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Dolphins fear Long MCL sprain may cost 1-3 weeks

The Dolphins have initially diagnosed the Jake Long injury as a medial collateral sprain, according to ESPN's Adam Shefter and the team is expecting results from an MRI to be available late tonight or tomorrow morning.

If that initial diagnosis is correct and so far nothing is certain because only the MRI will tell for sure, Long is likely to miss between one and three weeks if the sprain is mild. If the sprain is a moderate one, which the Dolphins don't think, Long could be out 3-4 weeks.

If Long has a torn MCL, this becomes an issue of more significant proportions in that Long could miss four to six weeks. Again, the Dolphins do not believe the injury to be this severe.

Understand that even under the best-case scenario, Long will not play against Dallas in the preseason finale Wednesday and will likely be limited in practice availability the week leading to the Sept. 9 regular-season opener against Houston.

His status for that game depends largely on his ability to recover quickly.

On another injury note, linebacker Karlos Dansby also will not play against Dallas. He said today he and coach Joe Philbin came to an understanding that he would skip the Dallas game but be ready for the season-opener.

Dansby will have played only in the preseason opener but he has been practicing.


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Losing Long wont matter. We were gonna be 0-3 with him.

how is martin playing at all, guy is terrible

Although there were concerns in Miami today when Long was carted off the practice field, Bendover Colon of the Palm Beach Poop reports that there was no damage and only a “tweak” to Long’s right knee.

Coalition, Long a tough SOB believe it or not some players are able to gingerly walk on a tore ACL. Hes done punk!

if thill shows development they would deal the first piakc

Good thing the QB for the future has shown that he is very mobile. I saw the Fins very first game and am a loyal person so no , I will never boycott my #1 team!

this is the year we have needed, the 6-10 years kill us. but the 2-14 year coming up will give us the first pick and already have 2 2nd and thirds

We can't deal Dansby this year. He already counts against our cap and NO one in their right minds will assume his deal.

Dansby's days are numbered, AFTER THIS SEASON.

Lets discuss something, anything that actually-COULD-POSSIBLY happen.

Like: What are the odds that Ireland brings in Stallworth on a 1 year deal and trades the Davis picks for Wallace?

Teamed up with Bess, these would bring instant respect and production to our WR corps.

Is Stallworth any good anymore? Does he have anything left in the tank?

The point is, we don't have to surrender just because were re-building. Ireland could land Stallworth and Wallace(Even James Jones)and instantly correct our biggest shortcomings!



I'll ball with you.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of the Closet | August 27, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Can we get Columbo back?

stallworth,lol guy sucks. pitt wont deal wallace

Morphin ur a dam fool you sheep

I let go off all black players and keep the damaged goods white guys (Steinbach, Long). Who am I?

Is Ross still charging for this chyt?

Coalition, I must admit your pretty funny your humor is Seinfieldish must of been your favorite show aye?

wallace reports tuesday. pitt has never ever traded or given in at all to anyone holding out

Stallworth is Done. Plus didn't he Kill somebody on his way to South Beach?

Wallace for a 2nd? Dashi might do that if I'm Ireland. Doubt, Pitt agrees.

Dashi will have to agree with Him on this one. 2-14 is better than 6-10, Wallace might give us 1 or 2 wins, For What? 10-14 mil a year?

Problem is 2-14 will have the Fanbase Clamoring for Philbin.

Dashi believes unless we go 1-15 or Worst then Get rid of Philbin. If he goes 2-14 or better give him 1 more year to prove himself. This team is in need of a Rebuild. But done the Right Way. No Big Fa's until we are already a Contender. Build from the Draft.

Did it show on HBO what's going on with Dansby? Why he's not playing in games?

The Dolphins need to sign Plaxico Burress ASAP, he's an outside red zone threat, they don't have a player like him on the roster. 8 touchdowns just last season. I'd look at Sims-Walker, Mark Clayton, and Mike Williams too, why isn't this mother*cker looking at acorns???

Don't worry Coalition. Ur post will be Deleted again like the Other Day. Notice how they erased more than half the Stuff people said today.

That Way Mr.1001 doesn't sound so Repetitive.




