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Dolphins are not ready for the regular season

On the bright side ... the regular season is still two weeks away.

The dim reality ... it's going to take longer than two weeks to make the Dolphins even halfway decent. But it wasn't all terrible.

And, as I wrote in my column for today's Miami Herald, the starters on defense kept the Falcons out of the end zone and showed some progress.

"It looked more like the defense I thought we'd be seeing," coach Joe Philbin said.

Otherwise, this 23-6 preseason loss to the Atlanta Falcons was painful to watch. The Dolphins look like a bad team right now. They play like a bad team right now.

"Don't ask me for answers, I just block," guard Richie Incognito said half-kiddingly, half-seriously. "It's a situation right now where it's preseason and we're trying to find our indentity and you have to go watch the tape and figure out what's wrong. This is the time to correct it.

"We have two weeks to work. We have two weeks to fix what we did wrong. We have to find rhythm on offense and find a way to put the ball in the end zone."

Two weeks to turn things around. For a receiver corps -- tight ends included -- that has shown practically zero improvement this preseason, the only way we see a turnaround is if we see a fresh set of players.

I'm not giving up on the youngsters. But some guys simply are who they are. The fact is this corps has struggle so much that Brian Hartline's chances of making the team have improved while he's been injured and not playing.

No one made plays this night. No one. In truth, there were seven dropped passes -- three by starting tight end Anthony Fasano.

"The coaches told us that coming in, they want someone who is going to start it off for us," Legedu Naanee said. "Nobody grabbed that tonight, we need to get back to work and make sure the next time we have the opportunity to make plays."

Quarterback Ryan Tannhill was not good against Atlanta. He had a 37.9 quarterback rating while he completed only 11 of 27 passes. But you give him the four or five passes that were dropped and suddenly his numbers look more acceptable.

Despite that, Tannehill tried to strike a typically positive chord.

"We did some things better than we did last week," he said. "And we did some things not as good as last week. I thought we improved. The line did a great job.

"We couldn't find a rhythm. We just need to be more consistent in my play and the offense as a whole. We need to be more consistent."

The regular season is coming. The Dolphins are not ready


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Im not impressed with Lamar Miller. When I looked at his UM highlights, you see he's very fast in open field, but he doesnt play fast getting to the line of scrimmage in the backfield.

In the nfl, rb's who dont play fast getting to the line of scrimmage, really dont have much of change to be very successful. Not as a true rb anyway.

Im sorry guys, but I see Lamar Miller as "mostly dud".

Minnesota in 2010...their record was 6-10.....

last year they went 3-13....

AGAIN...I judge talent by wins and losses.......not names on a paper that may never pan out to their combine work-outs....

6-10...with a FALL to 3-13....


OK Caddy....2. Any others beside Jordy Nelson and Welker???


str8 balla,

If I were a dc, I wouldnt make it to much of a steady diet of placing 8 men in the box. Tannehill does have a very strong arm and has at least average to above average accuracy. The wr corp maybe crappy, but it doesnt mean they'll drop everything.

As a dc, Tannehill alone would be the reason I wouldnt get to carried away with 8-9 in the box. Yes, I would do it, just not get overly carried away with it. Tannehill does have enough arm and accuracy to make you pay and even these lousy recievers can luck up and actually catch one deep.

I guess you get a record or 3-13 because the GM has STACKED HIS TEAM with talent.....

the sad thing is where ireland did really good is signing rookie FA's. will he have the courage to keep some of them while dumping or tying to stash his draft picks that haven't clicked on the practice squad??
samuda, root, alecxih, fuller, lane and hogan (thigpen?). fuller may not be big roster material but the rest have outplayed a lot of vets.

considering it's a new offense and defense and the final roster has not been seen i'll wait to completely pass judgment. i'm hoping we either trade for or find a TE and WR off waivers. tannehill needs more than just bess to rely on. the rest of the receiving core is either bad or not reliable to make a catch. i like what i saw from tannehill. he made a mistake zoning in on his WR on the tipped INT. but other than that he put his passes on his receivers and they didn't step up, big surprise!! he needs time. but he has things you can't teach. size, arm strength and the high fast release. i'm kinda surprised he's getting so many balls tipped. he needs some pump fake and look off the LBs. but those are things you can learn. i don't think this team will be nearly as bad as some think. 0-16?? 1-15?? lowballing it i see at least 5 wins.

