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Davis to Colts for draft pick, perhaps a player

A couple of days ago the speculation on this blog was that Vontae Davis was on the trade block and Indianapolis was interested in him.

A Dolphins source dismissed the speculation as "rumors." That source has lost credibility with me because today the Dolphins are working on finalizing a trade of Davis to the Colts for a high-round draft pick and perhaps a player, according to another source.

Foxsports is reporting Davis is going to the Colts for a second-round pick.

Trading Davis is a double-edged sword.

Yes, the Dolphins will get at least a high pick in return. Yes, Davis has fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff, losing his starting job at the beginning of training camp when he was out of shape and he's failed to regain it since.

But ...

Davis is young -- only 24 years old.

Davis is cheap -- still playing under his rookie contract that pays him just over $2 million combined for 2012 and 2013.

And cornerbacks, even third corners, are valuable and hard to come by in today's pass-happy NFL. There is also this little issue of Richard Marshall, who has taken over for Davis, not playing all that well Friday night against Atlanta.

Obviously, the Dolphins believe they know something about Davis that the Colts do not. Davis, as we said previously, has had issues with off-field maturity. He was suspended for a game last year when he showed up late and hung over to a walk-thru practice. He was suspended from starting one game in 2010 for breaking unspecified team rules. And, obvously, he was out of shape early this camp.

But that doesn't mean Davis is not talented. He led the team with four interceptions last season. He has been Miami's best cornerback the past three years.

Beyond that, there is this:

This is the second example of the Dolphins this year trading away a player asset for less than they paid without an appreciable replacement being on the roster or horizon.

In the offseason, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall for two No. 3 draft picks after they gave up two No. 2 draft picks for him two years earlier. And they obviously didn't replace Marshall as Miami's current WR problems show.

Now they are trading away Davis for less than they got. If the Foxsports report is correct, they are getting a second-round pick for a player they drafted in the first round.

And do the Dolphins have a wealth of starting-caliber corners on the roster? No.


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Giving up on season already?

I guess they could no longer deal with Vontae's attitude. Shame. Watch him go to the pro bowl now.

There better be a tight end in the mix.

Source is no longer credible until next time. Jeffery is looking for a WR therefore the Davis trade.

the dolphins seem to care a bit too much about attitudes. marshall gone for horrible picks, he was our #1. OChocinco gone, he was our #1 reciever, and now vontae gone, who has been our #1 CB for the past few years. SUCK IT UP AND MAYBE WE CAN WIN A GAME OR 2. cant trade every player that has some issues.

Mando you were right. I was wrong. How many picks do they have for next years draft at this point?

any predictions for the dolphins this year. 2-14 a good benchmark for a team with not one ounce of talent?

Vontae was a late first rounder. Getting a second from the Colts is fair. The Colts are likely to have a high second round pick next draft. Having two 2's make it much easier for us to trade up for a top receiver or corner.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb....if they didn't get t.y Hilton in this deal then it's a dumb move.
Ireland will botch the pick in the draft IMO.

Let there be no doubt. We are officially in rebuild mode. They've written off the season.

yeha maybe we can get another ted ginn jr right?

This season is so over. 6 wins would be a miracle.
Trading for a future draft pick before the season even starts means the coaching staff has given up on the season as well. Why not get a receiver for Davis, someone like Pierre Garcon?. I'm drafting the Texans Defense in my fantasy league because they play the Dolphins first week, after which I will pickup whatever D plays Miami if available. I'm so disgusted.

Another Ireland 1st round blunder
End up getting a second rounder
His incompetence knows no bounds

anyone who would go and pay to see this team has to be a moron

Ireland is a JOKE! As long as he is GM, we have no chance. He cant evaluate talent. he hasn't done so in 5 drafts. WHY can other GM's Find Talent? But the SCHMUCK we have couldn't evaluate a 1st grader?

Who Cares anymore.

