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Dolphins fear Long MCL sprain may cost 1-3 weeks

The Dolphins have initially diagnosed the Jake Long injury as a medial collateral sprain, according to ESPN's Adam Shefter and the team is expecting results from an MRI to be available late tonight or tomorrow morning.

If that initial diagnosis is correct and so far nothing is certain because only the MRI will tell for sure, Long is likely to miss between one and three weeks if the sprain is mild. If the sprain is a moderate one, which the Dolphins don't think, Long could be out 3-4 weeks.

If Long has a torn MCL, this becomes an issue of more significant proportions in that Long could miss four to six weeks. Again, the Dolphins do not believe the injury to be this severe.

Understand that even under the best-case scenario, Long will not play against Dallas in the preseason finale Wednesday and will likely be limited in practice availability the week leading to the Sept. 9 regular-season opener against Houston.

His status for that game depends largely on his ability to recover quickly.

On another injury note, linebacker Karlos Dansby also will not play against Dallas. He said today he and coach Joe Philbin came to an understanding that he would skip the Dallas game but be ready for the season-opener.

Dansby will have played only in the preseason opener but he has been practicing.


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The fact is Long hasn't even been the best LT in the game. That title belongs to Joe Thomas.

Miami fans should be objective. Long was & might still be a great player but, he's a f-ing LT. He doesn't win games or score TD's.

Most of you can't even name the starting LT for the best teams in the NFL. If a team offers up a 1st rounder for him at the trade dealine, do it!

We need alot of top end talent & you have to use your chips to get em. Long is on the downside. He's injury prone. Use him to your advantage before you lose him potentially to FA anyway.

Time for this franchise to start making the right moves.


You're just a fountain of useles fvcking dribble puke.

Why don't you go Blow Up your Rex Ryan Doll you piece of shyt whack job. You fake a ss fans are all the same. You know how pitiful your wetspots are and now you have nothing better to do.

With or without Jake Long we'll still beat the best you got.

SpOzano? With NO pre season TD's? Ha Ha Ha!

Thank You and Good Riddance!!!!

Nfl.com posted an article stating he just tweaked it.

See if Indy will offer us 2013's 1st rd. pick,which would be anywhere from the 1st pick of the draft to prob. the 10th pick....It does seem like he is staying injured a bit to much to pay him what he is going to want next year & require...A top ten pick could land us a PREMIERE WR or PASS RUSHER, which is every bit as important as a LT...

@9:24 Greg UR answering for Truth?

Do u guys think the Colts would trade a #1 pick after Trading their 2nd rd pick?

If Dashi were to trade Jake(Since Anyone is Tradeable), It would have to be for Multiple Picks. A 1st and 2-2's, or Multiple 1st, or a Minimum of 3-4 Picks(In 2nd & 3rd Round) if the Team doesn't want to give Dashi a 1st and then Some.

Yes, The Price will be high for the Best LT in the Game.

Long's injuries have been troubling and unfortunately he is showing that it could be a chronic problem. i love the guy, but not sure he can give a full solid year every year going forward. Move Martin to his natural position of Left Tackle. This team has a knack of taking lineman out of their natural position where they were most successful. Martin is another example. I say move him to LT and trade Long. RT can be addressed. Quite frankly martin has been a liability at RT, so the fish probably couldn't do worse off the waiver wire.

The truth is you will never get a 1st round pick for a LT with knee issues AND he will need to sign a new contract with whichever team would want him.

The cap hit for any team taking him this year would be huge. He is in the last year of his 5 year 57 million dollar deal and this is the most expensive year. Any team trading for him will have to have plenty of room under the cap and that means one of the bottom feeders. And would a bottom dwelling team add that kind of salary on a player who has already been injured? Nope.

Oh yeah, he also has to sign that new contract and his agent will want that done before he goes anywhere. He won't let his client go to a team on a 3/4 year contract with no assurances that he will be retained after this season. His agent will be worried about an injury killing the market for him.

This isn't happening.

long done as a premier player. told you this information last year.

I wouldnt exactly call Long injury prone.....its a brutal sport and he's all in, and how many games has the guy missed anyway? All/most of these players, and certainly the O and D lineman, play injured much of the time.....he's our best player, dont care if he's the best LT but he's clearly one of the best, and one of our few premier/recognizable names (which a team with no identity needs)--keep the guy, pay the guy, and focus on addressing other much bigger needs.

repost from end of last blog WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU HATE LONG POSTS!!!!
"Please fans of the Dolphins Do not Show Up!!!Do not go to the games Please!!

Save the Dolphins!! Get our point across!! Empty seats are the only way to fix this. SAD SAD DAY!!!!!!"

Posted by: shula71

No big deal but I completely disagree with this plan/theory. I'm not trying to pick on you shula71, I've seen this written a few times and want to give a countering opinion.

I completely understand the need to let the owner and management know when we are not happy as fans. You HAVE to are you aren't being a responsible fan of whichever team you root for. But I just think this boycott doesn't fit within the big picture and there are better ways in helping to create change.

By all means,,SHOW UP. Root for your team, root for those players on the field, the young guys who could be part of future success.

