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Dolphins are not ready for the regular season

On the bright side ... the regular season is still two weeks away.

The dim reality ... it's going to take longer than two weeks to make the Dolphins even halfway decent. But it wasn't all terrible.

And, as I wrote in my column for today's Miami Herald, the starters on defense kept the Falcons out of the end zone and showed some progress.

"It looked more like the defense I thought we'd be seeing," coach Joe Philbin said.

Otherwise, this 23-6 preseason loss to the Atlanta Falcons was painful to watch. The Dolphins look like a bad team right now. They play like a bad team right now.

"Don't ask me for answers, I just block," guard Richie Incognito said half-kiddingly, half-seriously. "It's a situation right now where it's preseason and we're trying to find our indentity and you have to go watch the tape and figure out what's wrong. This is the time to correct it.

"We have two weeks to work. We have two weeks to fix what we did wrong. We have to find rhythm on offense and find a way to put the ball in the end zone."

Two weeks to turn things around. For a receiver corps -- tight ends included -- that has shown practically zero improvement this preseason, the only way we see a turnaround is if we see a fresh set of players.

I'm not giving up on the youngsters. But some guys simply are who they are. The fact is this corps has struggle so much that Brian Hartline's chances of making the team have improved while he's been injured and not playing.

No one made plays this night. No one. In truth, there were seven dropped passes -- three by starting tight end Anthony Fasano.

"The coaches told us that coming in, they want someone who is going to start it off for us," Legedu Naanee said. "Nobody grabbed that tonight, we need to get back to work and make sure the next time we have the opportunity to make plays."

Quarterback Ryan Tannhill was not good against Atlanta. He had a 37.9 quarterback rating while he completed only 11 of 27 passes. But you give him the four or five passes that were dropped and suddenly his numbers look more acceptable.

Despite that, Tannehill tried to strike a typically positive chord.

"We did some things better than we did last week," he said. "And we did some things not as good as last week. I thought we improved. The line did a great job.

"We couldn't find a rhythm. We just need to be more consistent in my play and the offense as a whole. We need to be more consistent."

The regular season is coming. The Dolphins are not ready


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From the lasy blog

Odin, not quite as long as your current nom de plume!
Posted by: redsky | August 24, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Come on Redsky, that was funny.
But I haven't posted since Alice Cooper and the Muppets.
You not being able to recognize my fan club(monkey boy)makes me wonder.........about you..........sometime............
On a Serious note the Game gets re-broadcast on the NFL Network at 10:00 AM Sunday morning.


I know you always stick around for the first few posts.

Let me take the opportunity to say:ROTFLMAO!

Thank You Sir, for the best laugh of the day. People were even commenting on where the heck did Armando go?

When you came on and said you'd been posting on the last blog, I almost blew a gasket. I laughed for real.

Although it did make me realize that you must not read any of our stuff if you were posting on a dead thread for that long.

In which case of course means you're probably not reading this.

Which in turn means I'm talking to myself.

You know what..........NEVERMIND!

Just saw the highlights since I am on the west coast and man team looks bad.

Anthony Fadropso needs to go as do our other junior college receivers who drop more balls than a one-armed juggler.

Stop making excuses for Tannehill.
You can't give Tannehill all of the dropped passes while you spent the last 3 years blaming Henne for the same dropped passes.
If you gave Henne all the TDs that Marshall dropped, while leading the league in dropped passes, then his rating would be over 90 and he'd be making $12 mil insrtead of $3.5mil.

On another more somber...and redundant note.....

RYAN MALLETT looked AWESOME....and mobile.....not run for 20 yards mobile....kinda like move the pocket...marino mobile....you guys remember him right....

PATS get 20 years of GREAT QB play....

Posted by: Kris | August 25, 2012 at 12:08 AM

This season will be very similar to the Cam Cameron season. Rookie QB. Rookie coach who only got the job because he was the offensive coordinator of a team with a pro-bowl QB and other talent. 2-14 or 3-13.

Dashi would like to start this post with Dashi Holds T-$izzle to the Highestest Regard.

Disregard any impostoring from the Lunatic. He with the 1001 name Says it Herself. Dashi says nothing Negative about the Dolphins!! Wahhh!! Waahhh!!!!!

Well Fhagggott!!


Every player on the Dolphins Suck!!!

The Coaches Suckk!!!

Ireland Sucks!!!!(That one I'm 50-50 on myself, He's Ok)

The Owner Sucks!!!!(Not Fair, Yeah he's a Jew and there are 1001 reasons to hate the Man. But Ross looks like he cares. If there is one thing Dashi believes Ross is responsible for is the Getting Players with Miami Ties. Let's see if it holds up in the Future.)

Craig M....

when you wake up...please tell me why IRELAND himself said we have a bunch of 4,5,6...but no 1,2s......

