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Davis to Colts for draft pick, perhaps a player

A couple of days ago the speculation on this blog was that Vontae Davis was on the trade block and Indianapolis was interested in him.

A Dolphins source dismissed the speculation as "rumors." That source has lost credibility with me because today the Dolphins are working on finalizing a trade of Davis to the Colts for a high-round draft pick and perhaps a player, according to another source.

Foxsports is reporting Davis is going to the Colts for a second-round pick.

Trading Davis is a double-edged sword.

Yes, the Dolphins will get at least a high pick in return. Yes, Davis has fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff, losing his starting job at the beginning of training camp when he was out of shape and he's failed to regain it since.

But ...

Davis is young -- only 24 years old.

Davis is cheap -- still playing under his rookie contract that pays him just over $2 million combined for 2012 and 2013.

And cornerbacks, even third corners, are valuable and hard to come by in today's pass-happy NFL. There is also this little issue of Richard Marshall, who has taken over for Davis, not playing all that well Friday night against Atlanta.

Obviously, the Dolphins believe they know something about Davis that the Colts do not. Davis, as we said previously, has had issues with off-field maturity. He was suspended for a game last year when he showed up late and hung over to a walk-thru practice. He was suspended from starting one game in 2010 for breaking unspecified team rules. And, obvously, he was out of shape early this camp.

But that doesn't mean Davis is not talented. He led the team with four interceptions last season. He has been Miami's best cornerback the past three years.

Beyond that, there is this:

This is the second example of the Dolphins this year trading away a player asset for less than they paid without an appreciable replacement being on the roster or horizon.

In the offseason, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall for two No. 3 draft picks after they gave up two No. 2 draft picks for him two years earlier. And they obviously didn't replace Marshall as Miami's current WR problems show.

Now they are trading away Davis for less than they got. If the Foxsports report is correct, they are getting a second-round pick for a player they drafted in the first round.

And do the Dolphins have a wealth of starting-caliber corners on the roster? No.