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Players split on Johnson release but Philbin is right

Let's address the drama first: Yes, as I reported on NFL-AM and the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN2 this morning, there is a contingent of Dolphins players that are unhappy Chad Johnson was cut. They believe it unfair and some, specifically Karlos Dansby, have said as much publicly.

But I must also report there are multiple players that are either quite happy or ambivalent about the move. "This is a solid lockerroom we don't need no clowns here," was a text I got from one such player early this morning.

So I wish to convey a fair view of what the lockerroom is feeling. It's not everyone disagreeing with coach Joe Philbin's decision and certainly not everyone signing off on it either.

And having said that, I agree with the group that believes getting rid of Johnson was best. I agree with Joe Philbin's decision. I think it will ultimately be in the best interest of the team. I believe it will limit the amount of unwanted attention that shines on the Dolphins.

Moreover, I believe the Dolphins didn't necessarily lose a dynamic playmaker when they cut Johnson. They cut a guy who was probably going to play OK. But special? A Pro Bowl player? Nope.

Philbin is doing the right thing and for the right reason. Look, Johnson's bizarre behavior weighed against his importance to the team simply didn't balance out. He wasn't a fit. And Philbin said as much.

"It was more a body evidence from June 11th forward," Philbin said. "When he came in June 11th we sat down and we talked and we were very clear, I was very clear as to the expectations of the program. It just didn't work out. It's more about the fit. In my gut I didn't think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party whether it be in the short-term or longterm. That's what it was all about. It wasn't one specific thing. It just wasn't going to work."

This coach, new and untested as he is, deserves the benefit of putting on his roster the players he thinks fit. Remember, it's not always about the best 53 players but the right 53 players that makes winners.

Having said that, this coach is also under the gun now. He and his staff were hired because owner Stephen Ross believed he could do a better job of developing players than, say, Tony Sparano and his staff. This coach is supposed to be able to take young players and get them to play like the young guys played in Green Bay the past few years.

So now he's got to get that done. He has to milk every last ounce of production from Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore and B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews and Julius Pruitt and Jeff Fuller and all the other young receivers.

He was hired to make tough calls. He made a tough call on Johnson. He was hired to develop players. Well ... develop the young receivers.


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so your saying the front to back hip connection with canosa is true then?
Its pollock not pollack FYI PS, use condoms with oscar. check with CJ85 for the price homotroll

Posted by: Kappowski | August 13, 2012 at 04:44 PM

OMG, Odin stank has a new Log on name.

Pardon Kappowski, he was dropped 1 too many times as a child.

He can't come to grips with this team being garbage. He should close hi seyes & go back to La la land with his pom poms.

The team threw in the towel for this season when they traded Da Beast. But why keep Ireland for the rebuild?

ALoco is cool..... aLOCO is a mega fraud. I got it :)
Thanks for the insight. I hope its not YG. He seems like a real fan and not just a clown with nowhere else to be like Oscar Canosa.

This blog's dumbest residents:

1A. Odin bugger stank
1B. Aloco
1C. Craig M
1D. Kappowski

Welcome to the club Ladies!

this isnt a court of law;its a football team. its up to the coach when he cuts out a cancer. no big explanations are owed. we waited too long with joey porter and sparano lost the team;guys quit playing.

Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace dropped balls all day long. We got issues...

Of course Philbin doesn't have the trust of Players nor of Us Fans yet. Let him be. Like any rookie, he has to learn his craft. If he made the right decision, we will know. If he made the wrong decision, we will know also. Better sooner than later to find out what he is.

Koslowsky is paranoid.

If you look at it closely, Life is based on making the correct Decision for the Moment.

Just cancelled Chad Johnson's reality show with his wife, No money coming there now. Looks like Chad is guilty to the tenth degree if that happened.

He is an idiot.

I'm going to make myself look all pretty tonight. I shall await my gentlemen callers on the veranda sipping a mint julep from a tall, frosty glass.


They are idiots...Poizen....


Ive been a Fin fan and a Royals fan since before Garo Yepremian and George Brett. Foolish? maybe but its also being faithful. Noone knows losing more than me except for Jets fans. Both of my franchises where ass kickers spanning 2 decades. This is why I read Armandos blogs and the Heralds Fin stories.

Now I have a question to anyone who come here to be a negative piece of crap every day, all day, all year like oscar, aLOCO and all the name thieves. How do you like not having a significant social life? Your negativity has turned you into sarcastic losers with few friends and no where to go. I'm so happy for you. You deserve it. Enjoy :)

Anyone want my season tickets, $ 100?
Sec 117' row 7, seats 8, 9, 10

Didn't really expect that marriage to last, though if i were a betting man I would have figured more than 1 month....

It is a fact that, besides THC, People that are not out of the closet tend to be paranoid.


You figured out Oscar/aLOCO...and all the rset of their aliases/personalities quick.....

it takes others months to figure this stuff out.....those of us that are sane on this blog need more intelligent posters such as yourself to keep the "football" talk going....

