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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin: It's on the players

The Dolphins returned to an old tradition today, once again gathering in front of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, to signal the unoffical start to regular-season kickoff functions. In previous years Dolphins coaches got in front of luncheon attendees and told them the Dolphins were Super Bowl contenders or playoff contenders or just plain had a chance to be special.

What did Joe Philbin tell the business community today?

In part, he made it clear the success or failure his teams is on players rather than coaches.

"Players are 90 percent of the equation, coaches are 10 percent," Philbin said, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

It is clear listening to Philbin these past couple of weeks and months, he doesn't think much of schemes or strategies being the difference between champions and chumps. He gives the credit for success on the field to the talent on the field. And, it should be noted, he puts much of the blame for failure on the field to the talent on the field.

This is an interesting view of things only because the reason Philbin is Miami's coach today is because Dolphins ownership and, to a large degree the personnel department, believed the Dolphins were a sufficiently talented team that needed only minor tweaking and improving. Ownership and the personnel department saw this team as one that could take a new step forward if a better coach  milked the grand potential out of the roster.

In other words, the folks that hired Philbin believed a coaching change would drastically improve Miami's results.

Yet Philbin seems to think a coach can only determine 10 percent of a team's fortunes.

Neither view is wrong. But it does give pause that the views are so opposing. 


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Give Philbin some time to get things right for us. I have faith in him and feel he just needs some time. Everyone these days wants everything done now, have some patience and let the man work. I will not give up on my fins. Forever a Dolfan!!!!!!

Just shows you what a misguided tool Joey Philbin is. He gets rid of our 2 best receivers and our two best defensive backs, and now is already saying that if the team loses, then it will be only 10% his fault.

Philbin is right, it is on the players to execute the coach's game plan & strategy each week. The coaching staff prepares the players, but it is up to the players to execute and perform on the field. It is not Joe Philbin or his coaches who fumble the football, drop a pass, or miss a tackle, but the players! The players have to execute and perform the tasks that they are given. I played enough football in my life both at High School and College level to know that this is true. The job of the coaching staff during the game is to evaluate the game plan and make the necessary adjustments accordingly. The players inturn, must make the necessary adjustments on the field. These adjustments are not just at half-time, but are on a continuous basis throughtout the game. Give the guy and the team a chance!

The fact is that the Dolphins are a pretty solid team in many ways. We have a top 10 defense, good running game, and our special teams have improved greatly with one of the leagues best place-kicker & punter in the game. The however, does have a real deficiency at the WR position. I believe that before Sept.9th, the team will bring in and sign a few veteran good "dependable" WR's via trade, waiver, etc. Don't be surprised if in addition to David Garrard or Matt Moore that Dansby is traded! He has not been the impact player for us that he was in Arizona, and he is very expensive. This will open up salary cap room to bring in some veteran WR's and possibly a TE or two. Fasano is a good TE despite the dropped passes in pre-season, and Charles Clay has a lot of promise. Egnew is young and learning. Stay positive.

Denver Fin Fan

Bill Polian!!!!!

Don't forget phil came from greenbay. Hell look at the players they got on the field. That why he said that. Tanny or rodgers. Oh my bad. Dummy,if you get rid of all your talent your coaching skills have got to be out of this world. I got no problem with tanny yet, he just don't know. But coach you better go in there and tell him to leave you or get you some players. If you are having a terrible year do you think he's going to sit back and say "we"ll get them next year. Nope he's gonna get rid of your dumb butt.

There is no phucking way Fieldler had a higher winning pct% then Marino , Greise, or Strock for that matter ,he not only sucked , but he swallowed too , I think things arent as bleak as they look , I think come game day , your gonna see a different offense on the field, Bush , Best , catching the ball , plus the running game and hopfully Fagsano holds onto the ball when it matters , they do need to get Cooley, If Ross does niot get eid of little Jeffy this year , then he`s definately sucking Ross off , or has pics of Ross sucking someone else off , nobody in the league respects the guy , why keep a total baffoon unless you had to?

As a long suffering Browns fan, I can feel your pain. Until a genuine commitment was made to build through the Draft, the Browns just drifted aimlessly along.

You NEED a GM..any man that tells a traded player NOT to tell his grandmother about it until the MEDIA is told, has no clue. The sad part is the EAST is up for grabs this year, and Ireland puts this mess on the field.

Dump Ireland..I think Philbin may get 2 yrs and then he is gone..the man has zero personality and communication skills..you need a Gruden type down here.

Any way, good luck on the season and hang in there.

1-15 or 2-14 are realistic possibilities. Time to fire the GM and let the coach have some stability.

0-16 ???? well everybody gets lucky once or twice.

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