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Players split on Johnson release but Philbin is right

Let's address the drama first: Yes, as I reported on NFL-AM and the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN2 this morning, there is a contingent of Dolphins players that are unhappy Chad Johnson was cut. They believe it unfair and some, specifically Karlos Dansby, have said as much publicly.

But I must also report there are multiple players that are either quite happy or ambivalent about the move. "This is a solid lockerroom we don't need no clowns here," was a text I got from one such player early this morning.

So I wish to convey a fair view of what the lockerroom is feeling. It's not everyone disagreeing with coach Joe Philbin's decision and certainly not everyone signing off on it either.

And having said that, I agree with the group that believes getting rid of Johnson was best. I agree with Joe Philbin's decision. I think it will ultimately be in the best interest of the team. I believe it will limit the amount of unwanted attention that shines on the Dolphins.

Moreover, I believe the Dolphins didn't necessarily lose a dynamic playmaker when they cut Johnson. They cut a guy who was probably going to play OK. But special? A Pro Bowl player? Nope.

Philbin is doing the right thing and for the right reason. Look, Johnson's bizarre behavior weighed against his importance to the team simply didn't balance out. He wasn't a fit. And Philbin said as much.

"It was more a body evidence from June 11th forward," Philbin said. "When he came in June 11th we sat down and we talked and we were very clear, I was very clear as to the expectations of the program. It just didn't work out. It's more about the fit. In my gut I didn't think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party whether it be in the short-term or longterm. That's what it was all about. It wasn't one specific thing. It just wasn't going to work."

This coach, new and untested as he is, deserves the benefit of putting on his roster the players he thinks fit. Remember, it's not always about the best 53 players but the right 53 players that makes winners.

Having said that, this coach is also under the gun now. He and his staff were hired because owner Stephen Ross believed he could do a better job of developing players than, say, Tony Sparano and his staff. This coach is supposed to be able to take young players and get them to play like the young guys played in Green Bay the past few years.

So now he's got to get that done. He has to milk every last ounce of production from Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore and B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews and Julius Pruitt and Jeff Fuller and all the other young receivers.

He was hired to make tough calls. He made a tough call on Johnson. He was hired to develop players. Well ... develop the young receivers.


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this team is bad.

Posted by: cliff jumper | August 13, 2012 at 01:55 PM

You just figuring this out? Where have you been since 2001?

Who the F is Karlos Dansby to be opining anyway? Perennial underachiever. Marvin Mitchell played better than him as his replacement against Jets in last game. He should have kept his pie-hole shut about the washed-up lunatic CJ. Speaking of which, he looks fat again. Outplayed by Misi and Tresnick and even Spitler on Friday. Why is his opinion even relevant? Why is he on the radio instead of working out or on his iPad? Karlos: You're next if you don't tow the line.

@ Kris You say 'The rest of the 32 teams watched....and i'm will to bet the majority of players (future FA) frowned @ our conduct...'
Not sure what you mean here: are we to let FAs know that Miami is the place they act like clowns, beat up their wives, produce little on the field AND then collect their fat checks? Seriously, let's teh Dez Bryants, Pacman Jones, TOs of the world now that this is NOT the place for them

Coach Philbin has impressed me from day one. The guy lost his son and has every reason to let it dominate his thoughts. Instead, he has shown me an intelligent, no nonsense approach to this team. Kudos to Coach for not bowing to players who think of CJ85 before this team.

Kasrlos Dansby is Channing Crowder part 2. Big talker. He is the best MLB in the league, yet he never makes a big play and HIS defense lets the Bucs second team offense drive 90 yards for a TD. Karlos Dansby? Please!

Kris, I appreciate your thoughts, but I disagree. 2 days makes a big difference when you only have 2 real games to work in for starters. 2 days more for another receiver can mean a big deal for this Friday! Also this is the final reason to get rid of a guys that probably has been on the bubble moreso than any of us knew. Lastly any time a player is cut you will find a split locker, thats just the way it is. If this team wins, the locker room will forget pretty quickly.