He did build this team......

Posted by: Kris | August 24, 2012 at 11:59 PM


If i read ONE MORE post from you about Fasano being average to good.....I'm gonna make a trip down the beltway....

Posted by: Kris | August 24, 2012 at 11:56 PM

For a team that practices fast they sure play slow.

With that being Said.

Yes, Hartline(The Secret Weapon) will have a good year.

I hope Naanee doesn't even make it to Next Week. That Guy is Atrocious.

Start Gates. Think about it?

Bess(he always goes 1st if we are talking Wr's), Hartline and Gates. With Pruitt and Moore or 1 of the Rookies.

Wallace and Naanee are off the Team. Immediately.

The O-line played better. Martin is still Questionable. Jake Long misses the Real Officials. The ones that knew what a Penalty is and Isn't. John Jerry was a Surprise. It could it be? Could he finally see the light at the end of the Buffet?

The Rb's. Impressive. Bush and Thomas. Slaton is the only real ??? Miller is a younger Version of him and Thighpen can play Special Teams. Lane was a Surprise. I take that back Charles Clay is not the FB.

The Te's. They need to stop Circle Jerking Pre-Game. They Forget to remove the Vaseline and seem to miss everything. Whether it's the ball or a Block. All 3 or 4 of them suck.


Guys, read Greg Cotes summation of tonight's debacle...under team news...it's right on point!

It's titled Miami Dolphins Dress Rehearsal Leaves Team in Rags!

On the Defense. Fire Misi!!

They must have not been gamplanning til this week.

Still missing some pieces but Dashi see's Improvement.

Maybe we are still Top 10?!

Vernon will see his Minutes cut Down Once the Season Starts. OV need to get Bigger. Another 10-15 lbs. It also doesn't help when U are getting The Cam Wake Service(Double-Coverage). He'll have his moments.

Cam Wake looks Ready. Soliai and Starks do Too. Odrick is a QuestionMark. But then again Dashi expects him to be a part of a rotation.

On the Lb's. Dashi likes any Lb not named Misi!!

Overall as a Unit they did pretty good.

The Secondary. The 3 Cb's played Solid. The Safety's are still horrendous. Dashi thinks This is a BIGGER PRIORITY than the WR's. We should draft a FS and a SS 1st and 2nd Next Year? Think About it?

RT is what I expect him to be and that is a rookie QB. Let these guys develop some chemistry and see where it goes. It is not like any of us are expecting this team to make the playoffs and my belief is that if you don't make the playoffs you just as well be the team with the 1st overall pick. Colts are realizing that they can compete this year, if they didn't why would they be willing to trade a "high draft pick" for a starter. Look at how many holes this team had to began with and you can say as of right now how many of you think they are any where close to being the worse team in the NFL?

Nobody that knows anything about football could say a bad thing about RT tonight. He made a couple rookie mistakes, and had 800 balls dropped.

This is a team that could have had Dez Bryant but chose Jarid Odrick, this is a team that cut Brandon Marshall. They are what they have been built to be by Ireland...a next to zero talent team. Ain't RT's fault folks.

Odin, re: your 1st post on this blog, a carryover from the last blog, I answered on the previous blog as this one wasn't up yet...

Tannehill was friggin terrible again. Who did he blow to get the starters job?

As to the articles which will be in Saturday's Miami Herald regarding Friday's Dolphin debacle

As to the articles which will be in Saturday's Miami Herald regarding Friday's Dolphin debacle

Part 2: As to the articles....Cote's is the most accurate, followed by Beasly, Mando's is the most optimistic! I hope Mando is right but I have my doubts.

Goodnight all!

KT...the answer is Ireland!

..One of the reasons I think the secondary has a better showing tonight..Vontae saw time in the slot..I hae been saying this for 2 years that this was something the team needed to explore..The problem was that we didn;t have a guy that could cover on the outside that would allow us to put Davis inside. I know Marsahll wasn't individualy great. But as a unit, they were certainly better tonight..No debating that.
Also, no harm in a bend don't break style of defense. It will be our best shot at winning games, as the offense looks impotent to be polite.

As far as the offense goes. Everyone(how about a good majority) felt this would be some wide open offense. Be realistic. Tannehill wasn't a 60 percent percentage guy in college. Even if you added the drops he would have hovered around that number tonight. It is too much IMO to expect him to be more accurate as a rookie with the personle we have this season. I read were someone as dissapointed that we were "dinking and dunking" Well that is what we should be doing. Who do we have that can get behind defenders on the reg? What is the best offense to play with the guys we have, in the meanwhile trying to develop a young quarterback? Gotta crawl before you walk, and this years Miami offense should be evidence of this. This isn't to say that we can't get better as the year goes on. But look at what we are dealing with, and really are the expectations?