But when you're there, boo the owner whenever he walks in, whenever they show his face, BOOOOOOOOO! Boo the GM. Donate to that plane thing, fly a freakin banner every day over the stadium, "Fire Jeff Ireland". Write to the team, stop buying jerseys, Let them know that we are united and can't stand what has happened (season hasn't started yet so who knows but I feel your pain) to the franchise. Otherwise the fan base comes off looking like a joke too. A strong united front is the best way to both help the cause while also helping the players and coaches by letting them know we are behind them, no matter how bad the management and owner come off.

Let them know LOUD AND CLEAR right to their faces. DO NOT abandon the players, they did nothing wrong. You do it that way, you unite as a fan base and all of the sudden the media picks up on it, espn is showing people booing the gm, thousands of fans on t.v. showing the world we're not idiots and demand better, we are aware of what's going on and want change. The Packer way, the Steeler way. Strong fans, united because we care about our team.

Or you stop going to games, the sporting world laughs at the team and the fans, and the Dolphins are forgotten. Miami fans get labeled (already starting after the Heats first season debacle) as bandwagon losers. What pressure does this put on Ross, only in the sense that he's making a little less money?

Lets be honest here, the guys a billionaire, He's making money no matter what. Get in his face man, I'm telling you, GOT TO keep the pressure on. Can't hide in your houses, I've seen it before (football, hockey,basketball) and it doesn't work.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 27, 2012 at 09:20 PM

I hate to be a ref, but Dashi is right on this point.

Truth, even if what you're posting wasn't complete useless nonsense and dribble, EVEN IF IT WASN'T, you don't need to post it 35 times in a row.

You've posted this, virtually word for word on the last three blogs. Come on Man, even if you had a point or the least bit of intelligent insight, we don't need the pollution.

BTW - Sorry if I'm coming off harsh. I will admit it's uncalled for. But in my defense, I'm a serious Dolphin Fan and this is a serious matter. It's got me on edge a bit.

NOW, unless you're just trolling to start a fight(which would explain you posting this incesstantly on the past 3 blogs), put a cork in it! Please.

Again, my apology. But for ANY REAL DOLPHIN FAN, this isn't good news. Close your Blow Hole and let the Grown Ups discuss this intelligently.

If the Dolphins ever "wallowed in mediocrity" they'd be invited to the White House. LOL

and for those who missed it and are still freakin' over the Fins cutting Chad Johnson (pay attention Mr Dansby), the charge has been upgraded to a felony with the possibility of a year in prison.....which likely wont happen, but the reality is the dude's a slug, and if Dansby and other vets back a slug who head butts his wife, who's now being charged with a felony, what does that say about them?--thats the guy they support?


Sparano knew enough not to play Long in preseason. Philbin doesnt know this stuff.

Is Ross still going to charge for tickets?

Boycott the fins how about a couple of points? Maybe state your case by giving some facts, even opinions as to why that would work.

Certainly you don't think (by screaming the same phrase over and over) you're going to make anyone think about your cause do you?

And if you don't care about getting through to people aren't you just wasting monumental amounts of time?



It just does not matter. You could have the entire administrative leadership of the Patriots from their superbowl winning days come down here and we would still be bad. We are a gang of what if's. What if Uwe Von schaman could have kicked field goals and we beat the Chargers? What if Andra Franklin had not gotten hurt? What if David Overstreet did not have that car accident? What if someone would have finally tackled Freeman McNeil? What If Paul Lankford and Willaim Judson were actually able to cover someone? What if Sammie Smith had pulled the trigger sooner and spared us all so much misery? What if we had traded Marino when we had the chance? What if Jimmy had stayed another year or two? What if Jimmy would have kept Irving Fryar, Keith Byers, etc? What if Pete Stoyanovich makes that field goal against the chargers in 94 in the divisional round of the playoffs? What if there was no Monday night miracle and we had beaten the jets? What if? What if? What if? We have just had it as a football team. The 70's were our time and that is all she wrote.

If Long is out there go our chances for a BCS bowl.

Long needs to be taken out to pasture. Jake Long = Tony Bosseli

jay you get a pass as a new fan. I'll tell you something you may not have known, Sparano not only played Long in preseason but he played him in a meaningless 4th preseason game because he was mad at his teams performance the week before and wanted to make some kind of boneheaded statement by playing the only guy who played well the previous week. He was injured in the game and hasn't been the same sense then.

Here's something else, Sparano is a f***ing moron.


@ 9:36 Agreed with Phins78.

If u are going to show ur Displeasure. SHOW UR DISPLEASURE. Let Ireland and Ross know how U feel. Boo them every time they show up on Screen during the Game. Even the Celebrity Owners. Specially that Clown Jimmy Buffet. Ruining The Td Song.

Yes, It's Corny but Every DolFan grew up on that Corny Song.

Dashi isn't on the Hate Bandwagon. But I Understand where the Displeasure is Coming From.

Hey Mando,
Is Dansby on the trading block?

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

Jeff Ireland is Rasputin

Cam Philbin is not looking good.




