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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin: It's on the players

The Dolphins returned to an old tradition today, once again gathering in front of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, to signal the unoffical start to regular-season kickoff functions. In previous years Dolphins coaches got in front of luncheon attendees and told them the Dolphins were Super Bowl contenders or playoff contenders or just plain had a chance to be special.

What did Joe Philbin tell the business community today?

In part, he made it clear the success or failure his teams is on players rather than coaches.

"Players are 90 percent of the equation, coaches are 10 percent," Philbin said, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

It is clear listening to Philbin these past couple of weeks and months, he doesn't think much of schemes or strategies being the difference between champions and chumps. He gives the credit for success on the field to the talent on the field. And, it should be noted, he puts much of the blame for failure on the field to the talent on the field.

This is an interesting view of things only because the reason Philbin is Miami's coach today is because Dolphins ownership and, to a large degree the personnel department, believed the Dolphins were a sufficiently talented team that needed only minor tweaking and improving. Ownership and the personnel department saw this team as one that could take a new step forward if a better coach  milked the grand potential out of the roster.

In other words, the folks that hired Philbin believed a coaching change would drastically improve Miami's results.

Yet Philbin seems to think a coach can only determine 10 percent of a team's fortunes.

Neither view is wrong. But it does give pause that the views are so opposing. 


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Now is when we need trick plays like the Wildcat because we cant match with anyone talent wise.

clue are u retarded? serious question. never said once to hire wanny back, hes been done for years

I looked him up and I'm not even sure what position this guy plays, wr, Punt and kick returner, even defense. ??


The defense that Wanny had was ALL built by JJ. The offensive line that Wanny used was JJ's. His drafts were laughable, (Jamar Fletcher instead of Drew Breese, Eddie Moore, Morlon Greenwood, Trading draft picks for players that never panned out. Look it up. If Wanny was/is so good why is his name never mentioned as a HC candidate? Wanny was to the Dolphins as Larry Cocker was to the UM. What ever success they had was because of what was left on the table when they walked in. They did nothing to buiuld on it. To the contrary they both ran it into the ground.

The following things suck:

1. Anthony Fasano
2. working all day in front of a computer
3. hurricanes
4. UM Canes
5. this blog

Clue I agree let this play out, But the big issue or should I say" The Elephant in the room"(Ireland)we may not know what kind of coach Philbin is cause Ireland is with the team, And the worse part is Ross is still the Owner, Whats worse Ireland as GM or Ross as owner?
Are we going to be the Lions for until Ross sells the team?
Who's at fault for not landing a Proven HC?
Is it Ross Or Ireland?

In all actuality.....I doubt Cooley will want to sign here....I heard much of the Cooley press conference....and he sounds like a guy who only wants to play in the right situation....that is basically what he said....

Somehow...I don't think Cooley will se us as the right situation....

I wish we had Wanny coaching here instead of Cam Philbin.

benn is a wr, last i knew was on tampa bay

cooley is done, he has one knee.

A Tampa castoff? YIKES!

ESPN is reporting that they did an extensive investigation and Anthony Fasano is officially the worst player to ever wear a helmit in the NFL, at any position. The sample group included 3rd and 4th stringers.

They found that Fasano has actually batted 40% of all balls that hit his hands into the air and right to opposing defenders, which drastically *hurt* his team and thus made him much worse for the team than 3rd and 4th stringers who never got into the games.


i have no problem with philbin. its all ireland. was saying about wanny hes easily best of the the idiots that have been here recently. ireland better be fired in january, we will have the first pick in draft and multiple picks after

Dave Wannstadt has had his ups and downs but he has a very impressive resume' overall.

Fasucko, How do you really feel about Mr.Fasano?

The name is Arrelious and he semms like some kind of great STs player.

Giving the benefit of the doubt here, I think our HC (who is not especially spontaneous, but is a humble sort) meaning was perhaps to downplay his role should the Fins SOMEHOW manage a positive result this season. I mean, should guys getting MILLIONS be able to self motivate? Or does the millions result in the opposite, as it did for Chris Johnson last year? He ran soft, trying to protect himself.

I think coach Philbin is just not used to be the face of a franchise. something many years of being 3rd banana will do.

I hope Fasano reads this blog and gets angry and plays better.

whoa, sorry for all the typos and grammatical screw-ups.

I agree with Albert Wanny was a terrible coach. Remember he is the one who started this downfall with his drafts. Eddie Moore over Boldin and Brees hell that was worst one and Jamal Fletcher.


Aurelius Benn? I think its a constellation in the sky.

Posted by: Ron Son | August 28, 2012 at 03:51 PM

Post of the day so far IMHO.

Gene Simmons,
How is Shannon and the kids?

Fasano never had a QB in Miami.