I admit I haven't followed Stallworth at all. I don't know two things about the guy.

The poit I was trying to make is that Ireland/Philbin/Sherman have some options at this point.

We are re-building regardless of what anyone says. But we don't have to roll over to do so.

If not Stallwaorth, I have another option/scenario.

We give up the Davis Picks for Wallace and Misi and a 5th for James Jones(Green Bay uses the 3-4 alot and Misi will be a plus).

Wallace, Jones and Bess? Are you kidding me? Instant credibility, not to mention how much it would help our our biggest Project in Tannehill.

I know this is alot of wishful thinking, but it sure would help people forget about Davis! Point being, there are all kinds of options at this point. We're only 3/4's of the way throught the Pre Season!

Can you gentlemen get over the idea of picking up the New England Patriots discards, please? Didn't Chad Johnson teach you anything? If they fail in New England with that QB and that coach, no way they succeed in Miami.

Wallace signed already retards, Wake the fk up, Wallace ain't available

Dashi Understands Odin.

I was just saying Stallworth has Baggage and So does Plaxico.

We can't get mad when the Fins don't go after a Certain Player with Drama. That's the New M.O. of this Regime.

Also, We saw it last Year when going 6-10 hurt us. IF they would've lost a Couple more Games? like maybe 4. The fins would've had Top 2 or 3 pick.

The Trade Value of those Picks is Extremely High compared to the End of the Top 10.

Pitt wouldn't be and wouldn't HAVE to give in to anything.

They already spent the big money on Wallaces replacement. They're READY to proceed with or without Wallace.

Every man has his price and the Rooney's are not fools. If the price is right, they'll deal Wallace and still challenge for the Division Title.

Another thing, everybody is talking like Wallace is a First Ballot Hall Of Famer that the Rooney's would never consider dealing. He's not. He's not even the type that often takes over games.

He's simply a very consistant, sure handed, Speed Demon. Almost a one-trick pony. The Rooney's already have his replacement(if need be)and would deal him in a heartbeat if.........The Price Is Right!

Dashi will only Trade a 2nd for Wallace. And that Seems a bit high. For a Guy that can only run 1 Route.

Like Dashi said Earlier before it got Deleted with Everyone Else's Stuff.

I would love to see Gates Finally get "It". The Only Wr on the Team With Freakish Athletic Ability. Maybe he's a gamer like Matt Moore?

Wallace signed already retards, Wake the fk up, Wallace ain't available

Posted by: zae | August 27, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Oh damn, how embarrassing. We're so dumb. Wallace is signed.

Well Gee Fred, Vontae Davis was signed too! You HAVE TO BE SIGNED TO BE TRADED! WTF is your point?

Wait a second, don't answer. Just read my first sentance to yourself over and over again.

Serious Sidenote: C'Mon Man, at least try to be coherent when you post something. Wallace is signed retards-Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

(Luckily I was wearing my Anti-Retard Hazmat Suit-Sheesh!)

Odin, its true. Wallace DID sign today.

Fool just cause U signed The Franchise Tag doesn't mean a Team Can't Trade U. Look it up and give Dashi Proof where it says that U can't trade a Player that's Franchised?

By signing the Franchise Tag it only Agrees a Player will play at top 10 money for that team, that Year. Also, No other team can Negotiate an Offer Sheet for the Player Once he's Franchised.

The Team Can still trade the Player. They just lose the Use of the Franchise tag for a Couple Years.

The Franchise tag works like Restricted Fa's.

Hey i have a greate idea, why dont all of you go root for the JETS, Dolphina are my team, and if you trolls dont like what Phil and Jeff are doing then get the heck out, that simple, Kids

Coalition, I must admit your pretty funny your humor is Seinfieldish must of been your favorite show aye?

Posted by: Clue | August 27, 2012 at 11:02 PM

Thank You, but NO! I hated that show(in a jealous sort of respectable way.......of course).

Speaking of shows, I'm pitching a new one to my Inside Peeps in Hollywood. It's about these two characters I came across in my adventures.

