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Dolphins are not ready for the regular season

On the bright side ... the regular season is still two weeks away.

The dim reality ... it's going to take longer than two weeks to make the Dolphins even halfway decent. But it wasn't all terrible.

And, as I wrote in my column for today's Miami Herald, the starters on defense kept the Falcons out of the end zone and showed some progress.

"It looked more like the defense I thought we'd be seeing," coach Joe Philbin said.

Otherwise, this 23-6 preseason loss to the Atlanta Falcons was painful to watch. The Dolphins look like a bad team right now. They play like a bad team right now.

"Don't ask me for answers, I just block," guard Richie Incognito said half-kiddingly, half-seriously. "It's a situation right now where it's preseason and we're trying to find our indentity and you have to go watch the tape and figure out what's wrong. This is the time to correct it.

"We have two weeks to work. We have two weeks to fix what we did wrong. We have to find rhythm on offense and find a way to put the ball in the end zone."

Two weeks to turn things around. For a receiver corps -- tight ends included -- that has shown practically zero improvement this preseason, the only way we see a turnaround is if we see a fresh set of players.

I'm not giving up on the youngsters. But some guys simply are who they are. The fact is this corps has struggle so much that Brian Hartline's chances of making the team have improved while he's been injured and not playing.

No one made plays this night. No one. In truth, there were seven dropped passes -- three by starting tight end Anthony Fasano.

"The coaches told us that coming in, they want someone who is going to start it off for us," Legedu Naanee said. "Nobody grabbed that tonight, we need to get back to work and make sure the next time we have the opportunity to make plays."

Quarterback Ryan Tannhill was not good against Atlanta. He had a 37.9 quarterback rating while he completed only 11 of 27 passes. But you give him the four or five passes that were dropped and suddenly his numbers look more acceptable.

Despite that, Tannehill tried to strike a typically positive chord.

"We did some things better than we did last week," he said. "And we did some things not as good as last week. I thought we improved. The line did a great job.

"We couldn't find a rhythm. We just need to be more consistent in my play and the offense as a whole. We need to be more consistent."

The regular season is coming. The Dolphins are not ready


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Craig M,

Phili Eagle DE Brandon Graham is coming on strong with hustle and pass rush.

You may have written the guy off too soon as a non talent instead of it just being him dealing with the injury bug.


I still don't believe I see people trying to defend Henne???

He looks lame for the Jags too! He did some ok things while with Miami but the bad always outweighed the good.

I just wish the last knucklehead regime would have let him go earlier as many could see he didn't have it.


Good night and good news...


The Miami Dolphins are a rebuilding team with a rookie quarterback. Did you expect them to resemble the 1985 Bears?

It's frustrating, I know. I get it (and considering I went to my first Dolphins game in 1969 I've probably been at this longer than you have).

But it's reality. And bitching and moaning won't change anything.

I like Philbin and the staff as intelligent upgrades over Sparano's barely literate gibberish.

I like starting the rookie, for all the lumps we'll take. Would going 8-8 with a veteran hand really help things along?

But, no, I won't be joining your pity party histrionics, ladies.

The Dolphins needed this rebuild, regardless of how sick we are of that word. The previous version was headed nowhere on a greased rail.

You could say that the drops are lack of timing between RT and his receivers due this precise WCO. But it doesn't happen when Devlin is in. So, it's Tannehill and his heavy ball. I read that Fasano "fights" the ball. Yes. The heavier the ball comes to you the softer you have to catch it. Like a basket. Like in Jai-Alai.

Yes, Armando. Is not so much the talent but the Time Philbin has had to put all this Team in sync.

But Armando, ready or not, here we come!

All you can expect from the Team as the Season goes on and barring key injuries, is improvement.

WAY TO GO MIAMI! Ryan Tannehill is still and always will be a 2nd round talent QB taken in the top 10. He will never be a great QB, maybe serviceable. His decision making in college was horrible yet we reached for him at #8. I guess im waiting for this all to fail and finally get rid of Ireland, Philbin, and Tannehill.