Err, the composition is fundamental too, you know? But, that's getting in your As- Part II.

Seriously we are stripping our team of any talent that we DO have for what?? Ireland and Philbin picking a 2nd rounder that winds up being another bust? I say use that 2nd rounder for a receiver this year that has a track record in the NFL so we KNOW what we are getting not another pick in a draft where you could be in bust land again. I am tired of these losing seasons. Where has Stephen Ross been with his high flying exciting offense we were putting out this year? Havent heard a peep out of him!

Cooley was waived, any team can claim him, we're 8th-9th on that list(draft order). If 7-8 teams ahead of us dont claim him we can.

Personally I think Cooley still has some mileage left. The Redskins just have Fred Davis. By releasing Cooley they eat his cap numbers. Cooley could could come here and immediately become a Fasano pass catching upgrade.

If get Cooley, I think Egnew goes practice squad, and we keep Cooley, Fasano(blocking), and Clay.

Let him stay that way, Terrance.

Thank you Coalition...haha

Cooley isnt that big, so if we get him, Fasano's still on the roster because he's still by far our best blocking te.

I would like to jump in on the Wannstedt comments if I may. Bring him back, better than what we have? LMFAO!!!!

1. AJ Feeley
2. Got screwed in Lamar Gordon trade
4. Signed Reggie Howard, payed him like a starter.
5. Traded Ogunleye for Marty Booker and Channing Crowder (draft pick)
6. Forced Ricky to quit by using him like a punching bag.

I have more

Texans -- 45
Fins -- 3

Pats 42
Fins 9

If I didn't have Internet I wouldn't be able to Teach and only to my Patients.

Jets 9
Fins 6


pathetic Raiders -- 17
Fins -- 10

Everybody says that football is a business first; well if that is the case you better take a look at the stands because your business side is not working and the fans know it which is why they are staying home.The Jets are the worst but looking at their stands Sunday Night the place was packed,it is so sad what incompetence we have runnimg the team. It's time to get some players on the field so people will begin to come back. I say Ireland better use that 2nd round draft pick to parlay into a receiver to help Tannehill or it is going to be a disaster.

Bad coaches dont win 90 NFl games....and a HC of the year honor....like Wanny did.

You know, as has been discussed, we do have a creampuff schedule. If we really do go 1-15 or 2-14, that would be BEYOND pathetic.

Last year's team, coached by Sparano, would win 10 games this year with this schedule.

Seems to me that Philbin is throwing Ireland under the bus here....lol. He may as well have said this team lacks talent and when we lose 14 games this season it's not on me. Maybe that will get the owners attention. If his coach lacks confidence in the GM I think you have to seriously finally question what Ireland is doing Mr. Ross.

BTW I don't 100% agree with Philin. Coaches can make a big difference. Look what Wade Phillips did with the Texans defense last year. Just saying....

Wanny had discipline. Run the ball; run out the clock. Win 17-14. Need good kicking.

We should have made the playoffs the year before Ricky quit, but for 2 missed FGs against the Pats.

Fasucko, How bout them JETS, 0 TDs this pre-season, Gotta wonder what the jets were thinking bringing in Ol Fisty?
Got a Friend that still insists that the Jets are A Play-off team,Even with two of the worse QBs that ever laced up cleats.
Gotta think the fins might not be the worse team in the AFC-East.

Wanny was hired by Huizenga in an attempt to keep Jimmy Johnson as the Phins HC, Dave Wannstedt was the “heir apparent”. Dave was handed the keys following the JJ resignation, which followed a blowout loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs. Wannstedt was not only the head coach, but a first time general manager as well.

Within a month of his hire, we Dolphins fans got a glimpse of what was to come when he told Dan Marino that he was not guaranteed a roster spot and gave his approval to seek a trade. Dave had chosen to move on without Dan Marino, forcing him into retirement.

The lasting impression of the Dave Wannstedt era was felt long after he left. A look around the Miami Dolphins training center, even into the Sparano era, showed us only a splattering of faces that were brought in by the coach.

No QB on the roster from his tenure, only 2 drafted players remain from his years and one of those was a Rick Speilman draft pick. Ricky Williams came back, but his career in Miami is far from spectacular despite the RB’s athleticism.

All in all, despite long seasons without Super Bowl appearances, losses in the tight playoff games, and sometimes early exits, the Dolphins were always competitive. IMPORTANT --> When the Jimmy Johnson fingerprint began to wear off the Phins, Dave Wannstedts coaching inability and bad decision making led the team in a downward spiral that has left fans waiting, even today, to be turned around.
In all of the moments in Dolphins history, no one single event had more of an affect on this team then the hiring of Dave Wannstedt. While some argued that a Super Bowl loss is, was, and always will be a bad moment, the ramifications and the lingering effects last only a season or two after. A bad coach, a worse GM, and arguably the worst hire in history, Dave Wannsted alone had more to do with these Fins today, than any moment in history.