As far as the running game..D.Thomas looked pretty good. Bush had that good run to open the game. I don't think he had a positive gain after that though..5 carries isn't a good enough barometer. We can't afford negative yardage on first downs..Playing "behind the chains" is difficult for a veteran team. It's going to kill this one if that trend continues.


Will this team ever win a game?

Philbin is worse then Cameron.

1-15 and Philbin gets fired

Ireland sinks this team deeper every year.

Its so bad its comical.

..To be clear. I don't ant to make it sound like every pass we attempt will be a 3 step route. Or that everything will have to be completed underneath because we can't get open. Of course we will have to take some shots down the field to to keep team honest.

Teams are going to stack the box until we can make them change their strategy. Will defenses even worry about double teaming guys? Who is going to draw the coverages away from the other recievers to give them any advantage? It is going to be hard for this offense to establish any sort of rythm until someone steps up and proves they can make plays. If Davonne Bess is the answer now, his specialty is short to intermediete routes. Will it be Hartline? He certainly has the ability if he ever gets healthy. Wallace? If you were a defensive coordinator for the opposition how would you feel about defending this group? Who does what well that keeps you up at night asking yourself"How do we defend these guys" This is going to be a big task for Philbin and Co. How do we make these guys better?Can we?

Fire Philbin and Ireland now. Why wait any longer?

This team will continue to be a steaming pile of sh** as long as Ireland is GM.

The team has no talent. That's Ireland's fault.

"In two weeks, the thrashings count for real" is what armando shouldve named this article....

Ineptitude and Offense go hand in hand with miami these days regardless of who takes the snaps...replacing dan marino with tannehill is not the problem NOW, replacing anybody that calls themselves a WIDE Reciever OR Tight END on this team IS the problem....

Trade Moore for a WR.
Trade a RB for a WR.
Pick up a WR or TE.
We need a WR!!!

Why not give Hogan a chance?
Moore is done
Pruit done

Keep Bess
Keep Hartline

Thats it. Ireland lacks his own personal conviction and thus has not identity and thus does not see it in many of his players. That has become clear.

It would be nice to have a QB that has a QB rating and an IQ higher then his age.

Philbin needs to ask for a new GM. Ireland can't draft past the first round.

Clay is awful too.

People wanting philbins head should try and look themselves in the mirror and ask(How could I do any better with what I have on this team) last time I checked , he had input in some decisions but not final say, thats like allowing a dog to speak yet yanking his leash if he gets out of line...

This is all on IRefiend and his failed Acorns!!!

Philbin is a Great Coach so far.

ireland must go

clay awful

nanee awful

pruitt stinks

wallace --done!!!


helpppppppp!!!!!!!!!! shula!!

I also blame Ireland for hiring a terrible HC.

Team is in salary cap purgatory and has the least amount of talent in the NFL. If it wasn't so pathetic it might be funny.

Ross can't possibly be this stupid not to see what's going on. Ireland must have pictures of him doing some crazy sh**.........

I also blame Ireland for hiring a terrible HC.
Posted by: Fin 1984 | August 25, 2012 at 01:36 AM

I dont even think the great Don Shula wouldve done better with this group...he probably would've resigned before being named HC at his press conference...and while your bashing philbin and consider him terrible, could you show me one HC that wanted this job with any dignity working with irefiend and ross given their history...I think NOT!!!

This will be another season where the whole organization uncomfortably holds their breath as they try and scramble to collect a solitary win to avoid the humiliation of 0-16. Oddly enough the team looked like they were only a few pieces away from being a legit middle tier team at the end of last season. Now they are clearly basement dwellers that look years away from being average.

I know it's only preseason, but already you can see this team displays no heart. They are limp, feckless, and lost.

We signaled this is a rebuilding year when we traded out best offensive player - Brandon Marshall - we would never have done that if we thought we would be a SB contender. Sad, but it is what it is. To understand the situation we begin with a context . . . . Rebuilding year.

Tannehill's numbers are misleading - in part - dropped passes, mediocre protection - but at another level it reflects the fact that the TE and WR have not gotten in sync with his passes. That is a problem time and practice can fit.

What I like is Tannehill is making good decisions, reading the defense, throwing pretty accurately, playing like a Pro. There is no doubt he will require time and experience to improve. But there is also no doubt that he is the most talented QB we have had since Marino AND that with some coaching, time, experience and establishing chemistry with his receivers - he IS the answer at QB. Finally !!!!

The KEY is that we finally have a QB. Now we have to fill out the rest of the team. The OL was a huge problem last year and needs improvement - Martin is relatively weak and the key question is whether Jerry will actually get away from the buffet and focus on being a football player rather than a professional eater.