I think Phins 78 is very angry.

How is this team going to win ONE game? How?





Okay Aloco, you do that. A little piece of advice before I go, the last time someone called themselves the "Lord and Savior" he was nailed to a cross and stabbed in the ribs with a sword. Might want to keep that stuff on the down low. ;)

Phins 78,

U are also Forgetting Sporano forced Jake to Play with a Bad Shoulder for Half a Season. and the Fins weren't even going to Finish above .500. That Injury followed him till last Season.


Why all the hate? Lard have Mercy! You people insulting each other, talking about this and that and the like. Don't you get it? We are doomed. Cursed. Finished, Kaput, stick a fork in us. Our team has been irrelevant since 1985 when a Samoan named Mosey Tatupu ran all over us in the AFC championship. We only made it back once since then in 1992 and Bobby Humphrey made sure we snorted our way to a loss (no pun intended). Since then what? nada. We now have an entire generation of fans, over 20 years, that have grown up watching the Dolphins stink up the place. Just think of this. The last, best coach we had was Dave Wannestedt. I have nothing more to say.

Phins78 @ 9:31,

Interesting proposition there. A tad on the extreme side, but not so over the top, you get wrote off as a disgruntled troublemaker!

Thats SO CRAZY it just MIGHT WORK - LOL!

I want to talk football! Don't go!

Tannehill's gonna get killed.

The Dolphins are not football. They're trash.

has to be longs last year here, hes just to fragile

Reading this blog and participating for the first time has helped me realize why the Dolphins are in the state they are in. We are all so dysfunctional! Just like the team! The dolphins are a reflection of South Florida. I have never read so much hate and vitriol. It is scary man!

can u imagine this offense without long, wow. we could go a season without scoring a td

First off the doctors are wrong Big Jake tore his ACL he's done for the season.. Well hopefully we can get a least a 2nd round draft pick for him in the offseason. If your gonna start over might as well get rid of the highest paid player on the team. Trade him..

and for those who missed it and are still freakin' over the Fins cutting Chad Johnson (pay attention Mr Dansby), the charge has been upgraded to a felony with the possibility of a year in prison.....

Posted by: BPA | August 27, 2012 at 09:41 PM

Nice Post. I agree. I said from the begining(when they initially charged him with a misdemeanor)that it should be a felony.

Anytime you split someones Head Open(Great Bodily Harm)-(especially in a facial area where the possibility exists for a disfiguring scar)you get charged with a Felony.

Unfortunately for Johnson, his Woman appears to be an "attention seeker". This means that she probably won't back down and trys to play it to the hilt.

are all of you bots? Am I the only real person on here? I am so confused. Peole talking about snails doing their thing and pp making people hungry. No comprendo

Finn, your such a rookie the blog turns into a bunch of drunk depress men who find escape in the blog at night..

Thank you Clue! It was the Butler, with a candle in the Library!

Oh anyways we all came to the conclusion Ireland should be fired and the team will most likely not win 4 games.

All of you drunk and depressed men looking for an escape on this blog: There is a better way! Play Clue with your family! Or go to a bible study! Or hang out at the local coffee shop and strike up a conversation with a stranger. There is a better way!

IMO we should look to move Long for a draft pick, it's obvious he's on the decline and we should look to move him ASAP. Maybe a1st I'll do it for another 2nd from a trash team..

Nobody is fooled

Ur the Only 1 who laughs at ur Jokes!!

Nobody sees it Like U see it because no one is that Ignorant Here.

We agree to disagree here. U buddy just Hate to HAte

Hey the Jets traded their RT today.

OH Yeah that's right this is a Dolphin Blog who cares about the Cessna's

A team called the JETS and their Qb's got Propellers for arms. HA

Dashi will join the boycott.

The only hope this team has is to gut itself, trade away whatever they have of value for draft picks (except Tannehill) and start over. Meanwhile, Ireland the toad insists we are not rebuilding. Ridiculous!

Jake Long is done. Damaged goods that never did make a difference even when healthy.

Long also reportedly walked off the practice field and into the training facility under his own power as he was joined by Dolphins head trainer Kevin O'Neill.

Rookie RT Jonathan Martin slid into Long's spot through the end of practice.

Clue, sorry about my terse reply. But generally speaking, 57 million dollar Left Tackles usually don't walk off the field and into the training facility under their own power after TEARING the ACL.

Even if he WANTED too, the trainers/staff wouldn't let him. The minutes after an initial injury are when 99.9% of further damage occurs.

This isn't the Bedrock Brontasaurs and sports medicine has come a long way.

Again Clue, why? Why embarrass yourself like this?

As a former #1 pick goes down, we should prepare to be staring at another #1 pick come this April. With or without Long, this team STINKS! But without him it's fringing on comical how bad they will look.

def deal dansby. deal off the over priced garbage here. load up on picks

Matt Barkley will be a Fin.


I'll talk football with you.

In the report above it was stated that Martin Slid over to Left Tackle. Good move or bad?

Should they keep Martin at Right Tackle and let him continue trying to transition? Or should they temporarily move him to the Left and get someone else some work on the right?

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