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Davis to Colts for draft pick, perhaps a player

A couple of days ago the speculation on this blog was that Vontae Davis was on the trade block and Indianapolis was interested in him.

A Dolphins source dismissed the speculation as "rumors." That source has lost credibility with me because today the Dolphins are working on finalizing a trade of Davis to the Colts for a high-round draft pick and perhaps a player, according to another source.

Foxsports is reporting Davis is going to the Colts for a second-round pick.

Trading Davis is a double-edged sword.

Yes, the Dolphins will get at least a high pick in return. Yes, Davis has fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff, losing his starting job at the beginning of training camp when he was out of shape and he's failed to regain it since.

But ...

Davis is young -- only 24 years old.

Davis is cheap -- still playing under his rookie contract that pays him just over $2 million combined for 2012 and 2013.

And cornerbacks, even third corners, are valuable and hard to come by in today's pass-happy NFL. There is also this little issue of Richard Marshall, who has taken over for Davis, not playing all that well Friday night against Atlanta.

Obviously, the Dolphins believe they know something about Davis that the Colts do not. Davis, as we said previously, has had issues with off-field maturity. He was suspended for a game last year when he showed up late and hung over to a walk-thru practice. He was suspended from starting one game in 2010 for breaking unspecified team rules. And, obvously, he was out of shape early this camp.

But that doesn't mean Davis is not talented. He led the team with four interceptions last season. He has been Miami's best cornerback the past three years.

Beyond that, there is this:

This is the second example of the Dolphins this year trading away a player asset for less than they paid without an appreciable replacement being on the roster or horizon.

In the offseason, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall for two No. 3 draft picks after they gave up two No. 2 draft picks for him two years earlier. And they obviously didn't replace Marshall as Miami's current WR problems show.

Now they are trading away Davis for less than they got. If the Foxsports report is correct, they are getting a second-round pick for a player they drafted in the first round.

And do the Dolphins have a wealth of starting-caliber corners on the roster? No.


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For the first time I think the QB has a promising future for us and we need to surround him with all the talent we can. That's why I like this trade. We will have top picks in the first 3 rounds which will help stack the offense and defense. Damn I'm more excited about the draft than this year lol

All you guys live in fantasy land and think you should give and take player for what you think they are worth. He was a baby. This team has no place for Divas. I love this trade and I hope we get rid of some more fat on our roster. Grow up little kids this the a business and doing what is best for the team is what is happening even if you all are too stupid to see it. Fair weather fans. Get over it.

Marshall underachieved?? Who was better then Marshall on this team?? Actually, who IS better then Marshall on this team right now?? NO ONE. Marshall and OchoCinco underachieving are better then anyone on this roster.

Probably we can get a former UM wide receiver from the Colts with this trade-nobody mention the player to be named-

I hate to sound like a Trollish, Knee-Jerking, Chicken Little, But Fin77 makes a great point.

With Ireland's track record, how can you get excited over this deal?

The only thing we can hope for at this point is that Philbin holds more sway over Ireland than we've all been led to believe.

Useless Prediction No. 2038.

I predict that it will come to pass. We will find out that our WR situation came into play with this decision.

In addition to Davis' having fell out of favor with the staff. The 2 days AFTER our Receivers have arguably their worst 8 drop showing.

That's all fine and dandy, except..........

Except Ireland cut Marshall and had no contingency plan in place. Completely goofed the draft in regards to receiver. Signed OchoStinko of all people and let him get away too.

So, this scenario doesn't wash either. You watch, a Receiver (TE or WR)will be involved. But still, it's like a day late and a dollar short trying to make up for ANOTHER of his infamous oversights. In other words, it's costing us even MORE now to cover for his latest gaffes!

One step forward.......TWO STEPS BACK! It's the Ireland way!

Please don't buy tickets to watch this team. All season ticket holders get a refund! I hope less than 10000 shows up to games

I'm actually surprised the Colts gave up a 2nd round pick for Davis. IMO--That's too much for a guy who has been incredibly inconsistent & immature.

I pray Ross fires Ireland after this season. Exactly what has Ireland done right??? He's George W. Bush of GM's.


First we trade Marshall & cut Ocho with absolutely NO one behind them to fill their spots.

Now we trade Davis after Richard Marshall played TERRIBLY against Atlanta. Marshall replaces Davis? YIKES!

How comes in in the nickel now, Carroll? DOUBLE YIKES!

This team had too many holes before losing these guys. Now, were gonna use 2nd & 3rd round draft picks which ireland has proven to be TERRIBLE at using?

This team is officially a laughing stock in the NFL.