It'll be starring two like-minded Psychopathic, Degenerate Liars. I'm going to be called:

**Schleprock And The Gay Monkey Boy**

Huh? Catchy Title, dont'cha think....?

Can you gentlemen get over the idea of picking up the New England Patriots discards, please? Didn't Chad Johnson teach you anything? If they fail in New England with that QB and that coach, no way they succeed in Miami.

Posted by: Frank Caliendo | August 27, 2012 at 11:28 PM

Good Point!

Like I said, I don't know squat about Stallwaorth. Just trying to point out that there are options avaliable that can easily make us a better team. Both, without going overboard and/or mortgaging the future.

We could theoretically team up Wallace and Jones with Bess and still have picks in every round, including two in the third.

I know we need to focus on building through the draft, but under the above stated circumstances, I'd be hard pressed to not make some type of moves to help out this season.

U need to be signed to be traded.

Wallace can't get traded Until he Signs his Franchise Tag. Not Because he signed.

Else, How do the Steelers trade someone who isn't on their Payroll?

Again, Dashi is the One Spewing without Info to back it Up?

Explain, Why a Player doesn't have to be signed to get traded?

Pre-Signing the Tag. The Player and his Agent Go around looking for Offer Sheets to go elsewhere or an Extension.

Til time Expires in early August.

Then the Player can only sign with team that Franchised him. But the Team that Signed him can Trade him like any other player. With the Exception being they Lose the Franchise Tag for a Couple Seasons.

"What if Andra Franklin had not gotten hurt?"

No...it's....."what if Andra Franklin could have hung on to the ball ...."

Miami is always on ESPN highlights...on the bad end. Jets comeback game, Stabler "sea of hands," Houston Oilers run over them on MNF, 49ers SuperBowl, Riggin's 4th and 1.....etc.

The franchise doesn't need players or a coach, it needs an exorcist.


no team is giving us a #1 for Long.....aint happening.

Odin, its true. Wallace DID sign today.

Posted by: Kris | August 27, 2012 at 11:38 PM


The Rooneys couldn't even try to deal him if he's not signed. The guy above was saying he's unavailable because he signed. That just stupid and untrue. You can't trade a guy when he's holding out and refusing to sign his contract.

I'm not even sure this is the real Kris, because I think he would know and understand the point.

Vontae Davis was signed too. But I'll be damned if Irsay didn't make quite a few offers anyways...........you see? You get it?

The Steelers Tied up a TON of Money on that WR(name(?)while Wallace was holding out. They signed his replacement(IF NEED BE)and were preparing to move on without him. There going to be hard pressed capwise now having so much money tied up on WR's.

So again, I say if the Price Is Right!

"Should they keep Martin at Right Tackle and let him continue trying to transition? Or should they temporarily move him to the Left and get someone else some work on the right?"

They need to let him play where he has spent his career playing, and find a way to put Long out of his misery. I don't care how many games he HASN'T missed, he's played hurt and gotten beat plenty. You can have the Pro Bowls, let's get players that make a defense step up and take note.

Besides all that, Wallace isn't the only show in town either.

There are options and possibilities and I'm still holding out Hope that Ireland finds one or takes advantage of one.

Ross, save the Dolphins. Sell the team to someone with a clue.

Dansby and Bush are too good for this team.

QB LT. CB. are the three toughest positions to fill in the NFL. Long is an excellent LT even with the injuries factored in. 10 year olds who mistakenly arrived at this site where men discuss football, please redirect to your originally intended site: http://www.bopandtigerbeat.com/

The Excorcist post was hilarious.

The you had to go and blow it with the Long nonsense.

We have one of the best Left Tackles in Football. Makes the Pro Bowl routinely.

We have 5 picks in the FIRST THREE ROUNDS of the upcoming draft.

Lets trade one of the best Left Tackles away so we can..............what?

Try and draft another one? Dooh!

PS: Don Shula would smack that last tooth right out of your head for saying something so assinine!

What little talent this team had is now totally gone. Add in a rookie HC and a rookie QB and you have total dreck. I considered buying tickets to the Pats game but why bother.

I agree with the person who says we need an exorcist.