the starting Defense already looks pretty freakin good in the 4-3. biggest surprise for me is smith. he even made some tackles on running plays!! while he was in roddy white was pretty invisible. that's great!! if he keeps that up this defense will be highly ranked before the season is over.

on offense i don't see bush leading the league in rushing because thomas is going to really limit his carries. thomas is a 1500 yard back if he were the featured back. i saw none of the hesitation he had last year (hammy maybe) he hits the hole, punishes the 1st guy who tries to stop him and pushes the pile. not looking anything like a bust. i also thought martin played beter than last week and will play better next week. jake long was the one looking bad last night. abraham was working him. john jerry looks like a starter, finally!!! omar has him not making the roster!! what a fool!!

it's all about upgrading WR/TE!!! everything else looks good enough to be 500+ but without a major upgrade at WR/TE it will hamper this offense. gates was decent last night but too little too late i think. a 100% hartline, bess and a dropsey fasano isn't gonna cut it!!!


On behalf of all the bloggers here, I'd like to say we are all tickled and pleased to know how you judge talent.

Something tells me I'd rather have Speilmans last few years of picks than Irelands. Even with that stupid Ponder pick.

Who knows, maybe there is even another person out there that would agree with me.

Miller never had wiggle. That was one thing I noticed about him since his high school days. He is a North/South guy that lacks the power to be break tackles. He has good straight line speed but zero lateral quickness/agility. He hasn't been able to avoid a tackle or make a move in his entire career. To be honest...he is not a natural runner...no stiff arm...poor vision....can't plant his foot and make a sharp explosive cut. Has to gear down to change direction. The shoulder is not the only reason he slid in the draft.

We will have the first pick in the draft.


Lamar Miller just doesnt play fast. He's just fast in the open field. Some guys are fast and play slow. Some guys are slower but play faster.

Everything happens very quickly on both sides of the ball. If a player doesnt play fast, he gets caught up in the wash. Thats what's happening with Lamar Miller when he carries the ball.

Look no further than Ryan Tannehill for the cause of this team's s htty offense.

Daniel Thomas looked like a legit upper tier rb lastnight. He played "very fast" lastnight. If this was indication he's greatly improved, this kid could be lights out this year.

Some think it's just all offensive line in run blocking. It is to a degree, but the rb has to have a consistent penchant for getting to the hole "on time" too. Thats what playing fast is all about as a rb.

When a rb doesnt consistently get to the hole on time, he makes the oline look bad too.

2 Phins players got thier head coach fired last season: Matt Moore & Ryan Tannehill.
Ryan Tannehill's head coach last season, Mike Sherman, is now the OC for the Phins.
When a combination works why break it up!

Then there is the other half of my comment. Miami fans were down on Dom Capers big time.

Kris who is so high on wins and losses, conveniently discarded that half of my argument because it sure seems Capers has done gosh darn well in the W/L column.

What I really wanted to allude to is that it is a team game, players and coaches and gm's all have to be aligned just right or they can all look real bad even when some parts of the equation are good.

Some things you just have to spell out for todays ADD BPD society...

And this concludes my time on that subject. Onwards we go...

I think Ireland is a smart guy and like him a bit more since Hard Knocks but if you look at this roster I think you could throw darts at a dartboard and pick talent as well as he has. Better in some cases.

Just Maybe....

@ least you have my criteria....if you decide to ridicule it or not...thats up to you....I put MY opinions and theories out there....then I defend them or change them based upon the information I have......

You however...even after a half-hour of this conversation haven't even DEFINED how you judge talent...I have no idea how you even ARRIVE at your conclusion that Speeilman is better than Ireland @ his job....

Bottom line...you make that statement in the same manner a person suffering from Turrets syndrome might randomly blurt out the first thing that comes into their head.....

I am no Ireland sympathizer by any stretch....but your Speilman comment was among the most idiotic I have read on the subject....Its harsh...but its true....

you shouldn't make statements that you can't possibly defend...or justify....it just makes you look silly.....

thomas looks like he could turn bush back into a change of pace back again. love when griese said he's a little bit bigger and a little more powerful. talk about an understatement. that combo is gonna be sweet!! running more will hep the passing game. IF we can get some guys to catch the darn ball!!