Jason Cole, former beat writer for the Miami Dolphins

Ron Son,

You do when you take over good teams that are left for you by the previous coach. And Ron, Sporano won Coach of the year also in some polls. So what does that tell you?

I rest my case. Thank you and thank you Jason Cole.

Posted by: FASUCKO

The guy had three drops in a meaningless preseason game. He had 4 drops all of last season. He is actually rated in the top 5 for te's. Those are facts.

Hey you gotta admit one thing those Wanny teams might have choked in the end but they were decent teams that won games. A couple of those years Fiedler got hurt they would've made the playoffs but didn't. When i saw those teams play at least you knew they had a chance to win and could play with anybody; there is no way you can say that about the Dolphins in the last 7 years. The Zach Thomas Dolphins used to make Tom Brady look like an ordinary Joe.

Well its not hard to see the talent Miami has and has not. Take the WRs,,,please. OL, specialy the right side is what you, Mondo, called for the last 5 yrs, "a work in progress", or in this case regress. The RBs are good not great, the QB picked at #8 leaves a lot to be desired. Dont care what the pundants say, I dont believe Tannehills "got it". I like the Davis trade. Vontae has been drunk at practice. Last yr he was fat, over weight, out of shape. This yr. is a copy of last yr, over weight and out of shape. Remember that forgetable segment on Hard Knocks where Vontae was pretending (acting) to be not winded. How many of those types of players do you want on your team? John Jerry cut from the same mold, shows up for camp over weight and not in shape and Jeffery cant seem to see these faults in these players when he drafts them. Does Jeffery really do his homework, does he really look under each rock or does he stub his toe on them?
Its gonna be a very long season for Dolfans.

Philbin looks and sounds like he should be teaching an Economics class the the Wharton School of Business at Penn.

I will try to set you guys/girls free one last time. You are undr no compunction to continue to follow a mediocre team year after year until the day you die. That does not make you a "good fan", it makes you stupid.With free agency and player movement there is no loyalty on either side anyway. when you root for the Miami Dolphins you are basically rooting for a jersey with a changing name on the back. People who grow up in New England are no more entitled to "feel good" about themselves than you guys. Just because they grew up following a very good team does not make them better than you. You can break this cycle of following garbage by just stepping up and saying--"That's it. They are not doing that to me anymore."


I don't think there are any "waivers" to clears....

This isn't the regular season....

Cooley is now the equivalent of a FA...same as T.O...and Chad Johnson......

they can work out for...and sign with whom they choose.....

The word "released" may be throwing you off.....

You see...when the team likes you..they call it released......

when they don't like you...they call it "cut".....

Jabbar gaffney?

Little Jeffy FIRELAND = turd with legs.

Is this brilliant receiver you are bringing in a 1, or a 1a?

I couldn't disagree more. Good coaches know how to put their talent in a position to win, i.e. Bill Belicheck. If not, no coach would ever get fired.

You guys are idiots. Did anyone really believe Miami would be a contender this year? I am a diehard fan and I only feel sorry for the the Season ticket holders. We are rebuilding, so lets except this. They should have gotten RT someone to throw to. I will root on, good or bad.

At least we are not viewing FG fist pumps anymore.


Just read Sparano telling the media he wants touchdowns, not field-goals. The fact he feels he needs to re-iterate that fact is hilarious.

Look at Armando, pandering ONCE AGAIN to the negative fan. Nothing but dirt to peddle, and guess what else? He's a "christian". LMMFAO. You're all the same.

Totally different subject:

What would it cost the Dolphins to buy broadcast
rights to the Orlando TV broadcast area ? I would imagine that there are, at least, a quarter of a million Dolphin fans within the geographical confines between Tampa and Daytona Beach and from Vero Beach to St. Augustine. It is exceedingly tiresome to know that we won't be able to see more than a couple of games per season. The new owner of the Jaguars seems intent on seeking foreign markets. Get with it Mr. Dee. Mr. Ross wants to increase the fan base - give it a shot. Oh, and Go Dolphins !! 8-8 this year, or die trying !

what about this should give us "pause"?.....dont care what the Fins were trying to spin before Philbin got here, but everybody knows a coach needs good players to be successful.....players make the coach, not vice versa (with rare exceptions)--Belichik was fired in Cleveland, with a crappy roster, yet is a god in NE.....which, by the way, has Tom Brady--Sparano was the man in '08, with a good QB.....fired a few years later.....Parcell, even though not the coach, is another example--good for Joe, calling the team (Ireland) out for a lack of talent--he's right, as 6-10 proves.

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