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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin: It's on the players

The Dolphins returned to an old tradition today, once again gathering in front of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, to signal the unoffical start to regular-season kickoff functions. In previous years Dolphins coaches got in front of luncheon attendees and told them the Dolphins were Super Bowl contenders or playoff contenders or just plain had a chance to be special.

What did Joe Philbin tell the business community today?

In part, he made it clear the success or failure his teams is on players rather than coaches.

"Players are 90 percent of the equation, coaches are 10 percent," Philbin said, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

It is clear listening to Philbin these past couple of weeks and months, he doesn't think much of schemes or strategies being the difference between champions and chumps. He gives the credit for success on the field to the talent on the field. And, it should be noted, he puts much of the blame for failure on the field to the talent on the field.

This is an interesting view of things only because the reason Philbin is Miami's coach today is because Dolphins ownership and, to a large degree the personnel department, believed the Dolphins were a sufficiently talented team that needed only minor tweaking and improving. Ownership and the personnel department saw this team as one that could take a new step forward if a better coach  milked the grand potential out of the roster.

In other words, the folks that hired Philbin believed a coaching change would drastically improve Miami's results.

Yet Philbin seems to think a coach can only determine 10 percent of a team's fortunes.

Neither view is wrong. But it does give pause that the views are so opposing.