Dolphin 78 you are probably right. We need to go Teamster on Ross and Ireland. That would be the old school way. Everyone bring a picket sign.

This still feels way out of control for a life long Dolphin fan. Foolish man that I am I thought Blackmon and a few free agents could keep us competitive. Bowles seemed to have the boys playing at the end of the season.

Do not see how you could not build off of last year. we lost two games by 1 point and three by 3 points. Frigin 8 points turns us into an 11 game winner.

Now we have this. Come on guys.

Enough said, Dolphin 78 you are right, So maybe we all dont show up in the stands and just tail gate outside in the parking lot. Lets have 8 Ross Sell the Dolphins Tail Gate Parties.

Circle the stadium with Webber Grills in hand and send smoke signals to the football gods. Seriously everyone sit in the parking lot and have a party.

Dolphin Marti Graw. Parking cost less than tickets. And 50,000 people protesting in the parking lot should at least get the attention of the other owners.

Tail GAte/ Tail Gate/ Tail Gate/ Now that is positive change other fans can appreciate.

Go Dolphin Fans!!

Monte, ESPN rated the Dolphins as having the worst talent level in the NFL BEFORE they dumped OchoCinco and Vontae.

I saw that Burger. That was after they got rid of Marshall. This is Irelnd's 5th year and the talent is the worst in football. Ross doesnt see this?

..Odin. Antonio Brown is the other Pitt reciever they just signed.

I could be wrong..Why in the world would the Steelers trade Wallace now that he is signed and back in camp? I think this is a fabric of desperation on the part of our fans. Not something that is reality. Now just because I think this is a pipe dream doesn't mean a thing. Those who are calling for this trade may be on to something that while I agree would be a major upgrade for our team. Cannot see Pittsburg doing...What would be the reason? Because they lost DeCastro and need a right guard? Because we need a reciever and Wallace had a contract dispute there so this means they want to ship him? They have 2 good recievers. Seems to me this is something every contending team has..Why again would they trade him?

Sucks about Long...I hope his injury is just a knick. No major damage, and he can be on the field sooner then later.

Shula has a Point.

A Full Parking Lot and A Empty Stadium. Talk About Embarrassing. Dashi would want to see Ross Weasel himself out of that One.

So We all Agree Trading Jake Long Is Ludicrous. Unless the Price is a 1 or Multiple High Draft Picks?

Now Dashi Will only Trade Long after I See What MArtin has on the Left Side. If Martin happens to look like a NFL Player. Then I'll consider Trading Jake Long, A.K.A. The Franchise, B.K.A. The Wall, F.K.A. Joe Thomas's Daddy, For Someone else's Future(Draft).

But like that Guy said, QB, LT, Franchise RDE, and ShutDown CB, in that Order. (Sorry, Had to adjust a Little Guy)

If T-Hill can Equal Half of Jake's Long Performance The Dolphins will be Set. Jake is a All-Pro every Year. If T-Hill makes it every other year Dashi is Happy.

So No point in Worrying In Trading Jake Long. Unless the Steelers are Offering Mike Wallace and a 1st rd pick. And also Maybe a 2nd and a 4th.

Dashi wants Ricky William Picks if We are Trading the Franchise.

Marshall gone, no replacement....Davis Gone, who knows what we have in the other marshall...... Dansby injured, who knows if he'll be ready or not or at what effectiveness he'll be at when he is playing....And Jake Long, arguably our best player in most eyes possibly missing more games this year...did we script this???...is irefiend coming up with an Injury Bounty and team sabotage scam for players to take a dive this year???...HMMM, its worth investigating mr.goodell!!...just sayin

Dont be surprised if reggie goes down by week 3!!!

...Last thought on Wallace coming here and why I don't think we could pull it off. Who are the other Pitt recievers after Antoinio Brown?? This isn't a scenario like Santonio Holmes(Pitt trade him to the jets 10 days before the 2010 season) Yes he was thier number one guy..But he had been arested, suspended, and was a nuisance. Wallace just wanted more cabbage. But forget about that. Back to who else do the Steelers have? Jerricho Cochery, Emanuel Sanders(a guy who had a knee, and multiple foot surgeries last year).. The Steelers aren't just going to gift Wallace away for pennies, if they would trade him at all. I reserve the right to give all of you that think this a possibility props should it happen..Again it makes no sense on one side to me.