MD fins fan. Try being a season ticket holder for 15 years and seeing how "acceptable" this is. It's pretty easy talking B/S when all you spend is a couple bucks on DirecTv. For the first time in 15 years I didn't renew my tickets. This will be a DISMAL year under a DISMAL coach with DISMAL crowds.

Bobbyd12, stop whinning! You of all people! You were in bed with ireland the last few years, coming here & bashing people for bashing Ireland.

Look at you now. You are the definitioon of a hypocrit!

It's sad when you draft a guy 1st round and then a few years later get a 2nd. Especially cause Ireland was the guy who drafted him. Isn't he suppose to be an elite scout? Wasn't that why we hired him as our GM? I guess you can't scout maturity issues but the colts probably aren't going anywhere so at least the 2nd round pick will be a high pick. Rebuilding the team with Philbins guys it may seem

Let Philbin get the kind of players that he wants on his team - imagine if your job was on the line, would you want to rely on guys who get drunk the night before games and show up fat and out of shape to camp? I wouldn't - run them all out of town. I want guys on this team who are serious and take playing football for a living seriously and don't take it for granted. Vontae can go and sux for the Colts - good day...I said good day!

You guys that love this trade do realize that currently Ireland will be the guy making the 2nd round pick next year that he got for Davis, right? I bet you were all excited how we got a 3rd for Marshall. Oh what Ireland can do with that 3rd, you all thought! In comes Michael Egnew. That is what Ireland does with draft picks.

Basically what is happening here is Philbin is seeing what he has to work with here and he is going back to Ireland and saying "I don't care who picked these guys or where they were picked in the draft, they got to go!"

Have you guys/girls ever considered--and I'm just asking---that it might be a tad OCD to continue to follow and complain about a team that you should have lost all respect for years ago? They will disappoint and aggravate you. That is what they do. The only person who belongs in that stadium is the moron who dresses in a beach towel, carries around a little play horn and holds up signs printed out by a special ed class.

Move On!! You are good people!!! The correspondent MUST be here. You have no good reason to be here.

Armando, why the 'Double Standard'?

When the draft rolls around, everybody talks about how a "2nd this year is like a 3rd in next years draft".

So it begs the question, WHY would three years of service and a 2nd round pick not equal the 1st rounder from 2009. I understand the 'lack of replacement' part but, purely from a 'return' standpoint, this wasn't a bad deal.

AND does it change your perspective if this 2nd rounder goes to GB for James Jones or another team for a quality WR?

Miami Dolphins are now on the Clock!

Move this cespool team to L.A. and stop embarrassing S Fla.

How much longer do we have to watch Ireland destroy this team??? When will the owner get it??? Ireland is a loser!!!! Why is he still here???? If they ever wanna be contenders... Ireland must go!!!! It really is that simple!!!

Seth, I agree. He needs to get aggresive and trade a couple picks for an impact receiver...Mike Wallace anyone? The Steelers rookie guard (1st round pick) lost his entire lower leg last night so they need a guard and they need to get rid of Wallace. Lets give them Jerry and two second round picks for Wallace.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. WTF???

This habit of getting less in return for what we spent must stop if this team is ever going to begin to get better. Considering Jeffy's track record, getting draft picks doesn't excite me anymore. I know that they will be misses. Look through his track record with second rounders. Merling, Henne, Pat White, Sean Smith, Koa Misi, Daniel Thomas, The turnstile known as Jonathan Martin. Again, WTF???

4.4 speed and raw talent can't be coached.

Shut Up, hey pussass, don't come here and talk to me using a fake name you POS DIRT TROLL. Either use your real name or go swallow some guy in the park.

I'm incredulous. How can Ireland possibly still have a job??? He is not only the worst GM in the NFL, he may be the worst GM in sports history! The littany of bone-headed moves is truly mind boggling. He has single-handedly destroyed this team. I, for one, refuse to tolerate this incompetence any longer. I see no choice other than to boycott the Dolphins until this idiot is fired.

wonder, How can they get rid of these professional pro bowlers/role models after they almost won the super bowl last year. Maybe because the team sucked with them. You think Davis would have learned something about life after his brother's problems. Why doesn't Bill Parcells (AKA BEACHED WHALE} get blamed for this pile of dunage? Everybody wants blames Jeff. Who do you think was making all the decisions when the Beached Whale was in town? J.I? The beached Whale took a crap & left town & Ireland sticks around & takes all the blame.


You can't continue to give Ireland a pass at this point. Parcells walked away from this team before the 2010 season started.

For the last couple remaining Ireland apologists, click this link to see just how well he has drafted:


That's our draft history. Not enough acorns and even worse, plenty more blatant high round whiffs. WTF?

