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Davis to Colts for draft pick, perhaps a player

A couple of days ago the speculation on this blog was that Vontae Davis was on the trade block and Indianapolis was interested in him.

A Dolphins source dismissed the speculation as "rumors." That source has lost credibility with me because today the Dolphins are working on finalizing a trade of Davis to the Colts for a high-round draft pick and perhaps a player, according to another source.

Foxsports is reporting Davis is going to the Colts for a second-round pick.

Trading Davis is a double-edged sword.

Yes, the Dolphins will get at least a high pick in return. Yes, Davis has fallen out of favor with the current coaching staff, losing his starting job at the beginning of training camp when he was out of shape and he's failed to regain it since.

But ...

Davis is young -- only 24 years old.

Davis is cheap -- still playing under his rookie contract that pays him just over $2 million combined for 2012 and 2013.

And cornerbacks, even third corners, are valuable and hard to come by in today's pass-happy NFL. There is also this little issue of Richard Marshall, who has taken over for Davis, not playing all that well Friday night against Atlanta.

Obviously, the Dolphins believe they know something about Davis that the Colts do not. Davis, as we said previously, has had issues with off-field maturity. He was suspended for a game last year when he showed up late and hung over to a walk-thru practice. He was suspended from starting one game in 2010 for breaking unspecified team rules. And, obvously, he was out of shape early this camp.

But that doesn't mean Davis is not talented. He led the team with four interceptions last season. He has been Miami's best cornerback the past three years.

Beyond that, there is this:

This is the second example of the Dolphins this year trading away a player asset for less than they paid without an appreciable replacement being on the roster or horizon.

In the offseason, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall for two No. 3 draft picks after they gave up two No. 2 draft picks for him two years earlier. And they obviously didn't replace Marshall as Miami's current WR problems show.

Now they are trading away Davis for less than they got. If the Foxsports report is correct, they are getting a second-round pick for a player they drafted in the first round.

And do the Dolphins have a wealth of starting-caliber corners on the roster? No.


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There were near slam dunks at the position where the Dolphins picked Davis. Clay Mathews Jr., Ray Maliuga, Hakeem Nicks, all of whom could have helped the Dolphins were available. Vontae Davis had questions about his attitude and work ethic coming out of college, so his inability to perform up to expectations should come as no surprise. This can only be described as another Ireland failure. Trading him was the right thing to do, ditto with Brandon Marshall. But why were they here in the first place...that's the question. One can only hope Stephan Ross is paying attention.

Buy your season tickets, you clowns.

Posted by: test | August 26, 2012 at 03:19 PM

By clowns, he means you Bobbyd12!

100-percent Pr-ck Number-1 is,

Bobbyd12, Here is your trophy,
My middle finger.


I love you jack-off's who talk about "high charather players" that trait does not score touchdowns or make tackles!! Fu#@!..just bring in some top talent so we can win.It's like Ross & Co are trying to sabotage the team! No wonder the top free agents hate to sign with Miami!? They are clueless and cheap!!!I wish coach Shula had enough doe to buy this team! Then we could get back to winning...

I think we're going to see some cuts that people aren't expecting. I wouldn't be surprised if Hartline gets cut & I've been wondering about Dansby with his high salary. I also wonder about Dansby with his injury & especially now after the comments he made on the radio that he IMO he shouldn't have made.

Why does Ireland always get rid of the black players?

Posted by: CadillacDeville | August 26, 2012 at 03:23 PM

Shut up homer Home!

Frank from PA - FVCK OFF and go back to PA where molesting boys in the showers is cool. Ireland had nothing to do with any drafts until this past one? Gee whiz, did you invite Jeffy to your shower? I can smell his hog on your breath through the Internet.

Matt Barkley, come on down.

How happy is Mike Nolan he quit this cespool?

maybe this wasnt irelands call to trade v.davis..If he did that would mean he was wrong w/the pick,,philbin could be in control of this now..Just like b.marshall , trading him means Ireland was wrong???? just a thought.. philbin could be in control of this???? which i would mind,, at least it isnt ireland!!!

Tony Sparano is cracking up!!

Tips on detecting Home's aliases:

1. Trying to pass the notion that Tebow is somehow a viable QB

2. Ireland has it in for black atheletes

Where are the fans?

tscar, we should find out if that is the case Tuesday night on Hard Knocks...

Yo Jeffy,

Is your momma a hooka?

Davis was taken late in the first round.....they got what will likely be a high 2nd rd pick (not far from where VD was drafted, likely only 6-7-8 slots back) + a late round pick......sounds about like fair/equal value to me

who's gonna be complaining if they flip these 2 picks for a good WR in the next week or two?.......any problem with that?

Let's all sign a petition to fire JI. Protest the streets of Miami burn down Ross house ji house Until JI is gone! Burnt down Davie facilities Until JI is gone!!! Just kidding!
But let's protest!

My guess is; Davis has serious hamstring issues.

There were hints from Green Bay that ths coach tries to push his values on playersand if you appear to be a player who he feels will not adjust to his way of thinking you could be in trouble! look at hard knocks do yoou really see any coaching going on o do you see him being concerned with wrapper on the floor

we might as well stop calling for Irelands firing he's doing what ownership instructs him to do on the cheap, seriously management is not committed to building a contender, keep bringing your hard earned dollars to Sunlife is they're goal. A lack of leadership is evident, why you think veterans offered a leadership council!

It's all Ross and it always has been. Get rid of Jeff Ireland they will still have a cheap, lying, money hungry, corksucker of an owner who could be as good as Huizenga on his worst day.

Another Ireland 1st round blunder
End up getting a second rounder
His incompetence knows no bounds
I feel the same way.

May as well trade Kevin Burnett too... Guyton looks to be just as good...

Ireland is Public Enemy #1
He needs to go before screwing up the pick the Colts gave us

who's gonna be complaining if they flip these 2 picks for a good WR in the next week or two?.......any problem with that?

Posted by: BPA | August 26, 2012 at 03:40 PM

I absolutely will still criticize him for totally neglecting the receiver position all offseason. Just because Ireland might finally be waking up to the reality that everyone else in the world knew six months ago (weakest WR corps on an NFL team in years) you think that is cause for celebration?

After neglecting the position throughout the spring and summer, drafting nobody of consequence, signing no free agent WR of consequence (washed up Ocho doesn't qualify) and failing to trade for a receiver in the offseason - you think a last-minute panic trade for a mediocre James Jones or some other castoff makes up for 3 years of incompetence? I have higher standards than that. Fire the bum. Bring in literally anyone else.

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