Many of us know who the idiots and multiple name changers in here are...and do our best to ignore them....

you would be a welcome addition to this blog if you choose to stick around....

aLOCO Im of German descent. Get your racists insults right. Krout or any other variation will work just fine. BTW, hows that negative IQ treating you? Seems to be just about right from where Im at.

When I said I have treated many drug-induced paranoia in patients, I'm not talking about the normal guilt-ridden paranoia when you are high. I'm talking about the permanent One, you know, all their Life.

Thanks Kris. Im still trying to figure out whos worth talking to here. Im glad you spoke up. Craig seems ok. YG has buttons to push but he seems ok too. How bout a short list so I can ignore the scum?



I believe the Polish one has fallen into the wrong Blog.

Under no circumstance should a man physically abuse a women less he feels his life is in danger. It should not be tolerated. I very disappointed because I absolute love Chad Johnson and was excited about him being a Dolphin, but, you just don't hit a woman, period. Plus, if he hadn't bought those condoms there would not have been an issue or he could have been MAN enough to tell the truth and if he had confessed to cheating then he could have been MAN enough to except the consequences.

I haven't "enjoyed" watching the dolphins in years. And yes, there are limits to clowns being amusing, but unless this team is going to the playoffs, gimme a break Mando. If it weren't for chad's clowning around on Hard Knock's I'd have changed the channel.

I think most people here are negative (unrealistically) so they won't feel as sad when they're team does poorly or so they'll feel happier when the team does good and exceeds their lofty expectations. I'd rather have a football conversation (not a bashing argument that most of you call a conversation) and disagree with someone and state an opinion than outright give up on a team whenever there is a hint of bad news. That's not what a fan is, that's what someone who is depressed does

I will always have Manuela, Kandinsky.


rarely do our normal/regular posters speak up when being harassed by one of the trolls....that always puzzles me....normally Phins 78 will step up...if he is around....pretty stand up guy...

as far as a list....I don't want to prejudice you against anyone I may forget or leave off....

There are many good posters on here, and will debate with you in a respectful, but still aggressive manner....makes for good reading if your not involved...or good conversation if you are....

I had some exchanges all day today.....if you look back @ some of those conversation...it will give you a good idea of some of the more mature posters......

I think Devon Bess just b/c receiver numero uno.

How can anybody not see the wisdom in cutting Chad Johnson. The guy assaulted his wife.......headbutted her no less! Any so-called man who hits his wife is not a man. I for one am glsd he is gone.....coaches should spend time developing Pruitt, Cunningham and Wallace - not waste time on losers like Johnson. Player development is an area the Dolphins have really failed in the last decade. Turn that one area around and they will turn around this once proud and successful franchise.

The first thing to do when thay catch you in something is NOT to deny it. They just don't have the experience to know so.

This Blog is fine Oscar. The only thing its missing is a way to close out senseless posts.

We have no defense, at all. It's going to be brutal. I told y'all not to give minor league 5'8" figured-out Wake all that money.

Watch. We cannot stop the run, cannot get *any* pass rush at all, nor can we cover. Our defense is going to be borderline HUMILIATING this year. Think game 1 vs Pats last year, every game.

God this year is going to be brutal. Think Cam Cameron.

I am more shocked at VH1's decision...I mean clearly, all of this IS entertaining.

Mando, please do a post giving us your assessment of our DEFENSE this year.

I think it's going to be straight abysmal--to the point of being very, very embarrassing.

We can't stop the run, rush the passer, or cover. Seems like a very bad situation.

"Many" good posters here? I think this is one of the most laughably godawful football blogs out there.

The biggest contributor is some loser, alcoholic freak that posts day and night about imaginary girlfriends and calls everyone he disagrees with "gay" like some 5th grader.

A couple of the other regulars were apparently dropped on their heads as babies, so inept and breathtakingly stupid are their comments.

And most of the rest have the hilarious delusion that they are some kind of football "expert" based on their countless hours of sitting on a couch eating Cheetos watching it.

That leaves one or two that are marginally interesting and/or coherent on occassion.

Kappowski (who is a regular playing with the moron tools who are too earnest to see that):

The number one, best, and most respected poster here is Tim Couch.


Tim Couch

PTI...along with 1st and 10....along with MOST media outlets agree....cutting Johnson WITHOUT the facts being present...@ this stage in the process....coupled with the accuser being a KNOW violent individual...and Johnson having ZERO violent or criminal behavior documented in his NFL career....


Its just crazy....

I know many are chest-punding the "WE SENT A MESSAGE TO DAY BOYS".....

but in reality...we jumped the gun....and if it comes out Johnson was innocent...or NOT the aggressor....we will have embarrassed our organization...again...

Kris, Kappowski is Odin stank, You can tell by his writing.(I think Armando banned Odin., Again.)

