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Dolphins fear Long MCL sprain may cost 1-3 weeks

The Dolphins have initially diagnosed the Jake Long injury as a medial collateral sprain, according to ESPN's Adam Shefter and the team is expecting results from an MRI to be available late tonight or tomorrow morning.

If that initial diagnosis is correct and so far nothing is certain because only the MRI will tell for sure, Long is likely to miss between one and three weeks if the sprain is mild. If the sprain is a moderate one, which the Dolphins don't think, Long could be out 3-4 weeks.

If Long has a torn MCL, this becomes an issue of more significant proportions in that Long could miss four to six weeks. Again, the Dolphins do not believe the injury to be this severe.

Understand that even under the best-case scenario, Long will not play against Dallas in the preseason finale Wednesday and will likely be limited in practice availability the week leading to the Sept. 9 regular-season opener against Houston.

His status for that game depends largely on his ability to recover quickly.

On another injury note, linebacker Karlos Dansby also will not play against Dallas. He said today he and coach Joe Philbin came to an understanding that he would skip the Dallas game but be ready for the season-opener.

Dansby will have played only in the preseason opener but he has been practicing.


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And NFL Netowrk reported its a sprain that he will be back for the week one game against Houston

Without Long our line is now Martin - Incognito - Pouncey - Jerry - Hicks.

Poor Tannehill. On the plus side, I'm totally gonna make a play for his wife as soon as he gets killed.

Tracy474 I approve of your message

Lol @ Lucadawg, at least your waiting

It is so exhausting coming to S.Fla sports websites. It zaps the positivity out of me. I have been a Fins' fan for 35 years living behind enemy lines in Beantown. This has allowed me an interesting viewpoint of just how juxtaposed the teams and fan bases have been throughout my life. The 70s-80s were for the Fins vs 90s-00s for the Pats. The Pats were always losers from the front office, to coaches, to players, and its fanbase. Guess what my fellow Finatics?...

The only way out of this funk is to build from the bottom rung. You've got to purge this team of any remaining assets to get as many top picks as possible. And we cannot, repeat, CANNOT allow Ireland to come back to do further damage. Ross needs to scourer Indochina looking for the most talented talent evaluators. Need a guy that specializes in small schools. Need to have someone that understands the metrics of how picks pan out. Need someone that is good with free agency. No one person can be great at all of these needs. The Fins need to break the mold and develop their own drafting methods because almost all of the teams in the NFL use the same one. Except for NE, Pitt, Balt, NYG, GB, and NO, I can’t really pinpoint any other teams that have blown my skirt up in recent years.

In close, the NFL is a copycat league...Let’s find some leaders not followers. And we are not the Cleveland Browns. No bags over the heads please. We need to be proud 'fans' even in defeat. We don't have to like it, but we want to be respected when that day finally comes.

Some body will have to "step-up". Gardner, Murtha, Jerry, yeah right Jerry the puff muffin. Hey,, fat boy, you have one of the greatest jobs on planet earth, get with it. Block someone,,anyone, go block Jeffery. Do something even if its wrong.

Martin has gotten bowled over several times during the preseason. looks way overmatched. classic example 1st quarter vs. ATL play when Tannehill throws pick.

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