Karlos Karlos Karlos? did you see Trusnik last friday, very impresive, oh yeah please STFD

You guys crack me up with ypurs posts, Dashi and Mark specifically. Mark, a 87 oldmobile with 3,000 chrome rims is all you see in So Fla. LOL

The Johnson fiasco is a direct reflection of Jeff Ireland's inability to assemble a roster that is worth more than a pile of manure.

What kind of stone headed wannabee football fans blame Philbin for signing Ocho Stinko? Head coachs dont sign players you ignorant tools.

Real, knowledgeable fans understand that signing players is the GM's job. You can blame Ireland if you like but the real person to blame here is Chad Johnson himself.

There is no doubt this team after all this time still needs all the pieces to compete. Hopefully it will start with this years draft class. I still think its going to take a GM and ownership change.

Did you see the stadium Sat night?? wow its really getting bad!!!

I agree 99% with your 2:24 post Tracy474. The reference to Kansas made no sense though.

Has Chad ever had problems with the law before? Not that I can recall.

I'm sure Philbin et al have more information than us poor unwahsed fans but given Chad's (bizarre but not criminal) history and Ms Antoine Walker's... ahh... 'credibility' issues I do consider it a bit odd.

Chad is guilty of being a clown. He apparently has terrible tase in women...but on past behavior alone Dansby has a point.

to: reality squad
go root for the jets, don't need your negativity.

Great post Mondo, what you said is how all the Dolphins fans that I interact with feel. Let the Jest and Lions make all the headlines, we want to become the Patriots who say nothing and just win. Johnson knew this was his last chance and blew it. At least we found out he was more of a head case then we thought before he became an important part of the offense and this happened in mid season when it is harder to cut him. To me Johnson was what you call a "progress stopper" for the younger guys. Let the young WR's play, if they can not do it then draft someone next year that can. Also remember that Duper and Clayton were no one until a certain guy named Marino started throwing them the ball. The QB makes the receivers. Marino, Brady, Manning, et al have made alot of average receivers very rich.

finfan, why are you afraid to talk about the truth? Just because the truth IS negative doesn't mean I'm bringing negativity. Why don't you see it as me speaking the truth.

Perhaps if you weren't a blind, gullable homer you'd see it too.

Get a grip or get lost. You're choice. I'm fine with either one.

Where is Craig M? He's usually here patting himself on the back for being right about something.

I wait in anticipation for the coming of our savior & intellectual leader....Craig M.

I've seen $3000 rims bigger than Chad's car in Dade County.

Did they already replace misi the DE at OLB?

Thanks, I know it was a joke but there is some truth said in just. A box a condoms is all that fits in a smart car trunk. All for what 40mpg. Most caddies give about 30+ to the gallon nowadays.

Chad thought because he has a Steve Urkel's car. He had the right to get away with silly stuff. We don't need his "Did I do that attitude "

as far as the criticism from Dansby and Smith, how about this.....how about Dans by worry more about playing well this year as opposed to last year when he was 25 lbs overweight and a significant reason our D struggled early on.....same with Sean Smith, the soft (missed another tackle on Friday), overrated, stone hand CB "with potential"--hey Karlos and Sean, I dont care if you are bugged that Johnson got cut, just worry about getting better......shut up and play--lastly, re: Dansby.....who said guys are supposed to get "3 strikes"?--this aint baseball Karlos, and great players might get 3 strikes but not 34 yr old vets who are barely hanging on-gimme a break.

Does anyone else find it passing strange that the assault in question is a head-butt.

Even if we were to assume the worst about Chad and assume that he did indeed engage in a criminal act of spousal abuse, I find it hard to picture how or why the headbut would be his weapon of choice.

Did he pick Ms. Antoine Walker up and headbutt her Andre-the-Giant style? It is kind of bizarre...