No cap space w/no WR's, Jake Long a Fa, our last DECENT DB, S. Smith, also a FA.

Holy Sh8t this is BAD!


I don't understand this people complaining for nothing, I remember you that we are a 6-10 team and any move is better than that also for the record we are the worst team against the pass, so don't cry for Serena Davis.

..When I first heard this news my first thought was good move. Another premium pick for a player who has underperformed. At this point it doesn't matter he was that he was a first rounder..He hasn't played like one..He hasn't played like a second round pick to be fair. I also started thinking that Philbins blueprint is to have players that buy into the system. Being that is his first year..He gets a pass to cut or trade veterans who may be more talented then others remaining on the roster in the name of building his program..Like it or not that is what is happening here..Get in line or get out..Lets see if this is the same song down the road should he struggle.

The bonuses of this is that we are going to struggle. This puts in a much better position to aquire some much needed help for Tannehill in next years draft. Having 2 second round picks, 2 3rd rounders, and the probablity of another top 10 pick will give whoever the GM is next year some room to aquire some talent..Vontae may have tons of talent and potential. This had obviously run its course here. Sadly, the hope of prospective draft picks trumps any sort of production I think we would have recieved from Davis on the field.

FUC% DE DOLPHINS, could they be more clueless, I´m a fan since 1990, not one superbowl, only Marino,mark brothers, JT, zach thomas to show for in 22 years. We have been clients of the bills, pats and jets in different decades. We have the worst owner, the worst GM, a clueless hurting head coach with no personality and the worst wr corps of the NFL. I hate beiong a fan of this fuckin& team of shi$..... damn it!!

Guys I know everyone wants Ireland fired but lets see how this plays out. I love the fact that Philbin is holding players responsible. These players are role models for our kids and need to be held to a higher standard. I like Ireland's last draft. And I think Egnew will be good if given time. Guys Rome wasn't built in a day relax and chill

Shut Up, hey pussass, don't come here and talk to me using a fake name you POS DIRT TROLL. Either use your real name or go swallow some guy in the park.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 26, 2012 at 03:00 PM

I got a better idea you dumba*s, why don't you keep talking out your backside so we can prove how clueless & ignorant you always are.

That NEVER gets old.

Follow Odin out the door you jackweed!

BM - is a self-stabbing possession receiver, a time bomb ready to go off who dropped 20% of passes thrown to him and rarely scored. He also was terrible in the locker room and would have never meshed with RT or Philbin/Sherman. So, good trade.

No one else has signed Chad Johnson because he's an idiot AND done. Couldn't succeed with Tom Brady. Red Flag. That was a publicity signing and a bad idea.

VD is a perpetual adolescent without any signs of improvement. Arguably, he regressed. Not a Philbin-type of player. Sparano suspended him twice. Cramping. Dehydrated. Drinking. Hamstring. Sleeping in meetings. Just doesn't get it. A man-child. Like his bro...but much less talent. Great trade.

Don't like it. Too bad. Get used to it. Or, don't watch. Because this team is being rebuilt with high character players. And, they're not done changing this roster.

I'd say Dansby is next -- but he's too expensive to trade or cut.

I'm incredulous. How can Ireland possibly still have a job??? He is not only the worst GM in the NFL, he may be the worst GM in sports history! The littany of bone-headed moves is truly mind boggling. He has single-handedly destroyed this team. I, for one, refuse to tolerate this incompetence any longer. I see no choice other than to boycott the Dolphins until this idiot is fired.

You know...I tried to be as patient as I could but after looking at guys like Egnew, Kaddu, & the two WR's he took--I couldn't agree more. There's just too many areas of this team that are a work in progress.

The Marlins and the Dolphins. It is really sad when 2 of your 3 MAJOR pro sports teams are abject disasters. Tear that stadium down or use it for tractor pulls and monster car rallies.

I guess we will find out what they were thinking Tuesday night.

No doubt the first thing this team needs is to get rid of Ireland to have any kind of success. With that said, Davis is another one of Ireland's busts. They could've had Clay Matthews instead. Just like they could've had this O-line dominant this off season, instead they chose not to. Davis always was one/two steps behind receivers. Fans just need to boycott this team by not going to games until Ross gets the message that we're serious!


I LOVE your description of the Miami Maniac. That tool actually has business cards that he gives out in case you want to book him for a birthday party. I laughed in his face when he gave me one a few years back at a Canes game outside the OB. LOL!

Bobbyd12, I remember when you & that dolt Craig M said Ireland earned his extension & we should stay the course.

How do you like the course now? Idiot!

