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Players split on Johnson release but Philbin is right

Let's address the drama first: Yes, as I reported on NFL-AM and the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN2 this morning, there is a contingent of Dolphins players that are unhappy Chad Johnson was cut. They believe it unfair and some, specifically Karlos Dansby, have said as much publicly.

But I must also report there are multiple players that are either quite happy or ambivalent about the move. "This is a solid lockerroom we don't need no clowns here," was a text I got from one such player early this morning.

So I wish to convey a fair view of what the lockerroom is feeling. It's not everyone disagreeing with coach Joe Philbin's decision and certainly not everyone signing off on it either.

And having said that, I agree with the group that believes getting rid of Johnson was best. I agree with Joe Philbin's decision. I think it will ultimately be in the best interest of the team. I believe it will limit the amount of unwanted attention that shines on the Dolphins.

Moreover, I believe the Dolphins didn't necessarily lose a dynamic playmaker when they cut Johnson. They cut a guy who was probably going to play OK. But special? A Pro Bowl player? Nope.

Philbin is doing the right thing and for the right reason. Look, Johnson's bizarre behavior weighed against his importance to the team simply didn't balance out. He wasn't a fit. And Philbin said as much.

"It was more a body evidence from June 11th forward," Philbin said. "When he came in June 11th we sat down and we talked and we were very clear, I was very clear as to the expectations of the program. It just didn't work out. It's more about the fit. In my gut I didn't think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party whether it be in the short-term or longterm. That's what it was all about. It wasn't one specific thing. It just wasn't going to work."

This coach, new and untested as he is, deserves the benefit of putting on his roster the players he thinks fit. Remember, it's not always about the best 53 players but the right 53 players that makes winners.

Having said that, this coach is also under the gun now. He and his staff were hired because owner Stephen Ross believed he could do a better job of developing players than, say, Tony Sparano and his staff. This coach is supposed to be able to take young players and get them to play like the young guys played in Green Bay the past few years.

So now he's got to get that done. He has to milk every last ounce of production from Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore and B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews and Julius Pruitt and Jeff Fuller and all the other young receivers.

He was hired to make tough calls. He made a tough call on Johnson. He was hired to develop players. Well ... develop the young receivers.


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SUPERFIN...........THAT WAS FAKE ALoco ..........




I'd like to see Tannehill with the starters as well. Tannehill looked the best out of the QB's and earned the right to start. Same with Roberto Wallace. He played the best of all the WRs and Tannehill seems to like going to him so why not put Tannehill out there with Wallace, Nanee (I guess), Bess in the slot, Fasano, Reggie Bush and Clay.

Even Pruitt produced in the game and deserves a shot. Was Nanee hurt or just invisible as always? Serious question btw

Super, Your not reading Aloco's post with Tongue firmly in cheek., He says "Butting heads" As in argueing...... Ohhhh Never mind.



Posted by: ALoco | August 13, 2012 at 01:23 PM

i can't believe i took the time to read your all caps post. how do you car about some one? and who is garred??

if you meant david garrard, he won't be gone. he is the perfect mentor to tannehill. he's won and kept a starting position. he knows how to break down film and he would be a more willing mentor than matt moore. who is tryig to be the starter. this injury won't end garrard's season but it pretty much ended any shot at starting and he knows it. tannehill is already on par with more who's been in the NFL for 5 years. where's any possible upside stating him over tannehill? there is none. i was glad to here the practice time has been split evenly so far this week. hopefully they start ryan in the next game. if he shows he can move the team he'll be named the starter and get the dress rehearsal game too.

kris it seems u have finally had enough

Why did the 49ers take a chance on signing Braylon edwards???

Why did seattle sign TO???

Every team takes chances on players that are has beens aloco, its part of the business in which they hope one can redeem themselves with a fresh start...In chads case, IT cost miami nothing to sign chad and now their saving more time and $$$ in cutting him loose!!!

Dumb to trade Marshall and sign Chad Johnson. Thanks Irescum.

You can hate Chad Johnson and his antic all you want....

But the BOTTOM LINE is that he was brought here to be OUR #1 WR....and now we don't have him...or a #1 WR....

Ireland just threw another million dollars or Mr. Ross's money down the toilet...

sorry Aloco,
I cant tell anymore which is fake aloco and which is make-believe REAL!!!*lol*


Come on ALoco. Philbin took a chance, to get anywhere in the world beyond average, you take chances. some work out, some don't. Ultimatly it is the ones that don't that may drown you, but Philbin has a couple years to right his ship.

This is far from talking out of both sides of his mouth.


No matter how you slice it, this is the right move period!!!

You would think Chad Johnson is Megatron!!