Overall, much better execution and effort by the whole Team. To Philbin's credit.

On recent showings the Dolphins are what I just had for breakfast:toast

It is a fact that most of the Cuban People, although very industrious, are very envious.

And racists, even blacks, like Armando.

Fasano and Naanee were dreadful.

Anyone still got Greg Camarillo's phone number?

Dashi says: Fasano has picked up where he left off, dropping passes... Nanee picked up where he left off, being rated the worst WR last season by PFT... Wallace, Moore, Pruitt have all been on the team 3 years and have made zero progress.. Ireland blows (Ross maybe)..

Will all the morons who predicted the Dolphins winning 9-10 games this year please raise your hands? How do you feel now? You all ripped me when I predicted a 5-11 season. Anyone wanna take bets now that my number is closer than yours?

ireland is the worst GM OF ANY SPORT........








FIRE OUR NEW DC...........




where would marino been without the mark brothers, they have got to get the kid some help, someone that can catch and not afraid to catch the damn ball. airhead ireland is one big f--k up, should have been gone 2 years ago.ross needs to wake up and smell the roses or this team is history.

we are definitely rebuilding this year and may actually win more games then we should do to our schedule, but Ross should take a hard look and getting another GM , it looks like after 5 years on the job for Ireland he is more scared to make mistakes then going after players with obvious Superior talent. Just not enough talent on this team he did not replace Marshall what could he have expected to happen?

Jeff Ireland has stocked the Dolphins with stud receivers. Just give them some time, one or two years to develop. We have some all pros in that group.

Oh No! We Suck Again!

Ross must have a short leash on Ireland. Where to start? ZERO WRs, zero, zip, nada! Our TEs, an oft ignored area by Ireland, it is beyond disbelief. Why is Fasano still on this team? I mean seriously, for a cap-strapped team how can anyone justify his salary? Preposterous. He, just like Marshall AND loud mouth Dansby should have been traded last year after the 0-8 start to seriously start the rebuilding of this team and unload some undesirable contracts. Tanny has looked ok, so far he looks the part, but he has zero weapons. As for the draft picks? Egnew looks like a total bust, and yes he was the pick we got Marshall, simply unforgivable.

To do list for you Mr. Ireland if we have yet another terrible start: Trade Dansby and Bush. Trade -if possible- or just cut Fasano and play Egnew as much as possible to see what we've got. Draft some real WRs, trade up if possible to get USC's Woods. Get a real TE or two and not a bunch of acorns.

BTW, we also need a completely new secondary, it is beyond terrible. Thanks Ireland!

The posters on this board kill me. Most of you are impatient, unrealistic and completely pessimistic.

Look this team entered the year with the deck stacked against it. New HC, New OC, New DC, a GM that most people had little faith in, new owner and a QB competition. Nobody expects them to realisitcally win more than 5-6 games this year.

At the end of the Draft most people on this board thought Ireland did a great job. Most of you were thrilled with THill, Martin, Egnew and Miller.

Now you are all screaming like school girls to fire Philbin, Ireland, THill, etc. Stop it!! Please!! Get a grip on reality!!

The starting team didn't look horrible tonight. Defense was MUCH better(still without 2 of the 3 starting linebackers). Special Teams played fine. The running game, which we saw none of until last night, looked good. The only area we struggled was with the passing game.

Was this really a surprise? Our WR squad is very limited...everyone knows that. That was the big gamble this year. THill has had almost not game experience in the NFL. He has had few game time plays with Bess, Fasano and Nanee. This was their first time really out there in real game experience. Chemistry needs to improve...A Lot.

But guys take it easy. Focus on the players who showed good things and overall progress lsat night.

Players like Martin, Jerry, Bess, Wake, Misi, V. Davis, S. Smith, Trusnick, Pouncey, Incognito, Thomas, Lane, Solai, Starks, etc.

Yes, there was bad play. Yes this is preseaon. Yes, players will be cut because they don't belong in the NFL.

Yes, this is a team in transition who will finish with less than 6 wins. Yes, this team will have to turn to the draft next year to get starters (hopefully a killer WR).