None of the WR have enough experience with Tannehill and their chemistry sucks. In that circumstance it is hard to sort out who is good enough. That is where the fact that this is a rebuilding year matters. Put Hartline, a long term keeper, on the physically unable list and keep the young players and play them in preseason and the regular season and figure out who can play.

there were plenty of really good receivers left in the third round (for example, joe adams and jarius wright from arkansas), yet ireland drafted a bust in egnew and another running back in miller, who, while promising, is not exactly what the dolphins needed. all of this while having traded marshall for at least one of these picks. at a minimum, you have to at least try to replace him. it is delusional to think that players who are practice squad fodder, or nfl journeymen, will suddenly develop into dynamic receivers.

Posted by: Dashi | August 25, 2012 at 12:16 AM

Whoever, or should I say WHATEVER you are, please go away.
In fact, all you losers who have taken over these blogs with your truly amateur attempts at 3rd grade humor (punctuated by LOL's and buwahahaha's) go inhabit the Gator blogs.
For heaven's sake, please let folks who want to discuss football, specifically Miami Dolphin football do so without having to sift through your crap, multiple stupid identities, personal vendettas against people you don't even know, etc.

What boors you are, and a waste of our time for those of us who are here in attempting to engage in cogent discussion.

In words you can understand, GET LOST.


Its all about the acorns my friend,Irefiend has got to hit on one of them these days in order to make up for all of his mistakes and then people will forget all about guys like egpeeu and BJ cunningham and Pat white and im too tired to go on and recite bad nightmares(drafts)....

yes, the fact is, a qb is not a miracle worker. if receivers can't any separation, the margin for error is razor-thin. i though overall that tannehill was fairly accurate tonight. it looks to me like fasano is not used to a qb who delivers the ball as quickly and with as much velocity as tannehill. that is bad, but perhaps excusable for a te known for his blocking. naanee has no excuse. i just don't understand who they can think this guy is an nfl starter.

Posted by: Circus Fins | August 25, 2012 at 01:28 AM

Tannehill was an A student in PRE MED.
Why don't you do a bit of research before spouting garbage?

We are 8======~~((

We are 8======~~~((


I appreciate your optmism but at this point I can't tell how good Tannehill is. He was throwing high and locking in on one receiver. This guy is not ready to start in an NFL game. It is going to be ugly in Houston.

I hope that you are right and that he is the answer for the future. The talent is so depleted on this team that I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

seriously, i will not feel bad come monday if 5 recievers and two TE's are cut...they can cry and look good in practice all they want but the results have been invisable in now three weeks of preseason play...they have no-one to blame but their poor performances...


So Dashi was talking to U?!

Yesssssiirrrr, Direct all ur hate towrds Dashi. The Personification of everything U despise!!

For What??

Dashi has said it a Million times. Dashi Could care less about ur "Feelings", just ur "Opinion" on Football.

Axe the GM right now!!!

This team is starting over. The only bright light this year will be if Tannehill is not dud. Everything else is a right off.

Ireland has sold Ross on a complete rebuild. If he fails we are bad for like a decade.

We're missing our ML backer and starting a rookie QB. not surprised.

Thar she blows! A season much like 10 miles of bad road approacheth!

The sad thing is, some of us had QB Ryan Mallet pegged when Jeffy trades a lame 3 for 1 trade to land an average RB in Thomas... COLOSSAL MISTAKE! What do you think of Mr. "Drug" guy now?? Looks like the old Marino switcharoo...supposed bad guy in college and hatches into a fine pro.

It also appears that while Tanny shows signs of life from time to time we could have easily had the much more seasoned albeit shorter QB Wilson (Seattle 3rd) or Nick Foles. They are both jamming and should end up starting for the Hawks n Eagles respectively.

See what happened is a classic case of J.I. panicking as we needed a QB badly. Then he got fixated on Tannehill as he looks the part and has the strong arm. He also realized that fan base was raging out of control and an early choice at the QB spot would quell the masses.

The problem is he used a number 8 overall pick on a groomer. The 19 starts are evident as he finds his way. I am not bagging on Tannehill as it looks like he may have some decent talent. It's simply having a stud WR like Michael Floyd or a killer G like DeCastro to fix our interior line constantly depleted PLUS getting the QB in Wilson or Foles later builds up a talent starved team much faster.

When you couple it with Martin (I didn't like this pick either) being a project LT to RT as well it will make for a long season.

Whole regimes are replaced in 3 NFL years so I'm not sure our Fins had the luxury of bringing a guy with just 19 starts at the most difficult position in sports along in Tannehill. Hopefully J.I. was not drafting the Tannehill family in T'hill's bombshell wife.

Aye carumba it looks like lots of hand wringing followed by hated Mondays are on the horizon.


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