linebacker?

BTW-It looks like Mr 1001 names is building up a fan club of his own-lol.

Judging by how Guyton played inside at New England, he probably makes the most sense. Though I was hoping he'd take Misi's job away from him.

Either way, even after tonight we won't have a real definitive consensus on where were at D-Wise. Sucks!

Hopefully Tannehill and the O-Lights it the Fvck up and makes all you Doom and Gloomers eat your words.

-Odin- ;)

What's up
Is it me or does karlos Dansby remind everone of Channing( Stationary Bike)Crowder??
Same type of guy Big Mouth, Always injured and usually can be found on the side-line Riding a Stationary bike??????

I'am looking forward to the start the season..
New coach,New QB,New offense, Fist pumper in New York, Two of the worst QBs to play in the NFL(Sanchez,Tebow) Starting for the jets., Miami might just finish second in the AFC-East.

Pat Devlin needs to be developed. Even at the expense of David Garrard.

If Garrard isn't starting for us this year, I think it becomes a no-brainer. Dating back to last season, we have been making some solid moves in improving the cap situation. Especially starting next season. Garrard can simply be another of those moves.

If were not counting on him this year, get rid of him. Moore, Tannehill and Devlin all have upside and unrealized potential.

All I want to hear tonight is this...


This trade would be off the hizzy if Wallace didn't demand a top 3 wr salary:
Jason Smith NFL.com

"Steelers and Dolphins would help each other out with blockbuster deal Go big or go home, right? Mike Wallace is unhappy, and the Pittsburgh Steelers need a running back. The Miami Dolphins have no wide receivers and a little bit of depth in the backfield. Mike Wallace for Reggie Bush solves both of those issues.

The Dolphins need to help rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill with a cornerstone receiver if they expect him to succeed. With this deal, Daniel Thomas inherits the starting job he was drafted for a couple of years ago. You have to find out how talented he is. The Steelers would get a clear-cut No. 1 back, and still have enough weapons at receiver to get by. (Not to mention, Bush catching balls out of the backfield will help make up for any lost production.)"

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