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David Garrard injured, won't play tonight

Dolphins quarterback David Garrard confirmed moment ago he has an knee injury that will prevent him from playing tonight versus Tampa Bay and may prevent him from playing for several more weeks -- thus putting his assault on the Dolphins starting quarterback job in jeopardy.

"I'm going to sit back a couple of days and study my situation," Garrard said. "I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach. I'll be alright, though."

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Garrard had minor knee surgery. ESPN reported Garrard is expected to undergo surgery."

Garrard said he would wait a couple of days before any surgery.

[Update: Al Irby, Garrard's agent, tells The Herald's Adam Beasley that the surgery is likely Saturday morning.]

Regardless of the surgery's timing, it derails the veteran's plans to win the Dolphins starting quarterback competition.

Matt Moore is now expected to start against Tampa Bay with Ryan Tannehill as his backup and Pat Devlin behind them. The Dolphins quarterback competition, which Garrard was leading, now becomes a two-man race to the season-opener between Moore and Tannehill.

The Dolphins open Sept. 9 at Houston.

Even if Garrard is out only four weeks, it would be unlikely that he would be ready to play that game.


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The great ones are born ready...Last time I looked, Brett Favre is not leading the Fins...let Tannnehill live or die on his talent...now.

Tough break for Garrard. Quality guy and teammate.

Bittersweet for Ryan. Time to step kid!!!

Let it all hang out!!

Tannehill is now one fluke injury away from being the opening day starter in Houston. Yikes!

Not that big of a deal. Moore is capable, and it will give Tannehill more experience in the preseason.

This game tonight has even more juice!!!!

hes closer than that, moore sucks so if tanny even plays decent job is his. opening day would be ugly with phillips schemes vs a rookie

Go to NFL.com for the all preseason football online. 20 bucks in HD. Had it last year. So worth it!!

Agree....Tenne will take his lumps...but like I said the day the drafted him...the Sooner he plays...the sooner we will KNOW IF he can play....

WHy wait a year or two....to find out a guy doesn't have "it".....

plus on top of those two years...I got to hear all you guys cry about 26 games and 3 years before the game slows down and blah..blah...effing blah....

Play the rookie....

These news prove that all that was said the last days, even weeks was just fraude. How is it possible that some hours ago Garrard was the starting QB for today, for the preseason, for the whole season, and suddenly, he will not even play for who knows when. Some hours ago he even declared that he felt healthiest than ever.
Gizz, what kind of journalism is this. What kind of team are the Dolphins ? it is a disgrace. You just fool the fans.
Salguero, you're a fraude as journalist !!!!
I'm glad for Moore. I hope that Garrard will never come back. Ireland has proved to be a complete clown, a buffon for hiring this recycled QB.
Gizz, you never know with this league ...rumors, lies, business... I'm revolted.

Kinda disappointing, but maybe this is a wake-up call for Miami to start Tannehill (notice: not Matt Moore - wasn't the answer last season, isn't the answer now....just glad we didn't cut/trade him to only now regret that decision)

I buy him a bud light and drink it for him!!! LOL. Look guys we don't really know even if we have a decent receiving core!!big ? Is WR and our secondary? Also let's see if our LB can cover TE!! Remember guys for the past I don't know few years we can't cover the TE!! Well we see!!

but kris griffin will suck u said so why tanny then

marchcool, all i can say is, only the dolphins

agree ray, our wrs and safeties are horrible

This team is revolting. Its no wonder they have no fans.


I HATE the Tanne pick....hope I'm wrong....I want to find out sooner rather than later.....so play him....

Start the kid!

If you HAVE to groom a guy...he is more likely to turn out like....Matt Hassel back then he is Aaron Rodgers.....

we need a TRUE day one starter.....

Maybe Tann is that....

This is fantastic news! It take Garrard out of the running and will get Tannehill more involved with the first string guys. Sorry Garrard you seem like a very mellow fellow but what, you were only gonna be here one year anyway.

Whoa. Different reports on David injury. It makes you wonder if JI is pulling a HENNE all over again!! Hmmmmm!

I always felt that Garrard went to be like suckpepper. At least we all know who are the QB's for the rest of the season. Garrard will never see the light again in the NFL...well at least with the Dolphins. I suppose that Ireland will hire J. Beck back, or even Pat White or T. Green or Harrington, maybe B. Favre.
This team is joke. I'm sad of saying that. I've been a fan for more than 35 years, and I never saw such a bad management like today. The Herald sucks for misinforming people all the time. Only wild guesses, rumors, hunches but never facts, until is too late. This newspaper sucks as the Dolphins.

Sheesh guys, a guy 90% of the fans DON'T want to start suffers and injury, and everyone projects gloom and doom?
There is SO MUCH MORE the Fins can short tonight other than just the QB play. Do we look as fast as TB?
Do our special teams look aggressive. Are our kick returners worth a durn?
Do we have a push rush (even with the vanilla defense we'll run to their vanilla offense.)
Remember, their QB is mobile, so can we contain?
Does Philbin have sideline presence, or will he fist-pump? (OY!)

Garrard is still a good QB and will, IMO be a better backup in the event Tannehill gets the nod was season starter over Moore.

Enjoy the GAME, boys!!! (and girls)

ireland hasnt a clue about it, just makes stuff up. honestly dumbest guy to ever work in nfl, talking rich kotite dumb

Typos...we can SHOW tonight.
Pass rush, etc. Sorry.

I wander if this is not a blessing...Gerard was a youth stopper. The future starts tonight...let's go Fins.

Not an Ireland fan, but why is this injury HIS fault?
Boy, fans are antsy tonight.

David G. received a Million Dolar contract NOT a Million Dollar Bounus...

How can anyone blame the pick or the FA signing on a front office failure if the guy gets hurt? I thought that Garrard was practicing very well.
Some of your guys are so small minded I am surprised you can turn on you computer.

Are you f*cking kidding me? Garrard couldn't even make it to ONE snap of a PRESEASON game without getting hurt.....hilarious! I had him going down at one point this season but who would have guessed before snap one. Come on!

Where's all the 'trade Matt Moore' guys now? Morons!

As far as I read information about the QB competition, I could conclude that Garrard is an expert executing WCO at NFL level (may be not the best), Tannehill have little time playing the position at Texas A&M, More is new in the system. And they are not too far from Garrard!!, so the sky is not falling, it just make more this team and the season more interesting.

Any where we can see e game on internet?


From earlier, take a look on Wikipedia for the population of Miami. I'm showing it as 408,000 people and the 44th largest city in America. Do you feel that the guys that put Wikipedia are buffoons too? Just checking. Apparently anyone that doesn't agree with you falls into that category. I have no idea what you are referring to when you talk about 2.5 million people but I'm tlaing about the city of Miami itself. Care to clarify?

Does anyone knows or heard how he hurt his knee? When did it happened?I understand that it was a late announcement. I wonder if there will be any video on Hard Knocks

The Dolphins beat writer missed this scoop!

yessss the craig and yg fued continues

Start the Kid...we want T-Hill to start.

If this pre season there has been a lot of talk relating to the fact that there is not a lot of hitting during practice...how in the world can this guy get hurt?

Well...the pre game starts now on ch 4 here in Miami...let's see what they have to say!!!

First Row sports.com!! You see it there!

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