Yes, this is the Miami Dolphins in 2012.

You can cry all you want but that is the REALITY. Get over it!!

what a bunch of loser morons. really, after only a short time as head coach with the cards he's been dealt, some of you are already calling for philbins head? being a fan since the 60s i've seen all the good, and all the bad. even the great don shula cost the dolphins championships by not giving dan marino a good running game to balance the offense. oh but nobody was calling for his head beacause he won superbowls IN THE SEVENTIES! so mabey we cut this dude some slack until we see what he's really about!

Hire an assassin for Ireland Then let things play out....

I love Ireland!

4 wins this tear

But, I love Lamp better!


The QB play last season was not the issue as Matt Moore did the job. Now the Dolphins have a QB for the future with a strong arm. Rogers from the Packers could not help this team. The Dolphins are handicapped by their GM Ireland who does not have a clue what a NFL receiver looks like. Get rid of Ireland or outsource the recruitment of some NFL receivers. Bess is the only guy who looked like one against the Falcons.


I read your post about 11 wins yesterday and 'take it to the bank'. I did and they laughed at me. I just don't see any possibility this offence will score enough points to win 11 games. You're right, the WR's are AWFUL....and to a large extent that is Ireland's fault. But do we know for sure it was him that wanted Marshall gone or was it Philbin. I don't know the answer to that. But I'm now on record as saying I think it was a mistake to get rid of him, even if they did salvage to thrird round picks. I'm also thinking they were a bit hasty with Chad Johnson. Again, I think this had a lot to do with Philbin, but doesn't really matter now.

I just can't see any way this fan base it going to put up with this week in and week out. I think Tannehill is going to get ripped on here starting in about week 2 or 3 and it's going to be merciless. You'll be happy to know that I won't be around when most of it happens.

Rob in OC, good to hear about Brandon Graham. I trust he's having a good pre-season. Hope he stays healthy and you get the last laugh on this one.

When Ireland and co. did nothing w/ WR other than trade Brandon Marshall, I was hoping they knew something good about the young receivers (Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, etc.)that the rest of us were missing.

Certainly, that is not the case.

Instead, this is just more evidence of Ireland's total incompetence in providing talent for the coaching staff to work with.

He totally disregarded the receiving corps. this offseason and now we are all paying the price.

Oh wait! Maybe 3rd round pick Michael Egnew will help? Scratch that!

Some observations:

1) I have watched all 3 Miami Dolphins games this pre-season. I have fallen asleep during all of them. When I was younger, this would have filled me with great shame. I would have felt that I was letting down the boys. Today? Eh.

2) I wish Liam would just choose Steffy already on "The Bold And The Beautiful." Despite the fact she is far too thin and wears way too much makeup, Steffy is head and shoulders above Hope. C'mon, Liam. Choose Steffy!!

3) Yesterday I DVR'd a Gene Kelly movie I had never seen before - "The Black Hand" (1950). He plays an Italian who battles the mob. I'm very much looking forward to watching it.

4) Ryan Tannehill's wife is pretty, although vaguely retarded.

5) As an American citizen since 2009, this November will be the first Presidential election in which I will be voting. God bless America.

6) The guy from Sears is supposed to come this morning between 8 and 12 to inspect our washer and dryer. This is the 2nd of our 3 annual inspections. I'll let you know how it goes.

7) I gotta take a crap. Bye.

Ryan Mallet looked good against 3rd and 4th stringers... He can't even beat Hoyer out for the backup

I'll also add I would have signed Braylon Edwards when they had the chance. I'm not a huge fan of this guy but he would have helped. For whatever reason Ireland has a blind spot when it comes to the WR position. This group isn't good enough and everyone knew it going in to this season. I'm not saying go spend huge bucks on a guy like Vincent Jackson because they didn't have the cap room but even the Pats addressed WR by signing Brandon Lloyd. There were others guys we could have signed or even drafted and we didn't and for that I blame Ireland. There you go....I'm blaming Ireland!.....the Apocalypse is upon us!

Also it's still preseason people need to relax. Your acting like f'n babies.

