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Dansby to miss second preseason game, eyes Sept. 9

The Dolphins defense, particularly the starting unit, is expecting a major rebound from the first two preseason games. After those games, coach Joe Philbin made the point that the unit basically hasn't stopped anyone yet in the preseason.

Middle linebacker is supposed to be a major cog in that unit. He's its highest-paid player. He's in the middle of everything. He's barking the play-calls. He's supposed to make the most tackles.

But this preseason has become something of a calm before the storm for Dansby because after playing in the opener, he missed practices leading up to the Carolina game, sat out the game, and missed work again this week. And Dansby, still nursing a knee injury, is going to be out tonight.

Indeed, the Dolphins and Dansby are eyeing the Sept. 9 regular-season opener against Houston as his return to the lineup. He may practice before then but play tonight or the preseason-finale against Dallas? That's not the priority.

That means Gary Guyton and Austin Spitler and Jason Trusnik may all see time in the middle as the Dolphins continue looking for a suitable backup middle linebacker for Dansby.


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With GB ties, they should already be on this:
Charley Casserly NFL.com

"Dolphins, Tannehill could also greatly benefit from acquiring Packers WR Jones Miami needs a wide receiver. Green Bay has depth at receiver. How about the Dolphins make a deal with the Packers for James Jones ? He is better than any wideout on Miami's current roster and will know at least some of the system (seeing as new Miami head coach Joe Philbin spent the past five seasons as Green Bay's offensive coordinator). Jones has good size and strength, as well as above-average speed. He would be a valuable weapon for rookie QB Ryan Tannehill .

Miami could send a mid-round pick to Green Bay. Ted Thompson loves draft picks. Both teams help themselves."

Please have a solid showing!!!!!

Hey Mando, we going to have a gametime blog?

All I want to hear tonight is this...

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN CLIPBOARD | August 24, 2012 at 06:34 PM

Awesome freaking post MAN! Though I prefer to spell it:

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Nice Coalition!! No doubt playa!!


I like the deal with the Packers for Jones.

Don't know how well Reggie would work out in Pittsburg.

Can you imagine RapeistBurger with some good Bush in the backfield?

I know, I know......WHAAAAAAAA.......WHaaaaaaaaa.........whaaaaaaaa.........(rimshot).

Seriously though, I wouldn't want to face the Steelers with Bush added to the lineup. The good with Mendenhal and Bush would make them alot better as a change of pace/one two punch.

Keep Bush and send the Packers a conditional 4th for James Jones ;)

That proposed deal for Mike Wallace for Reggie Bush. As much as I like Reggie as a player, leader, and work ethic. You have to do that deal!!

Wishful thinking!

**Their GOOD with Mendenhall.......**

Getting too excited to type.

This usually only happens when I'm watching those free..........ah..........those "Other" sites........

Go Team!!!!


I mis-read your post...you are 100% right.....

some of you guys put way too much stock in the "this guy doesn't want to play for this circus anymore" nonsense.....dudes, seriously, half of these players could care less.....they wanna get paid, they'd love to play for a SB team but most realize thats unrealistic, so as long as they got a good paying NFL gig and they get to hang with the boys, having fun, being famous and bagging' chicks, they aint got no problem--would it be so terrible to be making 8 mill/yr and play for the Dolphins?-seriously?

Hello everyone!!!

Dansby has not requested a trade. Where did anyone hear that?

And the Dolphins are off and running. The plan tonight includes rushing the ball at least 25 times. They've run a total of 27 times the previous two games.

Greg ... please, dude.

The holding call was on Sean SMith not Tyrell Johnson

Dolphins secondary is sooo unimpressive.

If I were the Dolphins I'd replace Koa Misi with Gary Guyton once Kevin Burnett gets healthy.

Falcons try a deep pitch on fourth-and-two. haha, terrible, terrible call and good defense for Miami.

Naanee took forever to run that route.

I believe the Dolphins defense will be solid against the run this year. Against the pass? Another story.

Feeling lonely Sagneul?

Richie INcognito saved a turnover there.

Dumb ass.
Is Dan Sileo?

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