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David Garrard injured, won't play tonight

Dolphins quarterback David Garrard confirmed moment ago he has an knee injury that will prevent him from playing tonight versus Tampa Bay and may prevent him from playing for several more weeks -- thus putting his assault on the Dolphins starting quarterback job in jeopardy.

"I'm going to sit back a couple of days and study my situation," Garrard said. "I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach. I'll be alright, though."

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Garrard had minor knee surgery. ESPN reported Garrard is expected to undergo surgery."

Garrard said he would wait a couple of days before any surgery.

[Update: Al Irby, Garrard's agent, tells The Herald's Adam Beasley that the surgery is likely Saturday morning.]

Regardless of the surgery's timing, it derails the veteran's plans to win the Dolphins starting quarterback competition.

Matt Moore is now expected to start against Tampa Bay with Ryan Tannehill as his backup and Pat Devlin behind them. The Dolphins quarterback competition, which Garrard was leading, now becomes a two-man race to the season-opener between Moore and Tannehill.

The Dolphins open Sept. 9 at Houston.

Even if Garrard is out only four weeks, it would be unlikely that he would be ready to play that game.


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Just cut Garrard already and go with Moore and Tannehill, jeez before this old geezer even suit up for a pre season game he needs surgery. Cut him and move on!

Pat Devlin to the rescue BWWHAHAHHAHAHA

I wasnt too high on garrard as our starter anyways...im now rooting for tanny to impress tonight...moore from what ive heard looks worse than the two right now...looks like the future is NOW for miami!!!

Cut Garrard and save face with having devlin As our third string...its not like there were high hopes for this season anyways!!!

Mr. Tannehill....time to step up to the plate....

With Matt Moore now his primary opening day starter competition, it maybe foregone conclussion, tonight the Tannehill era begins!

Cut Gerrard. He's a mess.

Even if Garrard's expected to be out two weeks, it means at least 4 weeks for a "full recovery". 4 weeks from now equals game 2 of the regular season. Hopefully we arent ready to rush Garrard back onto the field in a couple weeks.

He's not exactly setting camp on fire, he's just proving to be better than Moore. Just let Moore and T-hill duke it out for opening day starter now.

Miamis PHD Physicians must be getting laid off due to budget cuts by Ross...Garrard broke the news to football reporter sensation*choke* former miami herald Darlington...nice to see that our medical experts are 2 steps behind like always!!!*lol*

Can somebody please come on here and MAKE the case for TRADING Moore again.....

Cut Garrard AND Ochostinko and give the young guys the reps.

What the f? Already this guy says he needs surgery. COME ON MAN!

Great news !!!
Why play a retread for sake of saving face
Start the future now , we aint winning more than 7 games this season anyway.
I unlike most like some of our foundation pieces so lets see what we need to get for next year!!!!
Preferabally tight ends and wr's!

wow what a mess already. moore as a starter, gross

honestly the difference between Garrard , Moore and T-hill is 3-4 more wins for a losing LOOONG season....Play the rookie...Browns, Skins, and Colts are with only the skins having hopes for playoff hopefuls of the three...

Last I checked...this game is still called FOOTBALL...and NOT tiddlywinks....

You NEED as many quality players as you can pay for....

WTF too BS. NO. Oh well, 5 and 11 season, here we come.

never ends for this franchise, hope tanny steps up because moore is garbage

This team is CURSED!!

*quality players* and miami dolphins....*lmao*...Good one!!!!

Skins have NO playoff hope....

who are they gonna beat in their DIV....the EAGLES...COWBOYS...or GIANTS.....


I do agree we should play Tanny....it only makes sense...especially now....

Lets see some Tannyhill!


I guess it just wasn't meant to be for Mr. David Garrard. Life goes on.

skins def have shot at playoffs, that div winner went 9-7 last year. griffin looked like a season vet last night. thats who miami should be starting right now

I said that of all the teams with rookie starters, they would be the most hopeful, I didnt say they were playoff caliber though, however I will say they did sweep the G-men last year and considering the cowboys success(NOT) in december and possibly another Mike vick injury for the eagles...it isnt that far fecthed an idea...