I live in L.A. and whenever the Dolphins came to SD, SF, Oak, or PHX, I was there. This year they come to 2 of those places, but no way I'm wasting my time/money on this joke of a team

Vontae will now become a pro bowler and Ireland will blow the draft pick. Could this be anymore obvious?

Its not attitude it's work ethic.

Mando it's not your fault if a source is a scum and lies to you. You were on the right track, as usual.

I for one appreciate that.

Great trade Ireland... Asante Samuel was traded for a 5th rounder!! WE got a 2nd rounder, and a possibly a player!!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Fins go after a WR with thir 1st rounder or a combination of their 2nd and 3rd rounders.

Logical moves!

Who is going to be the third corner?

Nolan Carroll?

(Forgive me): Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Will they at least now admit it's a COMPLETE rebuild?

I thought the prospect of Marshall and Smith on the outside OK(not good, just OK). Because I still think Davis and Marshall should have been the starters.

But Friday with Davis in the Nickle, we looked better than we have in awhile.

I rwemember all the Head Scratching moves over the past three years and wondered. Now we know, Irelnad's grasping for straws........er.......I mean acorns.

Oh well, two 2nd round picks and two 3rd round picks next year. It should be fun. Right up until Ireland packages them all for a **Can't Miss** Right Guard!

Go Jeffy! Go Jeffy!

Well, dispite what they want everyone to believe...we ARE in Rebuild Mode! Starting a rookie QB...means this season doesn't really count except for Tannehill to get comfortable in the NFL. So, mIght as well cut who you can and bring in fresh meat. I expect at least one of our starting WR's isn't even on the roster right now. Bess is safe. Not sure about Hartline. None of the 3rd year guys are really stepping up their game consistently enough. So....we don't need "acorns"! We don't need old trees past their prime. We need some good strong "saplings" and some young trees to weather the storm coming!!!

All of a sudden Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall and Matt Moore are superstars and folks are pissed we are getting rid of them. Newsflash people: we were 6 - 10 last year with them and going nowhere. I'm glad that they're cleaning house and building a group with team players and not a bunch of whiny primadonnas. If Philbin can bring the Packer mentality and way of doing things I'm all for it.
Heck, I won't mind if they get rid of our 'leader' Dansby as well.

I simply can't take this anymore.

Vontae is a young talented guy who needs to grow up. He has played better as of late.

You need depth at the corner position, with the pass happy offences.

Very stupid!!!

Mike wallace better be coming here then!!!

This is just unbelievable and SAD. When does Ross see he has a complete idiot running his team? This guy is a total failure. Didnt get a WR in return, hasnt brought one in since Edwards on first HK. Plus he knows he has nothing but yet does nothing. He screwed over the last coach, who was his friend and now making life difficult for this coach. There is a guy named Polian who built a few SB teams and has respect of the whole league and is available. Go talk to him Ross. Get rid of this damn loser Ireland, who cant pick or choose anyone.Until he is gone we will be lucky to win 2-4 games a year.

Trading productive players for draft picks is suicide when you have an Ireland for a GM.......

as long as Ireland is the GM nothing will change, this organization of full of losers in its players and management

We are making judgements on this new regime,,,,I trust what there doing and if you notice the Patriots..YES, the most consistant winning team in the last 14 years always gets rid of any head cases...You rarely hear of problems in pats camp....a 2nd rounder plus a player is fair...lets see who that player is...Yes, he was drafted in the 1st round but has not played that way...Hence, he is not 1st round trade bait

Irescum will turn Vontae's draft pick into an Eggnew, Merling, or another Pat White LOL

This will be a tough season to watch but...so far next draft they have a 1 (sadly will be really high probably top 5) 2 second rounders and 2 third rounders I think (ours plus the 2nd Marshall 3rd). That's a good place for a rebuilding team to be in my opinion.

Just when I thought that it couldn't get any worst.