For instance, the recent assassination of the great Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya by Fidel Castro has not been acknowledged by him(of course), nor denied. And then what? Read, learn, it will give you a chance for a bit longer life.

My comment is not related with the Johnson issue. He's been cut thankfully and the Dolphins won't have any further distraction from this clown.

I didn't have the opportunity to watch the match agains the Buccanneers until today from the NFL network. Gizz, S. Smith is the worts CB I've ever seen in years. He doesn't defend any passes, he cannot tackle, etc. I wonder how he hasn't been cut so far.If he doesn't improve dramatically during the preseason he should be cut.

On the other hand Tannehill played quite good football. He has a very strong arm; it was the first time I saw him in an actual game. He's smart and read the defense quite well. He looks like he has a very good command of the offensive system he already knew because he throws his passes at the right spot even before the DB's can notice them.
I clearly saw a difference relative to Henne. Yes, it was just some minutes but you can tell at least if the guy has a potential or not.
So far he hasn't thrown deep passes (as far as I could watch), but it remains to see how accurate he is in those and if the WR's fill the expectations.


I don't see it....

and I do try and keep an eye for those sort of things.....

I can be fooled..but I will talk football with anybody.....

Even if Chad is completely innocent and Eve was all to blame I can still warrant his release based on everything that has occurred so far. It may not have been fair to Chad, but I honestly would have cut him the second he barged onto a coaches only meeting. He was teetering on the edge of a very fine line since he arrived, and I think he's certainly crossed it. It's his fault for a) getting involved/marrying her and b) leaving a condom receipt where she could see it (why wouldn't you throw that receipt out as you walk out the walgreens exit)

We don't wnat no VH1 or whatever VH it is to interfere with the Team's decisions.

All true and valid points MiamiD20.....

I said earlier...I would have cut him for interupting that meeting....

However....perhaps Johnson was asking for help....

I know he is a grown man...and blah..blah....blah....

but sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing for a grown man to do.....

We tryed doing this the year before Marshall trade. Anyone remember how god awful our receivers were and how Ricky and Ronnie had to carry the load.

Guys we do not have two pound the line running backs any longer. With this core of receivers we are in trouble. They all drop to many balls.

Chad and Bess have been the only WR doing very much in camp. You just cut one of your first string WR. If you liked the man or not you just created another whole when we really did not need one.

Who on this core of WR is the decoy???? Bush wont last two months with the D's creaping up and stacking the line. They better find a really good Acorn. Burress might be an option. Probably going to be receiver getting cut by another team.

Can we click our heals and bring back a young Duper and Clayton.

Go Dolphins!!

Sure would be nice to be on Sports Center for something other than disciplinary reasons.....

What is the last STATEMENT WIN the FINS had....

True Kris, pride is a hard thing to overcome, especially when a man is suppose to be a rock and not look like he's cracked, he did say things at home were bad when he went into that meeting


if you're going to marry someone you better know that person pretty damn well. If you're going to tie the knot for legitimate reasons you should know exactly what you're grtting into with that person and there should be no surprises. They dated for a few months and met via Twitter. Chad is a smart guy, he should have known she wasn't the most lady-like woman out there

Kris is bonkkkers. There was nothing sneaky or undermined about it. Philbin was upfront and direct as can be,

CJ starts off with a ghetto rant media day
Next walks in on a meeting, total disrepsect
Next, ends up in jail over a domestic squabble that is certain to be a long term distraction. In one month he disrespected the team time and again and only thought of himself. I'd have had him on one strike and Phiblin gave him 3.

when did i say SNEAKY or UNDERMINED....

and then please explain the reference and or context in which i used the PHANTOM words.....

I'll stand-by a while Miguel....

patiently waiting

Nothing like working kkk into your post right osca...I mean miguel...

right in keeping with your racist personality.....and EASILY exposing who you are all at the same time....

To the haters.... When Jimmy J walked out on us, it started a chain of events that led us here to this point. I was a hater too. Im not a big fan of Ireland but the season is here so chill. Lets give Philbin a chance, whats it gonna hurt? If we start 0-7 then we can come here and verbally burn the damn place down.

To the Clowns...

agreed MiamiD20....

Chad made a lot of bad decisions....

but he will be employed before the start of the season....

I have no problem with cutting Johnson...for me...its the WAY he was cut....its that under-handed...sneaky B.S...

Posted by: Kris | August 13, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Kris doesn't even know what was said in that private conversation they had, yet fantasy mind Kris knows best.

Oscar, your 5:05 post was a good one. Insightful and I agreed with it. Probably just an imposter but if not then Nice job.

Kris is bonkkkers. There was nothing sneaky or undermined about it. Philbin was upfront and direct as can be,

Posted by: miguel | August 13, 2012 at 06:16 PM


where ids the word UNDERMINED again??????


just because a word starts with the letters UNDER...doesn't mean they all end the same way....LOL....

Some people Believe what they think must be fact. They call it Ignorance and Arrogance.

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