Mando, come on. I thought the team played well. The defense got off the field against one of the best offenses in the NFL. Tannehill made great decisions and throws and showed athleticism on his first down run. The o line did a pretty good job except Jake long who always sucks against Abraham and the falcons. It was the receivers and fasano who made the game look a lot worse than it was. I mean those drops were not even tough catches. Tannehill hit them right in the hands. Of the team holds up as well as it did today, I will be satisfied. An offseason to fix the receiving corps, tannehill a year wiser, and we will be am awesome team.

Prediction: bess will get 100 catches this year.


I read your post about 11 wins yesterday and 'take it to the bank'. I did and they laughed at me. I just don't see any possibility this offence will score enough points to win 11 games. You're right, the WR's are AWFUL....and to a large extent that is Ireland's fault. But do we know for sure it was him that wanted Marshall gone or was it Philbin. I don't know the answer to that. But I'm now on record as saying I think it was a mistake to get rid of him, even if they did salvage to thrird round picks. I'm also thinking they were a bit hasty with Chad Johnson. Again, I think this had a lot to do with Philbin, but doesn't really matter now.

I just can't see any way this fan base it going to put up with this week in and week out. I think Tannehill is going to get ripped on here starting in about week 2 or 3 and it's going to be merciless. You'll be happy to know that I won't be around when most of it happens.

Rob in OC, good to hear about Brandon Graham. I trust he's having a good pre-season. Hope he stays healthy and you get the last laugh on this one.

Posted by: Craig M | August 25, 2012 at 09:25 AM

The best thing I took from this post is that:

You won't be around

The funniest thing I took from the post is that you said:

To a large extent is't Ireland' fault.

DUH! It's not to a laarge extent, it's to every extent! He is the GM, he runs the operations. EVERYTHING wrong with the team is HIS fault.

They need Hartline back as well. Naanee is not even close to as good as Brian.

Fasano, who hence forth will be referred to as "Fasucko," is pure GARBAGE.

He is the worst "player" to ever put on a football helmet in the NFL, any position, including all the 4th string right guards who ever made a 53 man roster.


Cut him right now and play ANYBODY.

Also, duh, I hope we are going to have Bush and Thomas on the field at the same time.

I mean 90% of the time, not just sometimes.

Those guys are going to have to be our playmakers, and that's okay.

In his last 5 years in the league, 99.5% of all of Marino's completions were to running backs.

I don't get the attraction to Naanee. I just don't see it with this guy. This was our big WR add? The guy's horrible. I saw a couple of bad drops from him last night and he just doesn't look like he's got it. Probably why San Diego and Carolina got rid of him.

Please for the love of god, if you are reading this Philbin or Sherman,


That's our only prayer and the only thing fair to Tanne. I mean on MOST plays, not just 3rd down or whatever.

Fasano and the other TEs are garbage, as are all of the WRs except Bess.

Even though he will also be fine at HB when he gets that call, what I said the other day seems to be true: we need to play THOMAS at "tight end" or in the slot or whatever....on the field.

I mean this literally....put Thomas on the field for any play that you had been planning to have Fasano out there, in whatever place in the formation and play that Fasano was supposed to do.

I don't want to break the guy down like poor Ricky under Wannstache, but we need Thomas and Bush to be HUGE, and I think they want to do it.

We need 1200 total yards from EACH of Thomas and Bush this year. 800 rushing and 400 receiving or vice versa, each.

Also, Fasano is garbage.

Did anyone watch the game, or do you losers just blog all night long and see what you want to see? You give Tannehill 5 or 6 of those dropped passes, including the TD by Fasano, and he is over 60% with 1 TD & 1 Int. Pretty good numbers for a rookie in his first action in a real-like simulated game. Add these "should've been" numbers to the rest of his pre season and its a different ball game. We need pass catchers, both WR's and TE's, they all such except Bess! I love Long but man if we are rebuilding, he is the only guy that is worth anything on this roster, maybe Wake too, but we need pass rushers! Time to unload the beast, put Martin at LT, and get some players/picks and finally get some talent on this offense!