Hey, we all wanted to see it work, and I like his quirky personality too, but at the end of the day you have to do the right thing and what is best for the organization.

Chad is too concerned about himself, and his twitter account.




Chad wasn't brought here to be a #1. What #1 do you know signs a deal for the vet minimum. It's been made clear all along that Miami has said they don't need a true #1. Chad was just the most tenured player and only name player. He wasn't a lock and by the looks of it he wasn't a priority vs the Bucs and his only target was a drop that hit him in both hands.

And he didn't waste money because it was a non-guaranteed deal.

kris u have done a 180 brother, u used to defend this franchise no matter what. fed up huh

Dansby needs to keep his pie hold closed and just do his job. Which BTW, he wasn't doing Friday.

Aloco, I wish I could fake those posts you write, but Iam just not that funny.
By the way, What's for lunch at the Buffet of knowledge lounge?

Kris, not sure on this, but I think even the players agreement states that if a player's actions create a situation the is gregious and detrimental to the team, or standards that the pro rated amount of the contract is all the player is allowed to reveive. so if och is guilty, we did not lose the million...

I think at least.



Chad's dumbest decision was getting a smart car. If he would've bought a Cadillac he would've had more trunk room to hide stuff in. Plus more space for each other inside the car. U turn sideways in that thing and u are already bumping heads.

The locker room is not split. Player's are just allowed an opinion on this team.

Cutting Chad certainly doesnt improve our pathetic WR group.


You can only pound your head against a wall for so long....

I have NOTHING personnaly invest in CJ....I am however...emotionally invested in this team....and as a team...we just took a step backwards...and its hard for me to believe that somebody in the FO coudn't forsee this as a distinct possibility (off feild incident of some type)...and draw up a plan to weather the storm thru one or two of these things...

If the need some speed why don't they get this guy?


This team is a friggin mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that was too funny....

Ray Charles could have seen this happening. Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in fantasyland. Of course our President is as well so why shouldn't everyone else?


ALoco or Fake,

Where infact did you get this buffet of knowledge that said directly that philbin flat out said he didnt want to work with chad johnson??? If anything, I thought he try to help the guy out and simply tried to tone down on his attitude towards the publics view and now ur ripping for it???

no no no, you can't cut johnson and garad at the same time, they are both black(:

Aloco. How do you know how he meant that. He could have said that after he came into the coaches meeting then after the f-bomb scenerio, and the on field discussion.

Your putting his comments in context you are thinking they came from. Not based of FACT of when he made that comment.

NO ONE HERE WAS IN THE ROOM THE DAY THEY DECIDED TO SIGN HIM, or after, or even on the phone call with Chad last night.

Really, my friend, step back and think about it.


I am racking my brain...and I just can't figure this FO out....no contingency plan...one strike and your out is a terrible policy....and if this was a test for Philbin...IMO..he failed....he most likely did not improve his standing in the locker room...there were 1,000 ways to deal with this...i believe he chose the worst possible one for himself and the franchise....

Hard Knocks should be EXCELLENT this week...

this team is bad.

Got to agree with you Mando, and coach Phibin. A message had to be sent. That being said, I can't help but think of the knucklehead who went after Chad to beign with. Was this Jefff Ireland? Another bad decsion? Yet this one really affects the team at this juncture, put this team in a very bad position by takin that gamble. Another thing, if the Dolphins do not go after another qualiy receiver, i.e. Bowe or Mike Wallace, we are re-building. So don't expect any more than that from this team. I like the coaching staff and philosophy, love Tannehill as the future, but all the pieces just ain't there yet.

Simple, Ochocinco is not going to a good team, nobody wants him... he is trouble. He had his opportunity here. Ask a good quarterback if he wants him... enough said


Armando. Really unwanted attention!!
Ok! How about Hard Knocks" oh that's right not everyone has HBO!!! Nor could afford it! Lol

I was on the Chad band wagan and believed he would be a good pick up. Having said that, i think the Dolphins made the right call. He was warned about the way he acted in the press conference. Then he missed a catch in the preseason game that was right in his hands...visions of Brandon Marshall all over again. Then he goes and head butts his wife and injures her. The Dolphins did the right thing. Having seen the preseason game, this team appears to still have a long way to go. Hopefully , they can pick up a receiver to help out this year, but i dont see a very good team after the disaster on Friday. Grant it that it was a preseason game, but they were just horrible. Look for a stud receiver in the draft next year and build around Ryan T.

I got to disagree...this FO owes the PLAYERS and FANS and POTENTIAL FA a measure of proffesionalism....

and NOBODY got that this weekend...we got the same Parcellian, under cover of darkness crap that we have been fed sinc Irland has been the GM...

and I don't like the pattern...and neither will potential FA...or guys with expiring contracts...