I'm with you BK on Dansby. He's a DBag who went public on his new HC over Chad Johnson's headbutt -- big mistake. He's overrated and overpaid. Unfortunately, has a huge contract that NO ONE will pay and can't be cut because we have no depth.

ship the Dolphins to NJ. there are more Phins fans there than in Miami anyway!

Maybe they can still get a BCS bowl.

All 300 Dolphin fans are pissed off.

The only bowl the dolphins will be in the next 5 years is the toilet bowl.

Let's all sign a petition to fire this bozo the clown, why can't we trade JI. To some other team like a high school team in Ocala!
Let's all unite and protest There is strength in unity! Time to do this guys!!

Bobbyd12 has filed paperwork to end his civil union with Jeff Ireland. He cites Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall & Chad Johnson as his reasons.

tiredfinfan--From the looks of that stadium, as I tune in on DirecTV up here in the Carolinas, they have already started to boycott that team. The number of orange seats remind me of a University of Miami-Duke game at 3:30 in the afternoon in October.

This is so great. Take a first round pick and trade him for a second round pick. One more acorn to pick in next year's draft. Pure genius. To think some on the board are critical of Jeff Ireland.

Addition by subtraction has been GM Ireland’s M.O. The Dolphins get 2 third round picks for Brandon Marshall and who do they draft in the third round; Mike Egnew a stretch as an NFL tight end. Miami gives up Marshall without a similar replacement thus currently have very little talent at receiver. Now this move to unload V. Davis. A typical Dolphin GM move by Ireland for reducing the teams talent level. However the team will have great citizens with character. This will not stop until Ireland is gone. I guess Jeff spoke to the Mother of Vontae Davis before he made this move. Whatever happened to managing the team's talent.

Many of you on this blog sound way too reactionary. Jeff Ireland's first draft (this years) without Parcells or any of his influence hanging over him is still too early to tell how good it will be. I dont want to hear Pat White's or Phil Merling's name again- that was all Parcells telling Ireland who to pick- read up fans and you would know that. If Ryan Tannehill becomes a top notch QB, than the 2012 draft was an immense success. Also, do you want the organization to come out and call this a rebuilding year? That shows no faith in what we have on the roster currently. Watch this team GROW into a team over the next few years- yes the next few years are going to be tough. Have a bad record this year? Draft the best WR to come out of college in next year's draft- Robert Woods. Two second round picks next year? draft the best RG and another WR or better yet- a Safety at that time. Who else could the Dolphins have drafted to make themselves better this year short of trading up and giving up future picks? This team is installing a new offense AND defense this year- how good did any of you think they were going to be???

Tough talk on a Herald blog site is the saddest thing ever. I have my opinion and you have yours. Support your team good bad or otherwise. You sound like Jet fans.

Ross better get rid of Ireland if he even wants the hope of seats selling cause Phin fans will not cope with this well at all. Should've gotten T.Y. Hilton with the trade.

Who is more productive?

A) Jeff Ireland

B) Dennis the Menace

Although it's been as frustrating as hell that this team has been a mess since Huzienga bought the team I honestly don't have a problem with the Dolphins rebuilding. I don't have a problem with trading away Marshall (shouldn't have traded for him in the first place) or trading Vontae or cutting Chad for that matter. I like the hiring of Phibin & I like that Sherman is the OC & pushed for Tannehill to be drafted & didn't overpay for Flynn.

What I have a problem with is that Ireland is in charge of the rebuilding. Since he MUST--at least in part--be to blame with where this roster is at then why is he still here???

Buy your season tickets, you clowns.

Gotta stock up on draft pics. Otherwise how will Ireland find the Misi, Egnew and Martin?

And for you guys who don't understand what wins in the NFL, who love Ireland and Philbin's childish "character" approach: Talent wins, not character. Did character prevent LT and the Giants from building a dynasty? Did it prevent the Cowboys from building a dynasty? Did it prevent Rapelisberger from winning a SB? Save that character crap for your kid's flag football team. Trading talented players for less than they are worth because you are unable or too lazy to deal with them gets you the talentless roster we have now.

Just when we thought it couldnt get any worse LOL


Irelands republic army,

I think they got fair value. I don't like the trade for another reason but, he was a late 1st, he played for 3 years & they got an early 2nd out of the deal. It's quite fair. we;re talking maybe 10-12 draft spots lower.

The problem is & as was with Johnson & Marshall that that Db is a position of need. You only have to watch the preseason to know that. Our DB's suck. Davis was still a decent player.

Ireland continues to deplete need areas & get no immediate return on his investment. His draft picks do not work out so we lose the player & essentially get nothing in return.

He has to go. Period.

Why does Ireland always get rid of the black players?

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