This team is not cursed! This was the book on Garrard. NFL experts laughed when we signed him as a stop gap quarterback. He gets injured to much and he was cut by Jacksonville. He should of never been signed. It shows how bad are GM is.Like Chad Johnson I believed he would of been cut instead of starting.

I figure they ought to start that boy Tannerhill. Never did like that Gerard feller. Who is More anyway?

I give the Skins 5 wins tops....

Bill....are you REALLY raving about Griffen after ONE pre-season game...and 6 NFL throws....REALLY????

Make no mistake. This is a lousy team again.

Yep, T-$izzle era starts tonight

I was with the majority in letting garrard start. But now it's time. Screw a winning season. Even though I believe we can still go 9-7 with T-Hill.

It's set up perfectly for Moore. The guy with the experience is gone and he still has some fan support. He also has NFL game experience.Let's see if he takes advantage

Even though I believe the few Moore fans will convert to T-$izzle fans after he takes of running like the wind.

Also Ross or the fins have no control about the schedule. The league puts the bad teams at 1:00.

I'm raising the BS flag on this one.

There is nothing wrong with David. They just want to make sure Ryan gets more pre-season snaps.

Well if tanny really does bust out this year, then we'll set ourselves for one helleva shot at Barkley next year..just sayin!!!

RGIII had a pretty decent outing.

Didn't Ireland say RGIII and Ryan were basically the same player?

Good points SuperPHIN....

but I think we get to 11 wins regardless of is behind center....

no kris been raving about griffin for over 2 years now

I'm raising the BS flag on this one.

There is nothing wrong with David. They just want to make sure Ryan gets more pre-season snaps.

Posted by: JackSparrow | August 10, 2012 at 05:52 PM

Im okay with that....after all who really believes moore and garrard are here next year for anything other than a clipboard holder to either T-hill or someone else...their journeymen at the ends of their career.

Does David even have a history of knee issues? I thought he had back issues?

The smell of this, I don't like.

11 wins, hilarious the bias just ooooooooozeeeessss out

I'll be looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Griffen come week 10....

Where can we watch this game if we're not in Florida?

Barkley would be fine.

Parcells said it best when he said about if he bites he bites as a pup! Or something like that anybody knows that saying?? Let's see if JI #8 pick has talent or not!! Or has the it factor or not!! No excuses from Tannehill he knows the offense!! Let's see!! Go PHINS!

I need more information on this injury. Did he injure himself getting out of bed this morning?

First Row sports.com!! You see it there!

i wont kris, ill be even more mad we didnt get him


lets see if your laughing come week 11....

and its not because I think were even a really good team...I just think our soft schedule makes our record look better than we actually will be....

Look for us to have 7 or 8 wins in 2013......not because we will have taken a step back...but it will be a tougher draw....

in 2014..we will level off and enjoy sustained success....

jack u will have to wait for hard knocks, this will help the ratings

Kris, if we win 11 or more games this year, I'll be on record as saying give me your choice of favorite wine to drink and I will personally AIR mail it to your home of choice...THATS A PROMISE!!!


I'm saving that post....lol....

kris this team cant win 11 games, sorry man why bias man

@ray Good try, dude, seized forever ago. NFL has to take 20 bucks from me to see a pre-season game live when I own NFL Sunday Ticket. And web pirates are the real criminals? SMH.

That guy Messam had to have surgery too. Great moves Irescum.

if fins win 11 games ill buy kris any car of his choice under 50 k. ill put it in writing if u want

I'm saving that one too....

Looks like its gonna be a great year....

just did my yearly thing with direct tv and called acting like i would cancel it and got it for 100 bucks only

It was a valiant effort of a comeback by Garrard but I think the stars have aligned for Tannehill.

Retreads never last, don't screw it up, tanney , take what's yours

The JOKE is on the Phins...they paid this guy a 1 million dollar signing bonus....and he can't even get to the first preseason game...they could have paid me 250,000 and got the same result...


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