On my previous post I know we're. ot getting rid of Moore, but he's no superstar and I'm glad we are going with RT. Keep him as as backup this year or maybe hear out from teams like Arizona and get a pick for him this year. I really can live with RT and Devlin as our QBs and be stacked with picks for next year's draft

the fins need to bring in t.o. he was just released by the seahawks

when is Ireland going to be held accountable for being incompetent with all his moves.

what everyone needs to understand is that jeff ireleand CANNOT EVALUATE TALENT. next years draft will be the same thing with more missed picks. HOW IN THE ENTIRE TIME IRELAND HAS BEEN HERE THE DOLPHINS HAVE HAD 0 TALENT ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BALL. EXPLAIN THT. WE HAVE BEEN IN REBUILDING MODE FOR 20 FRICKING YEARS PEOPLE!

The Miami circus continues.....LMAO

Ok, so the Colts, who just had the #1 overall pick and are supposed to be in rebuilding mode with no shot for at least a few years, trade away a premium draft pick for Davis...What does that tell you?

What good are draft picks if you can't draft worth a crap?

Do we have any NFL players left?

Acquiring draft picks is only valuable when you have somebody who knows what to do with them. I can hardly wait to watch Nolan Carroll try to cover Wes Welker. I'm sure that'll end well.

For those that bash on Ireland for this, understand that it all starts with Philbin. It was the HC staff that had him as a 3rd string CB as the guy was obviously underperforming. That plus a crappy attitude is all the front office needs to send him out of town...

I like the move and wish they would move Dansby too. IF we are rebuilding it's time to go all in.

dfin, Vontae is almost 8 years younger than asante samuel and costs about $6 million less PER SEASON the next two years.

Comparing the two trades is ridiculous.

Another AWFUL move by the Fins. First Brandon Marshall, cut Ochocinco and now Davis. A total disgrace for this once great franchise. I really starting to believe a move to LA is not far behind. This will be a dismal year.

Chad Henne and Vontae Davis gear on sale. Get em now fans.

I hate the dolphins they suck ass! I am officially deleting this app from my phone. Mando sorry because I love your work! But I cannot stand this crap of a team anymore. This regime has destroyed my beloved team.

very true scourt

Will someone please buy a ticket?

Next year move for Ireland will be draft M. Barkley USC QB

WOW!!! Another failed draft pick for Ireland. What a shock!!! If this team's secondary wasn't bad enough--now what???

Life long Dolphin fans are going to stop watching the games if Ireland isn't fired ASAP. And I thought last year was painful....

Can we trade our picks to USC for ALL of their recievers??

Suck for Barkley 2012 lets go

Tired of hearing/reading about players that are 'great' but don't perform for us NOW. Marshall underachieved the whole time he was here, so what if he was good prior to arrival and after departure. Similarly with Vontae. These guys can't just turn it on when they 'want to'. He's shows up fat and out of shape for camp -- give me a break. Good riddance to both these guys.

By the way, the Dolphins should give the Colts Fasano too. That guy drops way too many passes.

Barkley?? Ur a fckn joke. We can have Jesus himself playing QB and it wouldn't matter.

Did Ireland not watch Richard Marshall get burned last per season game? I hope we go 2 and 14 maybe then he"ll be fired. Ireland wants to have a team with all choir boys. Lmao this is the NFL not all good/great players will be alter boys. Smh another dumb move setting the Dolphins back

I wonder, How can they get rid of these professional pro bowlers/role models after they almost won the super bowl last year. Maybe because the team sucked with them. You think Davis would have learned something about life after his brother's problems. Why doesn't Bill Parcells (AKA BEACHED WHALE} get blamed for this pile of dunage? Everybody wants blames Jeff. Who do you think was making all the decisions when the Beached Whale was in town? J.I? The beached Whale took a crap & left town & Ireland sticks around & takes all the blame.

Is there a number I can call to cus out Ireland, Joe Philbin and Ross?? I mean come on, Brandon, Chad and Vontae? Starting a rookie QB!!! What the hell are they doing out there?

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