Miller, I am surprised we haven't seen more of him in preseason. I did have higher expectations, but I'll give him a full season or two to show some potential before writing him off. Look at DT, he suddenly has some spark and power.

Just Maybe...

I didn't allude the Capers comment...BY MY STANDARD....I agree with it...DUH...wins and losses remember.....

The Capers comment passes the common sense test...so there is nothing to debate....clearly by the WINS and LOSSES.....it passes my test......

Speilman comment...not so much.....that is why I kept my comments STRICTLY about Speilman....

I hate having to explain the CONTEXT of a conversation to somebody I am conversing with....

clearly I have wasted precious time talking with you....not only did you EVADE the question...even up till NOW...

You have NO IDEA what we are even talking about....


Great thing about this year's schedule:

4 of the 1st 7 games are against teams closer to our level of talent. We play 4 teams that didnt come close to being a playoff contender either.

Believe it or not, we have a very good chance to have 3 or 4 wins going into the bye.

Kris, I did spell it out. Unfortunately your reading and comprehension skills are lacking. Where you get off saying I was riding Speilmans jock is beyond me. I made a simple comment and you took it right to bathroom humor.

Furthermore, I can freely state any opinion I want without any obligation to explain them to anybody. Are you short? You seem to have a Napoleon complex.



235 lbs

Just Maybe....

Good day to you sir.....

Kris do you have a military background? You act like you are in charge or have the right to demand things of people. This here ain't the military. It's a football blog. If 30% agree on any single opinion, that is already very high, so you should learn to expect not to agree with 70% of the people. Trying to tell them what to do or ridiculing them with jock talk will not change their opinion, you will just lose their respect, assuming they had any to begin with.

Keep that in mind.


As far as coordinators are concerned, its a 2 way street, you need a talented coordinator as well as talented players. One without the other equals null.

Its not like the dc's you guys mentioned were coaching a dolphin defense loaded with pro bowlers or even above average players.

Consider the 70's "No Name defense", they werent exactly loaded with pro bowlers, but they did have 3-4 pro bowlers and a slew of "above average" players to play along with them.

One of the two or three worst teams in the NFL right now...AGAIN.

This is what happens when you don't go out into the Free agency market and get a wide reciever. I don't care if Bradon Marshall was not a nice guy. He was a pro bowl reciever and you don't get rid of play makers. Ireland must go.

Starting to like this guy.

Just maybe,

OFF TOPIC: I saw where Ross is looking to sell majority interest in the Fins. Looks like all the Ross detractors will be getting their way.

I wonder if it is some sort of financial challenge or he is simply wilting under the constant pressure due to negativity surrounding the team.

I didn't mind Ross as an owner at all as he seems to have $$, spend $$ and didn't meddle in operations too much. His allegiance to Ireland is very curious to most.


Monte, There have been many more worse sports franchises but there has NEVER---correct me if you can---an "exceptional" sports franchise that turned this bad and for such a significant length of time.As I said earlier, in a time of parity you would almost need an entire organization conspiring to be bad while, I PRESUME, they have actually been trying to get better. ANYONE--including the Phi Beta Kappa who dresses up in a beach towel while holding signs made up by a special ed class--who pays money to watch this crap and fights the traffic and the inordinate TV commercials must be somewhat nuts. By the way, Wall St Journal repoted for the 2011 season the ball was ACTUALLY in play fot 9 minutes and 10 seconds every game. 50 minutes and 50 seconds of walking back and forth to the line of scrimmage and then milking the play clock down to 1 second before snapping the ball. In the 9 minutes and 10 seconds of play there are maybe 10 CRUCIAL plays lasting about 8 seconds apiece that will decide every game. So that is 1 minute and 20 seconds of really significant action during a time frame of about 3 hours and 15 minutes. To get to game from Lauderdale, you must leave about 2 hours prior to game, 3 hours and 15 minutes for that 1 minute and 20 seconds and then 30 minutes to get out of parking lot and back home in about an hour. 11:00-6:00. Yes Sir!! Makes sense to me to spend that time on a bad team.


LET SEE;;;;;;

MD20 SAID, (( WE HAVE A POTENT WR IN CLAY )))))))))..........