Dansby needs to stop running his mouth as well as start running the defense and stop someone. Shut up Dansby and play like a leader and then maybe somoeone will care what you say.

and after looking great in OTAs and early in camp, the Sean Smith fade is starting already.....didnt even take until the 2nd preseason game---maybe, at 6'4", he'll finally find a way to tackle someone......OR snag an INT when the ball hits him right in the hands--but I'm not holding my breath--draft 2 CBs next year, please

Vontae Davis is currently a third CB, Sean Smith doesnt have the feet to be an elite corner, we cant convert him to S because he tackles like a girl and some no name named Underwood was killed Smith and Davis in preseason. LOL another couple of bust picks from Irescum?

Nothing positive about 6-10 and no talent.

Is it just me or does Philbin remind you more and more of Cam Cameron?

Ireland is setting WORLD RECORDS for most # of draft BUSTS! And Ross cheers him on.

Trying to figure out what the heck would make a man head-butt his brand-new bride.
People have knock-down drag outs with their wives before. But head-butts? Especially when she caught HIM in an infidelity, not the opposite, why is he going violent?
One answer stands out.
1. Old athlete, trying to make a lst run at glory, and paychecks.
2. Folks said he looked like the young Chad in his movements.
3. Quick to violence even with a loved one.

Hmmmm. Smells like PEDs.

Could this be the other stuff Philbin was concerned with? And if so, how much of a service did Joe pay to Chad for skirting the issue, and keeping mum?

No facts to back this up whatsoever, but... I wonder.

Kris doesn't know what conversation Philbin had with CJ; doesn't know how the decision to let CJ go was made; doesn't know anything, actually ... but keeps saying "HOW IT WAS DONE" was wrong.

How *was* it done? Got some inside scoop? Don't tantalize us any further!

Gary, if your arguing face to face in a small car, a head butt works. That or a frontal choke. If your both looking forward then an elbow will silence your partner.
Smart cars wernt designed for Haymakers.

Rebuilding takes time, and the Fins are not close. I say play as many young players a possible and see what they got. Is this a do or die year for Ireland? I don't think it is.

Will we make the playoffs? Only if we stay healthy and our veterans play to their potential, our rookies over achieve and our journeymen over achieve.

Philbin and his staff need to make the players perform that's all they can control.

why sign a 34 yr old "has been" receiver clown anyway??? and now you just realize he doesnt fit??? gonna be a long year. dansby should shut up and try to earn his pay for a change.

I salute Joe Philbin for taking a no-nonsense approach with the receiver formerly known as Ochocinco. No offense to Karlos Dansby, but Philbin made the right call. Maybe if Chad was still a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver and a few years younger, his value to the team on the field would've offset his quirky, clownish, and distracting behavior off the field. But Chad is far removed from his glory days in Cincy, so I think this came down to Philbin understanding that the juice just wasn't worth the squeeze. Developing the young talent on the team is the right strategy. The Dolphins will take their licks this season, but they will be better for it in the long run. The focus should be on progressing as an organization to the point where the Dolphins can sustain success from season to season with a solid nucleus of young talent, as opposed to leaning on a bunch of recently signed over-the-hill vets and hoping for a 2008-type season of being respectable, barely making the playoffs and then exiting the playoffs just as soon as you got in. I'm over that. 99% of Dol-fans are over that. Good move, Philbin.

The coach made the right move at the right time, CJ will be picked up somewhere if he did not beat his wife, if he did, then I don't think he will be wanted.

Agreed with the hypothetical situation, is Chad on steroids? Or FocusMax(brain pills)?

His performance so far looked like 30yr old Chad, not 34 yr old Chad.

I guess start the rookies, we have nothing to lose. Even with T-Hill as our Qb we should win at least 6 games. Starting Moore isn't worth 2 more wins.