Ireland will be taking out newspaper ADS for help wanted, people from this blog need to band together and join the fight to save the miami dolphins.

We suck oo but at least we KNOW it.


Trading for Wallace is a longshot for sure. I'm just beating the drums in terms of options. Everyone is carrying on like all is lost. I'm not buying it. Especially when you consider the fact they decided to hand the reins over to Tannehill.

Their going to invest the 8th overall pick and all the time and effort on Tannehill, but not do anything in terms of getting him some help? I won't buy it until I'm forced too.

Anyways, in defense of a possible move, Money for starters. The Steelers gave Brown No. 1 money. Wallace is going to get paid as well. Most teams don't pay for two no. 1's.

Another thing not going in Wallaces favor is the new offense just installed. He hasn't practiced with the team and by all accounts is way behind.

Brown on the other hand just got 7 rec./108 yards and two TD's against Buffalo. I know this doesn't exclude Wallace. But it looks like Brown knows the offense and is well on his way to being the TRUE no. 1 guy. If they can afford to pay both of them as no. 1's more power to them. But it is a bit unusual.

On the down side, behind Brown and Cotchery, Sanders is the only other WR they have with any experience. He does have great speed though and will fill in for Wallace until he's up to speed in the NEW offense.

So, all things considered, I'm not fooling myself. I know how highly unlikely it is. It would take a perfect storm for this deal to happen. That and some premium draft picks.

I would still call them up and make an offer. The most they could do is hang up on me. I know you'll probably find this hard to believe, but I've been hung up on before.......

Some reports on Long are already saying he'll be ready to go against the Texans.

Put him on Ice for a couple of weeks, he's a Viking Warrior, he'll be ready to Kick Some A ss!

Long wont play more then 6-7 games this year. Not that it matters in the W-L column. And no one would give more then a 3rd rd pk for Long. He's a huge injury risk with back, shoulders, and knees all causing him to miss games. He should not have been playing in preseason other then a few plays to get him ready.

Guy's Let's look forward To Mr.Rosses "B-List Celebs", There's
gonna be J-Jo,Venus Williams And Others, But I'am looking forward to the Giego Cave-man walking down the Orange carpet.

Really sad to see so many posts saying Long is done .

90% of NFL teams WISH they had him at LT .

In the immortal words of A.Iverson "Practice! Practice! Practice! where talking about Practice!"

Kind of pathetic that the Dolphins beat writer need to rely on Adam Schefter for their information.

Some of the posts on here just amaze me in their logic (or lack thereof).

We've got a new Head Coach, a rookie QB, and new schemes on both sides of the ball. Did you really think we were heading to the Super Bowl? Seriously? We're going from a Run-Run-Pass team to a Spread 'Em Out West Coast Style team and we've got to rid ourselves of some of the players Sparano had that just don't fit. It will take a year or two to plug in the kind of players we need and to get everyone on the same page. Call it growing pains if you will. We're in freakin' Rebuild Mode. Get used to it...you should be...since we've been there for...how many years?

And, if you want to boycott something...how about this blog? Consider it as doing your part for energy conservation....you won't have to expend energy writing garbage on this blog...and I won't have to expend energy reading it...

Racist? is a DA trying to turn the business side of football into a racial conversation. CJ had a one strike clause that he signed in his contract and the the coaching staff doesnt want a corner who has all the upside in the world, as long as he was like his brother Vernon Davis, that comes in to camp out of shape. Not willing to put the work in that it takes to become a top corner in this league that he runs his mouth about that he is. Rich Incognito had a troubled past that told him the same thing they told CJ except RI didnt make that strike he straightened up. Its the people that gave talented indiviuals more strikes than others that have created the headache that we have now. Teams get fined for integrity rules violations now. Bill Belichek cut out the players he didnt want when his reign first started and now Philbin is doing the same. The only exception is BB has won games and coach Philbin hasnt coached his first for the fins... come on man

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