Posted by: Kris | August 13, 2012 at 01:29 PM


Don't the players, in turn owe the FO and fans that same proffesionalism? Is that what you would say we have been seeing from CJ?

As far as "under cover of darkness crap", the lights appeared to be fairly bright as I watched the warnings from Philbin to CJ.

When David Garrard is healthy in 2 weeks he will be elevated back to number 1 on the depth chart and Tannehill will the rug pulled from under him.

The only thing that can prevent that is if Garrard decides that he 1) wants his $3.5mil and 2) doesn't want to be the scapegoat in which case he can just claim that his knee is still sore and ride out this season on the beach.

no talent = top 5 pix.


Irescum has done A LOT more to hurt the team then Chad Johnson ever did AND HE'S STILL WORKING.

Also Ochocinco has earned at least $30 mil in the last 10 years from playing plus his endorsement money.

Chad Johnson is rich.

He didn't get released from this wonderful organization and forfeit his assets.

He still has all of his assets.

And you still have all of your debts.

Guys if your waiting to see what happends on hard knocks Regarding Johnson you'll be disappointed, They quit filming and put the episode together on friday and sat. Iam sure there might be mention of it at shows end, Remember they do it in chronologolic order.

once the soon 2 be ex gets a hold of cj, he'll be broke.


I woudn't say that Chad has been very proffesional...not from his "press conf"...to interupting the coaches meeting"...to even this incident...


We knew he had the potential to be VERY disruptive when we signed him....

If you pull the pin on a hand grenade and hold it for more than 5 seconds... and then it gos off in your hand...do you blame the grenade....

We should have signed Braylon.

They had a prenup.

Kris @ 2:05pm, that's why I thought we might as well have kept Brandon Marshall. But what do I know, I'm just a dumb fan.

time to roll...

It been good debating this...he's gone...lets see what we get in return...

Dashi, that was some funny stuff. Which millionaire buys a smart car in Florida? Anybody with any credit in the state gets at least $3,000 chrome rims for their 87 Oldsmobile.

Again, CJ cost NOTHING monetarily. Some still don't get it apparently. He's likely done in the NFL. I think this was simply the last straw for Philbin and staff. His 'antics' and his mediocre production just weren't a good fit. Deal with it. BTW, it's pretty clear in some of the player interviews who isn't losing any sleep over his being given the quick exit. The same players that texted AS regarding 'clowns'. I'm speculatiung Bess and Wake for starters. With Sean Smith and Dansby on the wrong side.

A member of the team was not cut - CJ was not even ON the team at this point. He was in the middle of a job interview. He did not accept the employer's guidelines for how to pass the interview and so he fails. It happens every day in the real world. It is exactly like showing up late for an interview in a pair of cutoffs with a hangover - decisions aout your private life shape the perception of the people you are asking to employe you. The have no obligation to continue the interview.

If the players (especially the vets) have a problem with what was done, I suggest they go re-watch the first 6 games in 2011. And then the 2nd Patriots game. Then come back and lets talk about what SHOULD HAVE happened.

I have 4 words for Karlos Dansby...Two Years Thirteen Wins.

WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK, until you fix that you're a scrub!


I'd say they counted to three, then tossed.

1 - CJ press conf.
2 - interupting the coaches meeting
3 - arrest

this is just what the dolphins need, finally a coach that won't let idiots distract the team long term like b-marsh did yelling at coaches and teammates and being in the news for all the wrong reasons. it's time the players started taking pride in the team they are playing for and start performing as such or get cut. no more excuses from the players!

agree kris on hard knocks, love that show. truth is cj wasnt gonna help us any this year, who cares if we go 2-14 now instead of 3-13. last year 6-10 killed us, 2-14 would of been a big help. team isnt good so no need to keep him around. and that was least strike 2, his idiot press conf was a joke

The moral to the story is...

When the coach asks you a question, look him in the eye and tell him the truth! If you hang your head and/or lie to him (and you're already on the bubble anyways), coach will not give you the benefit of a doubt.

And, play like your job, and your career, depends on it...cause it does! This is Professional football, men! In other words, you ain't in Kansas (college) anymore!!!

need to move past this quickly as possible

KT, Dez Bryant is a punk. The best thing Ireland ever did is pass on that idiot. As for Channing Crowder, he never made a signifcant play in his time with the Dolphins. He talked big after he left the Dolphins making people believe that other teams were waiting for him to come back and play. He blamed Ireland for ALL of HIS problems. Guess what? NOBODY wants him. As for Chad johnson he is a mental midget, a clown, a bad seed. Why do you think Palmer wanted out of Cincy? Why do you think as soon as Johnson leaves the Bengals become relevant? Well Done Joe Philbin!

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