Better that he screwed up after the first preseason game than the first reg season. And don't kid yourself that he wasn't going to screw up. He is now 0-2 in reality shows.

I love my phins, true love, but honestly this is dissapointing. This is coach, GM and players fault.

These idiots dont do anything right. Thats why they'll have their 4th consecutive losing season.

chad p 11-5 = smoke filled fun house of mirrors with all wearing rose colored glaxxes of a ruse.

I hope Philbin can get respect from players and fans, but its going to be a long long year again.

It was the right move, time for the young guys to step up
I think Philbin will be a better coach then Tony was, but we still need some talent on both sides to make a serious run at a championship. So this means Jeff has to start hitting more on his draft picks and free agent pickups or maybe we should find somebody else who can.

Our receiver Corps will be much better this season then last. Henne's gone, FG Sporano is with the Jets (thank god) and weve traded the wildcat for the WCO. Fasano looks good, Nanee imo, looks more like the #1 we need far exceeding CJ85's 2011 performance. Tanny has a stronger more accurate arm then either Chad and I still believe Moore has something to offer.
We Fin fans should keep a faithful picture of our team until the team shows us different. Remember, this is a team in transition on O,D,and ST.
If your not on board now then dont come back later. Bandwagon fans are for the Jets.

This franchise is hopeless. Its no fun going into every season with zero chance of a championship.

I remember also B Cox, he always be a fighter

This franchise is hopeless. Its no fun going into every season with zero chance of a championship.

Posted by: Sam | August 13, 2012 at 04:10 PM

Championship? Championship? Heck, if these losers win a home game they'll throw a parade! LOL

I look at this from a different perspective. I agree with the 8-5 cut. But I believe he was cut, because Philbin is leaning toward making Tannehill his starting QB and did not want a prima donna WR putting too much pressure on his rookie QB. Also it allows for Tannehill and one of the young receivers to develop better chemistry.
So with Chad gone, its now easier to convince yourself that starting the rookie is a good thing.

If your not on board now then dont come back later. Bandwagon fans are for the Jets.

Posted by: Kappowski | August 13, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Accepting the fact that your team stinks from head to toe is obviously not for Dolphin fans.

Nice tips for Domestic Disputes in Tight Quarters there Kappowski.

As Bas Rutten once said "Everybody Underestimates the kick to the groin" ...

Sam and Burger305, The bandwagon will be leaving to NY soon. Be on it.

Disappointed that the player did not get a chance to have his side heard. I am a dolphins fan but would have appreciated the team showing measure and prudence in making a decision. Regarding Philbin, real leaders do not have to "prove" that they are in control...they just are...they do not feel the need to show those that they lead that they have power or control...been a dolphins fan for 28 years but cannot agree with this approach...

Thanks Toronto Mark. If smart cars were smart there would be a button to push that would unleash a smash to the aggressors sacks. :)


Will the Dolphins win a SB this century?



C)Who cares? Lets Go Heat!

Dan, good point

Chad Johnson is a clown with big shoes, Sounds like a aging Hippie frowm Michigan IMHO.
We'll be better off without the two Clowns Ocho Stinko And Odin stank.
Go Dolphins

Ahhh Loco, you and Canosa must be attached at the hip (front to back)
Lick my crack and tell me how you like that smell.

Now where was I before had to slap Mexitroll? Oh yea, talking Fins



Kris, I understand what you're saying in that they didn't let the process play out. Essentially what I'm saying is there was no need to let the process play out because Philbin had already seen enough, he didn't want the distraction and felt the body of evidence in one month was enough to warrant an immediate release.

The second I heard Johnson was arrested my first thought was "he's done in a Miami uniform"

Im not Mecican you FUKKIN pollack!
Posted by: aLOCO | August 13, 2012 at 04:37 PM



so your saying the front to back hip connection with canosa is true then?

Its pollock not pollack FYI PS, use condoms with oscar. check with CJ85 for the price homotroll



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