Martin in for Long is a huge downgrade. That's crazy talk, sir.

No Bobby you're not alone. The educated fans can see that Tanne is not the problem and will be good or great.

I actually saw some hope...Bush and Thomas will be great. We'll rely on them.

Nothing wrong with 2 of our playmakers coming from the RB position.

When's Hartline coming back.

Jake Long played like Jill Short last night.

oscar conaso, you must be a new york greenie.

When it comes to receivers, what is the most important part of their job, bottom line, is it getting open, or is it catching the damned ball? For my money, the most important part of the job is to catch the damned ball.

Now if I'm coaching and a guy is struggling in practice and preseason games with the part of the job that is getting open, but catches everything in a 2 yard perimeter of his hands, and he's competing with a guy that can ALWAYS get separation but only catches the ball 2 out of 5 throws, sorry folks I cut the "open" guy and I keep the guy that catches the damned ball.

Now for TE's the NFL has 2 kinds of TE's those that block, and those that catch. I think this simple idea has been forgotten with the Phins coaching staff. It is extremely rare to find an individual that can accomplish both of those jobs with aplomb.

So why is this coaching staff working so danged hard trying to make a receiving TE (Les Brown) become a 3rd OT, and putting a 3rd OT (Fasano) in the position of trying to catch passes? Are they trying to confuse the opposition or are they just coaching to fail here?

To tell the truth I don't care if Brown can block a cheerleader, if the guy can catch the damned ball, why are they not using him for that purpose?

If you watched the game, or the part that counts...the first half, you see that absent the drops we are okay. The D stepped up, still missing linebackers.

Fasano is garbage who cost us a TD after a nice 80 yard drive

Bush and Thomas just might be BEASTS. We were getting 9 yard rushes with ease.

Then Bush was out.

In the real games, Bush and Thomas will be getting 40 touches combined a game, I hope.

Some teams have WRs. We have RBs. That does not necessarily mean we will be terrible.

We need to get Bush and Thomas on the field at the same time, and I mean nearly every play.

I had a long conversation with a Jets fan yesterday, and he said everyone in New York hopes Jeff Ireland gets fired so they can hire him. They have already stolen Tony Sparano from us. I hope those calling for Jeff Ireland's firing realizes that his talents are recognized all over the league, and he will surely haunt us if working for another team.

Jake Long, to the Colts. Write it down. Last nights game proved it.


Someone has to figure out that Fasano is just not a good fit for this offense. That's why they drafted Egnew who is another Ireland blunder as a receiver tight end. The Dolphins are so bad at the receiver position; creating separation and catching the ball. Why not consider converting a guy like Lamar Miller to a WR. With his speed he can get open. The blocking is much tougher in his current position as a RB.

D Thomas looked VERY good last night. But none of you squawkers will admit it.

So much Mallett love on this board. But who would trade Tannehill straight up for Mallett right now?

Been a fins fan since 1978 when I was 12 yrs old. Dont think im even going to check the score this year. I dont even know who this team is anymore. Thats how much theyve lost their identity. Its a sad sad day friends. unless some serious changes are made. I think this team could be on its way to making the longest losing streak in nfl history. The way this team looks i dont see any wins this yr or next. And as long as we have this management in place I dont care if we have all the picks in the first round its not going to do us any good!! I feel like im going to the funeral of my best friend who has betrayed me over and over again :((

Why is it that anyone is surprised by the ineptness on offense?The Fins had no receivers,other than Bess and Hartline,worth mentioning.The Fins had zero reliable TEs last season and didn't bother to address the issue in the off-season;despite what some writers say Fasano is inconsistent at best.This season is looking ugly already;someone may want to call Plaxico Burress.

The Dolphins don't have a coaching issue: They have a talent issue.

The current batch of players on the field (with an exception or two) don't have it. Their scouts and GM are unable to judge it.

Gonna be a long year, Folks.......

"Dolphins are not ready for the regular season" No S@#$ Armando you have a good eye for crapability

Crapability= The ability to crap on something good( Tannehill)

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