I am basing my optimism about this new Team on 2 factors in no particular order. First, Ryan Tannehill, as the most tangible good news for the Team. Barring injury, he will be a great QB given the right Players around him. Second, Joe Philbin. Once again,last night, except for one play, ST's were very good. There were no recovered fumbles and one tipped interception. Those are signs of a well-coached Team. And once again, no confusion on the sidelines and even 1 great challenge by Philbin, which he won. Philpin has stated publicly that as a Coach he's more of a Teacher. That will be proven true or false as the Season goes along.

Of course, how does that American saying go, you can't make gold out of shi-?

No more than 3 wins... anybody want to bet??

But credit were credit is due, Ireland did draft Tannehill and he did hire Joe Philbin.

Aloco... normally you´re an I****.. but now you´re right on target!!!

Oscar... just a question.. at your job, are you allowed to make the things right once and screw it twice??... thats what Ireland does...

There is NO CREDIT on do half of your job.. you have to get it DONE ... not half done

I wouldn't know, sagneul.In my job,I can't afford to screw "things", sagneul. I was trained for that.

Yes. Tannehill was tense last night.

No blame at all and it happens to the Best of the very Best,usually at the beginning.

Seems like every teams bottom of the depth chart wr's are better than players we have been trying to develop like Pruitt....Wallace and Moore. I have watched almost every pre-season game an other teams have found more talent of accident at the wr position than we did putting thought in to it.

If Ireland was smart he would have put a higher claim on Josh Gordon from Baylor. This dude is balling for Cleveland. Big...strong...fast...runs good routes and the hands are solid. Even as a rookie....he would be our best wr today.

Yes. And if my grandmother had wheels she would be a bicycle.

I read your article Mando. Those quotes from the coaches sound eerily familiar to the crap that last coaches were saying.

Usually, its the coach that loses the team. In this case, Ireland has lost the team.

I truly believe these guys hate Ireland so much they refuse to play up to their potential.

If this was a rebuild year, then why is Dansby still on the team? I would have cut my losses with that nimrod.

Quarterback Ryan Tannhill was not good against Atlanta. He had a 37.9 quarterback rating while he completed only 11 of 27 passes. But you give him the four or five passes that were dropped and suddenly his numbers look more acceptable.

I find it hard to believe A&M there were massive drops and now at Miami there are massive drops.

What is there in common between A&M and Miami?

This kid has zero touch. All he knows how to do is throw hard. Sort of like Tebow but with a little more control. I wouldn't catch a ball either if it meant being laid up in the hospital for three weeks from a poor throw.

Why break your back for a man that will cut you on a whim?

Loyalty starts at the TOP. Not at the bottom. Ireland has zero loyalty to his players. Why should they be loyal to him?

This place seems to get more moronic by the day. I don't think I have read more rubbish written by wannabe GM's with little knowledge of one of their biggest national sports. Sadly most people here have the same inability to have intelligent conversations without resorting to name calling. One can only hope people will grow up and stop acting like spoilt kids, and Jet fans, though doubt it. There has to be a place where intelligent people are actually discussing the Dolphins.

Well, we can still run the wildcat I guess.

I can win 8 games as GM before Ireland does.

Dashi, football subject aside you used an ethnic misnomer when referring to Mr. Ross. In fact he is an Ashkenazi Khazar. The misnomer you used first appeared in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's comedy play "The Rivals" from 1775. It's a fact the term never existed before that year. Check Benjamin Freedman's work (himself a fellow Ashkenazim) titled "Facts are facts". By the way the Ashkenazim have no connection to Judea. Zero. We know Mr. Ross is Wall Street mentality and I have no problems with his ethnic group. As long as he is not a Zionist or compromised with it. I am in no quarrel with him, even in his poor decisions with the organization since he came aboard. Before I forget to all who may read this post, the movement that I mentioned. Go see who really controls the USA. You'll be in for a big surprise.

Well Greg Camarillo still looks good if the Saints cut him.

we are going to win some games,.at minimum 5,.Our schedule is very easy and Tanne will get better chemistry eery week,.Y'all all need to chill and at least give Philbin a chance,.sheesh!,.We dont deserve a good team with all this bashing,.Im just happy Sporano is gone!

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